Goodbye Watcher Weekly (for now) • Watcher Weekly #040

Nov 11, 2020
157 999 Views

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Hello! Welcome to the 40th episode of our weekly talk show!
Today's Agenda:
1:26 Chill Zone
1:53 Watcher News
3:46 Words of Wisdom
4:59 Q&A
10:56 Nostalgic Lookback
17:37 Goodbye
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  • PLEASE more Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural as soon as you can do so safely!!!

    Kayla PetersonKayla Peterson4 hours ago
  • All Hail the Watcher!!! (for now)

    Dash LukkyDash Lukky19 hours ago
  • omg, how could you guys have missed BLAIRNESS in the shout outs!! There is was on my screen and you all still talking about Belle Lim lol

    dlocsaecidlocsaeci20 hours ago
  • Whenever watcher weekly restarts can Steven show us his matcha recipe

    Carissa JCarissa J20 hours ago
  • 3:59 ,my dude ryan quoted Juice Wrld🙏,what a legend

    The Kid DIORThe Kid DIORDay ago
    • Wasnt he quoting Graduation by Vitamin C, that came out in 2000?

      Richelle WilkersonRichelle Wilkerson10 hours ago
  • Definitely need more too many spirits! Are you scared is really good as well.

    Savage ParadoxSavage Paradox2 days ago
  • the nostalgic throwback has me REELING why u gotta come at us like that

    katherinekatherine2 days ago

    Jenn GJenn G2 days ago

    belinabelina2 days ago
  • I can't even listen to what they're saying, my brain can't process anything else other than the professor's glasses in Shane's pocket.

    The RowTurnThe RowTurn3 days ago
  • #Thankmas #CallToAction

    Orna GavinOrna Gavin4 days ago
  • i missed mr steven lim having a show of his own too! im so excited to see him cooking again!!!!!

    mxmtooniemxmtoonie4 days ago
  • I'm so happy I found this channel, and I can't wait till I have money again so I can spend an absurd amount of money on puppet history merch

    ArtisticLuveArtisticLuve4 days ago
  • More are you scared and weird history, please!?!?!?!

    DeviN99deDeviN99de5 days ago
  • does this mean.. the return of the hotdaga?

    not slelelenot slelele6 days ago
  • Will surely miss this Watcher Weekly. I love you guys 💕

    xyreen riveraxyreen rivera6 days ago
  • 2021 will be super awesome for watcher. So excited what is in store for watcher and for the viewers.

    Rakesh MohantyRakesh Mohanty6 days ago
  • It is just me or do you miss the boys so much. I know its irrelevant but I miss them so. What do you want them to do next??? Me: Just the simple not to laugh challenge or rank everything at the Chipotle menu?

    Jho OncianoJho Onciano7 days ago
  • Anyone know what happened to their HWYD podcast? I noticed on Spotify that they haven’t uploaded in a while.. 🥺

    Dolly rDolly r7 days ago
  • I need more Puppet History episodes in my life

    Omar ViolanteOmar Violante7 days ago
  • Are they back at buzzfeed. I’m confused

    Nicole FisherNicole Fisher8 days ago
  • damn 45 texts... if i went missing for a night i don’t think i’d get even one text lol

    Eleanor MackEleanor Mack9 days ago
  • I must have missed it several times over, but can someone explain the watcher insignia design? In simple terms👍🏼

    Eat Bags Of MoneyEat Bags Of Money9 days ago
  • Damn wth am I gon watch I already watched all the unsolved videos n my other favorite yts are doing the same 😭😭😭😭

    Gabriela HuertaGabriela Huerta10 days ago
  • Shane and Ryan would like you guys to look into Cindy james murder more would be great seems like great murder to follow up

    joker darksidejoker darkside10 days ago
  • The last watcher weekly?! Noooo

    Isaura M. UreñaIsaura M. Ureña10 days ago
  • Love how Shane and Ryan low key quote "Graduation" by Vitamin C, and Steven just whooshed it.

    fullonsociopathfullonsociopath10 days ago
  • i LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE Too Many Spirits!

