Are You Scared of the Face in Your Window?

Oct 9, 2020
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Join, if you dare, as Ryan reads the internet's scariest stories (some true, some false) to his pal Shane as they try to figure out if the story is experienced or imagined.
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    Srk MalikSrk Malik2 hours ago
  • there might be something outside your window but you'll just never know. there could be something right past the turnpike gates but you'll just never know. -planetary (go) by my chemical romance

    LogicallyAnxiousLogicallyAnxious11 hours ago
  • who the fuck sleeps facing their windows

    godikynatgodikynat13 hours ago
  • This whole series has been in my Watch Later since it started because I’ve been too busy during the day and I’m too scared to watch them right before I go to bed. 😂

    Shining Stars FarmShining Stars Farm22 hours ago
  • The stairs to my sister's room are right above my bed and just after the reveal of the child's head, she dropped something heavy down the stairs and scared me shitless 😂

    Aquila CalvitiumAquila CalvitiumDay ago
  • The Girl might end up beheading people just to show it to someone's window😬

    Daisy M. QuiñonesDaisy M. Quiñones2 days ago
  • All Hail the Watcher

    Dash LukkyDash Lukky2 days ago
    • All hail the watcher

      Squinty Eyed KidSquinty Eyed KidDay ago
  • Shane admitting to a paranormal experience?! 😱

    thisjazzkillsthisjazzkills2 days ago
  • The laugh at the end😂😂😂😂

    becca rodriguezbecca rodriguez2 days ago
  • i was actually scared hdskos

    Angely RomanoAngely Romano2 days ago
  • At first, I called sleep paralysis. Now, I’m confused.

    Alduin The PartysnackAlduin The Partysnack2 days ago
  • We not gonna talk about mom not having an extra blanket. If she didn't sleep so much she could go get an extra blanket.

    Daiana XiDaiana Xi3 days ago
  • “Doris, the guy that puts the heads on poles is back.”

    Remain ProfaneRemain Profane3 days ago
  • Ryans serious voice: He had rotting red skin, like it was soaked in blood then carmelized Shane, for no reason: *HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*

    emmalynnemmalynn3 days ago
  • idk if it's the actual story that's making me feel uneasy or if it's the music

    berio berioberio berio4 days ago
  • I like how these stories seem fun because of the comments made by SHane and Ryan. I am not scared because of them

    Khusi MaharanaKhusi Maharana4 days ago
  • Favorite episode so far, absolutely love the kinship between the heads/killer and the kid. Absolutely amazing. 10/10

    Magical LizardMagical Lizard4 days ago
  • *curtains people, curtains*

    Bre Johnson-frowBre Johnson-frow4 days ago
  • This is the only Are You Scared that has genuinely scared me so far. It's obviously not real but it is well-crafted horror

    Mills Morkan-DennisonMills Morkan-Dennison4 days ago
  • The only reason I am not scared out of my mind watching these episodes is because of Shane!

    bhargavi pbabhargavi pba4 days ago
  • Deep down we all know the first "meow" was the best

    Raisul IslamRaisul Islam5 days ago
  • This is why I refuse to open my blinds at night.

    Alissa GonzalesAlissa Gonzales5 days ago
  • this story is quite fake from the start - no 7yo would "need" to sleep, they would feel sleepy but not the "need" to sleep - when we are falling asleep, our body doesnt stiffen. It relaxes and soften

    randomjeanrandomjean5 days ago
  • How funny, this was obviously a made up story but god damn was it entertaining as hell!

    ElChuntyCabraElChuntyCabra5 days ago
  • Thank you guys for being you. A delight while quarantined.

    Morgan Leah MohlerMorgan Leah Mohler5 days ago
  • “Do you ever stare at the window” No, I have curtains so I don’t have to deal with this shit 😂

    Kat IsabellaKat Isabella5 days ago
  • Curtains. Just get curtains.

    Grace BarryGrace Barry5 days ago
  • 13:58 Ryan malfunctions

    Random PersonRandom Person6 days ago
  • As someone who's house has a tall gate and their windows constantly covered with thick curtains, this story just cracks me up a bit. It's my only sense of comfort aside from Shane and Ryan's side comments...

    SUI-cidal DadbroSUI-cidal Dadbro6 days ago
  • Me, who has had a recurring nightmare of a face looking through my window: Yes

    MineHorselpMineHorselp6 days ago
  • Fuckin LOVE this. Ryan is a creative genius

    Nihilism16Nihilism166 days ago
  • as a kid i've always been afraid of seeing a man's face just staring at me through the window and even had recurring nightmares about it. thanks for resurfacing this childhood irrational fear that i totally forgot about until now, boys

    biancabianca6 days ago
  • “A knock on the door” I screamed off my seat. My cat scolded me all the way long.

    Am. B.Am. B.6 days ago
  • This is why I always close my blinds and curtains because ~fuck that~

    mrmaneater _mrmaneater _6 days ago
  • Sleep is overrated anyways.

