Fans Roast Us On Twitter • Watcher Weekly #028

Jul 15, 2020
151 236 Views

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Hello! Welcome to the 28th episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
0:38 Chill Zone
2:18 Content Callouts
4:22 Sponsor Segment
5:45 Q&A
10:11 Fan Roasts
17:52 Goodbye
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  • Sad trumboner

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn8 hours ago
  • Shane's fursona is a rat confirmed

    KatKat15 days ago
  • Whys it called watcher? Cuz of the buzzfeed "the watcher episode"?

    Reverend H.J PaulReverend H.J Paul24 days ago
  • Ryan 😂😂😂🤣 Shane 😂😂😂🤣 Steven 😑

    Redo 2020Redo 2020Month ago
  • Steven is the definitely the 3rd wheel in this relationship.

    Redo 2020Redo 2020Month ago

    violeta6846violeta6846Month ago
  • Shane acting like he smoked a fuckton of pot before the recording

    Thalita PaulaThalita PaulaMonth ago
  • I'm blown away that there are people out there that don't think you three are beautiful. Our world is DOOMED!

    Whitneyleigh392Whitneyleigh392Month ago
  • I think Shane has been imbibing in the funny cigarettes ;)

    Amber JAmber J2 months ago
  • ryan challenging me by looking too damn good in that tank

    Clarity PhillipsClarity Phillips2 months ago
  • there’s not one hair color steven CANT pull off

    josie elisabethjosie elisabeth2 months ago
  • Roast was bullshit! Steven is super cute 🏳️‍🌈

    Michael McSilversMichael McSilvers2 months ago
  • Thumbs up only because of tiny Shane

    kgravykgravy2 months ago
  • Ryan is good at names Yah. BallsBalls

    Melody HarirsazMelody Harirsaz2 months ago
  • The fact that Shane’s pop socket is still unsolved 🥺

    Em AngelEm Angel2 months ago
  • "It's never enough cat conent" yes, agree!

    Windy DayWindy Day2 months ago
  • What would it take to make and or convince Shane that ghosts are as real as demons?

    Project XProject X2 months ago
  • another thing that is great in watcher is the fandom i feel like these guys wierdness just transfered to us fans ughhh i love Watcher My 2nd time watching this btw

    Rochelle AzarconRochelle Azarcon2 months ago
  • "Ryan is good with coming up with names"... yeah, remember Mr. Balls Balls??

    hatel0ve xhatel0ve x3 months ago
  • Awwwwww Simba is cutie, just like Steven :) Did Steven adopt the cat recently or he's babysitting the cat?

    Animania freakAnimania freak3 months ago
  • Sat here watching this with my mum and she goes why did no one mentions Shane sounds like kermit the frog and now I can't unhear it 😂

    LaurynLauryn3 months ago
  • Steven and his cat Simba are very cute! So fluffy. 😆

    Aurea De VeraAurea De Vera3 months ago
  • After the roast they are all gonna have complexes lmao smh don’t listen to them guys your all awesome!

    Nicole FournierNicole Fournier3 months ago
  • Does shane want to be small despite or because he is naturally big

    YunnyMan PlaysYunnyMan Plays3 months ago
  • ‘Look at his cold dead eyes’ shane.. it’s a cat

    freshbaguettesfreshbaguettes3 months ago
  • Don't forget about Ricky Goldsworth, the best of Ryans personas

    imakyle _imakyle _3 months ago
  • I adore how much joy Ryan and Shane get from Mouse Madej and Tiny Shane

    Karma 01Karma 013 months ago
  • Not enough cat content!

    Cat Advocates TNRCat Advocates TNR3 months ago
  • Yo, Ryan looks buff this weeks episode

    Redviper_hornet 4921Redviper_hornet 49213 months ago
  • More Simba content please!

    BuckBucktheWookie33BuckBucktheWookie333 months ago
  • Ketchup on sushi is literally the worst thing shane could do i hate it

    GiovannaGiovanna3 months ago
  • Everytime I see Steven I think he gets prettier and well I think thats dandy

    Chaotic StupidChaotic Stupid3 months ago
  • I low key want to read The Sausage Man

    depressed biromantic homosexual simp.depressed biromantic homosexual simp.3 months ago
  • So no one will mention about Ryan's biceps like WOAH

    Sofia A.Sofia A.3 months ago
  • Shane is a monster. There’s a special place in hell for you.

    EstherEsther3 months ago
  • Ryan looks great with curly hair! Boom! Roasted.

