Are You Scared of the Lady in White?

Oct 30, 2020
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Join, if you dare, as Ryan reads the internet's scariest stories (some true, some false) to his pal Shane as they try to figure out if the story is experienced or imagined.
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  • that was just me doing a midnight 7/11 run in my jammies

    BB7 hours ago
  • Tbh I know this lady probably isn't a role model but the next time a guy asks me if I have anyone waiting for me at my destination I'm gonna growl at them, seems like a good survival tactic

    Natalie CebulskiNatalie Cebulski10 hours ago
  • Ehh I live buy her People know the story I thought it was just a family story ehh

    Hailie PaduchHailie PaduchDay ago
  • Shitin ur pants can get you out of alot of thing Ryan

    Jason PadgettJason PadgettDay ago
  • i actually kind of liked the story until... i thought.. it might have been a suicide and the cabby did not stop her. wtf moment.

    StephanChillStephanChillDay ago
  • “that’s the poop cue”

    Miranda HemsworthMiranda HemsworthDay ago
  • Im assuming this story is from Malaysia based on the author's name. Its a story we hear around here a lot

    CastironSpoonCastironSpoonDay ago
  • All Hail The Watcher!

    Dash LukkyDash LukkyDay ago
  • oh can i send a story that is truly terrifying and see if you guys can guess if its true or what?

    DennougumiArtemisDennougumiArtemisDay ago
  • break check that bitch

    ARCTICARCTIC2 days ago
  • In this woman’s defense I’ve been in plenty of ubers in my pajamas”drunk” or “airport” and haven’t said a word

    Mclovin 03Mclovin 032 days ago
  • So is Shane’s taxi driver a distant relative of the propeller from the Titanic Puppet History episode?

    Carolyn DanielsCarolyn Daniels2 days ago
  • Big Viola hitching a ride out of Bly Manor

    Grace BarryGrace Barry2 days ago
  • Plot twist: they are in the same room

    emmalynnemmalynn3 days ago
  • Anyone else think shane the cabbie sounds like grunkle stan??????

    Carter HalenCarter Halen3 days ago
  • Quem aqui viu esse vídeo e lembrou da pegadinha do Gugu??? Só eu ?

    Natha LiaNatha Lia3 days ago
  • This episode has me fucking rolling in the aisles, “sorry if it gets a little smelly in here 😌”

    Naomi BorezoNaomi Borezo4 days ago
  • who needs caffeine to keep them alert when we can have spooky women in white in the middle of the night who can terrify us into consciousness

    The RowTurnThe RowTurn4 days ago
  • the laugh at the very end scared the crap out of me

    Aladdin PMAladdin PM4 days ago
  • I saw a video similar to this when I was a kid, it was in another language (there were subtitles) and it was a group of friends who picked up a lady in white, and after awhile, when she points out of the window, to a spot/tree (it was wooded, or rural), she says something to the effect of 'there, that's where I died'. The friends start to freak out, the camera pans toward her and her face and dress turned into a gory mess, subsequently they crash, in damn near the same spot she did. I can't remember if they all died or if someone survived, or if authorities just ended up finding the footage. It was on a weird website full of caught on camera ghost videos, maybe the dark web, not sure, an older family friend was showed me and my brother while we were visiting and the url looked different and complicated to type out.

    Steph HSteph H4 days ago
  • you two have the sense of humor of a 15 year old boy

    Katharyn MacDonaldKatharyn MacDonald4 days ago
  • In the Philippines this is literally an urban legend (?) "White lady"

    WillWill4 days ago
  • You know what, this story, makes me scared, of taxi drivers. Not the "lady". This is very sad. Please, call for help if you feel horrible, you are not, you should never think you deserve to disappear of a cliff and you should always ask for help and ...People care more about you than you think. PLEASE TAKE CARE.

    IftheApocolypseComesBeepMeIftheApocolypseComesBeepMe4 days ago
  • I doubt this is true because a human being WOULD CALL THE POLICE and I doubt taxi drivers are evil monsters. They would panick, call the police. This seems like a sort of sleepy cab driver, not really awake, tired, changing the story in their mind. Because you call someone. I call this-very fake or very terrible.

