Deathbed Confessions • The Quarantine Games

May 10, 2020
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Chapter 7: Steve is out of luck, Qezza's bloodlust knows no quenching, and Stephanos has a few withering words to impart.
#StayHome & Game #WithMe
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  • Absolutely brilliant, these four r just super funny

    katherine collinskatherine collinsMonth ago

    josie elisabethjosie elisabeth2 months ago
  • Did not see the crush on Qezza coming. Well done Steven, actor of the year!!

    Elaine GaronElaine Garon2 months ago
  • why is no one talking about Stephanos eating the salves ?? 😭😭 i was dying "it taste like my father's porridge"

    shannon cantershannon canter2 months ago
  • 17:12

    gohawks1201gohawks12013 months ago
  • So I didn't read the thumbnail and this is a pleasant surprise.

    Boat FodderBoat Fodder4 months ago
  • so many fucking zingers from all of y’all in this series but steve, i’m in love with steve 😭😭

    lywolywo4 months ago
  • the romantic tension of stevanos. i love me a good slow burn romance.

    lywolywo4 months ago
  • Mindflayers freak me out after Clarota....

    Lanna's Missing LinkLanna's Missing Link4 months ago
  • Qezza: "If I had a quarter for everytime somebody's climed up my body and onto my shoulders to profess their love to me, I'd have two quarters. Now, that isnt a lot, but it's kind of weird that it's happened twice" Everybody else in the Party: 👁👄👁 (This is just went through my head at 22:20)

    Shadowqueen93Shadowqueen934 months ago
  • This team is a mess and I need more

    nunu nananunu nana4 months ago
  • Shane laughing as soon as he sees Steven pretending to be unconscious is THE best thing

    MidnatestarMidnatestar4 months ago
  • Steve's got an uncanny resilience to the mind flayer's mind blast. Maybe extreme psychopaths are naturally resistant to psionic attacks...

    Christina T.Christina T.4 months ago
  • Me when Stephanos confesses to Quezza: DISAPPOINTED Quezza rejecting him: HAPPYNESS

    Francesca PattiFrancesca Patti5 months ago
  • Stephanos: Qezza, I have massive crush on you. Steve: 😐

    Jill StephensonJill Stephenson5 months ago
  • 0:32 Ricky Goldsworth has made an appearance

    Jill StephensonJill Stephenson5 months ago
  • You guys are my favorite. This makes me laugh so much. I love Stephen! All of you too! But Stephen is hilarious in these. What happened to the hot daga?

    Rebecca BehrensRebecca Behrens5 months ago
  • "....but he has spoken no words." ".... So, speechless. I thought so." Hahahahha

    Kitana_xoxKitana_xox5 months ago
  • RIP Stevanos shippers

    FroggyFroggy6 months ago
  • Please do MORE DnD 💝💝💝💝

    xAlbinopiratexxAlbinopiratex6 months ago
  • Stephanos had more internal wounds that needed healing apparently 😂🤣

    Perple MagiicPerple Magiic6 months ago
  • The way Steve says "Handcuffs.. or something from this realm" only proves that he is NOT from this realm.

    Bridget PhelanBridget Phelan6 months ago
  • This series has really got me interested in trying out DnD with 3 of my friends. Can anyone help me get started, so that I can play like them, through video chat. I don’t even know where to begin or what I need. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Lisette PeralesLisette Perales6 months ago
  • Please do more of these! I really enjoy these so much😍💜

    John Archie AblanqueJohn Archie Ablanque6 months ago
  • Stephanos just straight up EATS the salve lmao

    GiovannaGiovanna6 months ago
  • Stephanos almost dying and monologuing during it was so funny

    GiovannaGiovanna6 months ago
  • Any DND veterans know where Shane was probably going with the guy that escaped?

    Poochie CollinsPoochie Collins6 months ago
  • Did I miss it or is Steve still wearing Krentz’s face at the end? I don’t remember him taking it off?

    Beckslee 81Beckslee 816 months ago
  • I don’t want this series to end 😭

    fortehbirdsfortehbirds6 months ago
  • Not many are aware of Steve’s passive ability known as “One Liner” Provides +5 Charisma and -2 Endurance.

    InforismInforism6 months ago
  • I am begging to know Steve's backstory, apparently his name is important to it

    Jackson MillerJackson Miller6 months ago
  • Stephanos eating the salve sjfkjsdkj

    MikuLeekzMikuLeekz6 months ago

    fairyfairy6 months ago
  • Playing D&D for the first time in a week and I now realize how stressful it is to be the dungeon master. I’m not the dungeon master for my group but we overwhelmed him with very stupid questions today like: can you be raised by dinosaurs. The answer is a yes.

