Are You Scared of Sleepwalking?

Nov 6, 2020
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Join, if you dare, as Ryan reads the internet's scariest stories (some true, some false) to his pal Shane as they try to figure out if the story is experienced or imagined.
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CONTENT WARNING: This video contains content that some might find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.
Possible triggers: depiction of mental illness, sharp objects, sleepwalking
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  • My brothers one of these sleep walkers lmao he tried to leave the house in the middle of the winter, he has full convos with nobody, and he starts doing nighttime activities

    Rocktricks PRocktricks P23 minutes ago
  • I sleep walk too. I generally resolve weirdness by locking my bedroom door. If doors are unlocked, I end up outside. I also used to walk downstairs and have conversations with my parents in my sleep. I also eat in my sleep tho?

    Gwyneth DefriezGwyneth Defriez3 hours ago
  • My older sister and i always sleepwalked a lot (even though it hasn't happened in a couple of years). Most times it would be harmless things that are still told to this day at family gatherings but there are other things that my mom still shivers everytime she tells them. When my sister was around nine or ten years old she would sleepwalk to the attic. It happened so often that my parents had to find a way to lock it. But once my sister was able to open it (while still sleeping) and my mom caught her 'saying nonsense' inside. She then started screaming out of nowhere and saying "Don't hurt us" over and over. After that she never went there again. And this year was actually the first year since then that she has entered the attic (she's 23). There was also a few times when my aunt caught me leaving out of the front door. Again they tried locking it and hiding away the key but somehow i would find it and my family would catch me speaking to the air in our front yard. My mom hates these storied because she says everytime she would come near us to take us to bed during these 'episodes' we didn't look like ourselves. She says that to this day it was the only time she has seen my sister so frantic, screaming in the attic, and me so confused, talking to the air in the middle of the night.

    Luciana CorreiaLuciana Correia4 hours ago
  • This reminded me of When I was around 7, I used to sleep walk but all I would do is just get up from my bed and stand in the foot of my parents bed or in either side, and just watch my parents sleep until they felt someone staring at them and wake up to see me there...I didn’t know about this until like last year, when my dad brought it up in a conversation

    Min Suga genius jjang jjang man boong boongMin Suga genius jjang jjang man boong boong4 hours ago
  • A sleepwalking story from me: I had began to sleepwalk when I was 7, but nothing to serious. Usually just walking around or finding myself on the couch instead of my bed. One night though, when I was 9, my mom had burst open the outside door and looked panicked. Why I know this? I was outside the house. The camera picked my movement up and got the audio of me mumbling something. My mother asked me, “What happened? What’s wrong?” I was so confused when she asked me ‘what’s wrong.’ When my father showed me the camera footage, *my eyes were open but I never remembered anything I did that night.*

    Mr. Russet PotatoMr. Russet Potato10 hours ago
  • Apparently the darker side of myself is pissing in a drawer (true story)

    Kiefer The Gibus DemoKiefer The Gibus Demo11 hours ago
  • I wonder if Ryan’s ex-girlfriend watched this 😂

    Hailey HowsonHailey Howson14 hours ago
  • Uh am I the only one who loves how Ryan’s hair looks in this one or was I too lazy to look through the comments enough?

    Isabel Rose HooverIsabel Rose Hoover18 hours ago
  • Omg i so scared but i dont know why Charle the bear freaked me i couldnt let go of my dog

    Pixie andSebPixie andSeb19 hours ago
  • -7:05 I had a t-rex dream last night! Lmfao

    BlueEyed ScorpioBlueEyed Scorpio22 hours ago
  • me every horror sound OH NO NO NO NONONONONONO *NOOOOOOOOO*

    HaxorrasHaxorrasDay ago
  • all hail the watcher

    yeet yeetyeet yeetDay ago
  • Shane changed the way he said baby I don’t like it

    Ahtina AekAhtina AekDay ago
  • My mom once told that I once slept walked into her room and just stared at her for a while until I went back to bed

    Percy JacksonPercy JacksonDay ago
  • this gives me more chills than buzzfeed unsolved supernatural

    alejandro the personalejandro the personDay ago
  • I used to sleep walk regularly as a kid.....I would apparently run up and down our hallway and I’m talking at like 5-6 years old. My mom also once found me in the kitchen sleepwalking and I had peed in a trail from the fridge and’s the kicker......I’m a girl 😂 I was soaking wet and sound asleep leaning against the kitchen wall lol.....I also would stand beside my moms side of the bed to ask for permission to go to the bathroom when I had to pee and we still have no idea why I thought I had to ask....I had my own bathroom right outside my room. My dad also sleep walked (slept walked??) and he peed in my grandmas closet once cuz he thought it was the bathroom 😂.......I swear if my kid does any of the horrifying things that kids do like sleep walking or standing by my bed staring at me while I’m sleeping, I will instinctively whack the absolute crap out of them lol

    Paige 1996Paige 1996Day ago
  • It's weird listening to this when you're once a sleepwalker

    I'm the shorty In whiplashI'm the shorty In whiplash2 days ago
  • Ryan's curly hair is so cute! Shane's looks like he thinks women are objects and his third wife died under mysterious circumstances. I guess there's no roast mortem on this channel...

