BIG Spooky Announcements • Watcher Weekly #039

Sep 30, 2020
150 932 Views

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Hello! Welcome to the 39th episode of our weekly talk show!
Today's Agenda:
0:53 Chill Zone
1:49 This Week
5:29 Q & A
9:37 ????
16:03 Goodbye
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  • I'm glad the fuzz on Shane's face was eventually called out. I saw it right away. Just a bunch of fuzzy bois.

    Abby CalAbby Cal2 days ago
  • 8:50 yes please.

    Eat Bags Of MoneyEat Bags Of Money2 days ago
  • Please do a Grainne Mhaol puppet history!!!! She's so awesome!!!

    Madeleine McAleaMadeleine McAlea16 days ago
  • missing steven's showssss 😯

    kat. neskat. nes21 day ago
  • What happened to watcher weekly

    Yazan İbrahimYazan İbrahim21 day ago

    Samantha MaGillSamantha MaGill24 days ago

    Samantha MaGillSamantha MaGill24 days ago
  • Have they ever explained why they havent done any ghost hunting?

    Evita LescanoEvita Lescano24 days ago
  • Realizing where the cutoff is between Gen X and Millennials -- not a single one of them not know what go-go boots are! Terrifying.

    Quinn MQuinn M28 days ago
  • Bergoogoo got the hops Bergogo boots

    Dani PickardDani Pickard29 days ago
  • Shane saying that when he was a kid he thought the heely kids in the mall “moved faster than kids ought-ta” proves that he has been an old man inside forever

    Dani PickardDani Pickard29 days ago
  • RYANBERGARA, where'd you get that cool ass tshirt? (Does anyone know?)

    Alex AAlex AMonth ago
  • Like all of these guys but 3 peeps is making my head spin. Can't do it

    Rascal BascalRascal BascalMonth ago
  • Is it wrong that im starting to love the professor more than life itself. Keep making Ryan last well all know you are secretly trying to make him better with facts lol

    DropAssult 22DropAssult 22Month ago
  • Can't get enough of you guys.

    Maudie IcrochetMaudie IcrochetMonth ago
  • i dont know why i find shane so attractive it messes with my head me and my daddy issues lmao

    avianna hernandezavianna hernandezMonth ago
  • For next Weekly Watcher questions: can we start a GoFundMe to buy the Unsolved rights from Buzzfeed so we can give the views directly to you, who did all the work on that series?

    Nicholas ComunelliNicholas ComunelliMonth ago
  • Pretty sure heelys are banned at both the mall and Disneyland, so I guess we know who is to thank for that lol

    thetoneofsurprisethetoneofsurpriseMonth ago
  • I don’t want to vote, partially because I have no idea wtf is going on. Even when candidates say “Yeah, this here is what I’m going to do”, what are the effects of that? Will it crash the economy even though it sounds useful? What if they’re just a fucking lier and aren’t going to do that at _all??_ What if all plausible winners suck equal amount of dick, like the 2016 presidential elections? There are too many variables, I can’t process the real implications of my possible choices. There also are apparently so many different positions that need voting? How can one find time and energy to research and understand the policies +skill levels of all those people?? That, and I’m not of voting age, but the point still stands.

    Violet VulpixViolet VulpixMonth ago
  • yee

    BryanBryanMonth ago
  • Is there going to be... another cooking or home made video sometime q-q? with Thanksgiving coming around in Canada and in general slowly going towards the end of the year... I had hoped to see some Christmas recipy or similar stuff. :) I like all of you guys a lot. Stay awesome!

