Are You Scared of the Voice in the Walls?

Jun 19, 2020
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Series premiere of our new horror show. Join, if you dare, as Ryan reads the internet's scariest stories (some true, some false) to his pal Shane as they try to figure out if the story is experienced or imagined. This week, a family moves into a home with an unexpected resident.
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  • Hey folks, Ryan here. Very proud to give you Watcher's first horror show, which as some of you know, is my favorite genre. Just a lil explanation of the show concept if you didn't read the description. It's a show where I tell the Big Guy the internet's scariest stories (some true, some false). The catch? Neither of us know the stories. So read along with us as we try to figure out if the story was experienced or imagined! Anyways, the team worked very hard on this and I'm quite happy with how it turned out, so hopefully you guys are too! OH and if you do love the show, I got good news for you, there's two more eps coming for you, one next friday and the "finale" the following friday!

    WatcherWatcher5 months ago
    • Love you Ryan!!!

      Alexandria ThomasAlexandria Thomas20 days ago
    • Love you two guys examining life's absurdities,Shane's thoughts/ideas are fun and Ryan sincere in his opinions/views .Stay safe guys.😊👏👏

      Sue FergusonSue Ferguson21 day ago
    • Wish this owner of the house had just moved the mirrors,mirrors, facing the wrong direction are not good..

      Sue FergusonSue Ferguson21 day ago

      Bacchus MochiBacchus MochiMonth ago
    • If the world gets better, i really hope to see you back in hunting ghouls again. Most preferably in Asia. Asia have some terrifying ghost stories and places too that will give everyone a piss on their pants. You two are cool but the episodes you did at buzzfeeds was the coolest. I'm a fan of ghoul huntings and I am also curious if ghosts really exist. By the way, I'm a trying hard shane wannabe outside but I'm most definitely a Ryan inside 😅

      Asdf JklAsdf JklMonth ago
  • 4:11 i felt that :(

    Cali_ SauzeCali_ Sauze12 hours ago
  • These stories become less scary when a pillsbury commercial comes on

    Janelle SkavinskyJanelle SkavinskyDay ago
  • i thought he would see wallman grab his wife and kid from the mirror one day

    Scp 076-2Scp 076-2Day ago
  • All Hail the Watcher.

    Dash LukkyDash LukkyDay ago
  • Mirrors! Oh noes! :O

    Undead MooseUndead Moose2 days ago
  • I had to click without looking at the thumbnail that shit scary af

    taevgist yktaevgist yk2 days ago
  • Ye

    Valeriana RosalesValeriana Rosales3 days ago
  • Damn ryan pick a true one lmao

    Melissa MorrisMelissa Morris3 days ago
  • this one actually made me feel anxious lmao

    berio berioberio berio4 days ago
  • What if the lady put her ear up to the wall and she heard WAP

    Andrewmonster 99Andrewmonster 994 days ago
  • What if the lady put her ear up to the wall and she heard WAP

    Andrewmonster 99Andrewmonster 994 days ago
  • Lady: **Puts ear up to the wall** Wall: 🎵Śhørtÿ łïkę â mēłõdÿ įń mÿ hėæd🎵

    Captive CatCaptive Cat4 days ago
  • A moment of silence for the poor Mold Man who was just trying to do his job

    Bre Johnson-frowBre Johnson-frow4 days ago
  • You did all of that disappear thing for a show

    Bosniaball *Bosniaball *4 days ago
  • What is nigativity 😂😂😂

    Oh Nelle YeahOh Nelle Yeah5 days ago
  • I have a feeling this was a serial killer who lived in the walls and booked it when he realized he wouldn’t be able to lure any last children in

    Angel StrongAngel Strong5 days ago
  • If you like this story there is a really good book called Home Before Dark by Riley Sager that’s similar.

    Rae PutnamRae Putnam5 days ago
  • why didnt they just take the mirrors down at some point? like to see if the mirrors are the cause or if theres sth behind them? thats just sloppy worldbuilding smh

    Jannes WeilJannes Weil5 days ago
  • Hmmmm... Pale skin, wide smile, takes interest in children, Man in the mirror. I don't think thats a demon in the walls, that might be Micheal Jackson.

    lxndrrrlxndrrr5 days ago
    • BRO-

      Moni SinghMoni Singh4 days ago
    • BRO-

      rollin thundarollin thunda5 days ago
  • my house is made of concrete and and iron, the only place that is hollow is the ceiling ,but my family put it there and i was there when it was getting installed so i think i'm good>

    rozi Wryarozi Wrya5 days ago
  • 11:25 The Shane effect: Disrespect all ghost and demon

    acfeo8acfeo86 days ago
  • When I heard the man in the mirror I immidiately thought of the Michael Jackson song. I was about to make a joke, but then the story did it for me. Damnit.

