Are You Scared of Being Home Alone?

Jul 3, 2020
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Join, if you dare, as Ryan reads the internet's scariest stories (some true, some false) to his pal Shane as they try to figure out if the story is experienced or imagined. This week, a man hears a noise in his house when he's home alone...
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  • Ryan, here! Thank you all for watching this show! This is our 3rd and FINAL episode as this was just a mini pilot season for this series. We wanted to make sure you guys enjoyed it before we decided to make a full season. As for the status of a future season, TBD based on how these 3 episodes do! Either way, thank you for supporting and I hope you enjoyed the ride.

    WatcherWatcher4 months ago
    • I need more

      Dominic MadeiraDominic MadeiraMonth ago
    • Please sir can I have some more? 🥺

      Jessica EnriquezJessica Enriquez2 months ago
    • Watcher you should make more of these

      A Golden BearA Golden Bear3 months ago
    • More!

      Mj AlGRMj AlGR3 months ago
    • Poo

      Titan PavurTitan Pavur3 months ago
  • If you live alone, have a dog and a gun always.

    Ross ReyesRoss Reyes5 hours ago
  • Good story 👍👍🖤

    Vanessa BecerraVanessa Becerra23 hours ago
  • All Hail the Watcher

    Dash LukkyDash LukkyDay ago
  • one of the things that spooks me the most is that the intruder had the physical strength to just flip over this guys whole bed, like if it did come down to a brawl theres just no winning against that

    weeeweeeDay ago
  • I'm scared. more so now that I'm on the market for a house :(

    Daiana XiDaiana Xi2 days ago
  • We need more

    Ming MingMing Ming3 days ago

    Thomas MichealThomas Micheal4 days ago
  • I’m currently home alone eating cake, wish me luck

    Bre Johnson-frowBre Johnson-frow4 days ago
  • This is why I have a utility knife by my bed. And if I ever lived in a rural area, I would have a gun as well. People are batshit insane sometimes.

    XcaliumXcalium4 days ago
  • No, Watcher! I'm NOT TURNING OFF THE LIGHTS! Are you CRAZY? *watching this at 11am, curtains drawn open

    randomjeanrandomjean5 days ago
  • Ok, none of the other stories scared me but this one nearly gave me an anxiety attack

    HannahHannah5 days ago
  • “Chip me up bro” what a mood

    Ems HerEms Her6 days ago
  • Corpse Husband?

    Aisha RaneAisha Rane6 days ago
  • So... Shane looks like the younger version of the shooter in greys anatomy.... IM SO SORRY SHANE BUT U DO

    Ellie AnimatesEllie Animates6 days ago
  • All hail the watcher

    Elaina BishopElaina Bishop6 days ago
  • 10:21 the music was more scary that the story i got scared when I heard that

    Surya ArunSurya Arun6 days ago
  • Oh man this scream is so bright to holy s*** I'm about to be murdered

    Tristan L J CTristan L J C9 days ago
  • I think Macaulay Culkin would shit his pants

    Ja CrispyJa Crispy9 days ago
  • These people do realize guns are available for sale in the U.S., right?

    Greg FalcoGreg Falco10 days ago
  • i shouldnt watch this one as i live alone but here we go anyways like the dumbass we are

    Mykie CastrielleMykie Castrielle10 days ago
  • I played the video then i just immediatley thought at the start "thats Ryan from buzzfeed"

    Al Do LeinAl Do Lein10 days ago
  • Wow, this one sounds like a regular NRA ad, lol. I'm a gun in the nightstand type of person, myself. But I'm still afraid of living alone because: what if I get sick and no one comes for me, and I die? It happened to one of the ladies who worked at my school when I was little, and I've been scarred by it ever since.

    KatKat10 days ago
  • No Ryan I am sorry shelge dose not work.

    Damien HartleyDamien Hartley10 days ago
  • "Taking some good precautions." Yeah, except for BUYING A GUN. "You can't hurt me, I have a cellphone! Help will arrive in the next ten to fifteen minutes!" The man cowered in his own god damn attic and said "Well I've got a landline up there now so it's chill."

    しろカイルしろカイル11 days ago
  • Before it's my hobby reading reddit's stories. let's not meet and other stories. Good thing they are making these contents ❤️

    Dani FelicianoDani Feliciano11 days ago
  • Unpopular opinion about being scared: If I don't know it's there, or if it's ever been there I'm ok. I always have my blinds closed, who knows slenderman or some shit could be out there and as long as I don't find out. I feel safe. EXCEPT FOR WATER, THAT UNKNOWN SHIT SCARY

    Ethan TawseEthan Tawse11 days ago
  • Nobody : Me: watches a video titled are you scared of being home alone? Also me: IS HOME ALONE...... Also me: locks doors and turns of all lights......