    KumoKumoMonth ago
  • i cant wait omg

    avenginglokiavenginglokiMonth ago
  • Starts at 5:30

    Ruben FloresRuben FloresMonth ago
  • poor steven having to deal with drunk Ryan and shane while beimg sober himself

    EmiliaEmiliaMonth ago
  • They called him poison apple Steve but NYC is big rotten apple not big poison apple

    Isha BoyeIsha BoyeMonth ago
  • Are you going to be doing any paranormal investigations?

    supercoolhoneybeesupercoolhoneybeeMonth ago
  • Glad you guys left buzzfeed, literally you were the only thing on there worth watching

    EzioAuditoreEzioAuditoreMonth ago
    • New season coming out in 2 days

      gamer 101gamer 101Month ago
  • Minnesotan here...this question is for my Midwestern boys! What is something super annoyingly LA that Ryan does?

    Madeline EggenbergerMadeline EggenbergerMonth ago

    Kurwa CipkiKurwa CipkiMonth ago
  • 12:29 - 12:38 "TOO MANY SPIRITS" will be uploaded on october's wednesdays? Can't find today's episode. Did I miss it? :(

    Jana ZanderJana ZanderMonth ago
    • @MantisTobaggonMD Thanks for the info :)

      Jana ZanderJana ZanderMonth ago
    • Their Twitter says it will air tomorrow (Thursday) at 10 a.m. instead. I also came back to check, but, tbh, I'm just grateful this channel is still cranking out great content during covid, especially as quickly as they are.

      MantisTobaggonMDMantisTobaggonMDMonth ago
    • yeah, like did they,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,forget?

      noelle rankinnoelle rankinMonth ago
  • I miss when Lauren used to enlarge their heads, bring that back

    Priyanka AmbatiPriyanka AmbatiMonth ago
  • petition for shane and ryan to play phasmophobia

    fatima rahman ‘fatima rahman ‘Month ago
  • More "Are you Scared" please 🥺

    Moises MarquezMoises MarquezMonth ago
    • Dw, are you scared season 2 premiers this Friday! ;)

      Jayze PickleJayze PickleMonth ago
  • Me getting concerned that ryan is still kidnapped and the first ep of Too Many Spirits should air tomorrow if it's every wednesday-

    5am Forever5am ForeverMonth ago
  • does shane live in alcatraz? that background is making me commit tax fraud

    friskgender xxfriskgender xxMonth ago

    micko gaerlanmicko gaerlanMonth ago
  • Can we PLEASE get a video of Ryan, Shane and Steven playing the game phasmophobia!!!?? Pretty please with ice cream on top!

    Nagoya GhoulNagoya GhoulMonth ago
  • Hey are you going to be having your episodes be about strange paranormal events like Mary Recer and the Toxic woman?

    E.J SwansonE.J SwansonMonth ago
  • When Steven points out that he's used to getting run over by Ryan and Shane (mostly Ryan) and then he gets run over by the Technical Difficulties pop-up.

    Norse MaidenNorse MaidenMonth ago
  • Anytrans sounds like a plural pronoun for use in trans friend groups. "Hey does anytrans have a flannel I can layer over my flannel"

    Lina ClarkLina ClarkMonth ago
  • Wth! USworlds unsubscribed me from y'all glad to be back :)

    mal monmal monMonth ago
  • Steven's 1v1 show idea sounds super fun, even if it's a limited run as opposed to a year-round segment! Love these Watcher Weekly episodes. Thanks for letting us hang out with y'all.

    Bethany MinervinoBethany MinervinoMonth ago
  • You should do an episode with Zach Bagans! I would love to see shane and Zach talk about if ghosts are real XD

    Heather DelkHeather DelkMonth ago
  • the opening is like all of them are high and im dyinggggg

    Kylie AlcantarKylie AlcantarMonth ago
  • What happened to BUN? Just stambled on this after watching the boys crack me up in S.W.A.T

    Chippy BoyChippy BoyMonth ago
  • What about "BuzzFeed Unsolved Supernatural"? Is that not going to happen this year?

    James BaileyJames BaileyMonth ago
    • BuzzFeed Unsolved announced it over on their channel. :) It seems like they can't talk about BuzzFeed stuff on Watcher and vice versa.

      F HF HMonth ago
  • You guys should collab with Sam and Colby!