    IftheApocolypseComesBeepMeIftheApocolypseComesBeepMe4 days ago
  • Shane popped on the screen like that random guy you'd come across on Omegle just listening to music - the moustache doesn't help

    DualityDuality4 days ago
  • i had thought they would use other stories for the lady in white. By the way, my sis once took cab besides the road at night. After she had gotten on, the cab driver asked her "why didnt your friend waiting beside you got into the car?" "Theres no one besides me, I'm alone." I assume they rode in silence the whole way back.

    randomjeanrandomjean4 days ago
  • Shane the cab driver is a propeller.

    TeirdalinTeirdalin4 days ago
  • Can we get a shout out to Shane for recognizing the troubling media trope of “ugly/scarred/disfigured = evil” and complaining about it

    1123581321 341123581321 344 days ago
  • That poor acid attack victim was facing discrimination from this jerk of a cab driver...

    Ian DoughertyIan Dougherty5 days ago
  • I'm addicted to these. I marathoned them the past few nights and I'm still sleeping like a baby. Probably because I've spent far too many nights reading creepy pasta or nosleep. The drawings really make this fun.

    Agnus OharaAgnus Ohara5 days ago
  • not yall in the comments taking this story so seriously 💀💀💀 it's just a made up story it's not that deep lol

    ss6 days ago
  • I know this is a supposedly real cabbie story, but this is a also beat-for-beat retelling of the classic "ghostly passenger" urban legend. Think the cabbie was just trying to give the writer a good spook

    KMKM6 days ago
  • Shane looks like he’s straight out of 1810

    Simon BelmontSimon Belmont6 days ago
  • one of my favorite random bits of useless trivia is that there are certain places in new orleans where you cant get a cab because the frequency of cabbies picking up ghosts and then not getting fare from them was so high they just stopped serving those streets

    Kat FurmanKat Furman7 days ago
  • The first thing she does is get in the car without saying a word and hands him an address. At that point I'm thinking she's mute/deaf, not creeped out.

    Nova RayNova Ray7 days ago
  • 30 odd year old men making fart jokes, i love it

    Charlie MartinCharlie Martin7 days ago
  • Please make the audio in these videos put into a podcast. That would be amazing.

    AbyssAbyss8 days ago
  • ok, but who does this art. I need their instagram or something

    Mushucat NinjaMushucat Ninja8 days ago
  • Why didn't he think this lady could've been escaping a dv situation when he saw her? Middle of the night, night gown, blood, her urgency, touchy temperament. Like, if I'd have seen her like that I would've asked if she needed to go to a hospital.

    E ME M8 days ago
    • fr lol, and then those serial killer questions ?? “anyone know you’re out here?” “are you by urself?” cresptown

      tangerine ?tangerine ?6 days ago
  • Beyond the fact that "hitchhiker in white who eventually disappears" is one of the most common ghost stories worldwide, there's several things that make me think this is fake, but the biggest one is "yeah, this cliff in the middle of nowhere has an address."

    GreenbloodLadyGreenbloodLady8 days ago
  • I love watching these two. They speak their minds and are pretty funny.

    MLyssa MMLyssa M8 days ago
  • 13:38 you can see the horror in Elon musks eyes

    Ben O connellBen O connell8 days ago
  • Everyone is scared of their taxi drivers but.. what if the taxi driver is scared of them?

    SleepyheadSleepyhead8 days ago
  • Did anyone think that this cabbie just witnessed a suicide and didn’t report it??!! Like how are you suppose to see a dead body down a cliff in the night with pouring rain?? Yes she was burned, she was maybe in pain and that explains the growl?? Like report it to the police or something so the can be recovered!!

    kibikim12kibikim128 days ago
  • Shane would be an amazing taxi driver

    HaileyHailey9 days ago
  • Omg this hits a little too close to home for me. A year ago I was in Indonesia in a taxi on my way to the airport. I was really tired and hadn't slept well the night before. So I was dozing off a little bit in the back of the car. Apart from the driver, I was the only person in it. After some time, I woke up again and on my left I see a honest to god woman in white. With long black hair and a long white gown. Looking exactly like the image at 4:36.... And she's looking at me...... I was frozen, like wtf was that? I had no idea what was happening, I really didn't believe in ghosts and spirits and all that shit but then that happened?? I still try to rationalise it, like maybe it was just the fatigue? But a few months ago I bring it up to an Indonesian friend, who says it's a common phenomenon in Indonesia: the kuntilanak (the Indonesian woman in white who haunts the roads). I swear I had never even heard about that before. I still get anxious thinking about it. I probably shouldn't be watching this.

