Are You Scared of What's Outside Your Bedroom?

Jun 26, 2020
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Join, if you dare, as Ryan reads the internet's scariest stories (some true, some false) to his pal Shane as they try to figure out if the story is experienced or imagined. This week, a police dispatcher receives a call that makes him hang up the phone for good.
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  • What's good, spooky fans? Ryan, here. Hope you enjoyed the second ep of our new series Are You Scared! Just a reminder that this is a 3 episode pilot season that concludes next week to gauge interest on whether or not we should continue the series! So, in other words, if you like the show, don't be bashful haha. Also, big shoutout to all the crew that helped make this ep and the entire series possible! You can find them in the credits in the description or at the end of the video. Oh! And one more thing, all stories featured in this show, whether real or imagined were used with permission from the writer! Anyways, enjoy!

    WatcherWatcher5 months ago
    • Really love these episodes! Please keep making more!

      Asmr ClinicAsmr Clinic15 days ago
    • Please continue! #boogarashaniac4ever

      aorta321aorta32116 days ago
    • I frickin love everything that Ryan and Shane do! You guys have they best chemistry together!! I'm definitely lovin Are You Scared! I hope that the rest of the world loves this as much as I do!!💖 I hope this scary story time will continue to live on!!! Loves these ghouls!💖💖💖🎃🎃🎃💖💖💖🎃🎃🎃💖💖💖

      Arielle SorelArielle Sorel29 days ago
    • i love this series ❤❤❤❤

      MaRYel LUVS UMaRYel LUVS UMonth ago
    • I have a story!

      Haley DennistonHaley DennistonMonth ago
  • a little pink rabbit......😭😭😭💔 shane.... she's fucked.

    elizabeth mcglynnelizabeth mcglynn14 hours ago
  • The second I heard there was static, "SLENDERMAN!!!"

    Wolven DragonWolven DragonDay ago
  • My hands are shaking...

    xoxxoxDay ago

    Canan DouglasCanan DouglasDay ago
  • I have to take my dog out alone at night as a single female and she has to be on a chain and we live in a rural area......BUT I pack lol.....still doesn’t help the paranoia even though I’m trained in guns/gun safety and am a decently good shot

    Paige 1996Paige 1996Day ago
  • Every "Are You Scared..." episode has been relatable on some level which make them scary in and of itself. This one though had my belly twisted and I caught myself holding my breath several times without even noticing until my eventual exhale. My primal mom instincts made this one hard :/

    Jennifer PerizzoloJennifer Perizzolo2 days ago
  • What did scare Ryan at the end.. someone protect this big baby TT

  • Are you scared of what’s in your toilet?

    Lloyd BraunLloyd Braun2 days ago
  • "i just meant i don't like talking on the phone... " Ain't it the truth!

    blue genesblue genes3 days ago
  • man i have to say the sound design on this entire channel is just exquisite. good job guys

    CrisCris4 days ago
  • Ok but like, I like to imagine amber never really existed and “the thing” was just trolling. Sounds like a prankster to me.

    Atiqah DiyanaAtiqah Diyana4 days ago
  • I think what creeps me out is less “the thing” and more the concept of a home intruder and a child home alone. Like that’s scary at the best of times

    Atiqah DiyanaAtiqah Diyana4 days ago
  • Ryan is way too good at reading creepy stuff. I’m in my room and it’s daylight but I’m still spooked

    Atiqah DiyanaAtiqah Diyana4 days ago
  • All Hail the Watcher

    Dash LukkyDash Lukky4 days ago
  • Hey

    JoeJoe4 days ago
  • Oh my god... I am terrified.

    Shadowed SkullShadowed Skull5 days ago
  • I liked this one alot

    Raven Or Just RaveRaven Or Just Rave5 days ago
  • This isn't scaring me this is making me sad.

    Wes ChanWes Chan6 days ago
  • that you?

