Bloopers! Weird Wonderful World Edition • Watcher Weekly #032

Aug 12, 2020
114 672 Views

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Hello! Welcome to the 32nd episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
0:23 Chill Zone
1:30 Show News
2:22 WW+ News
2:34 Q & A
7:52 WWW Bloopers
13:58 Goodbye
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  • Is a hot dog a taco?

    The DarkThe DarkHour ago
  • All Hail the Watcher

    Dash LukkyDash Lukky17 hours ago
  • Sandwich is a definition, not a food

    Miguel AlvarezMiguel Alvarez10 days ago
  • Where are the bloopers exactly?

    snavissnavis11 days ago
  • 4:20 i was so confused. I thought you meant actual goldfish. Like the animal. I thought y’all were eating raw fish from a tank. (I’m from Australia for context and we don’t have the SNACK goldfish. 🐠😂 6:50 random activity...cult stuff

    Woven CovenWoven Coven11 days ago
  • 12:15-12:28 Best laugh for me.

    Eat Bags Of MoneyEat Bags Of Money14 days ago
  • I've never seen Shane more bewildered than he was at 11:59

    Abby CalAbby CalMonth ago
  • Steven Lim invents Shabbat???

    joel [redacted]joel [redacted]Month ago
  • I love these bloopers. I imagine you're trying not to swear in episodes unless it's sponsored or cut out, but I think it's funny to let your personal side come through.

    Ash SawyerAsh SawyerMonth ago
  • not to be ungrateful, but i need, like, 10 more hours of bloopers

    johnnyneedscashjohnnyneedscashMonth ago
  • So dissapointed ye are Taylor swift fans xD Ah joking, not a fan of course, but to each their own :P

    peter chainspeter chains2 months ago
  • wait wait wait, "wired airpods"???? you mean... headphones?

    dessa darasdessa daras2 months ago
  • oh god shane likes the national as if i couldnt love him more

    Roberta BRoberta B2 months ago
  • WHYYY DId they not keep that first intro that was g o l d e n

    Cap’n FluffoCap’n Fluffo2 months ago
  • The part where Shane is moving his eyebrows and Ryan is just saying "I love it. I love it." That's like a bad acid trip

    Amanda RakestrawAmanda Rakestraw2 months ago
  • Someone give me a show that is just Ryan and Shane bloopers, I just laughed more than I have in a long time

    Amanda RakestrawAmanda Rakestraw2 months ago
  • Man oh man they would be shook if they watched food theories video on what is a sandwich😂

    Suri KiddSuri Kidd2 months ago
  • "Show me on the kart where he touched you" had me laughing till the cows come home

    cass medcass med2 months ago

    bluefox99887bluefox998872 months ago
  • Shane's brain fully broke when Ryan touched his knee

    Deborah SawyerDeborah Sawyer2 months ago

    Angel AdrejiloAngel Adrejilo2 months ago
  • Nice

    halil 23halil 233 months ago
  • All hail the watcher

  • please bring back are you scared!!!!!!

    SHAM IRLSHAM IRL3 months ago
  • The way Steven says "it just kinda looks likeatinypie" at 6:37 got me laughing so hard and I don't know why

    Adee MAdee M3 months ago
  • "Last time I saw a hawk I was playing N64." Falco?!

    Isha BoyeIsha Boye3 months ago
  • I love that yall had captions, I had no idea! Thanks Watcher !

    Jenny NguyenJenny Nguyen3 months ago
  • Yes Steven a square IS a rectangle

    Madison FrericksMadison Frericks3 months ago
  • how they ever get an episode done is beyond me.

    Haley MeltonHaley Melton3 months ago
  • Ryan are you high

    Chubbbles 666Chubbbles 6663 months ago
  • 💛💛💛

    Mia TerracottaMia Terracotta3 months ago
  • Wish there was a 💯 option for you boys! Especially you two, Madej and Bugara ❤

    alice van tasselalice van tassel3 months ago
  • smørrebrød is danish tho and smörgåsbord is swedish sorry mate

    B0NEB0NE3 months ago

    Lyan CrownLyan Crown3 months ago
  • Didn't think I'd like puppet history. I love it😍 waiting for the next episode

    Giseley AmorousGiseley Amorous3 months ago
  • Please Ryan go back to your other hairstyle... we like your old hairstyle- but it looks wrong this way

    Jolene KrausJolene Kraus3 months ago
  • Nah they must be hard to edit with all them bits 😆

    stray kaestray kae3 months ago
  • What is going on with Ryan’s hair?