    Radio DaddyRadio Daddy6 days ago
  • 17:45 she is certified psychopath

    alluri pranithaalluri pranitha7 days ago
  • Apparently no one in this story sleeps with blinds or curtains...fake

    CMT777CMT7777 days ago
  • Yo I sometimes I be hearing a laugh when I’m laying down too. Doesn’t happen often but I be hearing that laugh every once in a while.

    khy satoekhy satoe7 days ago
  • I love stuff like this. It was great. Also love the Ghoul Boys. Always fun stuff.

    Simon BelmontSimon Belmont7 days ago
  • Sounds like the red man sure "piked" Dr. Fleece's interest *ba dum tss*

    AngelsAnimosityAngelsAnimosity8 days ago
  • Yes, because it was my ex-wife wondering why I wasn't answering the doorbell...

    Jeff WJeff W8 days ago
  • I think the protagonist was actually killed at the end because the severed head of the boy was the same kid who disappeared. Pretty sure that's what happened.

    HeroicLeo8125HeroicLeo81258 days ago
  • People: Why do they not have blinds The author: I have no such weaknesses

    That One GuyThat One Guy8 days ago
  • wait wait wait, severed heads on poles... like puppets? because i kind of love that as disturbing as it is

    HelloHello8 days ago
  • i want someone who cares about me like the red man cares about this kid

    HelloHello8 days ago
  • I'm having Junji Ito vibes from this. not finished watching this yet, but like I just read that short tale from him and... idk

    Victoria DuertoVictoria Duerto9 days ago
  • *reads title* "Is this some kind of insult?"

    random personrandom person9 days ago
  • I’ll be the face outside of eugenes window.

    Revolt KropRevolt Krop9 days ago
  • plot twist: the person who killed them and placed their heads by the window was her mother. one of the heads showed up even when she was at her cousin's house, and her mother was the only one who knew about the apparitions on her daughter's window at night.

    Aisha CoelhoAisha Coelho9 days ago
  • If Dr fleece origins isn’t a feature film starring Shane by next year I’m done with the media

    Ben O connellBen O connell9 days ago
    • He fell into a radioactive college and became DOCTOR MAN! Watch as he teaches a weird little girl who likes decapitated heads, and then mysteriously disappears!

      That One GuyThat One Guy8 days ago
  • This sounds like a person suffering from a mental illness.

    Clayton CatlinClayton Catlin9 days ago

    Willow RosenbergWillow Rosenberg9 days ago
  • But if the heads were in her neighborhood then why did he follow her on her cousin's house????

    Roiana MustangRoiana Mustang10 days ago
    • For gits and shiggles. It was a slow day in murderville and he decided to go out and stretch his legs and lop some heads off.

      That One GuyThat One Guy8 days ago
  • 0:14 No...that's the recipe for weird shit happening at night

    Roiana MustangRoiana Mustang10 days ago
  • I'm getting so addicted to this story.. The way the writer wrote it... The way the character grew into it... I just really loved it..

    Christy CervantesChristy Cervantes10 days ago
  • It might be my daddy issues jumping out but, honestly that’s kinda sweet that he left severed heads to watch her. Like a guardian angel. Wow. Jesus Christ, that’s bad, I should seek out a therapist if I think that’s sweet.

    When Brain Stop WorkWhen Brain Stop Work10 days ago
  • i cant relate to this cause i have blinds

    Andrew CrooksAndrew Crooks10 days ago
  • i like this new series...but i have to shane in some kind of poe look alike contest?

    Missy RoseMissy Rose10 days ago
  • HA JOKES ON U I SLEEP ON THE SECOND FLOOR...i guess if i see a face that means its even worse because then that means its a ghost, a demon, or a super human

    Jack LuebkeJack Luebke10 days ago
    • Or just a really determined murderer

      That One GuyThat One Guy8 days ago
  • catboy ryan

    komaeda lolkomaeda lol11 days ago
  • would have closed the window shades

    Monika DosztalMonika Dosztal11 days ago
  • 7:09 It's comforting to know that even demons are afraid of some things.

    Abdul ChristAbdul Christ11 days ago
  • I cant be the only one that avoided this for a while because it was too relateable? right >.> ?

    soliferisoliferi11 days ago
  • Setting the playback speed to x.75 changed the whole feel of this series

    BrotherDingoBrotherDingo11 days ago
  • nobody: the music in the ad i got halfway through the video: i see you! watch what i do 💃🏼🕺

    ciaralssciaralss11 days ago
  • Me at first: Oh night terrors. I remember those Me halfway through: Oh so her dads probably crazy pants / serial killer. Explains why you mom pulled her from school. At the end: Oh. She did it.