    Nina LachimolalaNina Lachimolala6 days ago
  • I'm pretty sure Amber's dad died or something and that's why she's wondering why that "thing" sounds like her dad. (this is what i think the writer was going with)

    Eujin BaeEujin Bae6 days ago
  • Shane’s idea of what the story’s twist was going to be is much more interesting! Someone should write that as a creepypasta

    bunnybunny6 days ago
  • From serial killer to bears Yes bears can talk and laugh

    Bosniaball *Bosniaball *7 days ago
  • i wish i could post a screenshot of how sunny it is. Too scared to watch this in the dark

    randomjeanrandomjean8 days ago
  • If and only if police can get there 5mins before

    alluri pranithaalluri pranitha9 days ago
  • Bruh, that mimic thingy really do be going brrrrrrrrr at Amber and that door

    That One GuyThat One Guy11 days ago
  • Shane was right, it must've eaten away at the dispatcher that they told her the bunny was gonna keep her safe.

    Accio SharpieAccio Sharpie11 days ago
  • When these stories sound like Stephen King novels, I question the origin of the story. "Muttered, sniffled, etc" That incredible attention to detail makes it sound completely fabricated.

    Clayton CatlinClayton Catlin12 days ago
  • Well....I’m headed to the nearest court house to change my name REALLLL QUICK

    amber frenchamber french12 days ago

    SpookySpooky12 days ago
  • It got me until the end where he found out it wasnt the girl

    Jack LuebkeJack Luebke13 days ago
  • me without a door: 👁👄👁

    Adriana SofiaAdriana Sofia13 days ago
  • I nearly cried when I thought she was safe and then I got mad coz I was like "oh goddammit it's fake" when you read the next line

    HairyfrankfurtHairyfrankfurt14 days ago
  • "Are you scared?" "Hell yeah I am"

    Emily Jo CrandallEmily Jo Crandall15 days ago
  • I don't know bout ya'll but the end story kinda ruined it tbh

    Ayban CrisAyban Cris15 days ago
  • Huge kudos to Mollie for the artwork in these

    Victoria PayneVictoria Payne16 days ago
  • Damn! Its scarry! Really scarry.

    Jackson CamaniaJackson Camania16 days ago
  • Just my opinion but this is the best story I've heard here so far

    Ifeomachukwu EzeNwanyiIfeomachukwu EzeNwanyi16 days ago
  • From my perspective, I think the dad was dead and she asked how it could possibly have been him since he was no longer alive. Maybe he was abusive and had died and then came back as an evil entity?

    aorta321aorta32116 days ago
  • i LOVE this series so much

    Vi HVi H17 days ago
  • Using a child character like this feels like an extreme cheap shot tbh

    María/Seph NuñezMaría/Seph Nuñez17 days ago
  • Someone is watching you read this Ryan. 4.557 people, in fact, are watching you.

    Matthew HarperMatthew Harper17 days ago
  • I gotta say, as a film student who's super into horror movies I am tempted to make short films on stuff from the watcher. Some of these are such good stories.

    Apurva GuptaApurva Gupta18 days ago
  • Cheesus. Solid story

    Martin GraysonMartin Grayson19 days ago
  • Monster: comes into my house Me: FLAMETHROWER HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    DoomslayerDoomslayer20 days ago
  • My names Amber👻☠

    Amy MenearAmy Menear20 days ago
    • Amber was The Impostor

      That One GuyThat One Guy11 days ago
  • I knew this story was fake when he kept prompting her to speak or make a noise when the intruder was clearly nearby - please dont tell me these people are trained to get these victims caught

    ladybugjuicesladybugjuices20 days ago
  • I’m a dispatcher and I work the night shift... yikes

    NeonTaxiNeonTaxi20 days ago
  • For being into true crime as much as I am, I know I couldn't do that job man.. That job would just distress me way too much.

    Maddie VictoriaMaddie Victoria20 days ago
  • Not even close.

    Chris PerezChris Perez20 days ago
  • 12:00 all I can think is crocoan

    WinchesterfamilyforeverWinchesterfamilyforever21 day ago
  • Heavy story! Good video!

    Guillo RamiroGuillo Ramiro21 day ago
  • Wait... so maybe the “monster “ or some sort of out of this world creature who actually killed amber was the one who laughed and hung up the phone on the police officer... and the creature was using her voice and mocked the police officer and her... or was Amber actually just a ghost playing around ??

    Jia jiaJia jia21 day ago
  • Ryan:"so... are you scared?" Me:"I'm flipping terrified, ya wanker!!!"