    Muskett 23Muskett 236 days ago
  • Ghost Angrily : I am Dangerous Shane Sarcastically : No U Are Not

    Տᑌᗩᒪᗴᕼ ՏᕼᗩᕼՏᑌᗩᒪᗴᕼ Տᕼᗩᕼ6 days ago
  • Well now I am, I’ve always been afraid of mirrors. Damnit, no sleep tonight.

    Magical LizardMagical Lizard6 days ago
  • Scariest thing I've ever seen in the mirror is my acne

    Personal TubPersonal Tub7 days ago
  • So like was wall man leading kids to the house and trapping them in the walls? Cuz nobody lived in it for three and a half decades so he would’ve had to have gotten the children from other places right? So can he go from wall to wall or mirror to mirror in other peoples houses too? Also if those bodies were there then why the mold at such a coincidental time? Just bc the guy yelled at wall man? Wouldn’t the bodies have rotted years and years ago?

    Simon BelmontSimon Belmont7 days ago
  • i love how it says to be careful because "the house may be old", like. dude. ever been to europe

    Aiden MorganAiden Morgan7 days ago
  • me scared

    SidefluuxSidefluux7 days ago
  • I'm calling out to Wallman I'm calling out to Wallman's world If you wanna break free you better listen to me You got to learn how to see in your fantasy I'm the Wallman.

    Dawsieboy GamingDawsieboy Gaming8 days ago
  • "Man in the walls!" Me looking at my thin walls: Please don't kill me Wallman...

    •Aqua Katie••Aqua Katie•8 days ago
  • If there were voices coming from in my walls, hell-to-the-yeah! I would be scared...

    Jeff WJeff W8 days ago
  • This just reminds me of that terrible movie called "The boy" or smth like that. If he comes out by breaking the mirror I'm going to laugh. edit: i was prepared to laugh and I'm disappointed

    Victoria DuertoVictoria Duerto8 days ago
  • 18:56

    naht3naht39 days ago
  • as soon as he said it had been unoccupied for three and a half decades and was 30mins away from london i knew it was fake

    OliviaOlivia9 days ago
  • My shitpost gene just started singing man in the mirror

    TertiaryConsumerTertiaryConsumer9 days ago
  • Do people not know that mirrors actually represent their ghost ?🧐 This is why whenever you look deeply you feel like its th eother person and not you. So yeah dont glare at yourself

    zainab abdulazizzainab abdulaziz9 days ago
  • I’m scared of looking at the mirror, I feel like theres a monster watching... Oh wait that’s just me

    Dhobie JrDhobie Jr10 days ago
  • If we were trapped in a horror movie, Shane is the one friend we would all need. He's so logical. He makes me feel less scared. 😂

    Charming101Charming10110 days ago
  • The part that makes me laugh was the " the man in the mirror" and the first thing that pop my head was Michael Jackson was haunting the house..😆😆😆😆

    Angelica Ivy GagarinAngelica Ivy Gagarin10 days ago
  • Why was he so surprised to see a face in the mirror. It was probably his.

    Merpledurp _Merpledurp _10 days ago
  • I don't understand? Are there just free standing mirrors throughout the house? Usually there are only mirrors in the bathroom right?

    Selena JordanSelena Jordan10 days ago
  • I mean, mold illness is a legit thing and there's a scary wide variety of symptoms. I'd imagine it hits small children in different ways than it does adults, but I know in adults it causes anxiety, depression, and the smallest thing that seems strange can blow out of proportion and cause you to spiral. I'm pretty sure the owners in the story would have noticed differences in the walls where the bodies were hidden but still, mold can come from anywhere and if you're more susceptible to it can cause incredible, nearly irreversible damage to your immune system and your mental health.

    Celia WrightCelia Wright10 days ago
  • No nose. Vol... demort?

    Agnes LouisAgnes Louis10 days ago
  • I love their relationship on the show...They play off each other.

    Larzaparz 8876Larzaparz 887611 days ago
  • That was Jeff the Killer

    Maxwell StefanMaxwell Stefan11 days ago
  • Why did the wallman revealed the bodies inside the walls?

    Hans ChoaHans Choa11 days ago
  • People really wake up in the middle of the night to shit? 😂🤣

    freaknstein89freaknstein8911 days ago
  • I'm more scared of Australian bugs, epically that one photo of the super missive hairy spider, image that jumping on you.

