Ask Our Editor Anything • Watcher Weekly #029

Jul 22, 2020
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Hello! Welcome to the 29th episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
1:33 Chill Zone
4:17 Sponsor Segment
6:16 Content Callouts
7:11 Q&A
12:22 Surprise Guest
21:18 Goodbye
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  • My phone buffered at 2:51 and Steven was just

    abigail nicoleabigail nicoleMonth ago
  • Lauren is so beautiful i'm crying

    Jess SymondsJess SymondsMonth ago
  • It makes so much sense that Shane is a Better Oblivion Community Center fan

    jennifer meadejennifer meade2 months ago
  • Lauren's eyes hold the answers to the universe 😌

    Nico RyderNico Ryder2 months ago
  • Lauren is so cute. She is very young for her work, isn't she? Imagine, how hard working she must be.

    Windy DayWindy Day2 months ago
  • All hail the watcher

  • loving ryans curly hair [ i would ask what you did, but im guessing you just let it to air dry]

    tarrine khanomtarrine khanom3 months ago
  • Plus de francais Lauren!!

    Meagan RyderMeagan Ryder3 months ago
  • omg I love Lauren ✨

    Pat AsdfghjklPat Asdfghjkl3 months ago
  • Lauren is gosh darn gorgeous

    Alisa PerezAlisa Perez3 months ago
  • Lauren is amazing! Love her chill vibe.

    KellyAnn O'BrienKellyAnn O'Brien3 months ago
  • Lauren is so beautiful . . .

    micaelositymicaelosity3 months ago
  • Shane drinking LaCroix: 😏

    Sheyanne TuckerSheyanne Tucker3 months ago
  • Lauren lowkey cute

    Andrew LentnerAndrew Lentner3 months ago
  • I know I'm a little bit late, but I absolutely love that y'all have an outline that pops up for the weekly updates

    Gabby ShaddockGabby Shaddock4 months ago
  • her eyes are hypnotic cute nose and face

    Simone EliSimone Eli4 months ago
  • Oh I loved that bit where all the boys had the *disappointed tag, and then Lauren went "but there was that one time" and then all of them go *! it kinda reminds me of like.. Korean variety shows, I guess?

    TsunfishTsunfish4 months ago
  • I guess I missed where we first met Lauren on the video. Lauren is calm. I feel like she help to calm u guys down hahaha. Good job editing Lauren. Funny how she asked "Is this the whole video Oh boy" 🤣😂

    peacelifepeacelife4 months ago
  • Lauren seems like a super cool person that I wish I was friends with

    A. Y.A. Y.4 months ago
  • Lauren has one of the calmest voices ever!!! She relaxes me LOL!!!

    PhyffsPhyffs4 months ago
  • #MoreLauren2020

    Siobhan SprouseSiobhan Sprouse4 months ago
  • When Lauren was talking about the French minor, I honestly felt so relieved. I am also a French Minor and I have been speaking it for 9 years and I still speak it like if I just started learning it last week. Good to see that someone else went through the same thing.

    Gen Gen RojasGen Gen Rojas4 months ago
  • Lauren reminds of The Mother in HIMYM 🤔💓

    Salted Caramel SundaeSalted Caramel Sundae4 months ago
  • Hey! Big fan of worth it and unsolved, but I was wondering if you think Buzzfeed would mind if my friends and I do a “Worth It Philippines”. There’s a lot of good stuff here, but price really (i mean really) matters here.

    Ramen GodRamen God4 months ago
  • Hey! Big fan of worth it and unsolved, but I was wondering if you think Buzzfeed would mind if my friends and I do a “Worth It Philippines”. There’s a lot of good stuff here, but price really (i mean really) matters here.

    Ramen GodRamen God4 months ago
  • Is it just me, or does Shane actually look like prof Lupin from Harry Potter? Love you guys ❤ thank you for making my days bearable 💜

    Maria CheilaMaria Cheila4 months ago
  • the giant head thing is def from korean comedy shows

    bike is short for bichaelbike is short for bichael4 months ago
  • That niche of taking french for over a decade but not being able to use it at all :,)

    G lowG low4 months ago
  • This week: my phat gay crush on Lauren

    G lowG low4 months ago
  • it's probably not intentional but lauren's editing style reminds me of korean variety editing. very well timed comedic zooms, reaction shots etc. hello from (not an actual film student) but a mass communications student ! (we do take film classes as well and i love editing (and lauren's editing style :)

    문희문희4 months ago
  • the watcher team are the only ppl allowed to move to atx from california

    commie hilfigercommie hilfiger4 months ago
  • They should do unsolved still

    Billy MorrisonBilly Morrison4 months ago
  • Lauren is wholesome!! And super cute too! I would be gay for her!

