Are You Scared of Being Trapped?

Nov 20, 2020
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Join, if you dare, as Ryan reads the internet's scariest stories (some true, some false) to his pal Shane as they try to figure out if the story is experienced or imagined.
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CONTENT WARNING: This video contains content that some might find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.
Possible triggers: emotional distress, claustrophobia, graphic detail of body damage
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  • It’s the twilight zone tower of terror elevator 😦

    Tacos AregreatTacos Aregreat47 minutes ago
  • "Before we begin, does anyone wanna get out?" I will never be able to erase this from my mind

    Chris HudsonChris HudsonHour ago

    kplay 64kplay 64Hour ago
  • Groundhog day

    Anubhav PathakAnubhav PathakHour ago
  • Here is the Reddit user shortstory1: His writing on Reddit is baffling, intoxicating and mind blowing. He never runs out of ideas and his writing keeps getting weirder and weirder. He is loved and hated. You should check him out for your USworlds channel.

    shainur ullahshainur ullah2 hours ago
  • This one wasnt that good lol

    Sofia PerezSofia Perez4 hours ago
  • scarred from shane's kissing noises.

    Hashvingit KaurHashvingit Kaur6 hours ago

    PeriwinklexPeriwinklex6 hours ago
  • This story gives me the magnus archives vibes

    Nerd CentralNerd Central7 hours ago
  • This is the definition of terrifying. Plus, love the effect on Ryan's voice as well. Good job boys!

    Kárenly MichelleKárenly Michelle9 hours ago
  • They should play Phasmophobia together!

    Not MeNot Me10 hours ago
  • I found the story to be boring.

    Dayani Ruiz MatuteDayani Ruiz Matute10 hours ago
  • one million subs🥳🥳

    Kristine SubediKristine Subedi13 hours ago

    shxnashxna14 hours ago
  • Happy bday Ryan (as a new subscriber today) and congrats on the 1M accomplishment!

    CLONDONHCLONDONH14 hours ago

    Ameera CañegaAmeera Cañega14 hours ago
  • I love how we got the channel to a million on Ryan’s birthday. Happy Birthday Ryan we love you 👻👻👻

    Dessi -Dessi -14 hours ago
  • Some Junji Ito scary shit right here!

    lemon snoutlemon snout14 hours ago
  • Licensed professor science man: Bill Nye Unlicensed professor science man: Shane

    Gen Gen RojasGen Gen Rojas18 hours ago
  • yo the thing that scared me was the art. the story I had an idea

    Mandy TranMandy Tran20 hours ago
  • this one has a magnus archives feel, probably the best story yet

    Alexander JonesAlexander Jones20 hours ago
  • Happy Birthday Ryan

    snomosnomo21 hour ago
  • Me absolutely hating elevators for this exact reason

    Leena HunterLeena Hunter22 hours ago
  • Hellevator is a Stray kids song

    Zosia ParkitaZosia Parkita22 hours ago
  • shane: ”Hellevator! thats what they should call this” me a stay: Hellevator starts playing in my head. ALSO LISTEN TO HELLEVATOR BY STRAY KIDS CAUSE ITS AMAZING!

    Frida HofstenFrida Hofsten23 hours ago
  • One time, I enter a Elevator and I forgot to press my floor 🤣 I thought I got stuck 😂

    Chrisza NeriChrisza NeriDay ago
  • the grave timber of Ryan’s narration does nothing to naturalise the transition between “are you scared...” and “skill share is an amazing online learning community!”

    Saloni SaranSaloni SaranDay ago
  • I was so happy when I heard Ryan’s and Shane’s voice

    Mar MxlMar MxlDay ago
  • well this is horrible, thank you

    Grace TaylorGrace TaylorDay ago
  • Ok but once I was in an elevator when it stopped and then dropped half a floor. And then did it again. I was with two other people and we got out as soon as the doors opened, my knees were shaking so bad hahaha

    Caroline ACaroline ADay ago
  • This whole story is basically what its like to be stoned AF and 3 mins feels like half an hour. And then you feel like your starving She's also a university student. So like she could be high off her arse. 😬

    Sage Of KingsSage Of KingsDay ago
  • This story droned on with too many explanations. Not a fan of it compared to the other ones

    KaitybubblyKaitybubblyDay ago
  • I had a nightmare where I was in an elevator that wouldn’t stop going down forever.... and I just realized it came from this video I watched. I suppose I am scared?