    IoanaIoana2 days ago
  • all hail the watcher

    yeet yeetyeet yeet2 days ago
  • Good story. My brother used to sleep walk as a child, I've read its fairly common in children and teens as their hormones are ramping up or in adults during times of stress. Like this story my brother would get up go to the front door and try to open it, saying he needed to go ride his bike. My parents often wondered what would happen if the door wasn't locked. Usually they point him towards the bathroom as they found sleep walking was often a sign that he or I needed to go, then put him to bed. They said I would randomly be found sitting up in bed babbling nonsense but would never actually get up and walk around. Neither of us ever had any memory of these night time forays, and we both grew out of it as we got older.

    Christy GattoChristy Gatto2 days ago
  • Used to sleep walk when I was like idk 3, 4, maybe 5 and at one point I walked to my grandma's neighbor's house and my parents called the cops, the scary thing is I have a clear memory of following someone and wanting to come with them. The "house" was also a church. I remember this very well.

    That_One_Thing_That_DrawzThat_One_Thing_That_Drawz2 days ago
  • One time I was sleeping at a friends house in across the street. When I woke up, I was at my house. My nana just assumed that I had come home in the middle of the night but then she noticed I had one of my shoes and one of my friends shoes at the door. I went back over to get my stuff and apparently I had slept walk across the street and went to bed at home.

    Olivia MaxwellOlivia Maxwell2 days ago
  • his boyfriend wanted to break up but didnt lnow how, so he just tried to freak him out and when it didnt work he just ditches his identity sksksk

    cryptid collector108cryptid collector1083 days ago
  • The lgbtq+ community is pleased..also..Charles says he llo

    imbaby yeahimbaby yeah3 days ago
  • "Sleepwalking shows your true self" My english teacher once told my class the story of a former student of his who almost killed himself twice while sleepwalking..

    phantom !!phantom !!3 days ago
  • My sister would sleepwalk and sleep talk, she used to get up and stand in front of the wardrobe and stare at us and then once she called me a ginger cunt

    I Am Serious And Don't Call Me ShirleyI Am Serious And Don't Call Me Shirley3 days ago
  • who saw the movie Horse girl over here?? sounds strangely familiar

    Mishma LubabiMishma Lubabi4 days ago
  • All Hail the Watcher

    Dash LukkyDash Lukky4 days ago
  • "the end??? question mark."

    Matthias GiglerMatthias Gigler4 days ago
  • My bf randomly got up and said “did you hear that? And began aggressively looking around the room for something then got back in bed and fell asleep. I told him abt it the next morning and he had no recollection and said he slept walked as a kid but hasn’t done it in a while. I was like I think you did ln.

    Matilda GambleMatilda Gamble4 days ago
  • This dude is using the scapegoat of their partner sleep walking for their failed relationship

    bst Megbst Meg5 days ago
  • So they both were repressing emotions and feelings and then the person was surprised when repression case out while sleep walking. They can’t talk to selves or others about feelings yet he’s solely blaming his bf. Yikes

    bst Megbst Meg5 days ago
  • genuinely LOVE this show

    mikmik5 days ago
  • shane: 9:20 ... so, coraline? 😗

    SaraSara5 days ago
  • Is seeing someone sleepwalk really that creepy? I’ve been sleeping walking all my life and now I’m paranoid that I freak people out now 😰

    Sophie BSophie B5 days ago
  • Yeah shane, I don't think you would wait for 15 times, your significant other would wake you up, splashing water on your face and vaccuming your nut sac!

    Harshini RathodeHarshini Rathode5 days ago
  • Sleepwalking can really get scary! I would catch my mother sleepwalking sometimes when I lived back at home. She would get up in the middle of the night, come into my room, speak nonsense, sometimes flicker the light, and sometimes get into my bed. The scariest part was when I started locking my door, she would still try to get in by continuously pushing the door all without talking until finally going back to bed.