    LauraLaura9 days ago
  • This guy seems really weird. What kind of taxi driver pulls over in the middle of nowhere, and naps? He sounds more crazy than the woman.

    Clayton CatlinClayton Catlin9 days ago
  • So, are you scared? *WELL OF FOCKEN COURSE IM DAMN SCARED?!*

    Preston KlinePreston Kline9 days ago
  • That's why I don't like to travel at night.

    Angelica Ivy GagarinAngelica Ivy Gagarin9 days ago
  • Almost at one million im so proud to be a fan

    Veryveth ValenciaVeryveth Valencia9 days ago
  • Stories like this make me think about how New Orleans cabbie drivers actually have significant economic problems with taking ghosts as unpaying passengers.

    Maggi RMaggi R10 days ago
  • I’m betting the story is true but not supernatural. I would guess this was a meth addict who had been burned from making meth and was at the end of her rope and committed suicide by jumping off that cliff. I’ve seen and worked with addicts who do not look like they are alive. So I believe this is could be a true story, just missing some context.

    Chris JohnsonChris Johnson10 days ago
  • Anyone seen supernatural?👀😶

    KizukiiaKizukiia10 days ago
  • the guy in this story is a dick

    komaeda lolkomaeda lol10 days ago
  • Imagine it's true and the cabbie just overreacted to a disfigured woman, and the woman killed herself... Now there's a family wondering "Where is ole burnt faced Sally?", because he kept her suicide a secret instead of reporting it like a normal person would... That's a bad cabbie haha!

    Michelle ThomasMichelle Thomas10 days ago
  • Honestly, the sheer amount of detail in the telling of the story made me highly suspect it was fictional. I'm still leaning that way, though if the narrator wrote it based on someone else's story rather than his own experience, I guess how he told it seems a little less suspicious because he heard a spooky story and retold it, thinking about how to flesh it out absolutely as much as possible as he went along to make it sound like it happened to him even though he heard it from someone else ("he's trying too hard to make us believe this" was a recurring thought I had throughout the story). It just comes across VERY much as something someone put a lot of thought into creating and embellishing, rather than someone telling a story of something that happened which genuinely scared them and of which they might not remember 100% of the details because they were tired, human memories aren't perfect, and THEY WERE SCARED.

    RissaFaith94RissaFaith9410 days ago
  • And all I can think about is an urban legend here in the Philippines about a lady in white who haunts cabbies that drives by Balete Drive.

    CressidaCressida10 days ago
  • I’m scared of the men in black

    JuanJuan10 days ago
  • Juuuuust sounds like he picked up a mute acid/burn victim who committed suicide.

    Hippo FeathersHippo Feathers10 days ago
  • No way I'd drive that long with her without some tunes

    shay uhshay uh11 days ago
  • Hold on do you think that women actually killed herself and this cabi just didn’t call the cops. Wtf Cabi Guy

    The InvestigatorThe Investigator11 days ago
  • Ryan is the king of narration with seriousness and dark creepiness... I would pay for watching this series alternate reading with Shane though XD

    Fanny EsquivelFanny Esquivel11 days ago
  • The beginning sounded a lot like the first episode of Supernatural. 😂

    KleinXDgirl2KleinXDgirl211 days ago
  • story: she was dark hair, pale, with a white nightgown. me: oh? so basically your average scary ghostly lady.

    Marce JonesMarce Jones11 days ago
  • honestly at the cliff scene, there were two thoughts in my mind if I was the cabbie. one, gear in reverse and accelerated backwards out of there in full speed, or two, I floor it and drive the bitch off the cliff down with me if she tried something. if I'm going down, so is her pale ash ass going down with me.

    Marce JonesMarce Jones11 days ago
  • 9:03-9:10 tricks the ghosts into thinking what?🤔

    Teihini DavisTeihini Davis12 days ago
  • @16:40 For everyone complaining about a cliff having an address, it looks like latitude and longitude coordinates.

    Milkman4279Milkman427912 days ago
  • (I'm guessing whether it's real or not at the point where he is talking about the sounds) It's fake because he's entered the address in the GPS on his phone, makes note that you can here the "telltale clicking" of the indicator, but not the shrill voice of Siri telling you where to go?