    Sage PiotterSage Piotter3 months ago
  • 2:14 Shane's head grew three sizes like it was the Grinch's heart.

    Chris SeymourChris Seymour3 months ago
  • 2:15 Shanes head 💀

    extra accountextra account3 months ago
  • I love tiny Shane and tiny mouse Shane was the cutest most precious fanart ever x

    kousetsuhanakousetsuhana4 months ago

    Sirius.BusinessSirius.Business4 months ago
  • Shane has a point though. I knew a guy who was from Cali and couldn’t go three minutes without letting everyone know.

    Evan SakowiczEvan Sakowicz4 months ago

    Yumna Wijdan AbidahYumna Wijdan Abidah4 months ago
  • youre telling me that ryan had a comic called sausage man but still hate the hotdoga?

    lolzIDKausernamelolzIDKausername4 months ago
  • My ex unironically puts ketchup on his tacos...we live in Tucson and he's half Mexican...

    RachelRachel4 months ago
  • Therapist: Swol Ryan can't hurt you Me: Aw..

    RachelRachel4 months ago
  • I cant wait to comment "not fan site material" on everything Shane does

    That's So Blood RavenThat's So Blood Raven4 months ago
  • Ryan, pls get a haircut.

    gillyweedniharrygillyweedniharry4 months ago
  • My two favorites Ryan and Shane 😂😂😂💗💗💗💗

    B rosevxoB rosevxo4 months ago

    Leah SmithLeah Smith4 months ago
  • When does the next are you scared episode come out

    Murmelinski qubeMurmelinski qube4 months ago
  • Now I'm wondering. When they mention the question at 7:52, Ryan answers move to the Netherlands. What is he referring to here?

    Lass86Lass864 months ago
  • Shane is the embodiment of the Beatles movie Yellow Submarine: colourful, jamming, weird and definitely the must-watch for everyone Ryan is the embodiment of the State of California: bright, joyful, full of surprises and a little bit crazy And Steven is just...Steven

    Eulchen so kawaiiEulchen so kawaii4 months ago
  • Great episode! Almost enough cat content. Steven Lim has definitely burgled Simba. That's Steven's cat now.

    IndybotIndybot4 months ago
  • im really appreciating shane's extra chaotic energy rn in fact i am living for it also its time for ryans new album to drop pls 🙏

    carowhellscarowhells4 months ago
  • I need more puppet historrryyyyy

    John Howard JrJohn Howard Jr4 months ago
  • at the beginning of the video, ryan looks like he ran 3 miles and then immediately turned on the camera.

    Evie BrabantEvie Brabant4 months ago
  • did ryan get a perm?

    Evie BrabantEvie Brabant4 months ago
  • You should do an episode where you enlarge Shane’s head slightly and see if anyone notices

    Katherine ClarkKatherine Clark4 months ago
  • How high is Shane?

    Magda CookeMagda Cooke4 months ago
  • I love little Shane, but I think Steven Lim has had about enough of it.

    c ac a4 months ago
  • Steven's cat 🙀 Simba is so cute 😍😻

    Sussana ChenSussana Chen4 months ago
  • How to be anti racist? Thats pushing it.

    Jaimie KingJaimie King4 months ago
  • Sausage Man--HOT DOGA PREQUEL??

    Uli KUli K4 months ago
  • Shane puts ketchup on sushi? Guess this confirms the demon shane theory

    JustsomegirlJustsomegirl4 months ago
  • Big Apple Steve looks 🔥🔥🔥 this ep

    Kelsey HoodKelsey Hood4 months ago
  • Shane seems like a slim jim

    Govinda FarkasGovinda Farkas4 months ago
  • ‘My name is Brian’ nice try Ricky Goldsworth

    Louise S.PLouise S.P4 months ago
  • Ryan: We get it! You've been miserable! Me, a midwesterner who cannot handle the heat or the cold and only willingly goes outside in mid-spring and early fall: .......I mean, yeah

    livewireajlivewireaj4 months ago
  • I love that Steven and Shane have continued to maintain some semblance of professional air clothes-wise, while Ryan has just straight-up broken out the tanks.

    Nicola H.Nicola H.4 months ago
  • Does Steven have a girlfriend? Ryan and Shane talked about their girlfriends.

    Magnificent MegMagnificent Meg4 months ago
    • He was engaged if I remember correctly .. not sure about anyone since that break up ..

      MaiteMaite4 months ago
  • Steven seems like a mom with twin toddlers who is 1 moment away from a complete mental breakdown. I Love it.

