Bergara Guitara Bard Battle • The Quarantine Games

Apr 19, 2020
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Chapter 4: Entering a seedy tavern, the gang attempts to win over an unwelcoming crowd with the gift of song, then find themselves in combat with horrifying creatures at a local warehouse...
#StayHome & Game #WithMe
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  • Hey friends! Steven here. Thanks for joining us as we dive deeper into the world of D&D. Quick note on the audio - we had a minor issue with Qezza's microphone (apparently mythical worlds don't mesh well with technology) so apologies on that! Anyway, hope you enjoy and I deeply apologize for... that one scene.

    WatcherWatcher7 months ago
    • Hey Steven! It's actually quite common for new players to start thinking like their characters. I remember when I hadn't LARPed (Live Action Role Playing) for like 4 years and got back into it, I started thinking about and like my character all the time-- she's a fashion designer, what's her take on fashion? What would she think during this shopping trip? Should she go for that guy at the next game? I should research the fashion industry. . .Your character is not only a part of you-- as you said, it is you playing a character, and we all put a little piece of ourselves into our characters-- but we also learn something from our characters each time too, or at least I do.

      Jessica WJessica W7 months ago
    • Wait, is this supposed to be Steven or Steve or Stephanos?

      Harika MohanHarika Mohan7 months ago
    • A few things: I’ve been wanting to applaud y’all for a minute, everything about this series is wonderful. Keeping initiative onscreen, the drawings, the subtle changes in sound for the smallest things, in addition to Shane being a FANTASTIC gm, has made me really enjoy the series. I do think katie is the only person who understands she can ask Shane questions, make checks, etc out of character but everyone has their own playstyle Also yeah please don’t let Ryan drink anymore, that was a bit weird

      Pierce BradleyPierce Bradley7 months ago
    • As many others have said please do this as a regular series

      Brandon BrandonBrandon Brandon7 months ago
    • This is great what is happening to Worth It since you’re here now? Do a Q&A!

      Noah Majic KoncarNoah Majic Koncar7 months ago
  • Fucking Bergara guitara

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynDay ago
  • Waterdeep dragonheist is amazing dude

    Arsh VermaArsh VermaMonth ago
  • Holy shit we actually got Bergara Guitara I feel blessed

    simsamsammiesimsamsammie2 months ago
  • #RIPLenny

    GremlinKingGremlinKing3 months ago
  • Stephanos’ hair this episode 👌👌

    Emma EarthlingEmma Earthling3 months ago
  • These games r just the best, could watch them 24/7, Shane is the best host

    katherine collinskatherine collins3 months ago
  • I love Steve's voice

    Becca ArnoldBecca Arnold4 months ago

    Marisa StewartMarisa Stewart4 months ago
  • Im not a fan of campaigns where its clear one person thinks theyre playing a single player game tbh

    Lanna's Missing LinkLanna's Missing Link4 months ago
  • I can't tell if Shane is great at storytelling and playing multiple characters or are just the demons he harvested on Unsolved that are using this game as an excuse to speak cause he won't let them otherwise.

    Clara MClara M4 months ago
  • 1. BERGARA GUITARA LIVES 2. Stephanos is now canonically the group's resident Hot Priest 3. Shane roleplaying a kenku is my new favorite cryptid

    emotional support beesemotional support bees5 months ago
  • Steve x Stephanos is the fucking OTP! Steveanos. 😂

    Francesca PattiFrancesca Patti5 months ago
  • STEVENS "18 bhAAAbyy" made me lose my shit that was so good

    marsbarsmarsbars5 months ago
  • nobody:.... not a soul:... no-one ever:... Stephanos: Did I mention that my whole family, the Coffeebeans, of which I am the seventh of thirteen children, is dead?

    Cecil AleksanderCecil Aleksander5 months ago
  • If Steve has a plus 5 to performance and he got a 25, then he rolled a nat 20 performance....

    Evan AdairEvan Adair5 months ago
  • This should be a thing.

    jOefLyjOefLy5 months ago
  • Aye! Tell us more of this "Parker of Pete," halfling stripper! *buurrp🥴

    Ronald FarberRonald Farber5 months ago
  • 1:10 Ryan's complete lack of expression here is ABSOLUTELY and TOTALLY insane.