    Aspiring AvengerAspiring Avenger3 months ago
  • Somehow Unsolved convinced us that Shane was the weird one while WWW has shown us it's actuality Ryan whose the weird one.

    Bridget MuetingBridget Mueting3 months ago
  • Meat between two halves of bread. Hotdogs are a sandwich.

    aipaloovikaipaloovik3 months ago
  • shane is kinda so off in this episode why??

    lake !lake !3 months ago
  • Steven was doing a bit of shit stirring at the end there ! 😁

    Karla QuigleyKarla Quigley3 months ago
  • I actually teach home school history with the professor. We build on where the cup being awarded stops! let me tell you , the fourteen year old who lives here and I have had some huge discussions based on this show. She actually cracked a smile, actually moved her face! when she heard there were eight new episodes. Our favorite episode was the worlds luckiest woman. We went in so many directions to find out more . Thank you.

    Barbara CovingtonBarbara Covington3 months ago

    Natasha KirklandNatasha Kirkland3 months ago
  • 12:30 I loke Ryan going to stop Shane

    C HC H3 months ago
  • 500th comment, baby

    Deneesher PatherDeneesher Pather3 months ago
  • What the heck is Breather anyway?

    SeventhSwellSeventhSwell3 months ago
  • 12:56 W H A T

    Lily LiangLily Liang3 months ago
  • Can we add Kate to Watcher Weekly? Loved her on Puppet History

    Slippery JimSlippery Jim3 months ago
  • shane looked fine af in the race car suit learning against the race car ;o

    Todd The DotTodd The Dot3 months ago
  • Speaking of Puppet History merch, when are we getting more of those GD Puppet pins?! I am constantly checking all year and always sold out 💔 gotta support my fav professor as a true pin gal

    Alfredo PastaAlfredo Pasta3 months ago

    rolynnrolynn3 months ago
  • you guys make me so happy thank you so much!!!

    Anne-Sophie G.-N.Anne-Sophie G.-N.3 months ago
  • the bloopers were mostly shane being a disaster

    OskaOska3 months ago
  • it took me far too long to realise they were talking about goldfish crackers and not literal goldfish

    milamila3 months ago
  • "Show me on the cart where he touched me" (^_^) hahahaha LOVE IT!

    Rika ERika E3 months ago
  • Can we get the professor as a surprised guest on unsolved or weird wonderful world episodes?....maybe on watcher weekly?

    NandoVNandoV3 months ago
  • ryan!! check out griselda! crazy good contemporary hip hop. westside gunn, conway the machine, benny the butcher. stories like poetry. some songs featuring poet keisha plum. a lot of beats by the alchemist. listening with ur eyes closed is like watching a movie *0*

    Ellie RumseyEllie Rumsey3 months ago
  • #WatcherWeekly - So Ryan had Marielle on Spooky Small Talk, Shane are you ever going to have Sara come on?

    Joe JureckiJoe Jurecki3 months ago
  • Been going through some stuff and not feeling so happy. I just watched this and this made up for everything!!!! PUPPET HISTORY!!!! OMG!!!!

    MsRoZ SmallMsRoZ Small3 months ago
  • I love how the guys have more to say about Goldfish dust than their choices in music and artists. 😂😂

    Jillian MJillian M3 months ago
  • One day no electricity sucks because that was a reality for me when I was a child, before they brought prepaid electricity in the 2014.. but instead of it being one day no electricity, it was every other day no electricity. It made life pretty bleak. And frankly, one time, our water pump got stolen in one of the night of no electricity.

    ReedReed3 months ago
  • I don’t understand where are the masks and social distancing in weird wonderful world? Did I miss them saying something about it?

    Ms HydrusMs Hydrus3 months ago
    • Lamia T L aaah thank you! I knew I must’ve missed something! You’re the best!!!

      Ms HydrusMs Hydrus3 months ago
    • Also, they show the clapper board / slate with dates at the start of each WWW episode, don't they? 🤔

      Lamia T LLamia T L3 months ago
    • On Watcher Weekly, they had discussed about finishing filming these Weird And/Or Wonderful World episodes way back in February 2020.

      Lamia T LLamia T L3 months ago
  • "Wired Airpods" Oh, so you mean earbuds? .-.

    OwlskiOwlski3 months ago
  • I have medical equipment that needs electricity every day of the week.... so.... Steve would be a bad dictator

    Ms HydrusMs Hydrus3 months ago
  • I thought Ryan and Shane locked digital Steven Lim in Sims?

    flora liflora li3 months ago
  • please come to norway/stavanger, its a really cute town

    AlviAlvi3 months ago
  • okay were just gonna ignore show me on the cart where he touched me 9:44

    caden dalcaden dal3 months ago
  • Yay puppet history!

    jenn Wildermanjenn Wilderman3 months ago
  • i took me waaay to long to realize they weren't talking about actual goldfish

    AA3 months ago
  • Ryan's a swiftieeeeee🥰🥰

    Jenny Rose JohnnyJenny Rose Johnny3 months ago
  • 8 EPISODES OF PUPPET HISTORY!? ........ All hail The Watcher.