    Rebecca GriffithRebecca Griffith4 months ago
  • Steven and cat interactions every week please and thank you!

    V BV B4 months ago
  • Excuse me ....did Shane say he puts ketchup on his cereal? Someone get Emily from Epicurious on the phone, there are more like her in the world

    Gina rungasamyGina rungasamy4 months ago
  • Ryan looks like a homeless man who was left with a toothbrush and a pair of airpods

    Olga UmaruOlga Umaru4 months ago
  • Shane is like VERY cute, I don’t even know wtf was she even talking about

    Olga UmaruOlga Umaru4 months ago
  • We live for the cat content

    Kelly ByrdKelly Byrd4 months ago
  • Well I want to read Sausage Man

    DizzyDizzy4 months ago
  • So Im PROMISING most people wont have a clue about that book that Steven Lim was not only reading, (which is fine, he can do what he wants) but worst of all peddling it on this channel. (IN THE VERY BEGINING BTW) See, I thought that this channel was free of ALL politics and controversial social issues. (Hence not being the opposite of BuzzFeed) The book is called, "White Fragility." And if you really don't know what it's about I highly recommend you do just a little bit of unbiased self research to see what kind of SJW P.C and very possibly racist to some book this actually is. Here's actually a very good video explaining the horrible issues with that book.

    Walter WhiteWalter White4 months ago
  • Please more "Are you Scared videos"!!!!!

    AstropjAstropj4 months ago
  • Well, as someone from New York, I can say being from New York is a larg part of my personality.

    Something_WrongSomething_Wrong4 months ago
  • My cousin didn't have a name for two months. They just called her baby until they decided on one. They decided on Olivia

    Jordan JacksonJordan Jackson4 months ago
  • Shane always looks like a homeless man in every video. I'm suprised he even has a girlfriend.

    Mind FlyerMind Flyer4 months ago
  • why is ryan wearing one airpod and one normal earphone ??

    Micaela sosaMicaela sosa4 months ago
  • Ryan's hair is a full chefs kiss 🤴👌

    lence777lence7774 months ago
  • Was trying to roast...but I can't do it... 😭 I like these guys too much.

    Eevee MEevee M4 months ago
  • Steven with his cat has literally been me on every Zoom meeting I've had this quarantine.

    Emily MeolaEmily Meola4 months ago
  • Ryan the Netherlands are really not doing that great🙃

    EdithEdith4 months ago
  • Aww, I like how Ryan is wearing his trophy on his shoulder, right where Shane has his chip! 😁🏆

    spiritussublimespiritussublime4 months ago
  • Shane "the sceptic" madej Ryan "the believer" bergara And "3rd wheel" Steven " riding on the ghoul boy's coat tails" lim . Some people are better off behind the camera. Guy is as interesting/ exciting as a bowl of cold cream of wheat. #roast

    Kevin NemetKevin Nemet4 months ago
    • this is not buzzfeed unsolved

      kabazinga -kabazinga -4 months ago
  • When did y'all get girlfriends?

    Star CowartStar Cowart4 months ago
  • I wonder what happen to the diplococcus?

    Caroline YaldaCaroline Yalda4 months ago
  • Shane has lost all rights to use or be around ketchup ever again.

    Alisa PerezAlisa Perez4 months ago
  • omg i used to make things and sell them in the school playground xD also made comics in 5th grade.. about hip hop Bilbys, because i was so Australian spirited xD well brainwashed and a little activist. I was also very brutal on the basketball court, my friends soon refused to play with me ... would have been helpful to learn the rules lmao i feel bad about that.

    soliferisoliferi4 months ago
  • so impressed by Stevens ability to stay so composed and well dressed. a sentiment i feel for everyone that manages this any day :''D

    soliferisoliferi4 months ago
  • 2:35 have to check the music tab didnt start suddenly. oh ok. noice.

    soliferisoliferi4 months ago
  • Simba is so handsome

    soliferisoliferi4 months ago
  • AAAHHHHHH.... I get it. I now know why Ryan hate the Hot Daga Saga. He wished his Sausage Man had been as popular and well-written as the Hot Daga.

    April E SalazarApril E Salazar4 months ago
  • Therapist: Manbun Shane can't hurt you Manbun Shane:

    Missy BarbourMissy Barbour4 months ago
  • Ryan wrote a HotDaga comic book RYAN WROTE A HOTDAGA COMIC BOOK

    Missy BarbourMissy Barbour4 months ago
  • Where is Ricky Goldsworth

    Basement _ DwellerBasement _ Dweller4 months ago