    Cassy HigginsCassy HigginsDay ago
  • an elevator is not 5 feet tall 😳

    Dominus AureusDominus AureusDay ago
  • Shane: says hellavator 12:58 *Stray Kids's Hellavtor plays in the background*

    JiUWU Meme-jiJiUWU Meme-jiDay ago
  • #Thankmas #CallToAction

    Orna GavinOrna GavinDay ago
  • Probably first thing I'll do after emergency button not working -check signal. Rather even before that, once I feel something is off, I'll check my signal to see if in case of total emergency I can contact someone outside or if a ghost is there

    White SkyWhite SkyDay ago
  • For the girl feeling like going down, what if it's that after effect after using elevator? Like I remember when I took an elevator to a floor more than 3rd for first time, it made me feel like I am still falling down even after going out of the elevator and even almost loosing my balance had I not hold the wall beside me. Even after that sometimes I'll randomly feel like going down like what we feel when using elevator -and this is not just me, even my siblings and cousins feel the same way. Then again I am not used to elevator, while she is but it is possible. 🤷

    White SkyWhite SkyDay ago
  • Shayne: this should be called Hellevator. My brain: Hey, Google, play Hellevator by Stray Kids

    Michelle AndersonMichelle AndersonDay ago
  • hellevator? soty

    JulesJulesDay ago
  • I just discovered this channel and i love it with all my heart. This is my only day off work and i spent it catching up on all of the episodes and only got half way through

    gruby 17gruby 17Day ago
  • She could have had the light flash in 6 3 times, pause, blink 6 3 times... That would have made a better story. These are always lame stories. P.S. When is Shane going to get a haircut? Does he just wake up and ask... Mirror, Mirror on the wall, How can I look homeless today? Seriously though I love Shane and Ryan, I literally watch everything with them in it

    Corey LanghamCorey LanghamDay ago
  • You wake up, open your eyes to see 14:38

    Poochie CollinsPoochie CollinsDay ago
  • If it's a walking distance I do not use elevators .. i could climb like 10 floors but no elevators especially not alone.. and I'm European so there's no skyscrapers here so we're cool in a way.. I was alone one time and I was tired so I used the elevator as soon as I closed the door the light flickered and I got out like in a second and used the stairs.. I do not fuck with elevators!!

    слитерин рокс лолслитерин рокс лолDay ago
  • Strong The Magnus Archives vibes with this story

    Jiji BunnyJiji BunnyDay ago
  • banger story tbh

    CrisCrisDay ago
  • Ok but real tip: If you were hypothetically in a situation where you felt like time was passing but the clock didn't change, to prove you aren't crazy, pull up a timer on your phone (takes no signal) and start it running. That way you know how much time passes even if the clock won't move

    Lora HopelesslyLora HopelesslyDay ago
  • stream hellevator by stray kids

    Julia BartuziJulia BartuziDay ago
  • She went to silent hill

    TequilaNebulaTequilaNebulaDay ago
  • WHY DID I FIND THIS CHANNEL ONE YEAR TOO LATE, God damn it ghoul boys, I got some catching up to do!

    MarcusJuniusBrutusMarcusJuniusBrutus2 days ago
  • This is a statement about The Buried

    Loren DaemonLoren Daemon2 days ago
  • the sound i let out the second shane said “hellevator” my stay heart has been fed! stan stray kids!

    Missy Sta AnaMissy Sta Ana2 days ago
  • i really want to watch this but im already scared of being trapped and im afraid that this will lead to a sleep paralysis :))) so my fellow friends on a scale of 1-10 how traumatizing is this one? :))

    its wulanits wulan2 days ago

    Abby CalAbby Cal2 days ago
  • There was a woman in Xi'an who died in an elevator that had been turned off while she was inside, she was left there for a month before anyone found her.

    BlueElectric56BlueElectric562 days ago
  • That's laugh at the end scared the shit out of me

    I like wafflesI like waffles2 days ago
  • This is irradiating scp vibes

    pink_sheeppink_sheep2 days ago
  • "Pleasant beep* Yeah, this is fake. Nobody who's heard the elevator BEEP is describing it as pleasant.

    M SiaM Sia2 days ago
  • Claustrophobia is so evil. Me simply walking at narrow alleyway. Goosebumps.

    蘇白榮蘇白榮2 days ago
  • *Road to 1 Million Subs* Lezz gooo!!!

    char freechar free2 days ago
  • The writing of the story is soooo bad omg

    ReferenceSlutReferenceSlut2 days ago
  • This is probably the fifth time I've tried to watch this video because I keep falling asleep before she's even sure she's been there very long :)

    RamseyRamsey2 days ago
  • this is some next level cosmic horror

    Mister MoretoMister Moreto2 days ago
  • So watching the video I was like ok, this is what's going to happen and it happened. But why it happened was unexpected, but still it didn't freak me out, at first. Today at work I was running room service up upstairs of the hotel I work at. I was going up and down elevators for the first time since seeing the video a couple days ago. Then I realized it, I wasn't pulling my phone out while riding up and down, especially down. I realized I was staring at that fucking digital number watching the floors go by and I would just stare without blinking as the 3rd floor would come and go. It seriously messed with my head. Very unexpected after affect.

    AKtrailrunnerAKtrailrunner2 days ago
  • All Hail The Watcher.

    Dash LukkyDash Lukky2 days ago
  • haven't watched yet, but lemme guess this time it's a creepy pasta again?

