Are You Scared of Your Roommate?

Oct 16, 2020
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Join, if you dare, as Ryan reads the internet's scariest stories (some true, some false) to his pal Shane as they try to figure out if the story is experienced or imagined.
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  • "He's just standing there...... M E N A C I N G L Y"

    geek TUrDgeek TUrDHour ago
  • I've heard an "allegedly" true story about skinwalkers that reminds me of this roommate and gives more to the slug theory lol. I'd rather it all just be creepypasta snd leave it at that haha

    Cirice SiouxCirice Sioux4 hours ago
  • Sounds like a skin walker to me.

    Cameron PolettiCameron Poletti13 hours ago
  • I love how everyone is saying it’s depression while they’re ignoring the HOLE IN THE FLOOR 😭😭

    sooshi pinksooshi pinkDay ago
  • Yeah, I would've grandpa simpsoned my way out at the fridge part. Paused the video where he apparently stays afterward, making me suspect the story's fiction. Going to continue. {Edit} Sees the hole thing with damage bending upward, and decides to go to living room and computer and sleep? Yeah, this is fiction AF.

    Poochie CollinsPoochie CollinsDay ago
  • i hate that the writer says that his friend could have had a mental spell or was ill and then insisted that the dude was possessed like fuck that guy all the way- i am a spiritual person but fuck that guy, don't go supernatural because you aren't neurodivergent- what the fuck man

    plaguedvenice _plaguedvenice _Day ago
  • before i finish the video. my theory is that the creepy looking roomate who has greasy hair is actually dead.

    Cecilia RodriguezCecilia RodriguezDay ago
  • Nobody: Shane: He’s a slug! That’s a slug hole! Ryan: 👁👄👁

    emmalynnemmalynnDay ago
  • All Hail the Watcher

    Dash LukkyDash LukkyDay ago
  • Personally. I don't trust 95% of the "TRUE" reddit stories anyway. Farther fetched than a dog chasing a phantom tennis ball. USworlds is so rampant with these. It be a lot better if the producers wrote the stories and see if they were based on fact or fiction.

    thisjazzkillsthisjazzkills2 days ago
  • i was scared

    Daiana XiDaiana Xi2 days ago
  • how does the narrator not see this as severe depression and try to help him but instead is scared and think he’s possessed ...

    amy leamy le2 days ago
  • bruh i hate this narrator how dense can u be

    amy leamy le2 days ago
  • Just a classic case of shapeshifting alien parasite.

    Charlie 4130Charlie 41302 days ago
  • The Are you scared episode is like Buzzfeed Unsolved and Snarled mixed up together and that makes the show really interesting.

    Daisy M. QuiñonesDaisy M. Quiñones2 days ago
  • slimey😷

    Jahlier WilliamsJahlier Williams2 days ago
  • as soon as you said montana my first thought was skinwalkers v v scary 10/10

    Samantha SorianoSamantha Soriano2 days ago
  • whenever I remind myself I have depression I’m gonna call myself slug man

    Meshana KhangMeshana Khang3 days ago
  • I wanna know what happened to him afterwards hope he's doing better

    jeirojeiro3 days ago
  • This reminds of Annalise Michel. She too looked emaciated and dirty like John and didn't eat anything. Only difference is she was probably suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and this guy was in extreme case of catatonia. To someone who isn't aware of mental health issues, something like this would be very scary. Demons or possessions would look more likely than the simple fact that John probably was in depression and just needed someone's help.