    Happy lifeHappy life11 days ago
  • Shane always make things a little less scary

    EricEric12 days ago
  • The guy never said he found his cellphone though... did the intruder take it?? I hope not..

    aorta321aorta32114 days ago
  • I remember my house got broken into. Home alone but had two german shepherds who were very protective and trained in protection. It didnt go well for the guy that broke in. Lets just say he walked out limping.

    The ProfessorsThe Professors14 days ago
  • Probably not a good idea to wait around smoking a cigarette outside the house you're about to break into

    María/Seph NuñezMaría/Seph Nuñez14 days ago
  • Huh, I know this story- I've heard it before on a different channel, but I don't remember which I heard it from.

    Ruby EijiroRuby Eijiro14 days ago
  • I would a screamed like a DEMON and run around my house naked, i know that would scare the breaker inner away

    apex predatorapex predator14 days ago
  • That man is really brave for living alone.

    Andy LimAndy Lim14 days ago
  • Any home invasion story, let alone this one should put anyone on edge

    Bryan BinayasBryan Binayas14 days ago
  • We live on the second floor and already got buglarized twice, once when my mom was home alone asleep. They never took a lot of things (although they found some precious jewelry the second time, but I'm always afraid when I'm alone (which happens fairly often) that I forget to close the windows. Once had a sleep paralysis where I hallucinated footsteps getting closer and closer to my room until they got in front of my bed. At which point I woke up, but... not fun

    Ben ZaitenBen Zaiten15 days ago
  • I watched these first 3 episodes for the first time on a camping trip, it was such a nice feeling

    Mega OofMega Oof15 days ago
  • I heard this story on Corpsehusband’s channel already but still it scares my stupid little goblin brain

    Curious _PizzaCurious _Pizza15 days ago
  • Oh no! I would have moved sooner.

    GamesAFireGamesAFire15 days ago
  • These are pretty cool. Typically I like my horror 100% serious, but you guys add some lightheartedness without overdoing it.

    SecondBreakfastSecondBreakfast16 days ago
  • if I got home and find my window is open I'll get the out asap of that house cause this lil scaredy cat never open it window

    Annisaa RadityasastiAnnisaa Radityasasti16 days ago
  • Moral: Trust your gut

    Michael JordanMichael Jordan16 days ago
  • Why am I watching this when I’m home alone 😀

    Jesus ChristJesus Christ16 days ago
  • Me, a TMG fan to: “Chip me daddy!” Also me, disgraced: “oh, shit”

    Jocelyne JeaurondJocelyne Jeaurond16 days ago
  • from the creators of guitara bergara coming this fall katana bergara

    LordeoftheavocadosLordeoftheavocados16 days ago
  • And this is why you get a gun 😘

    R BjerkeR Bjerke17 days ago
  • All jokes aside don’t get the chip

    Infamousyaya TInfamousyaya T17 days ago
  • Claustrophobic people's reaction: insert (chuckles) I'm in danger meme.

    T҉h҉e҉ ҉D҉a҉w҉n҉ ҉R҉i҉g҉h҉t҉ ҉B҉e҉f҉o҉r҉e҉ ҉ T҉h҉e҉ ҉S҉u҉n҉-҉R҉i҉s҉e҉ ҉I҉s҉ ҉T҉h҉e҉ ҉D҉a҉r҉k҉e҉s҉t҉T҉h҉e҉ ҉D҉a҉w҉n҉ ҉R҉i҉g҉h҉t҉ ҉B҉e҉f҉o҉r҉e҉ ҉ T҉h҉e҉ ҉S҉u҉n҉-҉R҉i҉s҉e҉ ҉I҉s҉ ҉T҉h҉e҉ ҉D҉a҉r҉k҉e҉s҉t҉18 days ago
  • He said in Northern California outside the suburbs and my heart just dropped Idk why but it’s scarier when you know exactly what it looks like and can vividly picture it

    Evelyn PEvelyn P18 days ago
    • Seriously though I have family who live out in Nicholas in a really old farmhouse there’s literally nothing for miles it’s a very small community. My cousin’s bus route would take them an hour to get to school so most of them are homeschooled. There was always something really eerie about the old barn that they have there a lot of the stuff inside has probably sat for maybe 30 years? The house was vacant for a while before my aunt, uncle, and cousins moved in. The back half of the property curves up onto a hill facing the rear side of the house eventually leading to a levee where it’s a densely wooded area. In the fog looking at the front door from afar with it’s singular light fixture always gave me the creeps. As you said it’s even worse when you have vivid images of what the setting was like and what could/has happened.