    Cesco g 123Cesco g 12311 days ago
  • Fvck I avoided the photo like plague. I was like *FVCK NO DON'T ZOOM IT CLOSER STOP FVCK* **

    Shuvi KurosakiShuvi Kurosaki12 days ago
  • Shane must be the favorite of all Home Realtors, a home could be infested with spooky ghosts and shane would be like *SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY*

    Shuvi KurosakiShuvi Kurosaki12 days ago
  • I'm sorry but I saw the little thumbnail or whatever and all I could think was moisturize me😂

    Kuro Akarui cipherKuro Akarui cipher12 days ago
  • I don't like mirrors, I actually have a experience but I'm not sure I want a video made on it.

    Jolene PJolene P12 days ago
  • I bet Wall Man looked like Voldemort in real life

  • I think the part that scared me the most was when at the end he said "are you scared?" Idk why it just scared me lol

    D HodgsonD Hodgson12 days ago
  • "This is not a sexual thing. I would just like to be very small and sleep inside a match box" the fact that I cant think of why/how this could possibly be sexual makes me all the more certain that it is

    Katy SKaty S12 days ago
  • Not at all surprised really that the Greendale Human Being has such a sinister side gig

    Richard CharterRichard Charter13 days ago
  • 15:36 ughhh just got the chills

    Jayden HJayden H13 days ago
  • You know you have a problem when you recognize the creepypasta from the get-go. Nice try buzzfuckers. Get some new stories for the love of god. xx

    Crumbler's_WisdomCrumbler's_Wisdom13 days ago
  • When Shane said he would gladly live in a murder house I immediately thought that he should watch American horror story season one.

    Lauren NeillLauren Neill13 days ago
  • These stories always go off in a strange direction which in my opinion kills the vibe. I assumed this one would end with them finding a hidden passage to a secret annex of the house where the killer was living, with paths to all of the mirrors showing the inside of the house. Humans usually have a keen sense of whether they are alone or someone else is there. And some people really enjoy hiding in secret areas of houses so they don't have to pay rent or mortgage. The whole ''I took a photo of what *seems* to be proof of what you're son had described'' was a little too convenient for me, that's when I doubted its validity. Stories where they enjoy the suspense and drama a little too much is a major tell too.

    KingEhrys98KingEhrys9813 days ago

    Joyce Ann CabañeroJoyce Ann Cabañero13 days ago
  • so it was jeff the killer without the hair?

    Zach PrestonZach Preston13 days ago
  • The little boy in the intro family sketch looks like Hailey Joel Osmond who sees ghosts😱

    Rascal BascalRascal Bascal14 days ago
    • Shane you look like Eric Clapton in this vid!

      Rascal BascalRascal Bascal14 days ago
  • If this story turned out to be true then I'd 1000000000% believe in the paranormal

    Brandon KochnariBrandon Kochnari14 days ago
  • Are You Scared has got to be the best horror series out here on USworlds. I've been laughing throughout three back-to-back episodes to the point that I'm wheezing now. I know it's supposed to be pure suspense but you guys are hilarious. Don't ever stop this series. Thanks for the fab suspense and laugh. 😁👍

    ElEl14 days ago
  • what I hear through my wall are my neighbors putting up load music at like 1am.

    FatSardineFatSardine14 days ago
  • Wall man! (ah AH ah) Master of the house man (ah AH ah) Champion serial killer (ah AH ah) He’s a master of karate, and (imaginary) friendship for everyone.

    Anna SAnna S15 days ago
  • I can tell this is fake, too many cliches. Especially the little old foreign lady who can sense spirits 😂

    J MasonJ Mason15 days ago
  • 15:37 Me: Pack it up Voldemort lookin’ Teletubby lookin’ ass

    Jesus ChristJesus Christ16 days ago
  • I was fine throughout this whole video until Ryan laughed. Nearly shit myself

    Kylie WKylie W16 days ago
  • It's day light when I'm watching this and I'm still scared lol.

    Bre'Asia BradyBre'Asia Brady16 days ago
  • Please tell me I'm not the only one like shane like even if i know there's smn I'll laugh it off or go to sleep lmao

    jongin is A MEAL jongin is A MEALjongin is A MEAL jongin is A MEAL16 days ago
  • If no one had lived in the house before them....then who were the dead kids supposed to be...? Toddler squatters?

    Kaylynn DavisKaylynn Davis17 days ago
  • b

    Bliind-Bliind-17 days ago
  • 8:43 is sending me

    jane mjane m17 days ago
  • If no one ever lived in the house then how did the little kids get there? Makes no sense.