    Leslie SerranoLeslie SerranoMonth ago
  • "Bergoogoo got the hops" is the quote of the episode.

    AlessandriaAlessandriaMonth ago

  • Hey Shane, just wondering where you get your haircut and what you ask for? I have similar hair but I can't find a good barber, it never comes out good.

    jamesjamesMonth ago
  • I, too, suffer from "itchy trauma."

    bluefox99887bluefox99887Month ago
  • ryan we need are you scared......i hate you......aaaaaaaaaaaaaah........shane smack the hell out of him.....he can do it in his bed for Gods sake.....

    Patrick OlooPatrick OlooMonth ago
  • thing shirt! thing shirt! thing shirt! thing shirt! thing shirt! thing shirt!

    Isabella SangsterIsabella SangsterMonth ago
  • I am registered to vote. Thanks!

    Martin LucasMartin LucasMonth ago
  • AnyTrans person is valid

    Reyna BerryReyna BerryMonth ago
  • Watcher-weenie hut jr's

    ThinkSnipserThinkSnipserMonth ago
  • Watch-o-ween, also, what about Are you Scared? =( that wasn't even mentioned...

    Matt StarkMatt StarkMonth ago
  • ahhhhhhhh I need this in my life! can't wait!!! LETS GET SPOOKY

    ArtxLifeArtxLifeMonth ago
  • I would love to see y'all play among us

    Ba BanananBa BanananMonth ago
  • Good as lim ain't in it I love it he really brings show down imo

    Edmond LaroseEdmond LaroseMonth ago
  • honestly if youre not doing scary stories you videos suck ball sakcs

    Me.Me.Month ago
  • fcking love it when the graduation theme started playing for patreon

    HoldmyleashHoldmyleashMonth ago
  • Shane: Ive got to get a haircut. Me: pls..... pls dont. pls tho.

    Lisa StormoLisa StormoMonth ago
  • I wish you guys would play Phasmophobia

    Lea LuLea LuMonth ago
  • Are we gonna get to see more of Ricky Goldsworth? ;0;

    ꧁ Jess N ꧂꧁ Jess N ꧂Month ago
  • Love you guys ❤❤

    Reece CReece CMonth ago
  • I love horror and scary themes

    Zenn Marie ComiaZenn Marie ComiaMonth ago
  • I'm sad that are you scared wasn't mentioned😔

    Tina Cardona-PintoTina Cardona-PintoMonth ago
  • Register to vote, so you can keep the USA on its upward trajectory (#trump2020), or virtue-signal how ignorant you are of world history, and vote for a Communist America (#dontberetarded).

    Coastal AnimistCoastal AnimistMonth ago
    • @Beck Cetera #youdliketothinkso

      Coastal AnimistCoastal AnimistMonth ago
    • @Coastal Animist #NotOffendedJustEducated

      Beck CeteraBeck CeteraMonth ago
    • @Beck Cetera #stopbeingoffendedbymerewords

      Coastal AnimistCoastal AnimistMonth ago
    • #StopUsingOffensiveAdjectives

      Beck CeteraBeck CeteraMonth ago
  • ryan wears heelys to escape his feelies

    Carly SandersCarly SandersMonth ago
  • shane should cosplay as shaggy now. i mean look at that hair

    Ruth EvansRuth EvansMonth ago
  • Man I just want to know if you guys smoke weed. That's it.

    Giselle ChavezGiselle ChavezMonth ago
  • The two fashion items that I need to make a comeback have to be cloaks and hoop skirts. Life would be amazing if this would be possible.

    Olivia MarshallOlivia MarshallMonth ago
    • @Beck Cetera don't worry, I will build you and everyone in the world a larger closet to fit all the hoop skirts we need

      Olivia MarshallOlivia MarshallMonth ago
    • @Olivia Marshall I was genuinely wondering - unfortunately I don't think my closet would be enough to fit hoop skirts :(

      Beck CeteraBeck CeteraMonth ago
    • Beck Cetera why not

      Olivia MarshallOlivia MarshallMonth ago
    • Why?