    Eat Bags Of MoneyEat Bags Of Money11 days ago
  • They need to have a link to the story so i can read them to my friends to scare them

    Sofia PerezSofia Perez11 days ago
  • solution to stop the red man : Attach a curtain to a window

    Pippo TheEpicOnePippo TheEpicOne11 days ago
    • Second solution: live on second story

      That One GuyThat One Guy8 days ago
  • I just keep imagining Redman from Wu Tang Clan

    Meg JuliaMeg Julia12 days ago
  • Her teacher is a doctor who likes to hear about her scary guy? Yeah he's a psychiatrist lmao

    HairyfrankfurtHairyfrankfurt12 days ago
  • This is literally my biggest fear, why on earth am I watching this alone at night? Just the first drawing of the face in the window is freaking me out.

    sammy431 _sammy431 _12 days ago
  • "caramelized" Ryan: Me: Shane: *WHEEEZE* 😭😭😭😭

    NielPeteNielPete12 days ago
  • This is the only story I'm scared of just the title makes me scared. I have had trees outside my window many times. Sometimes the shadows or branches can make a face. I'm a psychology major, I know people's brains actually create faces from indistinguishable shapes. It's actually a real thing. but still I've really been terrified by this at times.

    Michelle WatsonMichelle Watson12 days ago
  • Bruh we needa find the author that story was mad twisted we never know if he is a serial killer 💀

    MariMari12 days ago
  • Do you not have like.... curtains...?

    AshwatiAshwati13 days ago
  • How did I not know about this channel until NOW?!!??!?!

    Helena Rustad CarlsenHelena Rustad Carlsen13 days ago
  • it's been a long time but i keep thinking about this story when i go to sleep or when im alone at night. it scares me so much because it walks on the line between fiction and reality, it's so creepy :((

    Gay NutbusterGay Nutbuster13 days ago
  • For some reason this story reminds me of Richard Matheson's short story Born of a Man and a Woman. I think it's the way Ryan reads. Y'all should read it if you can find it. It's like 5 pages and it's a banger.

    Jessie Loves YouJessie Loves You13 days ago
  • Got to be honest, that background piano is lulling me to sleep

    Revan TuxedoRevan Tuxedo13 days ago
  • this story hits different. I'm terrified

    pill bugpill bug13 days ago
  • Watched after listening to Charles the bear this ending scared me more I was relieved to know it was fake 😂

    LilFoxyCosplayLilFoxyCosplay13 days ago
  • This is the only AYS video that gives me the chills

    Bella VasquezBella Vasquez13 days ago
  • Also, who the hell doesn't have curtains on their windows? That's the first sign the main character is a future serial killer

    Narnia LivesNarnia Lives13 days ago
  • Why did I think the red man was going to be sucking her toes-?

    Red LeirRed Leir14 days ago
  • wooman go boo

    Vi HVi H14 days ago
  • Answer: abso-f***ing-lutely

    Carson CorwinCarson Corwin15 days ago
  • Fell asleep listening to this (not because it was boring, it was very good, but I was really tired!) and was dozing when the decapitated head twist was revealed and I was like"oh that's fucked up" in my almost asleep mind. Fell fully asleep, then was jolted awake by the laughter in the last second of this video! Scared the shit out of me omg....

    Charlotte HanvidgeCharlotte Hanvidge15 days ago
  • When Ryan said that he always felt that somebody is watching him while sleeping , that's exactly what I felt when I slept with the lights on

    The Purple Ocean Flows With LoveThe Purple Ocean Flows With Love15 days ago
  • i just want to know who in the world has the time to come to the same person every time for years putting heads in front of the window?

    MAYKOOKIE 18MAYKOOKIE 1815 days ago
  • Jesus Christ

    Daughter of HorrorDaughter of Horror15 days ago
  • I liked the slow buildup to the girl being kind of twisted herself. At first I thought "oh, she just needs a friend" but enough was there to add a little bit of something being off.

    Julie HuebnerJulie Huebner15 days ago
  • That was scary but a good story

    penny keeseepenny keesee16 days ago
  • This is seriously the best scary story I've heard in years. This is deserving of becoming a classic, like the story with red eyes in the hotel.

    Hannah TaustineHannah Taustine16 days ago
  • This is literally one of my biggest fears

    Aiding HavocAiding Havoc16 days ago
  • is it just me or is Ryan wearing wired earphones in one ear and airpods in the other one

    Manahil ImranManahil Imran16 days ago
  • I sleep with windows, curtains open. Huge ass trees outside. I usually sleep at 4 am. The scariest is when my dog would just stare at the window, her back hairs prickling and she’s growling. That’s when you know you have to keep the lights open.

    greenland pasturegreenland pasture17 days ago
  • im watching this as i am sitting beside my window

    Julianna JacildoJulianna Jacildo17 days ago
  • Bruh this made me buy curtains no joke lol

    Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake17 days ago
  • You mean George? Nah, George is cool. He gives me chips and stuff. George is cool.

    The Happiest VloggerThe Happiest Vlogger17 days ago
    • @That One Guy yes

      The Happiest VloggerThe Happiest Vlogger8 days ago
    • It's still a decapitated head, but the murderer leaves out a little bowl of chips and a cup of cola.

      That One GuyThat One Guy8 days ago
  • moooooommmm it’s my turn with the red mannnnnn

    Birdy KiBirdy Ki17 days ago