    Underrated Asthma attackUnderrated Asthma attack21 day ago
  • This story is a bit scary, not horror tho. Early this year someone has gotten into mine and my brother's apartment and stolen two laptops from us. Now that by itself isn't that scary but for one, this might have happened with one of us still at home sleeping. The far scarier thing was that weeks prior to that I was sleeping and someone has gotten into our apartment. My brother wasn't there and I assumed it might've been our dad who has the keys as he is the one renting it for us. The person then started walking around and I heard a phone camera click (several times, someone was taking pictures). I found it strange but I just layed there, my eyes closed. At this point I thought it was best to do that, because if it was a stranger, I wouldn't want to confront them and if it was my dad I didn't want to talk to him either as to not recieve a lecture about the mess in the apartment. I sleep in the living room and our apartment is pretty small so my room is open both to the kitchen and the walk in space, so I was super aware of the person's presence. The person then walked out. I don't remember if I checked the door after or not, but I never asked my dad about it. I only remembered that after our laptops got stolen, and it's possible someone was casing the place to know where things were kept. To this day we are not sure if one of us has perhaps forgotten to lock the door after leaving, if it happened after my brother left and I was still there or if someone has perhaps found a spare key that we seemed to have lost. We changed the locks after that, but we still lost quite some money worth of equipment and files such as numerous digital artworks I have been working on.

    MiledithMiledith22 days ago
  • I remember this one so it must be a rerun.

    Jennifer TorrellasJennifer Torrellas22 days ago
  • Me- “I was born in the dark!” Bane- *Smh*

    WolfM80WolfM8022 days ago
  • Nooooo my name is Amber

    YoungbloodYoungblood22 days ago
  • I know the story is fake, but it's always sad to hear about a child's death in a story. Especially if that kids name is Amber, I've been playing alot of Genshin Impact

    Big PhishBig Phish23 days ago
  • I think Shane's solution was better than the actual ending to the story

    Red ShellRed Shell23 days ago
  • I’m a veteran and I always have guns. I have one next to my bed along with a hunting knife that’s just under 10 inches. there are axes or large knives in the doors of both passengers and drivers side door of both vehicles. The people in these stories ( and ryan) seem so unprepared. Scooby doo bitches! People are monsters! People are always scarier than anything else. Get a weapon, learn how to use it safely, rest easy ✌️

    Lyndsy CarsonLyndsy Carson23 days ago
  • I swear if I have to hear about a little girl dying I’m gonna lose it

    KityCatinaHipsterHatKityCatinaHipsterHat23 days ago
  • I knew from the first few sentences it wasn’t real. Police are trained to say “where is your emergency” not “what is your emergency”.

    EvilEnjarEvilEnjar24 days ago
  • Shane's reaction to anything paranormal summed up in one sentence: "fake, also gay."

    nick bnick b24 days ago
  • Its like the mimic from Crypt TV

    ex1stex1st24 days ago
  • Lol Shane, what is she gonna do with a candlestick against the devil.

    WhiteNegativeWhiteNegative24 days ago
  • My explanation: the guy was a sociopath. The guy who killed amber. And that little ghost story at the end was Ptsd. Get that man some therapy

    DansabotDansabot25 days ago
  • oh hell no my names Amber

    Amberleigh GeorgewashingtonAmberleigh Georgewashington25 days ago
  • I am absolutely terrified I think that I will not sleep tonight.

    Mr HouseMr House26 days ago
  • I LOVE this series soo much, please keep making these! 🖤🖤🖤

    Bridget WilliamsBridget Williams26 days ago
  • Ofc I was scared tf 😂

    bigboy toxicbigboy toxic26 days ago
  • Creepy as hell story

    Jamie CagleJamie Cagle27 days ago
  • If I was the operator I have the address I would have rushed to save her or try to

    Jamie CagleJamie Cagle27 days ago
  • this story just makes me think of all the Karens out there these days tying up all the 911 lines with their complaints about not being let into a store without a mask and how it's discrimination and outright violation of their Amurican freedoms, while other people are suffering real medical emergencies and/or violent crimes, but may not be able to get through to 911. GET OFF THE DAMN PHONE KAREN!