      Camille DriscollCamille Driscoll16 days ago
  • I mean, pretty clear is the Stepfather

    pablo enriquepablo enrique18 days ago
  • What if the guy was his crazy step father?

    WinchesterfamilyforeverWinchesterfamilyforever18 days ago
    • i think is the obvious

      pablo enriquepablo enrique18 days ago
  • This story reminded me I have an attic access in my bedrooom.... the only problem is I’ve never been in the attic .... ever.

    Jia jiaJia jia18 days ago
  • shane what’s your favourite Burts Bees chapstick flavour? mine is vanilla

    Liam MullandLiam Mulland18 days ago
  • He needs to add floodlights to the outside of his house and an alarm.

    Reehana TajReehana Taj18 days ago
  • Why did I watch this, I'm home alone so often

    Cranma 01Cranma 0118 days ago
  • Les français, on connais déjà tous cette histoire grâce à Squeezie 👌

    Julia P-RJulia P-R18 days ago
  • right before they began laughing about apple pay with your forehead I did the same thing they did and I laughed like hilariously loud. same brain? same brain.

    Flarey BearFlarey Bear19 days ago
  • yes, now im scared.

    fuegodrinkscauseusuckfuegodrinkscauseusuck19 days ago
  • didnt corpse read this same story like a while ago on his channel

    Jmc_es_muy_altoJmc_es_muy_alto19 days ago
  • My Dad always had a piece of rebar at the side of his bed for just in case. We aren't allowed guns here.

    Monte8CarloMonte8Carlo19 days ago
  • I have already heard this story from my favourite podcast let's not meet. Kind of took the edge away seems I knew everything turned out fine. But this story stuck with me, because I realised if the same thing we're to happen to me, I have nowhere to hide.

    Jade SpurgeonJade Spurgeon20 days ago
  • Things this guy needs: •Loaded pistol in a gun-safe by the bed, plus extra magazine clips Personally I’d have the safety already off and ready to fire •Loaded shotgun in the attic, plenty of buckshot and birdshot •Good home security system that alerts authorities of home invasion, and security cameras. •Guard dog for good measure.

    KariKari20 days ago
  • Home invasion has to be the scariest thought for me because of my animals. Like - okay I’ll hide, what about my cats and my birds, dude? I can’t just leave them in the path of a crazed intruder! My dumb ass would die trying to make sure they didn’t let my pets out or hurt them 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Hailee GrmickHailee Grmick20 days ago
    • Thats why you buy a gun

      Vanilla Gorilla69Vanilla Gorilla6917 days ago
  • And Shane Monday the terminator not afraid of nothing

    Seb WaltzSeb Waltz20 days ago
  • You should call yourself Ryan steal

    Seb WaltzSeb Waltz20 days ago
  • Instances like these are why I support the second amendment. If he was waiting for the intruder with a loaded shotgun with buckshot pointed at the door it would’ve been a different story. Firearms come in handy sometimes. I hope he bought one plus a good security system after this. But in this scenario keeping one loaded by the bedside might’ve been bad if the intruder had already broken in before and scouted the place. Could keep a pistol in a gun safe by the bed but there may not be enough time to retrieve it. He’s got quick and easy access to the attic, keep the shotgun in the attic with more ammunition, and retreat there. Crouch behind some boxes or things you have stored as a barrier, safety off pointed at the door ready to fire. Sorry Ryan, but if the intruder has a firearm, a sword is useless, you might as well be holding a spoon. You wouldn’t know how strong or quick the person looking to kill you could be, and you could easily be overpowered and disarmed if you tried to fight them off. TL;DR chik-chik 💥*KABOOM*💥 That’s all she wrote.

    KariKari20 days ago
  • I’m a wuss when it comes to horror and scary stories, I can only get through it with comic relief. Perfect series for me to enjoy scary stories. There should be a genre of horror movies with comic relief for wusses.

    KariKari20 days ago
  • So what is the term for fans who are skeptics like Shane but get scared by supernatural stories and places that are supposedly haunted like Ryan.

    WhiteNegativeWhiteNegative21 day ago
  • I learned the hard way that it’s a bad idea to listen to this video right before going to bed. I dreamt of home invasion all night. Seriously, I was so spooked when I woke up that morning that I grabbed my stainless-steel water bottle to use as a weapon before investigating every corner of my house. It didn’t help that we were scheduled to have a guy check out our windows that morning and my parents didn’t care to tell me... Long story short, I now have a baseball bat by my bed at all times.