    HairyfrankfurtHairyfrankfurt12 days ago
    • Oh shit

      HairyfrankfurtHairyfrankfurt12 days ago

    Julia WagnerJulia Wagner12 days ago
  • Here was my guess. The sound of dying rabbits brought real concerned Rabbits who got there about the same time or stayed too long, to which their fate was that of the hungry mountain lion.

    calituchi1calituchi112 days ago
  • I was never happier that an add popped out, I get scared so easily

    Öykü İşmanÖykü İşman12 days ago
  • While watching this, both my lamps turned off, I don’t know if this is just coincidence and my bulbs were past their primed but I can’t lie that I’m scared

    iAesthetic_EvelyniiAesthetic_Evelyni12 days ago
  • Just call the cops... It could be suicide for all I know I mean looking down a cliff in the dark at night with your phone's flashlight might not be the most reliable to see if there is a body or not 🙄 also let's assume for a second that this was really a plain old ghost. What if she pushed him off the cliff when he was looking down? Man... It's not a good call. Stay in your car, lock the doors, start driving away and call the police... Also maybe don't call people with scars "it" just because... you know they're people 🙄 and that piece of paper is evidence. Maybe they'd find a fingerprint on it or sth damn I'd be too curious not to give it to the police... Also i don't think an "alleged" true story is a true story. The guy probably is a good storyteller who likes making up things just for the fun of it probably but heck was it fun to listen to. I'd appreciate it so much if my cabbie would tell me spooky stories while dropping me off somewhere that's the good life

    bbb bbbb b12 days ago
  • plot twist: it was Halloween night and the lady was wearing a costume and just wanted a free drive.

    a113sabertootha113sabertooth12 days ago
  • Ryan, there are ghost stories similar to this on the new season of Unsolved Mysteries of phantom riders in cabs

    BThirstyPretzelBThirstyPretzel12 days ago
  • this girl read warrior cats and ate grass at recess

    GriffinGriffin13 days ago
  • ryan looks like a 15 year old version of himself in this one

    GriffinGriffin13 days ago
  • You guys are my all time favorite content creators, hands down. And that includes my own podcast (shh nobody tell my cohosts 😂). Seriously, you guys. Awesome job.

    Dominique Does LifeDominique Does Life13 days ago
  • Why is it always dark hair and a white nightgown? Like that combination is not nearly as common as spooky stories try to make it out to be I don't know anyone who owns a white nightgown. And also like white was something you didn't usually wear when the ghosts from half of these stories were based from you normally had like a few pieces of clothing and white was super expensive and got dirty really quickly so you usually didn't wear white

    Domino RatDomino Rat13 days ago
  • This jerk sees a woman in a white nightgown in the middle of the night on a quiet road & immediately is like, "instead of asking her if she's okay or checking to see if she looks afraid/hurt/in shock, lemme stay quiet until it's uncomfortable for ME, at which point I'll ask weirdly invasive questions. Then, oh, she's hurt? Won't make a detour for the hospital, oh no, let's speed up to her destination, which God knows what's waiting for her there, while gasping in terror & not asking if she's alright or in danger! Solid plan!"

    Miles P.Miles P.13 days ago
  • My dad being a taxi driver Me: 👁👄👁

    Sahar TahbobSahar Tahbob13 days ago
  • Did anyone else think of Supernatural? "I can never go home" super creepy. love it!

    Brenna SwansonBrenna Swanson13 days ago
  • I love how they tell us if the story is true or fake at the end. A lot of scary story youtubers will tell us the most ridiculous fake story and then be like Whoa. that was terrifying... and play it off like its real

    Savannah HuttoSavannah Hutto13 days ago
  • Here in the Philippines is almost the same. We simply call it the white lady.

    Jackson CamaniaJackson Camania13 days ago
  • in the philippines no one will ever pick up any one in a white nightgown like dress

  • as Elaine Bennes would say, Fake, Fake, Fake Fake.

    TripAffleckTripAffleck14 days ago
  • And we still don't know why Shane was sleeping in his trunk...

    Stacey FrostStacey Frost14 days ago
  • I love it!

    Vi HVi H14 days ago
  • Really tired of horror stories that use disfigurement as a scare tactic when it's just a condition that plenty of real-world people live with

    María/Seph NuñezMaría/Seph Nuñez14 days ago
  • I knew it was imagined as soon as he wrote "it was 11:42 pm". Too specific. Do better.