    bhargavi pbabhargavi pba3 days ago
  • My theory is : he got controlled by a parasite its explain why theres a hole on the ground it looks like the wood is bending outward like something came out from the hole im guessing its parasite another evidence he hasnt move a thing in his house or even clean a thing because the parasite who is controlling the brain (obviously) is dumb the parasite dont know what a burger is thats why he didnt finished the burger and didnt clean evrytging cus of the parasite and i see a stain in his bed its because of puking or liquid (now i know this because when i was a kid i puke on the bed and it created a yellow stain) and the parasite dont know how to talk well so thats why he grunts the point is this man needs a medical attention

    st4zher CODst4zher COD3 days ago
    • Yes im fox mulder

      st4zher CODst4zher COD3 days ago
  • nothing besides the hole that looks like it was made from below is unexplainable(actually that can be explained too I just didnt have one before reading other comments about it),I've stood like that while my family was watching movies or even sleeping like that it was for sentimental purposes,going there in the day and all that would be great but as someone else mentioned here he couldve done more but at the same time a lot of teenagers even adults dont recognize the signs specially in the time when this happened. edit: ok but I checked the reddit post and it was made a year ago and op literally said nothing about oh I regret not helping him he most likely had a mental illness or literally anything like that I kinda get that he seems to be repressing it so prolly wasnt reflecting upon his conscience but come on.

    ninsat thebunkerghoulninsat thebunkerghoul3 days ago
  • This man just have been on some hardcore drugs if this was his situation

    Shay DetertShay Detert3 days ago
  • This is really tragic...

    Kryzpy KreamKryzpy Kream4 days ago
  • People have become so set on depression being an invisible illness that they forget that it will eventually start showing its self in things outside of ones body. A lack of self care, a lack of cleanliness in terms of cleaning the house, loss of appetite, going 'off grid', even a thousand yard stare. It doesn't always mean someone is depressed but its usually a good indicator. While yes OP could of done more, he isn't solely to blame. When you yourself haven't seen these signs before it doesn't immediately scream 'this person is depressed'. To the untrained eye it just looks like an unclean person with gross habits. OPs fear of his friend could've derived from the juxtaposition of John before OP left and John when OP returned. From what OP said, John after was completely different to John before. OP probably had a set image of what John would be like so when he got back, the differences weren't something he would've even thought to prepare for

    Caitlin AnslowCaitlin Anslow4 days ago
  • I mean Shane’s question about “doesn’t he have like a jar of olives?” Is so true, or pickles? Like some mayo that hasn’t gone bad lmao maybe ketchup?? Something that doesn’t go bad in 3 months??? I’m so curious.

    Ash AAsh A4 days ago
  • Honestly it sounds like catatonic schizophrenia :/

    Kye TalksKye Talks4 days ago
  • its 12:10 am, im gng full screen wish me luck

    Harshini RathodeHarshini Rathode4 days ago
  • Solved it he is a Depressed Zombie Slug.

    German Social NationalistGerman Social Nationalist4 days ago
  • the no response part was added by watcher but its so lame. He did respond by assuring that everything is fine. He was just slow in responding.

    randomjeanrandomjean5 days ago
  • I feel like. He’s really depressed.

    Angel StrongAngel Strong5 days ago
  • So many unanswered questions that go with this story it makes me frustrated

    Simon BelmontSimon Belmont5 days ago
  • Hey guys, check out this video!!

    Christina AbrahamChristina Abraham5 days ago
  • poopoo caca

    rickyricky5 days ago
  • "have you ever lost touch with a friend? its funny, the change that time can bring to a person, even someone you knew. but what if the transformation was so stark that your friend was basically unrecognizeable? a metamorphosis, so absolute that the life behind their once friendly eyes is now intrinsically different." - my friends from school after meeting me again like 5 years later

    Jannes WeilJannes Weil5 days ago
  • Im drinking fresh brita water :)

    Master of BeepMaster of Beep6 days ago
  • not at how this was essentially me for the last month of me living on campus before moving back home because i was literally too depressed and wasn't able to function. good news is now that I'm back home I'm doing much better and haven't cried from depression since returning home, however, i don't understand the hole in the floor...

    honeyvoicehwanghoneyvoicehwang6 days ago
  • Can we please still talk about the hole in the floor though?