    AmyAmy6 days ago
  • Meh

    Wes ChanWes Chan6 days ago
  • Every comment here is mocking the "sleepwalking makes you be your truest self" and I can't like them all I have to go to sleep ;-;

    Dee ADee A6 days ago
  • Listening to this upstairs while the rest of my family is downstairs and I here the floorboards creek up here. Me: Welp, this is how it ends i guess,

    Jack of all TradesJack of all Trades6 days ago
  • That was sufficiently creepy

    Stephanie ClarkStephanie Clark6 days ago
  • I used to sleepwalk as a child. My parents had to add extra bolts and an alarm to our main door, and another extra to our bedroom door. I'd like to think that I no longer sleepwalk.

    JodiaviJodiavi6 days ago
  • I used to sleepwalk as a child every time I’d run a fever. I’d wake up in my bed thinking I was playing chess with my stuffed animals only to realize there was nothing in my hands and my stuffed animals were neatly put away. Then I once walked around the bedroom (or I knew I had to have because my sheets were scattered) I ended up sitting in front of my parents full length mirror before waking up wondering what happened. Luckily when I get sick now, it doesn’t happen but I sure hope that’s a trait I don’t pass down to my kids.

    Ash AAsh A6 days ago
  • apparently when i sleep walked, i would leave my top bunk to grab a white teddy bear no matter where it was in my room even if it was buried under something and just put it on my bed. that or it was haunted, who knows.

    BrielleBrielle7 days ago
  • Shane's lack of empathy is the scariest thing about this story

    D dancerD dancer7 days ago
  • *very ominous music while the narrator speaks about their gut instinct* the shoe ad: 👁👄👁

    huesnm shuesnm s7 days ago
  • Sleepwalkers freak me out. I once slept over at a friends house and she sat up in the middle of the night (we slept in the same bed) lokked over at me with her hair covering her face and I ignore it and went back to sleep. Later that night I woke up and rolled over and she was just standing next to the bed looking at me while sort of rocking. But i went back to sleep and in the morning her parents said that that was normal that when she sleeping she sleepwalks and checks on people to make sure they are okay.

    Gianna OchoaGianna Ochoa7 days ago

    Abbie JAbbie J7 days ago
  • “I just remember w..” world market AD.

    Eli ChastainEli Chastain7 days ago
  • me (sees two men in the bed): it possible?? ryan: *he was about to meet his boyfriend* my little lgbtq+ heart: (starts crying with happiness)

    Seesaw_korekiyoSeesaw_korekiyo7 days ago
  • I don't know why but I always wait for Ryan to say "let's get into some theories" and then the creepy music starts.

    bhargavi pbabhargavi pba7 days ago
  • I used to sleep walk to my parents' bathroom, kneel down on the floor and cry lol

    MauiMaui7 days ago
  • ushijima

    carl ¿¿carl ¿¿7 days ago
  • Well, that was anti-climactic. Disappointing that it wasn't even real

    Elle FantineElle Fantine7 days ago
  • Sleepwalking is your truest self??? Buddy they're acting out dreams. You have no idea what they're interacting with/experiencing! Plus like.... Dreams are fricken weird sometimes

    Kye TalksKye Talks7 days ago
  • Me sleepwalking is why my childhood home had a chain lock at the very top of the outside doors

    RuinyRuiny7 days ago
  • I think the dude just wanted to leave the relationship and didn't know how. Maybe he was anxious and didn't like confrontation. lmao

    DantxiDantxi8 days ago
  • When I was really little I would sleep walk and sleep talk, a few times I went into my parents room and would sit on their bed and talk to air. I actually stopped sleepwalking after my parents got me a bunk bed when I was like 8-9

    Chloe AlexanderChloe Alexander8 days ago
  • Love that this story starts with “yeah we started hanging out I guess he was ok” and then they dated for 3 years

    M KM K8 days ago
  • Is the narrator I boy or a girl 🤔

    The FoxThe Fox8 days ago
  • i thought this was real when they were reading it and started racking my brain trying to remember all the missing persons posts i’ve seen in the past years

    JinOnJinActionJinOnJinAction8 days ago
  • so apparently what you do when you sleepwalk is "your true self" 😏 i used to sleepwalk and ask for beans repeatedly every month 😈‼️🥵💔😍🤑💪

    fincho pinchofincho pincho8 days ago
    • I crave the BEANS.