    Mieczysław ChaładusMieczysław Chaładus14 days ago
  • it was an e-girl

    Anna StrmeckiAnna Strmecki14 days ago
  • He did it. He finally did it. When he threatened my daughter and I after the divorce, I never thought he'd act on his harsh words. I thought that I could get away, that if I put some legal barriers up he'd just disappear from our lives. I was so wrong. Alice and I were staying with my sister; her house was jus† outside city limits, close enough to the shore to hear the ocean at night. The sound of the waves brought us comfort, even through the custody battles that plagued our waking hours. Convincing the judge of the abuse we had suffered was harder than I thought, but after weeks of pleading we finally won his confidence. I thought we were done with my husband. I got the restraining order and even a police officer stationed outside my sister's house, but a man in a rage isn't deterred by by laws and logic. I was in line to pick up Alice from school when the cloth covered my mouth. I fought back, but the drugs got to me before I could get away. When I came to, my daughter and I were in our old basement. Her father stood over her limp form, sprays of red staining his trousers. My beautiful Alice, a bloody pulp on the floor. The center of my universe had been taken from me while I slept. The haze that came next was as deep as the one brought on by the drugs. I remember the searing pain on the right side of my face, the white hot rage that overtook me as I avenged my daughter. I can't recall anything until I had made my way out of the house. The wind was cold on my bare skin, only a thin nightgown between my legs and the cool night. I searched for a way back to safety, my eyes settling on a lone cab in the darkness. I wrote down my sister's address on a stray scrap of paper and attempted to wake the dozing driver. After a few nervous moments , he plugged the address into his phone and the car took off. "Only 27 minutes until safety," I told myself. If I could only get back to my sister's I could make right all the evils of this night. I held on to the last shreds of my sanity until I heard those words, "So you got someone waiting for you there? Anyone who knows you're out here?" Every inch of me was suddenly on high alert, every memory of my childhood as a woman in America came screaming out to warn me of the intentions behind the question. I didn't dignify it with a response; I was done being the scared one. Instead of a polite non-answer, I gave him a growl in response. That shut him up fast. He drove faster and faster, and I certainly wouldn't tell him to slow down. After a while, he inevitably saw my scarred face in the rearview mirror. Instead of neighborly concern for me, he reacted in shock and disgust. His immediate revulsion at the sight of my face reminded me of the distaste the judge had shown my daughter and I. My mind began to spiral, I thought of every reaction I would garner after my story went public. I couldn't handle the shock and hatred, not alone. The cab stopped, half a block from my sister's address. I wouldn't be subject to the judgement of the masses. I couldn't face the next sunrise without my daughter by my side. I opened the car door and stepped back into the night, all but forgetting the fearful cabbie in my wake. Each step I took felt like another person was the one walking, like I was piloting a character in a video game. I approached the cliff's edge, but no fear came to me; Every atom of my being urged me over the edge. My thoughts turned to Alice; my baby girl waiting for me on the other side. I wouldn't leave her motherless. My baby, my darling, my little girl. I'll see you soon my love. The ground disappeared beneath my feet; I barely noticed as I began falling. No more pain, I promised myself. No more darkness.

    Riley CrumpRiley Crump14 days ago
  • When Shane asked whether " the lady " pay him or not, I had the same question in my head!!!

    M.Zuhayer LabeebM.Zuhayer Labeeb14 days ago
  • Why are You so Damn rude Shane

    Juliana VillarrealJuliana Villarreal14 days ago
  • Iirc in Japan after the massive tsunami a few years ago, cab drivers would pick up people, and they would be given an address to one of the places that had been devastated, and when they were en route their fare would just disappear? But most of them would continue the journey to the destination anyways out of respect for deceased.

    Amanda ReevesAmanda Reeves14 days ago
  • This whole episode I was thinking of the pilot episode of Supernatural 😂😂😂

    Eat_A_Friggin_SnickersEat_A_Friggin_Snickers15 days ago
  • I legit know from the second line that this has to be fiction. Written too much like a narrative. V clearly just a writer having a good time.

    Jailyn G.Jailyn G.15 days ago
  • Wow this story is definitely Malaysian ahaha

    Qistina FirdausQistina Firdaus15 days ago
  • Omg lmfao why does Ryan look like Mob in this

    Sarah MSarah M15 days ago
  • Why is this story similar to the urban legend in India

    Neha UmapathyNeha Umapathy15 days ago