    Sydney WirtzSydney Wirtz6 days ago
  • When I had a severe depressive episode last year I would doordash and postmates food and just live amongst the trash that built up because of it. I let good food in my fridge go bad because I couldn't be bothered to make anything. I just didn't have the energy. It got so bad and so disgusting that luckily I had a friend come over as a surprise and immediately called for help when he saw the state I was living in. This poor man was suffering from a severe depressive episode or catatonia. And his friends just treated it like a paranormal experience. The phobia for mentally ill people is prevalent in the narrator.

    KayKay6 days ago
  • if anyone has ever seen crashbox the roommate reminds me of the nasty dude on there

    chey kchey k6 days ago
  • This really sounds like a depressive episode. When I fall into one, I can barely get out of bed to go to the bathroom, I have to force myself to eat, I don’t clean up after myself, and I can’t even talk. I grunt just like the friend to let my family know I’m still there, I can barely move, and once again, I don’t eat. The hole could’ve been part of a manic episode, like others have been saying. Depression can wreck you and it’s very dangerous. I can’t imagine dealing with it back when being neurodivergent wasn’t acceptable.

    Bella HernandezBella Hernandez6 days ago
  • Actually i dont feel like he is depressed he is pocessed if someone is that depressed it would obviously kill themselves and no one will even find body cause food decomposed no on cared body still no one does but i dont blame him that y didnt he call anyone cause he barely was saved and this isnt a scary movie like stupid evil dead where they think abt someone

    alluri pranithaalluri pranitha6 days ago
  • All he is fuckin depressed Me : there is a fucking holeeeeeeeeee and its madeup like from bottom y would someone- how could- what-

    alluri pranithaalluri pranitha6 days ago
  • Sounds like John went hard on them butter cookies. Word to the wise, don't do meth.

    lonnie phillipslonnie phillips7 days ago
  • I guess Shane isn’t a supporter of SLM SLUG LIFES MATTER

    Chan The breadstealing godfatherChan The breadstealing godfather7 days ago
  • why does him saying "are you scared" freak me out more than the story itself

    Salem PrattSalem Pratt8 days ago
  • I've had major depression, where I didn't bathe or brush my teeth a couple weeks at a time, and the only reason I ate was because my dad would bring me a plate of dinner all cut up in bite sized pieces sometimes. It got to the point where I didn't believe anything was real because of how heavy I was dissociating. I started thinking that I lived in a fairy world and that the air was ink because of how difficult it was to simply just breathe. I got uti's because I would not have the mental energy to get up out of bed and would hold it for hours and hours until I would have to quite literally run to the bathroom. I would not have a bowel movement more than once a week because it took too much mental energy to clean myself after. (Sorry, tmi I guess) It took too much energy to even turn over in bed to reach for my pillbox every morning and take my medication. It was awful. This story terrifies me. Partially because the idea of someone watching me in the darkness has always been a massive fear of mine, along with the hole in the floorboards allowing anything to sneak in during the night. But also, because of the fear that if I move out of my parents house the depression will happen to me again and I would be completely helpless. I don't actually know why I'm spilling all this, I'm sitting with a lump in my throat remembering all of it. I'm sorry to anyone that has to read it, I just kind of felt the need to share my story from the perspective of someone who has been like the guy in the story, a living and walking husk of who they once were.

    Carly lCarly l8 days ago
  • bro.. your friend has depression

    BoxoBoxo8 days ago
  • Narrator: I want an advice from you gyus who are interested in paranormal folks who are interested in paranormal: it's depression

    Olga ShishkinaOlga Shishkina8 days ago
  • This was genuinely one of the scariest stories you’ve shared, I watched this at 2 in the morning and felt so unnerved

    asdfjaeasdfjae8 days ago
  • lets face it, John discovered a WOW guild and from then on he would raid everyday. The apartment was in a mess because John became a slow who had a WOW addiction. Hey ive been there.