    7788um7788um2 days ago
  • If you can see your ribs after not eating for like 2 days maybe you were already underweight

    Matthias GiglerMatthias Gigler2 days ago
  • why did they leave buzzfeed they suck now

    Quin FieldsQuin Fields2 days ago
  • I was about to say if this story is real, wtf kind of phone she got because that’s the longest battery life I’ve ever heard!! How you die and your phone don’t?!

    Cheechee27Cheechee272 days ago
  • Hellevator is a Stray Kids song lmao

    UnlimitedPocky123UnlimitedPocky1232 days ago
  • I love are you scared but I can’t watch at night bc I am in fact scared

    Suzy BurleighSuzy Burleigh2 days ago
  • Interesting of you to think I’m not scared of getting stuck every time i get in an elevator

    Lauryn KerstingLauryn Kersting2 days ago
  • no, hellevator is a kpop song

    baguettebaguette2 days ago
  • Tbh I just can’t wait until they get one that is a super solid true (scary) story that Shane can’t brush off!

    Emily RoseEmily Rose2 days ago
  • I just remember the story abouy a when a lady in our office elevator got trapped in the elevator with the office pervert. She said nothing happened, but boy oh boy our director brains suddenly awoken

    Edo MoralesEdo Morales2 days ago
  • Let’s get a minute of silence for everyone who’s closterphobic during lock down

    Will HerrenkohlWill Herrenkohl2 days ago
  • Ya looks like the lights are staying on tonight

    Will HerrenkohlWill Herrenkohl2 days ago
  • someone right a story about your reflection in the mirror

    annabelle cannabelle c2 days ago
  • I woulda lit a cigarette. No way That some asshole isn’t opening the door halfway through smokin that b

    No_one_from_Nowhere.No_one_from_Nowhere.2 days ago
  • my boyfriend and I watched every episode of Are You Scared? all in one night and we want more lol please. 🙏🏼

    Kelly VenzaKelly Venza2 days ago
  • If Ryan's elevator fart story was in Captain America: The Winter Soldier I really would be expecting him to say "hail Hydra" as the elevator doors open and the occupants lay unconscious after Ryan's epic gas blowout. 🤣😅

    Jonnny RenJonnny Ren2 days ago
  • This story is proof the guys can make anything entertaining. Snoozefest without their commentary

    HazardManHazardMan2 days ago
  • Gets told to stop looking at my phone while watching this video on my phone

    Gavin MarsacGavin Marsac2 days ago
  • Honestly kinda creepy, yet could be a “glitch in a matrix” with the time stopping and shit. But then, it also used “I’m going to rest for a little bit then die” cliché soo... mixed opinions

    Simp PatrolSimp Patrol2 days ago
  • This story sucked and no, I cannot write a better one 🤣

    amanda5887amanda58872 days ago
  • This story reads like an episode of the Magnus archives

    Caitie CarsonCaitie Carson2 days ago
  • I love how they say we're all losers for looking at our phones all the time however I'm pretty sure they do as well between work and because of quarantine

    Codeandadventure with TravelingteenCodeandadventure with Travelingteen2 days ago
  • OBSESSED with Shane's goose shirt, anyone know where I can get it?

    E.P.HendersonE.P.Henderson2 days ago
  • Realised she could use her phone for the time not to call for help 🤣

    Nigel HetheringtonNigel Hetherington2 days ago
  • Am I the only that thinks this sounds like an SCP file ?

    Daniel GongoraDaniel Gongora2 days ago
  • There have been times for me at least were I would be scrolling through Insta or tiktok and like a few hours would pass by and I wouldn't even know it

    Heaven RockHeaven Rock2 days ago
  • Going off the drinking your own pee, you can do it. But you can only do it once before it becomes toxic to drink and, ideally, your pee should be a light yellow. The darker the urine, the more toxins and less water there is in the pee. So, yeah. You can drink your pee, but it’s not recommended 😅.

    Claire LiedtkeClaire Liedtke2 days ago
  • Everyone waiting for the elevator to stop on the 1st floor: Damn, it's been on floor 3 for a while huh

    Jade Amy DunningJade Amy Dunning2 days ago
  • do moreeeeeee

    mikmik2 days ago
  • this story is seriously amazing like well done to however wrote this!!

    Seesaw_korekiyoSeesaw_korekiyo2 days ago
  • Hellavator is actually a horror game show that’s pretty fun!

    Z WolffZ Wolff2 days ago
  • something about ryan saying "this video was sponsored by skillshare" in his Creepy Narrator Voice laid me out so much i needed to pause the video

    Shea SavageShea Savage3 days ago
  • Fake when she said she was hungry before even needing to pee. Yeah. right.

    KatKat3 days ago
  • Yeah no this was straight up terrifying

    Chelsea JonesChelsea Jones3 days ago
  • Reads title Me:yeah I’m scared of being trapped, especially on elevators Builds up the courage to watch the video 3 days later. “You step into an elevator” Me:cries inside

    Niecee BNiecee B3 days ago