    Shelby VanhulleShelby Vanhulle17 days ago
  • I love a good scary story but the illustrations are even better!

    Bartlett MkBartlett Mk17 days ago
  • I'm just glad the genre of my life isn't horror.

  • Yea, no. I shouldn't have watched this, with a mirror that's a few feet away but right in front of me.

    T҉h҉e҉ ҉D҉a҉w҉n҉ ҉R҉i҉g҉h҉t҉ ҉B҉e҉f҉o҉r҉e҉ ҉ T҉h҉e҉ ҉S҉u҉n҉-҉R҉i҉s҉e҉ ҉I҉s҉ ҉T҉h҉e҉ ҉D҉a҉r҉k҉e҉s҉t҉T҉h҉e҉ ҉D҉a҉w҉n҉ ҉R҉i҉g҉h҉t҉ ҉B҉e҉f҉o҉r҉e҉ ҉ T҉h҉e҉ ҉S҉u҉n҉-҉R҉i҉s҉e҉ ҉I҉s҉ ҉T҉h҉e҉ ҉D҉a҉r҉k҉e҉s҉t҉18 days ago
  • Okay that was terrifying

    CeciliaCecilia18 days ago
  • “Not a good technique...wouldn’t recommend it” hahaha love Shane ... love both these dudes

    Deftones 456Deftones 45618 days ago
  • Shamone! Hehe!

    James CookJames Cook18 days ago
  • White face, no nose... omg they found Voldemort !!

    WinchesterfamilyforeverWinchesterfamilyforever18 days ago
  • It scares the shit out of him, that is for sure.

    First LastFirst Last18 days ago
  • Empty homes are usually taken over by djinns. Our house was built in Victorian times and was haunted for a very long time. We've been here for over 20 years, znd things seem to have settled down now

    Reehana TajReehana Taj18 days ago
  • In our culture, you're not supposed to stare into mirrors. At night, I cover up the mirrors in our house just to be on the safe side. There are djinns in the mirrors.

    Reehana TajReehana Taj18 days ago
  • I think ryan's laugh at the end scared me more than the actual story

    Tommy GTommy G18 days ago
  • Honestly, Ryan’s voice is so soothing it’s crazy

    Team SpikeTeam Spike18 days ago
  • Lol 😂

    Lolita FancyLolita Fancy18 days ago
  • Great Strait Hate Fate Late Gate Mate Bait Plate Rate Date. Poop Ate Freight Fate

    The ShapeThe Shape18 days ago
  • "OoOoh my wife isn't around I feel silly in my tummy!" literally me

    BryanBryan19 days ago
  • no doubt voldemort

    Anto NozaAnto Noza19 days ago
  • Me, looking at my mirror that angles to my closest: This is our time demon boi 😉

    Fawn FlettFawn Flett19 days ago
  • when my little brother was about 4 years old he said he had an imaginary friend called "The Mr." and that he was a very big man with long arms that lived under the bed. When my other brother (he was 6 or so) heard him, he started "making up" what The Mr. looked like, and he said he had a funny belly button. Then, very seriously, in the coldest voice, my 4 year old brother said "The Mr. doesn't have a bellybutton"... He was probably just mad his brother was hijacking the attention he was getting, but it was super creepy at the time 🤣

    BB19 days ago
  • My mother bought a house where the roof is a triangle shape so I’m the two upstairs rooms have 2 doors on either side and through the doors is the complete empty and dark space between the wall and end of the roof SO I MADE IT INTO A COZY LIBARAY

    n on o19 days ago
  • the old japanese lady made me think that it was going to be a creepypasta or smthn (horror trope of woc that is connected to the supernatural) but what really confirmed it for me was the wife only mentioning the whole imaginary friend bit in detail when they're in bed after ALL OF THAT HAPPENED it felt too much like a "the call was coming from inside the house" type of moment, you know? giving us the last piece of the puzzle or a sudden reveal that will scare the audience it just didn't feel organic, especially after she thought she saw a man in the mirror fjghfj she just brushes it off and they fall asleep

    carolcarol19 days ago
  • well shit.

    yummy bananayummy banana19 days ago
  • Hey guys! Im from germany and we own a 250 years old house. Its our property but we live in a other building cause that house isnt renovated yet. Were doing our best to ranovate it but it takes a lot of time. Anyway there is no mirror in that building so fuck it... 😅

    flexmode_ HD14flexmode_ HD1419 days ago
  • Not me sitting infront of a massive mirror 😬😐😳

    Erin TrainErin Train19 days ago