    Matthew CleverlyMatthew Cleverly3 months ago
  • Shane: [mentions the national] Me: *ah, i see you are a man of culture as well.*

    GhostLudeGhostLude3 months ago
  • i laughed so hard when Steven started to do the asmr that i had to pause their video and it's only the beginning HAHAHA

    Maa'idah HaiyuMaa'idah Haiyu3 months ago
  • You know what's funny about living in a country that doesn't have Goldfish crackers? Imagining all the Goldfish talk as if they're just shovelling live fish down their throats.

    sweetistweetersweetistweeter3 months ago
  • Shane:*wears an Ostrich themed shirt* Every fan from the Philippines:*remembers the Ostrich that is now dead by being cooked* WhYyYyYyY?!

    Harley LaufeysonHarley Laufeyson3 months ago
  • Love ❤️ from Canada 🇨🇦

    K LidstoneK Lidstone3 months ago
  • 11:05 me trying to form a coherent sentence when someone starts talking to me

    Holly HollysonHolly Hollyson3 months ago
  • Ryan has Rosie hair

    L. Y.L. Y.3 months ago
  • Shane take the toothpick out, that's so gross I think I'm going to vomit.

    IrkallahIrkallah3 months ago
  • ryan u might like this mixtape bro

    mayra martinezmayra martinez3 months ago
  • *I should get butt implants* *I'm a speed demon* *Fill my buttcheeks with sand* - Quotable quotes by Ryan Bergara

    I Am ArtemisI Am Artemis3 months ago
  • Noooooo bring back weird wonderful world!!!

    Madelyn HostetlerMadelyn Hostetler3 months ago
  • So happy! 8 episodes!

    Linda MastersLinda Masters3 months ago
  • Can you jump into the world of drag on the next season??? I wanna see these buys in full drag being taught how to be QUEENS! 💖💫

    goldiegoldie3 months ago
  • Ryan must have lost a bet. Check his "beard" at 3:14.

    Karin AllenKarin Allen3 months ago
  • squares are rectangles but rectangles are not squares

    Abigail TakemotoAbigail Takemoto3 months ago
  • Dude I literally lay down in the dark every single night and fall asleep to t swizzle

    Anthea HolmesAnthea Holmes3 months ago
  • Shane sometimes has strong brad leone vibes

    Anthea HolmesAnthea Holmes3 months ago
  • Steven is planning to make all my food go bad once a week

    Abigail Katerberg ColibabaAbigail Katerberg Colibaba3 months ago
  • Me hoping that T Swift switching back to a country vibe sticks and brings people over with her

    Abigail Katerberg ColibabaAbigail Katerberg Colibaba3 months ago
  • I still can't get over how hot Shane looked in his racecar outfit

    sinéadsinéad3 months ago
  • The Flavour Blasted Goldfish do have dust!!!

    Jessica LeeJessica Lee3 months ago
  • I’m obsessed with the cut after Shane asks Steven if he is lying about ever eating it seems as if he is deffo lying.

    HelenHelen3 months ago
  • @Steven, about the electricity thing, what about people who have animals? I have fish, a scorpion, and lizards and they could get super sick from that temperature change.

    bonnie buckbonnie buck3 months ago
    • Plus, everybody's food would go off.

      bonnie buckbonnie buck3 months ago
  • I'm excited about the new Puppet History but I neeeeed Steven in something please 😭 literally I'm so desperate I'd watch him just tell stories while he plays his instruments or something 😭😭

    Madenique van WykMadenique van Wyk3 months ago
  • ... Did the guy living in the mini Denmark city just get schooled on Danish food by a guy from Illinois?

    kinuunikinuuni3 months ago
  • i thought the first minute of this were the bloopers

    trish trantrish tran3 months ago
  • Pretty sure Steven's "are squares rectangles?" was a joke. Sometimes they do those on these shows. We can now stop explaining shapes to Steven Lim. (Gotta make up for being smug at Steven not knowing about Shabbat somehow.)

    IndybotIndybot3 months ago
  • Two questions for ya: 1.) The “C” tab... this is it, right? Where I’m commenting at this moment? This is the C tab? Right?? 2.) What’s “Breather?”

    Reyna BerryReyna Berry3 months ago