    6 0 66 0 64 months ago
  • Idk if this has been asked yet but... When is a new season of BuzzFeed unsolved supernatural coming out????? 🧐🧐🧐

    ChasChas4 months ago
  • Do you guys ever make public appearances?! NYCC is coming up.

    Mariogamer4002 VRCHATMariogamer4002 VRCHAT4 months ago
  • Where are the are you scared series ?

    Sayidina Umar AchfistiSayidina Umar Achfisti4 months ago
  • Yay, Steven, come to Taipei! 🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼

    Addy DAddy D4 months ago
  • God, I just love Watcher! I hope this company lasts a long time! I finally saw Lauren Yamin! I just love it!

    AlexandriaAlexandria4 months ago
  • I could listen to Lauren talk all day about anything her voice is so soothing

    layla Perduelayla Perdue4 months ago
  • i keep trying to buy ur hoodie and it ur site wont let me im sad

    Jimmy TipJimmy Tip4 months ago
  • Is Shane single? ♡♡

    Rene KingsburyRene Kingsbury4 months ago
    • If so, marry me! Lol you're the best! Appreciate you all. I grew up in Arcadia, CA Ryan!!

      Rene KingsburyRene Kingsbury4 months ago
  • I love all of your shows, I really hope you do another season of puppet history! If you could, could you maybe cover Typhoid Mary? #lovethewatcher #lovepuppethistory

    Melissa GoodMelissa Good4 months ago
  • Question for Ryan and Shane if you where to dye your hair, what colour would it be?

    Jayahn De Marchi-StolfaJayahn De Marchi-Stolfa4 months ago
  • please bring back black hoodies.

    mizu & lofimizu & lofi4 months ago
  • are you guys going to any haunted places after covid-19?

    Insyder YTInsyder YT4 months ago
  • Lauren's vibe is immaculate

    Vitória PadilhaVitória Padilha4 months ago
  • I love Lauren, I just... I love her

    lucindalucinda4 months ago
  • Shane, you keep doing a pirate voice and I just feel like you would desire a pirate hat. What is the measurement around your noggin??

    Susan CageSusan Cage4 months ago
  • Man I have a huge lady crush and admiration on Lauren. Like dang, home girl has that silent yet deadly confidence. Bring her back guys! Must hear more about her shenanigans!

    Malisa RMalisa R4 months ago
  • All hail the watcher!

    RaijuRaiju4 months ago
  • One of the best ad reads I've seen / heard. Well done!

    John BaileyJohn Bailey4 months ago
  • Are you going to do more episodes of Are You Scared? I loved that.

    Abigail SwiftAbigail Swift4 months ago
  • They used the intro I made! Love it! Thank you so much!

    Benjamin HarmonicaBenjamin Harmonica4 months ago
  • aaaaand i love lauren

    baloobaloo4 months ago
  • Makes sense. Steven seems to have a Taipei personality.

    Ryan O'GradyRyan O'Grady4 months ago
  • Thank you for taking the time to answer my question! That made my week and my son was super excited as well. He thought it was so cool that it made it into the video. As always, love your videos and look forward to the upcoming content :)

    Tiffany RTiffany R4 months ago

    Diddle Darn Doodle DoosDiddle Darn Doodle Doos4 months ago
  • Question: How much evidence would it take for Shane to believe in the paranormal?

    Rebecca SalcidoRebecca Salcido4 months ago
  • Lauren is amazing! Great sense of humor! BTW... Couldn't stop staring at her eyes...

    or_l dodinor_l dodin4 months ago
  • I literally never buy from the sponsorships but I did buy Surfshark

    Mikayla PerryMikayla Perry4 months ago
  • Steven! Where was your pirate voice for Surf Shark? I actually watched the whole segment because of Shane and Ryan's pirate talk and you let me down!

    crazymars2ucrazymars2u4 months ago
  • When Lauren speaks: Confident, articulate, & emanating queen-energy. When the boys speak: GIBBERISH, NONSENSE, & UTTER CHAOS (that needs to be reigned in by Steven)

    Nicola H.Nicola H.4 months ago
  • Every group needs a straight man for their comedy bit. Cue Steven 🤣

    Lovevideos CollectionLovevideos Collection4 months ago

    bee but betterbee but better4 months ago
  • Almost everybody talks about Lauren being beautiful and calming and dude yeah I super agree! She doesn't have a beautiful face only but she's talented too! Cool!

    Black DarkBlack Dark4 months ago
  • Ow wait okay thanks for my friend who recommend me about Ryan and Shane back in buzzfeed and then I saw a comment that they were already in the Watcher and I am just so glad to see that there are actually three of them! And now, it's really cool and good that u can feel that everyone in the work looks comfortable to each other. I wish TheWatcher for more success! I hope that they can help more people too!