    Misty BouquetMisty Bouquet5 months ago
  • "It smells like chicken in here..." Wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that. :-) Excellent job the game!

    RPG CrateRPG Crate5 months ago
  • i thought ryan was just casually drinking white wine the entire session...

    Amanda EspinalAmanda Espinal6 months ago
  • My face hurts from laughing so much

    Mina WeißMina Weiß6 months ago
  • when shane says "it is me ..." he sounds just like clayface from harley quinn animated series

    glitterriddlerglitterriddler6 months ago
  • qezza actually owns my soul, she could stab me and i'd thank her

    taryntaryn6 months ago

    Christine AnggiChristine Anggi6 months ago
  • Steve declaring the bar his has similar vibes to the "this is my bridge now, Goatman!"

    OttoOtto6 months ago
  • I literally had to take a break from watching the video after shane said "muscles" like that. like I full on walked away from my laptop because I was cackling so hard. my diaphragm is emploded.

    R SR S6 months ago
  • 12:28 D i v U L g E - that gave me chills i wha????

    Celest TanCelest Tan6 months ago
  • Steven has Binging with Babish’s book I-

    Ariana ColonAriana Colon6 months ago

    LisahSiloLisahSilo6 months ago
  • Stephanos has had it with people using his banging bod

    GiovannaGiovanna6 months ago

    GiovannaGiovanna6 months ago
  • Lenny's disappearance should be featured on BUN.

    Poochie CollinsPoochie Collins6 months ago
  • 7:08 who says "oh my God"? No one's mouth is moving at the time.

    Poochie CollinsPoochie Collins6 months ago
    • @kabazinga - : idk, it doesn't sound like Ryan to me.

      Poochie CollinsPoochie Collins6 months ago
    • Poochie Collins because he can’t believe his finally actually going to play the guitar? also the voice sounds like ryan, also he has the microphone on his shirt so it doesn’t matter if his out of the frame

      kabazinga -kabazinga -6 months ago
    • @kabazinga - : his face is out of camera, and why would he say 'omg' to himself?

      Poochie CollinsPoochie Collins6 months ago
    • Ryan

      kabazinga -kabazinga -6 months ago
  • “I WANT A SIDE BAR WITH MY TWO FRIENDS! That will be the LAST TIME I use my bangin’ bod for persuasion!” Stephen 🤣🤣🤣

    Tarrie RevenantTarrie Revenant6 months ago
  • 17:46 I died when Steve called out the bard and Shane just immediately changed his speech and then the awkward silence afterward was just *chefs kiss*

    EMMAbnormalEMMAbnormal6 months ago
  • stephanos and steve are definitely a thing 100%

    fairyfairy6 months ago
  • STEPHEN I can NOT 😂🤣🤣🤣 I love my smol “bangin’ bod” halfling (and moreover cinnamon roll Stephen)

    Tarrie RevenantTarrie Revenant6 months ago
  • Love this

    AvennGed1AvennGed16 months ago
  • Shorty with a bangin bod

    Elizabeth FulgencioElizabeth Fulgencio6 months ago
  • let's take a moment here to appreciate Steven's hair this episode. Hope he wears it up more because he looks proper dashing.

    Natalie RyeNatalie Rye6 months ago
  • okay but ryan sipping on white wine, wearing a headband keeping his hair out of his face while playing dnd from home is a whole assed mood

    JuneJune6 months ago
  • REMOTE SHOOTING BABY man i love watching people play DnD but don’t like playing myself haha

    Lilypad2245Lilypad22456 months ago
  • Me: sees everyone drinking while playing Also me: gets a drink to join them in libations and enjoy this even more

    Noelle MarceauNoelle Marceau6 months ago
  • Shane is pretty good on where to end the episode

    Deji Does YouTubeDeji Does YouTube6 months ago
  • I like how the cleric is opposed to light form of prostitution for information but open for murder people for get information 😂😂

    Deji Does YouTubeDeji Does YouTube6 months ago
  • shane's eyes gleaming when ryan took the guitar many years building up to that moment