    Garrick.thegnomeGarrick.thegnome6 months ago
  • Shane, Ryan and Steven should watch The Haunting of Hill House together through the Internet and react to it during quarantine

    fangirl foreverfangirl forever6 months ago
  • Please don't stop. I love watching your D&D games.

    UV OverdriveUV Overdrive6 months ago
  • If you are into gaming please check out my friends game!

    peaceof addiepeaceof addie6 months ago
  • I never expected to be so invested in this series when I watched the first episode. I have laughed so hard in these last couple episodes. You guys are amazing. Thank you!

    Domini MoonbeamDomini Moonbeam6 months ago
  • u saying stephanos had a crush on QEZZA AND NOT STEVE? WHAT

    clay nclay n6 months ago
  • I'm really diggin' Katie's hair and makeup.

    Poochie CollinsPoochie Collins6 months ago
  • I'm going to be genuinely sad when this is over. Fingers crossed for SD&D&D S2.

    Megan BlackMegan Black6 months ago
  • I love watching Shane DM because he's got the same style of story telling as me and it makes me feel confident in my own dm but also because I just love hearing him do funny little voices.

    Zedd ParkerZedd Parker6 months ago

    Anindya RastogiAnindya Rastogi6 months ago
  • I know this is random but does anyone remember when Shane asked if will Smith was dead? Because he is that ghost predicted (he was murdered)

    sarcastic introvertsarcastic introvert6 months ago
  • Ryan's face when Stephanos said he loves Quezza noooooooo ;-;

    Louise S.PLouise S.P6 months ago
  • I’m sob

    SpookybabieSpookybabie6 months ago
  • over the top channel 👧

    Data_bunbunData_bunbun6 months ago
  • Those were some beasts!!! Sheesh. I am exhausted and I am not even part of it lol

    MsRoZ SmallMsRoZ Small6 months ago
  • "...that's pretty messed up." "Thank you!" is the energy I strive to embody.

    LineralLineral6 months ago

    Leah SmithLeah Smith6 months ago
  • wow ryan bergara voice acting king

    alexanderalexander6 months ago
  • I love how Ryan is constantly making references to things from the 1900s/2000s while the other three stay in character and only talk about things that existed in medieval times

    warm vibeswarm vibes6 months ago
    • Because Steve is Ricky Goldsworth, duh

      TryinaDTryinaD5 months ago
  • Rip the people who wanted to ship Ryan steve

    Asha BhartiAsha Bharti6 months ago
  • There better be fanfic already for all of this right quick. I need a link

    Natalie RyeNatalie Rye6 months ago
  • ryan really said "healing spells? i don't know her" and intentional or not it's actually a great character choice for steve

    Hannah PetersonHannah Peterson6 months ago
  • great episode 💕💕💕

    Ellizabeth KaneEllizabeth Kane6 months ago
  • katie clapping when she rolls an 18 was so cute 😍

    Ellizabeth KaneEllizabeth Kane6 months ago
  • Ryan does not look like he's handling social distancing well. Should we be worried about him....

    MinnieBearMinnieBear6 months ago
    • You're saying his being a murderous psychopath is a bit off from his normal persona?

      Poochie CollinsPoochie Collins6 months ago
  • Steve slips so much pop culture references that at this point I'm 100% sure he's actually Ricky Goldsworth who somehow ended up in that medieval universe

    PipeblauPipeblau6 months ago
  • >Be me >Having a lovely breakfast with my halfling wife while our kids are playing downstairs >Kids start screaming that some people have appeared in your basement >Run down immediately and see 5 complete strangers covered in blood and shit all standing in your basement >They push forward another halfling who immediately starts crying and informs us that he is an orphan >They pull him back and the half-orc explains that there is a hole in our basement that contains a secret entrance from a lair and that we should seal it up >Wife explains that we will certainly seal that up >They ask for some first aid for the halfling >Makes some healing salve for the boy >He eats it >They leave >wtf

    NicomoruNicomoru6 months ago
  • Steve during the confession: 👁👄👁?

    Bagel MomBagel Mom6 months ago
  • Love Katie's shirt

    Alana DickeyAlana Dickey6 months ago
  • Stephanos and Qezza ♡

    Cindy’s Fangirling EditsCindy’s Fangirling Edits6 months ago
  • Ryan's voice is just such a turn on for Stephanos and Shane XD

    Cindy’s Fangirling EditsCindy’s Fangirling Edits6 months ago

    pokeymans gotta catch em allpokeymans gotta catch em all6 months ago
  • katie's braid is so cute i love it

    Shiloh Thomas-WilkinsonShiloh Thomas-Wilkinson6 months ago
  • Steve x Stephanos and Stephanos x Qezza shippers are arguing and meanwhile I'm just here like... What if they all... Dated????? At once??????? Poly????????