      DantxiDantxi8 days ago
  • sleep walking isnt really scary tho! it can be actually hilarious. my cousin (4 years younger than me) used to sleep walk a lot when she was a kid. once she was staying with us in summer, and at 7 am sharp she sat up, knocked on the wood of the bed frame, and loudly told us to wake up, bc its play time. we did wake up, but she was asleep, so we begrudgingly went back to sleep as well. once my aunt was sitting in the living room, watching tv, when my cousin emerged from her room, and asked her to help her with her science homework. my aunt followed her to her room (bc u should NOT wake them up. like YOU SHOULD NOT WAKE THEM UP) and she went to her library, pulled out a book and gave it to my aunt. then my aunt told her that she should go back to sleep, and so she did. then my aunt checked out the book and it was really the science book. its a family mystery on how she managed to pull out the exact book while in sleep. but it runs in family, my mother's cousin used to sleepwalk to the bakery and "buy" bread, and the baker and others were so used to that theyd just turn him around and hed go back to the house and sleep. the other cousin of my mother almost fall down to his death from the roof, and no one knows how on earth he managed to go up there. these are actually fun stories we tell in family gatherings!

    Artemis OrojiArtemis Oroji8 days ago
  • this reminds me of that one murder case when the guy tried to plead not guilty to his wife’s murder by saying his was sleepwalking when he killed her.

    some breadsome bread9 days ago
  • SUCH A GOOD EPISODE IM SO SCURRED. I've also frozen in an uncomfortable position in bed hyped on anxiety

    Kendall MansonKendall Manson9 days ago
  • I use to sleep walk when I was prescribed Ambien. It was fine until one morning I woke up in the driver's seat of my car. Thank god I didn't bother to grab my keys. I stopped taking Ambien after that.

    ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ9 days ago
  • I use to take Ambien and it would make me sleepwalk. It wasn't so bad until one day my roommate got home late from work and found me in my car, trying to start it. Thank god my dumb ass kept putting the key in the ignition the wrong way.

    ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ9 days ago
  • Why was Shane's ending prediction just the plot of Coraline? Lmao

    Hamilton Hargreeves At a dam DiscoHamilton Hargreeves At a dam Disco9 days ago
  • I have sound activated lights in my room

    The DuckwhaleThe Duckwhale9 days ago
  • I once woke up to some sort of noise in my ear, like breathing or whispering, and I just froze and didnt move for what felt like ages until it stopped. Freakiest point of my life so far

    WolfCatWolfCat9 days ago
  • Is Shane about to be assassinated at 5:25?!

    WaddaWadda9 days ago
  • When’s puppet history coming back?

    Keith FlaggKeith Flagg9 days ago
  • 4:40 when I was younger and growing up we moved to a nice pretty remote location with only a few terraced house in there. My smaller brother aged between 4-7 at the time told our mom he saw some shadow figure when he visited bathroom at nights. Also he started to sleepwalk which he hadn't before. One night my mom was wondering why it is so cold indoors. Went to the living room and noticed my brother had sleepwalked to the front door, opened it and just stood there without clothing looking to the forest. Even though it was freezing he wasn't even shivering. Luckily I was told this later on when we had already moved from there.. Thanks, this just reminded mew of the occasion 😂

    Sam ThemanSam Theman9 days ago
  • That was a good yarn 🧶

    Tonya GrayTonya Gray9 days ago
  • You do know that if you wake them like that it could put them into a seizure

    Sean RyanSean Ryan9 days ago
  • The closest to sleep walking i've done is me falling off the bed

    Todotae 19Todotae 1910 days ago
  • I admire this one. The story honestly felt pretty real

    RaisaRaisa10 days ago
  • I was at my grandmas house (with my cousin basically the entire family) and I was sleepwalking so I went to the balcony and shouted at people lol it was like 10AM

    OmarOmar10 days ago
  • i used to sleepwalk a lot. it was always me waking up and not quite being aware of anything, like one time i woke up to my alarm and i felt pure panic, and i *had* to stick the painting on my wall under my bed.