    Alina VaysfligelAlina Vaysfligel28 days ago
  • Even in a small town, which many comments have agreed is true in their cases, it seems odd to only have 1 or 2 dispatchers at a time. I’m from a small town and often had cops at my house for my parents’ domestic disputes. If I tried calling 911 and let’s say one or more other families are calling at the same time for the same thing, or any other plethora of emergencies, I don’t wanna be on hold for the 1 operator working. Ya know? And even if I’m at an event (party/whatever) and gunshots popped off (that happened a lot in my town because some people don’t know how to have chill, unproblematic parties) multiple people are gonna be calling 911 and even if we’re calling for the same reason, I want an answer ASAP

    Ella DElla D28 days ago
  • How many times did this guy's heart sank or fell? Amber's not gonna die, YOU ARE.

    Carl Nichole LicoCarl Nichole Lico28 days ago
  • Idk whether this is real/fake yet but this shit is terrifying

    Asmaa HusseinAsmaa Hussein28 days ago
  • Idk whether this is real/fake yet but this shit is terrifying

    Asmaa HusseinAsmaa Hussein28 days ago
  • Idk whether this is real/fake yet but this shit is terrifying

    Asmaa HusseinAsmaa Hussein28 days ago
  • halloween is gone. time for the spooky turkeys to haunt you.

    Rohit DatirRohit Datir28 days ago
  • reminds me of sirenhead

    toastypuptoastypup28 days ago
  • Omg that scared tf out of me. Great. I’m not sleeping tonight

    Anna FandelAnna Fandel28 days ago
  • This didn’t scare me it made me sad, it’s never nice to hear a child get hurt ☹️

    Gumiho MochiGumiho Mochi29 days ago
  • “Lock doors and turn off lights” *turns on lights and flips on lights*

    North LobsterNorth Lobster29 days ago
  • The scariest 911 call is the old lady that calls about someone in her house that just ends with her screaming. Don't know if it's real but if it's fake someone get that lady an Oscar. Or some water whatever will make her stop.

    R DR DMonth ago
  • These stories that im now binging are evoking deep fears from when I was really young. I have to have my room a certain way to sleep, and always have to sleep on my stomach with a blanket over my head, even now as an 18 year old. Good thing its October 30th and these stories are exactly what I was looking for

    Lily GreeneLily GreeneMonth ago
  • "Im in the dark as I imagine most viewers" Me: outside my house on a swing near the treehouse at 10:am in the morning

    Mythical CattMythical CattMonth ago
  • Proof that these two can make the most terribly written stories interesting

    WilliamWilliamMonth ago
  • Ryan: It's dark, as I imagine it is for most of you.. Me: Chillin' in the car, 4pm 🌞, waiting to pick my Japanese food up!

    PinkWitch16PinkWitch16Month ago
  • Had to turn the light on for this one 😳😰

    fia 112fia 112Month ago
  • In a crisis, always remain calm and positive Me: 10:21

    Missundesirable_Missundesirable_Month ago
  • My dumbass brother decided that now (1 in the morning) would be a good time to get some food after staying in his little cave for the entire day. I really thought that I was going to die, but it turns out that he just wanted a little snack.

    Stupid Little AcornStupid Little AcornMonth ago
  • When she said Amber I said Amber Alert?

    Jennifer RingJennifer RingMonth ago
  • Did anyone else think it was Siren Head?

    Candy StarCandy StarMonth ago
  • The illustions are 💛💛💛

    Alai PobleteAlai PobleteMonth ago
  • I was sleeping to awake to the phrase “ shes fucked what she thinks the bunny is gonna protect her from satan?” What a way to mstsrt the day

    Megan StittMegan StittMonth ago
  • Fkn 4 am watching this series lol #whatswrongwithme

    Martha CepedaMartha CepedaMonth ago
  • thanks

    Gulf Coast October ReynoldsGulf Coast October ReynoldsMonth ago
  • Amber's laugh at the end made me cringe, reminded me of Samantha's laugh from Nazi Zombies in CoD

    jimboslice1796jimboslice1796Month ago
  • I love this series♥️

    Dariana JimenezDariana JimenezMonth ago