    Dainara MeloDainara Melo6 months ago
  • If you all love Shane's story telling and voices then you HAVE to check out Brennan Lee Mulligan and Dimension 20! Fantastic DnD live play show. With custom battle maps and minis. Heart wrenching characters, plot lines, and dialogues, multiple seasons, and some amazing talent! Having NEVER done dnd anything. After watching some eps of Dimension 20... I now watch that, listen to NAADPOD, now SD&D&D and play in a game! I'm so happy I found DnD now I only wish I had done so earlier! (I know Critical Role is another amazing one and the one with the McCelroy brothers but haven't heard them yet!)

    tivat94tivat946 months ago
  • steve is just rocket raccoon send tweet

    Camille ArroyosCamille Arroyos6 months ago
  • Ok I’m officially naming all the bird people. Actually I named as soon as they were introduced so when one died I screamed “ No Hari !!!” They’re names are ; Hari, Kai, Mimic, and fluffles.

    Eren MidnightEren Midnight6 months ago
  • Shane pulled a Rick Riordan. *he left a killer CLIFFHANGER*

    chochi chocolatechochi chocolate7 months ago
  • I feel like Shane had so much fun this week!

    soshiangel90soshiangel907 months ago
  • Steven looks like Ian Lightfoot in this video

    Suzanna Kelchner LeeSuzanna Kelchner Lee7 months ago
  • Yes

    KV JackalKV Jackal7 months ago

    yee to my hawyee to my haw7 months ago
  • i love that ryan is drinking wine through the entire episode

    Virginia SpargoVirginia Spargo7 months ago
  • I love this! I’m learning so much about D&D but also sometimes have no idea what’s going on.... can somebody explain why Stephanos didn’t kill the crows with his spell?

    Allie FurlongAllie Furlong7 months ago
  • “i’m for real! you make my insides,, tingle” never change, stephanos, never change

    ross g.ross g.7 months ago
  • I love how none of them know that kenkus can only speak by repeating things they've heard

    Calla AndrewsCalla Andrews7 months ago
  • I just binge watched all the SD&D&D episodes😂 i cant wait for more lol

    Rosibel HernandezRosibel Hernandez7 months ago
  • I am so enjoying these episodes!!! Much fun, thanks guys! Love it. Nickles and Pickles to You!!

    spiritussublimespiritussublime7 months ago
  • Is there some sort of cleric instinct that leads the players to be overtly sexual??? We've got Stephanos' bangin' bod on SD&D&D and Merle talking dirty to plants in TAZ......what is in those holy symbols

    andreajunieandreajunie7 months ago
    • It’s in the holy water

      Tarrie RevenantTarrie Revenant6 months ago
  • ryan drinking wine somehow makes everything steve does 10x funnier

    andreajunieandreajunie7 months ago
  • I love this so much, I have one wish and that is that the episodes were longer. I feel like I get fully into it and the story is flowing well and then all of a sudden it's over and I'm like???

    Zoe CaggianoZoe Caggiano7 months ago
  • I didnt think I would enjoy a dnd podcast thingy so much lmao

    container of beanscontainer of beans7 months ago
  • 'From now on I'll just go back to cutting people in half' Quezza's deadpan humour is underrated

    Oh NoOh No7 months ago
  • Steve, holding his glass of white wine with his arms folded and a smirk across his face as he says "Awe Hell Yeah" in that stupidly deep voice while Stephanos takes off his jacket??? Bi vibes. BI. VIBES.

    Spoogy GusSpoogy Gus7 months ago
  • “That is the final time I use my banging bod for persuasion...” STEPHANOS 2020 Idk about that chief 😂

    Tracey MuyTracey Muy7 months ago
  • Boogara GUITARA!! We got em!! Finally!

    Tracey MuyTracey Muy7 months ago
  • Man Ricky Goldsworth is really coming out to play in this episode

    Ashley NAshley N7 months ago
  • Steve only said Qezza wanted to bang Stephanos to hide that he wants to

    R MillerR Miller7 months ago
  • Ryan is just slamming that wine back

    R MillerR Miller7 months ago
  • ok scary but Ryan my dad and I used to have a squirrel friend called Lenny

    R MillerR Miller7 months ago
  • Lol awesome! Can't wait for the next one ♥️♥️♥️

    Melissa BurwickMelissa Burwick7 months ago
  • i came into this not knowing what this game is about and not expecting to be too invested but now i find myself religiously waiting by on sunday for its release...