    TheMiguelTheMiguel9 days ago
  • shane with his hair in front of his face looks like the mayor from the lorax

    Nivisa VakeesanNivisa Vakeesan9 days ago
  • Friend of mine experienced a pretty terrible breakup. His girl left on their three year anniversary and he didn’t handle it so well to say the least. This was only last year in October as well. He’s slowly becoming himself again but the stuff they said is similar to what he went through and still is. His life started to consist of staying in his room and only came out for food which was always around 10pm. He started to lack basic hygiene. He went from showering everyday to essentially never. According to his sister, he had countless bottles filled with urine. She estimated 30-40 bottles. It essentially gave me an eye opener for depression. Goes to show how friends will simply avoid telling you they’re struggling solely because they don’t want you to see them in that state. Dude has level one autism. He’s the sort to ensure someone else’s needs is placed before his. I’m pretty pissed with how his ex handled the breakup as well. It’s one thing to end a relationship on your anniversary via text but it’s another thing leaving a dude like that when she’s aware he has autism. Low blow. Three years of a relationship and she lacked the basic knowledge with how much harder people with autism struggle to let relationships go. Doesn’t even have to be a living thing, it can be an object. If anything, she knew him more than anyone else and leaving anyone in that way is a low blow and petulant behaviour to say they least. Overall, If this story is actually legit, I hope the man is doing okay. I didn’t realise how much depression can truly get to someone till I experienced seeing a close friend of mine experience the symptoms of depression. Certainly a story which can be an eye opener to people with how scary this shit can be.

    Official BelyyOfficial Belyy9 days ago
  • I don't even believe in ghosts but that scary music in the back is very anxiety inducing and straight up Shane's skepticism is the only reason I can watch these

    Matthias GiglerMatthias Gigler9 days ago
  • honestly petition to show this video to everyone who thinks depression is quirky or self diagnoses *for no reason*

    ciaralssciaralss10 days ago
  • Late to the party, but as someone that lives in Montana I believe the story. My guess is drugs or depression or both (not a lot to do here and we have 7 months of winter). Some of the details of the story just sound real. Even if a fair amount is embellished I'd guess there's a basis of truth

    CheshireCheshire10 days ago
  • sounds like Catatonia ngl so sad.

    Rachel morganRachel morgan10 days ago
  • As someone who has been suicidally depressed... Yeah, you become a different person. You don't care about eating. You don't care about the smell of moldy dishes. You don't shower, you start to smell awful, your skin and hair take on a different texture from lack of care... It's ugly. I barely ate once a day for a solid month, mostly instant mashed potatoes or whatever I could find that took the least amount of effort. The difference is, I had people who cared enough about me to come and clean all the rotten food out of my kitchen, wash my dishes, get me motivated to get up and do things. They dragged me outside for walks, got me to go through the motions of functioning until it stopped being me just going through the motions and started being me putting effort into getting better. This poor guy didn't have anyone to do that for him.

    Brianna E.Brianna E.10 days ago
  • If he hasn’t eaten for a month or two he would’ve been very malnourished and skinny or at least skinnier than he was but the fact he was still chubby and had a full head of hair just proves it had to have been something supernatural. (If this story is even true). Everyone is saying depression, but depression never goes that far, if anything it was probably a more deep or severe kind of mental illness but, it all just doesn’t make sense.

    caitlyn lucillecaitlyn lucille10 days ago
  • His friend was just me on a Monday

    JuanJuan10 days ago
  • "Are you scared?" Well, yes... for the roommate, who sounds like he has some extremely serious problems going on and isn't getting help for them.