    Ash CorvidAsh Corvid6 months ago
    • Goremaid Ayyyy

      Ash CorvidAsh Corvid6 months ago
  • 04:40 the only time Steven has exuded sexy vibes

    Sophie StoneSophie Stone6 months ago
  • Ryan's face at 0:37 is pure evil

    Alycia PietrzakAlycia Pietrzak6 months ago
  • Can we just appreciate the amount of work Shane is doing with all of this notes and how well of a job he's doing? Toast to all the wonderful DM's out there!

    Ekbeanie !Ekbeanie !6 months ago
  • I don’t want this series to end!!! I love these silly little adventures. They have actually inspired me to start playing this as well... hurry up Amazon!

    Desiree EspinosaDesiree Espinosa6 months ago
  • Stephanos: I remember the Yawning Portal as if it were yesterday. [Me: It...was yesterday.]

    beingbeckeronibeingbeckeroni6 months ago
  • I have a question, was the Professor's jellybean satchel inspired by the "fanny pack" Shane wore when Freddie and Kristen styled Shane and Ryan? Shane mentioned putting jellybeans in the fanny pack thing

    Alaina 439Alaina 4396 months ago
  • I love the sound effects with the watcher logo in the beginning it's so cool!! I can listen to it for forever so good work sound designers

    InvisibleMythInvisibleMyth6 months ago
  • This is basically one normal person fighting against two murder hobos doing whatever they want.

    Rhiannon YeadonRhiannon Yeadon6 months ago
  • seeing Katie being genuinely happy and excited to crush someone's skull is both adorable and horrifying

    shiningstarblessshiningstarbless6 months ago
  • Please tell me they’ll continue with these - they’re so damn fun to watch

    somshunsunsomshunsun6 months ago
  • Guys please continue playing after this campaign is over, this is hilarious. It's actually become one of my favorite shows on Watcher.

    KatarinaKatarina6 months ago
  • Every time we get to the end I always wish there was more! Can't wait til next week and Volo!

    hiddenemberzhiddenemberz6 months ago

    Ethan LarsonEthan Larson6 months ago

    Jaws SpencerJaws Spencer6 months ago
  • Stephanos really just ate that salve huh LMAO

    Draw with DèmiDraw with Dèmi6 months ago
  • Please make nickles and pickles mech! 😁

    Gabriella VicareyGabriella Vicarey6 months ago
  • 22:05 Stephanos: I've had a massive crush on Qezza Steve: Top 10 anime betrayals

    Harika MohanHarika Mohan6 months ago
  • Is it just me who things Ryan’s “Steve” voice is sexy? Yea? Ok..

    Danielle DupreeDanielle Dupree6 months ago
    • Same, he can take me any time

      TryinaDTryinaD5 months ago
    • I agree! 😍

      April apineruApril apineru6 months ago
  • Oh it tastes like my father's porridge!

    EmmAssassinEmmAssassin6 months ago
  • Stephanos eating the salve is stardew valley energy when you accidently eat the item you're trying to give the npcs

    Dork BunbunsDork Bunbuns6 months ago
  • When this quarantine is in our rearview, please continue this series. #I ❤Qezza too!

  • "A priest came over me and gave me a sacred flame." - Stephanos I'm sensing there's more to this story than he lets on. And I don't want to know any of it.

    Zeus LegionZeus Legion6 months ago
  • Qezza is just roasting EVERYbody this week and I love it. Bring the sass!

    FlanneryschickensFlanneryschickens6 months ago
  • Oh boy, I really really love this series. I hope it doesn't end soon 💙

    Penelope DanyellePenelope Danyelle6 months ago
  • Shane’s headband is my only source of therapy right now

    Kenna HauserKenna Hauser6 months ago

    hrishitahrishita6 months ago
  • this series is the first d&d i ever watch... still don't get what this game is

    Fairuz FairuzFairuz Fairuz6 months ago
  • Qezza:*has been a good friend to Stephanos* Stephanos:*calls Steve his BFF* Qezza: ...

    bird lady01bird lady016 months ago
  • Can we plz get DnD mini figures of these characters? I want to paint them myself in the spirit of OG DnD!

    VeronicaVeronica6 months ago
  • I have a crush on Qezza too, lol!

    VeronicaVeronica6 months ago
    • @Poochie Collins completely straight here but she's too cool hehe

      VeronicaVeronica6 months ago
    • You diggin that not-lesbian warrior vibe?

      Poochie CollinsPoochie Collins6 months ago
  • the weekly dnd video is really the highlight of my life right now.

    coolkidsierracoolkidsierra6 months ago
  • im working at my desk listening to this with bluetooth earphones on, and i just look like im randomly laughing to myself 😂

    April M.April M.6 months ago
  • After this Ryan is gonna end up on the next episode of buzzfeed unsolved.

    Carolyn MartinCarolyn Martin6 months ago