    Sam of the StarsSam of the Stars21 day ago
  • Shane out here gonna fight murders off with chap stick...... I'm out here with a pair of gold scissors under my bed. so what I got from this is rob Shanes house not Ryans

    Amberleigh GeorgewashingtonAmberleigh Georgewashington21 day ago
  • Not me about to watch this home alone

    Just a passing ArmyJust a passing Army23 days ago
  • ✌ peace to you my fellow chapstick addict!

    FleursDuMalFleursDuMal23 days ago

    finsclappingfinsclapping23 days ago
  • Shane has it relatively easy. Ryan’s voice is pretty creepy but we get the full shebang. Scary music, eery drawings, and Shane’s facial expressions.

    ShaneMP01ShaneMP0123 days ago
  • Gotta say, “thank you” as you bow your head. Lol I always do that, amazing. ❤️

    Jaimee BrooksJaimee Brooks24 days ago
  • finally a good real story. yes im scared now wth

    Joseph RedmondJoseph Redmond24 days ago
  • Same story from corpse

    Cloud 9 ArtistCloud 9 Artist24 days ago
    • Lol

      Cloud 9 ArtistCloud 9 Artist24 days ago
  • That dude was brave af.. He stayed even after he almost get killed at his own house.. coz I would definitely gonna have ptsd for years if that happened to me.. Honestly for me, home invasion are more scarier than ghost.

    RedVelvet.Wendy.Is.GoddessRedVelvet.Wendy.Is.Goddess24 days ago
  • Don’t people have guns anymore because at my home you getting shot

    Jamie CagleJamie Cagle25 days ago
  • This is the best make more episodes 🙌 please

    Sarah CandelariaSarah Candelaria25 days ago
  • ah sht I heard this story before from mr.nightmare I think🤔 accidentally spoiled all the fun for myself

    daodao25 days ago
  • Ive been telling people for years that I want the chips, I want the gmos, I want science advancing us as humans (like it was meant to do) but everyone looked at me funny, glad these guys agree :')

    pinkdragoneyespinkdragoneyes25 days ago
  • Rewatching the series coz I want a scare while waiting for November 1st to strike but damn am I regretting my decision

    Irish MangononIrish Mangonon25 days ago
  • probably not the best idea to watch this while being home alone lmao

    Arianna JohnsonArianna Johnson26 days ago
  • I used to listen to horrifying 911 calls here on youtube, until I cant take it in anymore. It's soo soo scary

    Rose NastorRose Nastor26 days ago
  • I used to live across the street from an abandoned Schalge Lock Factory. It was really weird, because they kept the lights on and the grounds meticulously cared for, even though the factory had been closed for years.

    Sarah SchummSarah Schumm26 days ago
  • watches this whilst being home alone...

    melissa hamiltonmelissa hamilton26 days ago
  • I was hoping for a guest appearance from kevin mccallister

    Kenny the Jet SmithKenny the Jet Smith26 days ago
  • Thanks for that scream Shane. That got me shook

    maddie buttonmaddie button27 days ago
  • it's scary because things like this are completely possible...

    jazminejazmine27 days ago
  • This is why I have security cameras installed in my home. I feel bad for the OP, that shit is gonna stick with them for life.

    Vietnamese CowgirlVietnamese Cowgirl27 days ago
  • What if that you are claustrophobic but you have to choose, to hide in a small dark closed area or just get murdered by the burlglar. That's terrifying.

    ToonDere AnimationToonDere Animation27 days ago
  • this story was on an ask reddit scary stories video. I always thought the land line in the attic was a good touch but you can do the same thing with any phone. especially ones without sim cards. stash burner phones in places that you might be caught without a phone in an emergency y’all

    SasgalulaSasgalula28 days ago
  • i grew up on finnish countryside, our nearest neighbor is two kilometres away but they are usually only there during the summer. the nearest permanent residence is like 5km away. anyway one time mum realized she had forgotten the key to the door at home, she had forgotten the key on the door a few times before. when we returned home the door was wide open and nothing was out of place apart from the key to the door being middle of the room on the carpet.

    LukkilikkaLukkilikka28 days ago
  • This guy is a beast

    MiddleDesert 501MiddleDesert 50128 days ago
  • This guy should he live in the USA should get a gun

    MiddleDesert 501MiddleDesert 50128 days ago
  • Come on. None of us have been home alone in months.

    augustaaugusta28 days ago
  • This is going to make me scared of being alone at home and I'm already scared of being home alone at least at night

    Official Rat GamingOfficial Rat Gaming28 days ago
  • Is there really people that live places where you don't feel the need to lock your doors???!

    Juan RodriguezJuan Rodriguez28 days ago