    RissaFaith94RissaFaith9410 days ago
  • 5:53 Shane looks like Edna Mode from the incredible

    Abdul ChristAbdul Christ10 days ago
  • I feel like he was addicted to meth

    Chelsea CoyleChelsea Coyle11 days ago
  • Jesus, the real horror here is that this guy needed mental health care that he probably never got. Wonder if the "friend" ever checked the obits while looking him up later.

    stacikinsstacikins11 days ago
  • maybe i misheard but I thought the narrator said that they were good friends when they lived together & that's why they always kept in touch. Also, I thought the narrator only said he moved back to his parents for three months? my whole point is that maybe the room mate felt so close & connected to the narrator, or may have been emotionally relying on the narrator to survive so after they left, even if it was only briefly, the structure of the room mate's life fell apart & they became crippled with a loss of not having a significant other (non romantic) that they felt so close with. Like a person that you just thrive around. People with borderline personality disorder, which can develop from inability to make friends or get close to other people, can imprint on others, which would make perfect sense in a situation where they lived together with a seemingly close relationship. Also, I had an aunt who had parkinsons & before it was diagnosed, which took a very long time, she had the same decay smell to her & was unable to take care of herself, that it almost sounds similar to that. & her original diagnosis which she had for years was just really severe depression. Although I know youths aren't stricken down with parkinsons & it's usually the elderly that it happens to.. gThere's another story of a young boy who I don't believe had any traumatic accident but one day he just developed a neurological ailment that made him unable to recognize the need for eat or drink. Whether it's an issue that stems entirely from emotional attachment or neurological malfunction, or both, the room mate was definitely shutting down & it's really sad that the person he trusted the most would turn his back on him. My money is on room mate had deceased & maybe not even from an active suicide, but it sounds like by that time the dude was already on his way out if like a previous comment had mentioned, you could smell his brain rotting. & I figure that's why his parents dipped out & no one ever heard from him again.

    Yami MuYami Mu11 days ago
  • I think he's just extremely depressed. Shane: He's a slug. HOLY SHIT HE'S A SLUG.

    しろカイルしろカイル11 days ago
  • Ryan: I hate olives Shane: More for me! Me: It's the olive theory!!!

    Ariel SAriel S11 days ago
  • every time I see shane all I can think about is how he looks like edgar allan poe sitting in the dark

    iliveso.iloveiliveso.ilove11 days ago
  • Sounds like he was a Type 1 diabetic. Before I was diagnosed, I had alot of the same symptoms. Type 1 diabetics are known to have a sweet smell on them due to their high blood sugar, have extremely low energy to the point where they struggle to get out of bed, for example, I was 11 and sleeping almost 16-20 hours a day, and they have super pale skin and sunken eyes like I did. Should have given him some insulin bruh.

    Orrin SandlinOrrin Sandlin11 days ago
  • He's a zombie or a vampire.

    Milkman4279Milkman427912 days ago
  • There is just WAY too much dust for this to be true

    HairyfrankfurtHairyfrankfurt12 days ago
    • But nobody makes up a story about them being that much of a nerd, so yeah okay that one was real

      HairyfrankfurtHairyfrankfurt12 days ago

  • Gonna be honest when they opened the frige I thought his friends dead body was gonna be shoved in there and the person who opened the door wasn't him but had in fact killed him.

    Microwaved musicMicrowaved music12 days ago
  • Picture, young shane hunched over in a corner of a movie theatre stuffing his face with popcorn Lol

    Eri TakahashiEri Takahashi12 days ago
  • what about that mold from salem

    firewolfgamesfirewolfgames12 days ago
  • my mans just got depression

    jaejae12 days ago
  • 18:30 the bear analogy of the scariest mammal on the planet probably really sold ryan on this story

    Katy SKaty S12 days ago
  • catatonic depression?

    Sophia AvelinSophia Avelin12 days ago
  • Roommate was catatonic. Narrator has major cognitive dissonance.

    Sierra BullockSierra Bullock12 days ago
  • I thought this was going to be a story about my college roommate who is now a Republican. Maybe that’s just as scary as a slug monster.