    ᴍᴀᴅɪᴍᴀᴅɪ10 days ago
  • *hears ticking* UNUS ANNUS UNUS ANNUS

    The God of EggnogThe God of Eggnog10 days ago
  • when I was a kid I used to sleepwalk a looot my mom would have to lock the balcony because we lived at the 10th floor, she said I used to sit up on the bed (we shared a room) and just talk nonsense and also fell off the bed a lot of times. it was so frequent that the time we had a trip with my school two of my friends had to keep the door keys with them so me and my friend who also sleepwalked wouldnt open the door and walk around

    Gabriela A.Gabriela A.10 days ago
  • I'm going to full screen, wish me luck! 😁 - take a deep breath- *oh, boy.*

    Juliavine GraceJuliavine Grace10 days ago
  • my sister was in the room across mine and it was like 3 or 4 am, and I was going through my phone when I heard running footsteps. So I set my phone down and I tried to listen and then I saw her run back to her room with something in her hand. I got up and walked to check on her and she was just sitting on her bed with eyes closed and mumbling something. I called out to her and she stopped mumbling so I turned on the light and called her name again and she woke up but she was so confused My parents and my other sister also came to check on her and asked why she was running but she said that she doesn't know. The thing she had gotten from the living room was a cover that she just dropped on the floor next to her feet

    Meriana MartinezMeriana Martinez11 days ago
  • If the boyfriend didn't have a mustache I would be on his side but he just had to ...

    Moody BluesMoody Blues11 days ago
    • Oh okay it wasn't a mustache .Thank god

      Moody BluesMoody Blues11 days ago
  • 0:23 so my brothers truest self is someone who pisses in the kitchen at 3am I get it now

    benny wormbenny worm11 days ago
  • Is anyone gonna tell the boys that waking up a sleepwalking person is actually supposed to be your last resort? Like Shane's just going to absolutely traumatize anyone who sleepwalks around him I guess. XD

    GreenbloodLadyGreenbloodLady11 days ago
  • My mom would always shout at me whenever i would sleep walk like: "Hey, what are you doing?" or like just shout my name. She would always hide any sharp objects before i go to sleep just as precaution lol

    My NameMy Name11 days ago
  • Ryan: ok google, turn on the lights. My phone: your Google assistant has been disabled, please enable it by going into the settings Gave me a heart attack

    Al Do LeinAl Do Lein11 days ago
  • I was literally writing a story about weird shit that happens while I sleepwalk to submit it here, but now I don't know, Shane doesn't like me apparantly

    Olga ShishkinaOlga Shishkina11 days ago
  • Here's a true funny story. When I was young, I was a jealous wife. I never said anything because I knew it was my problem and there was never any reason for me to be this way. So I kept it all in. I would dream about my husband cheating every couple of months. I talk in my sleep and also move in my sleep. I've never walked, I would wake up while getting out of bed. I use to read historical romance all the time. My husband and I used to spoon in bed with me being in back. Here's the funny part. I was dreaming one night and in a very proper English voice, this lady said "If you want to hit him, go ahead. And just as properly, I replied "Thank you, I think I will". I raised my hand and smacked the sh^t out of him. He woke up and yelled "what the hell". It still makes me laugh. That was 36 years ago and we haven't spooned since.

    BelleBelle11 days ago
  • This is just sad D:

    SleepyheadSleepyhead11 days ago
  • I sleepwalk every once in a while and speak gibberish to the air 🐰🔪

    SleepyheadSleepyhead11 days ago
  • i keep falling asleep while i watch this so i keep coming back to watch it but then i fall asleep again LMAO

    Natalia GonzalezNatalia Gonzalez11 days ago
  • My ex slept walked, tried to go outside naked, and sat feet and head out of a two story window. Never slept the same for years.

    R RR R11 days ago
  • When I sleepwalk I just scream at nothing, fight with my family and complain about something that is not happening (like once I went to my mom's bedroom to tell her to make them stop throwing stuff at me, even thought I was alone. She just tucked me back to bed and said they were gone lmao). What is with this paranormal things? A little bit jealous ngl

    Victoria DuertoVictoria Duerto12 days ago
  • This isnt scary just sad :(

    tori :Dtori :D12 days ago
  • when I was little I used to sleep walk and my mom would tell me its just my muscle memory trying to find my way to the bathroom or something but every time I slept walk in different houses I had always tried to open the front door and my grandma had also seen me do it one time and I apparently had my eyes wide open as I tried to open the door i don't sleep walk anymore though but I just always thought it was wired I had always went to the front door whenever it happened

    Death Wish JAYDeath Wish JAY12 days ago
  • Honestly I can't take any of this seriously because it just throws me back to the time when my mother, who is a history teacher, just sat up and suddenly started giving the Gettysburg Address. 🤷‍♀️

    Ruby RoseRuby Rose12 days ago
  • Just dump them if you can’t deal with their shit. It isn’t complicated.

    Clayton CatlinClayton Catlin12 days ago
  • As a little kid I would sleepwalk a lot. I would talk to people and eat in my sleep. One time I woke up crouched on the floor in the dark consuming an entire block cheddar cheese. Sometimes I just think about that

    Mayor MayoMayor Mayo12 days ago