    Black DarkBlack Dark4 months ago
  • I do always feels like Steven is only the normal among three and he always needs to babysit the two lol

    Black DarkBlack Dark4 months ago
  • I think I might have a crush on Lauren

    Nation's sunshine FelixNation's sunshine Felix4 months ago
  • bring lauren back please

    tear drop citytear drop city4 months ago
  • Ahh Austin♡

    Vega DumontVega Dumont4 months ago
  • solid ep

    VinxyVinxy4 months ago
  • The editor, Lauren, has half a Joker smile. On her left side (our right), minus the scar :p

    KalandKara Zor-ElKalandKara Zor-El4 months ago
  • It’s there a case about the watcher? Is this to poke fun at him?

    Michael LaCroixMichael LaCroix4 months ago
  • OH DANG I was looking at Steven's hoodie and thinking how much I'd like one like that. Totally missed the Watcher logo until he pointed out that it was merch. I'm excited! Even though I live in Georgia, which is like being on the sun, if the sun could also be moist. (BTW I meant "totally missed the logo" in a good way, like it's definitely visible, but so classy that it vibes with the overall aesthetic.)

    IndybotIndybot4 months ago
  • Which episode of ww was it when Lauren enlarged the professors head. I watched it b4 but I cant remember. Helpp

    Jessica WJessica W4 months ago
  • First time this showed up in my recommended feed. Hope its the last. WTF was this?

    R G StewartR G Stewart4 months ago
  • Lauren is like the older sibling who has to babysit Ryan, Shane, n Steven lmao

    Jason AJason A4 months ago
  • Lauren is so sweet! She has a really nice tone to her voice it made me feel calm.

    avii3avii34 months ago
  • That was my birthday

    Sarah BuchananSarah Buchanan4 months ago
  • Shane was really feeling Ryan this episode i loved it 😂

    Devin NicholsonDevin Nicholson4 months ago
  • Lauren, thank you so much for being on the show! We freaking love you. I've said it in the comments for one of these before, I'll happily say it again: I tip my hat to you. You're a fine editor.

    Jessica WJessica W4 months ago
  • Cool intro :o

    ThatplushiethingThatplushiething4 months ago
  • out of all the different arrangements, i like this one the best idk why. like steven on the right side, shane in middle, and ryan on the left just seems RIGHT

    Ayesha MuzaffarAyesha Muzaffar4 months ago
  • Is the gradient of messy hair planned because Steven looks well kempt Shane looks like he's just got out of bed and Ryan.... Are you OK ? Are you being held against your will?

    Cassandra CalderCassandra Calder4 months ago
  • French comments are a good idea. Je le veux

    Stefan BStefan B4 months ago
  • San Diego is awesome... Expensive, but awesome

    Jeannette MaldonadoJeannette Maldonado4 months ago
  • Did Ryan just have his hair permed? It looks good on him! ❤️ while... Shane’s just... a mess hahahaha but i still love you. 😘

    Ellen Joy SantosEllen Joy Santos4 months ago
  • Steven looks so pretty in the new hoodie, I can't stop smiling :)

    Magdalena GoraMagdalena Gora4 months ago
  • Can we get some outtakes or bloopers? You all make me laugh so hard. It makes my day.

    Nina BNina B4 months ago
  • they should do this with a new crew member every week

    Jonathan LeonJonathan Leon4 months ago
  • i've seen having heads edited larger from lots of korean variety shows to show when people are full of themselves (in a humorous way ofc, not in a harmful way) or just to show their expressions better; was very surprised to see that editing done for Watcher but a pleasant surprise!! thank u for all that you do lauren!!

    jasminelikesmusicjasminelikesmusic4 months ago
  • it was great to see lauren in this episode! she’s so neat!

    Christina MChristina M4 months ago
  • OUI! Plus de français!!!

    lynluulynluu4 months ago
  • wait hold up, when did ryan get hot?? has his hair always been curly?? i'm questioning everything

    Seaweedgirl1Seaweedgirl14 months ago
  • I am that niche target audience for the French vid

    Emmy ChirpichEmmy Chirpich4 months ago

    Sofia PrendivilleSofia Prendiville4 months ago
  • Jenn Lansing trolling the boys gives me the will to live.

    Your Local Ghost In A Victorian NightgownYour Local Ghost In A Victorian Nightgown4 months ago
  • Why does she remind me of Martha May Whovier? She's super pretty but that's who I think of...

    Eva OrszagEva Orszag4 months ago
  • She looks like EXACTLY like Steven Anthony Lawrence in the thumbnail. Google him

    Phil K.Phil K.4 months ago
  • I'm still waiting for the why wenleft buzzfeed video. I hope you guys become successful like the Try Guys

    jcbsjcbs4 months ago