    Megan TewaltMegan Tewalt12 days ago
  • lol it just sounds like he's on a bad drug bender. That or he developed schizophrenia. Seeing people who are cracked out or in a state of catatonia can be very unnerving.

    p mp m13 days ago
  • 21.42 I thought those were like weird weiner sculptures. had to rewind to figure out they were the guy's shoes.

    AA13 days ago
  • I feel like the Watcher stories sometimes bring out peoples inner saints as if they know all the answers to go about different situations. The world does not work like that when you are in the moment people

    chongo cholachongo chola13 days ago
  • Wtf lmao that sounds like a textbook case of severe depression and this narrator is basically making him out to be possessed or some supernatural being. Or at least that's what I would have said, but good thing detective watson, M.D., was on the case and ruled depression out since the guy didn't break up with a gf recently and that's the only cause of depression ever known to mankind.

    CasprizzleCasprizzle13 days ago
  • Good on you for the confidence in swiping that P-Corn, Shane. Us Popcorn Raccoons gotta stick together. Once I saw a family loosely put a big ol' family size tub of popcorn that was more than half full in the opening of a trash bin. Didn't bother to push it in even a little, just loosely put it there, blocking the hole. I just picked that shit up and started munching, because A. I don't waste food like that, and B. I have very little self respect.

    AceAttornyAceAttorny13 days ago
  • Quite telling that, when presented with something clearly and demonstrably some sort of mental illness, people will much more readily believe in ghosts and magic.

    ultimateninjaboiultimateninjaboi13 days ago
  • shane is hilarious :) lmao "that's a slug hole!"

    Summer DunlapSummer Dunlap13 days ago
  • dude thats literally the scariest thing ive ever heard

    Hannah GatwoodHannah Gatwood13 days ago
  • 18:55 I've mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still that i become invisible to the eye.

    DVS DVSDVS DVS13 days ago
  • damn man as a depressed mess myself, if I may call myself that, this is not the kind of friend i want in my life

    Vi HVi H14 days ago
  • I can't believed the narrator dismissed about mental health because while ghosts may or may not be real, depression is a real thing

    Glenn Abuzo Jr.Glenn Abuzo Jr.14 days ago
  • I think I’ve ever seen Shane sweat lol

    rr14 days ago
  • did too many hallucinogens (or meth honestly) while probably on conflicting antidepressants, tore through the floor from the basement up during a fit, sustained brain damage from it, goes off meds as a result, functions slowly turn off from trauma and the 'sickly sweet smell of death' is actually neuro death smell. the staring at night maybe was because he was trying to understand why people were in his house, but eventually wandered off because dying brains dont think too good. unlikely, maybe, but less likely than possession? idk

    maegan bmaegan b14 days ago
  • The dude was probably suffering from severe depression. It can be debilitating.

    ElEl15 days ago
  • I live in North Western Montana. I’ll keep an eye out for him and let you know if I see a slug man 🐌 👁👄👁

    Julia C137Julia C13715 days ago
  • I keep visualizing that hotel scene from “Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban”, where the housekeeper is screamed at by a guest, when they talked about the dude grunting as he heard someone knocking on the door

    Josefine HeynJosefine Heyn15 days ago
  • The real question was what was in the bathroom, like there was so much detail on the entire house and how gross and decaying it was, but the bathroom wasn’t touched upon. Lame

    Where's a good place to eat around hereWhere's a good place to eat around here15 days ago
  • He seemed depressed, he was probably standing watching them, just to resure himself that he does in fact have someone there for him. This might sound weird but when I got really bad I did that once just went and sat in my sibling room while they slept to remind myself that I had people who cared if I hurt myself (I know that sounds weird okay) and they just walked out and left him.

    Idkwhatimdoing anymoreIdkwhatimdoing anymore15 days ago
  • I clicked like cause of Shane’s hilarious popcorn story 😂😅 too funny

    Engie TEngie T16 days ago
  • man, these captions are Not great. like, _"bight"???_ Really?

    Evelyn LumihameEvelyn Lumihame16 days ago