      Beck CeteraBeck CeteraMonth ago
  • Seasons of puppet history should be called semesters

    Cameron ZappettaCameron ZappettaMonth ago
  • You guys should try the Phasmophobia game! I don't know if anyone suggested this already but it would be fun to watch you guys play the game where you visit haunted places and investigate paranormal activities just like in Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural!

    Allen Grace TabiAllen Grace TabiMonth ago
  • Ryan and Shane when is buzzfeed unsolved coming back

    Thomas SaviniThomas SaviniMonth ago
  • A very important election, between a capitalist white old man against another capitalist white old man.

    Gareth PitchfordGareth PitchfordMonth ago
    • I really hope this isn't how you are viewing the upcoming election as what you are saying basically describes every election in the history of the US (aside from Obama in terms of race). I'm assuming you are eligible to vote, I am not as I don't live in the US and am not a citizen, but it IS an important election in terms of voting in someone who is qualified to be there vs. someone who isn't.

      Beck CeteraBeck CeteraMonth ago
  • when shane said "have you heard of AnyTrans?" I was expecting ryan to just start naming trans people

    KoburaKoburaMonth ago
  • We want more Are You Scared please.

    frances landfrances landMonth ago
  • Heelys were my first quarantine purchase

    Nikki RivasNikki RivasMonth ago
  • aw im so hypedddddd , you all are literally the best!

    SushipopiSushipopiMonth ago
  • Can’t wait to see Steven dealing with Ryan and Shane drunk 😂👌🏼

    Rachel ScalfaniRachel ScalfaniMonth ago
  • I wish we had heelys again 😭😭 bring back heelys!!🗣🗣

    Geana ._.Geana ._.Month ago
  • Steven: Watcher-weenie Me: *slow but easily amused* 😶😐😄😂🤣💀⚰️🥀

    ErikaErikaMonth ago
  • Steven lim spiceee🥳😭✨✨

    LetishaLetishaMonth ago

    LetishaLetishaMonth ago
  • Yo please get Steven to be a regular on Buzzfeed Unsolved Paranormal.

    GnoxxifyGnoxxifyMonth ago
  • I am unsettled by how handsome Ryan and Steven look in the spooky poster because I’m getting strong serial killer vibes but here we are... 😬 More importantly, SPOOKY. Time to patreon I suppose.

    CaseyCaseyMonth ago
  • So excited Omg I just found this channel! Loved unsolved and worth it

    Isabel Palmer-MaxwellIsabel Palmer-MaxwellMonth ago
  • So excited for the spooky stories!

    Rebecca O'learyRebecca O'learyMonth ago
  • Drunk puppet history sounds great...also remind people the vote is not just for the president but there are quite a bit of important laws/acts to be voted upon as well

    The QuaranTEAMThe QuaranTEAMMonth ago
  • I'm not just any Trans. I'm Extra Trans.

    IndybotIndybotMonth ago
  • Hell yeah! Shoutout from the BOIS! Fellow Ryans unite 😤

    Ryan DavisRyan DavisMonth ago
  • God I'd love a spooky social distancing dnd campaign

    Jolie BensonJolie BensonMonth ago
  • TRUMP HAS COVID 19 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

    loser0_0lesbian 0loser0_0lesbian 0Month ago
  • Ryan, Shane- GET TESTED, THEN YOU CAN HUG AS MUCH AS YOU WANT. Just stay quarantined between testing and shooting, and you’re golden.

    Chloe SparksChloe SparksMonth ago
  • it's not 5 es o es ITS 5SAUCE love u guys tho

    InaInaMonth ago
  • SPOOKY SPIRITS.. hell yes!

    CSCSMonth ago
    • It partly satisfies the drought of unsolved vids :,)

      CSCSMonth ago
  • wait how do we submit stories for watcher-ween spooktacular?

    liv okliv okMonth ago
  • Shane has a full on bob now

    Alex EAlex EMonth ago