    SuperPando77SuperPando777 months ago
  • steve/stephanos, slowburn, enemies to friends to lovers, 500k

    Alfie DVAlfie DV7 months ago
  • We have an albino squirrel in my neighborhood that we call Fred.

    The Fact FortThe Fact Fort7 months ago
  • this was such an eventful episode when stephanos started seducing by taking off his jacket i choked on my dinner iudghiudshgds

    floraljasifloraljasi7 months ago
  • watching this while i play mario kart makes life great

    Kazzandra PerezKazzandra Perez7 months ago
  • shane is a LEGEND. he is so sincere and talented

    Claire CrayClaire Cray7 months ago
  • Hey, can u guys go to a haunted house in theme park. I want to see shane getting scared huaha.

    Bryan VegardBryan Vegard7 months ago
    • You missed the social distancing part?

      sandpiperrsandpiperr7 months ago
  • So no one is going to call out how they seriously named their channel The Watcher.. after the Buzzfeed video (The Eerie Case of The Watcher)?? What is really going on here?

    614whiteXJ614whiteXJ7 months ago
    • You must be new here. It was talked about at length when they announced the channel at the end of last year.

      kbrock 9146kbrock 91467 months ago
  • I love this series. Please keep doing it!

    Andrew WeissAndrew Weiss7 months ago
  • Hey Shane Ryan I've got some ideas for the 2nd season of Puppet history 1# You should do the story of the Titanic's radio operators it's a great story and you can go into more detail then in the 3rd episode 2# cover the sinking of the Lusitania it's one of the greatest tragedy's of WW1 and it's actually more terrifying then the Titanic and Britannic. I hope guys cover both of them but at least one would make me happy.

    Alexander DomanskiAlexander Domanski7 months ago
  • First of all Stevens roots make me happy and second of all Steve and Stephanos

    Thomas HintonThomas Hinton7 months ago
  • Petition to make this a 2 episodes per week series?

    Bianca IoanaBianca Ioana7 months ago
  • Stevens smile is so cute

    Cierra VolkertCierra Volkert7 months ago
  • The homoeroticism between Stephanos and Steve is so important to me

    Brittany AllenBrittany Allen7 months ago
    • Brittany Allen it is DEFINITELY important

      touyaismtouyaism7 months ago
  • This is one of the better things to come out of this pandemic

    Lorna VàzquezLorna Vàzquez7 months ago
  • Rip Lenny

    Alisa PerezAlisa Perez7 months ago
  • Stephanos: starts taking off his jacket seductively Everyone: oh shoot stuff is about to go down

    Falsehood 101Falsehood 1017 months ago
  • lol last time i dmed my bard also got in a bard battle with the bar bard! They also rolled a net 20 on performance and the bar bard became enamored with them as well lol

    Star GodStar God7 months ago
  • I want to play with you guysss

    Fleur BijlFleur Bijl7 months ago
  • Absolutely love this series! Always so sad when it ends! Can't wait to see who's in the back room!

    hiddenemberzhiddenemberz7 months ago
  • You heard it here first: Stephanos has a bangin' bod *and is no SHORTIE*

    AddieAddie7 months ago
  • Steve is like a very controlled Ricky Goldsworth

    good gaming goobgood gaming goob7 months ago
  • Is it weird that even at half an hour, I just don't feel that these are long enough? Thank you, though!

    Haechan Be My BrideHaechan Be My Bride7 months ago
  • This is my new everything tbh lol

    Barbara MoreyBarbara Morey7 months ago
  • FINALLY. Wasn’t expecting it but am certainly not disappointed

    Angie ZamoraAngie Zamora7 months ago
  • I can't believe we finally got Bergara Guitara, hahaha, best episode yet!

    AwesomeAartvarkAwesomeAartvark7 months ago