    Alicia PenaAlicia Pena10 days ago
  • Steven can not keep a secret 🤣 twice in one episode. I'd trust farting after a laxative more than him with a secret

    Nigel HetheringtonNigel Hetherington11 days ago
  • Watcher used all 3 of them

    YaboyYaboy11 days ago

    Angie OrtizAngie Ortiz11 days ago
  • I’m gonna miss the chaos but excited for the prospective new projects!

    Mckenna MckenziMckenna Mckenzi11 days ago
  • Nuther show idea, get online with teachers in this craziness. All the parents are hating on it. Teachers? What? They can't go to the school. Just another idea. Bye.

    danita whitsondanita whitson11 days ago
  • Had a science teacher....Daugherty. . .dang he made sure...pronounced DOCK, Dockerty. Weird, true pronouncement of names in life, weird name thing? German or somp'. DOCK, Dockerty. "ts all it is. Hahahaha. That man was the serious, bunsen burner minding, heel clicking, LEAN INTO YOUR FACE (worst,) riding crop or some kind of thin stick, slap on your desk guy, and LORD sweet JESUS don't "not know" how to pronounce thet MR. DOCK's name! "F" city, and get him again next year. Wasn't high school 'SHUCH a treat" and the bomb diggity? NO. Had a drunk Lit teacher that fell asleep every class. Had him after lunch and he slobbered. Found out two years after as JUNIORS, and everyone always talking, that one of best friends had been sitting in seat next to me in the class listening to all the "commentary" for TWO YEARS.!!!!! . . and was his daughter. Quite the revelation. My mouth at 14 ish and up, wasn't silent. felt bad. . .she didn't hold it against me. . . Weird that she just threw it out there two years later. Pluh. (It's an expession I made up for all the Oi the ugh the grunt the whine the wheeze the done with the thought of that). Just, pluh. Not to be used with anything other than a humble period after the word. No question mark, no excalmatory. Just, Pluh, period. Wow, fun memory. DOCKERTY or you are done for. High school.!!!!! Them's the days. Thank you people. Just keep making your cool stuff. We all need you.

    danita whitsondanita whitson11 days ago
  • Just had an idea! You guys should do a ride along show!!! Any kind, might be a serious but, you. . .wait, thought just occurred, so it is blowing up. . .rescue workers, police, EMT's, Animal Rescue. . . and promote some kind of caring? Or, go lighter, mailmen, UPS drivers for Christmas stuff, Pizza delivery dude or dudette, CAB DRIVERS!, good one Look how popular the trivia question cab guy was. And they are still doing it somehow during pandemic! How are they doing it? What is making it work and even be possible for them? Mind whirling down now trying to even imagine the cab one, sorry. One of previous life jobs was a cab driver. Don't know how they are even dealing with this. Anyway, just flash thinking , but, think about a show called Ride Alongs. With you guys, Lim, Bregara, Bedej. "Ride Alongs, Lim/Bregara/Bedej". Hope you consider it. Love all you do.

    danita whitsondanita whitson11 days ago
  • Anyone else notice those orbs around Ryan’s head?

    Ana GomezAna Gomez12 days ago
  • As long as Shane and Ryan stay together! I love them together. ❤

    Emily BEmily B12 days ago

    R SandersR Sanders12 days ago
  • ryan in baby pink does things to me also he has PERFECT skin im screaming ryan is a 10 change my mind

    kakyoins girlkakyoins girl12 days ago
  • 2:40 let him have this ryan.

    Eat Bags Of MoneyEat Bags Of Money12 days ago
  • Steven please do a worth it type show with Ryan and Shane as guests!

    Jayvee TabaniagJayvee Tabaniag12 days ago
  • My favorite thing they did was that soda shop thing.

    YourNumber1StalkerYourNumber1Stalker13 days ago
  • i m late i found out this channel late but i subscribed, you guys are a million subs common don't stop now

    Krutik GandhiKrutik Gandhi13 days ago
  • as a directioner hearing the word “hiatus” triggers my fight or flight

    Ingeborg Linea Agledal SolvangIngeborg Linea Agledal Solvang13 days ago
  • You guys made this year a little more bearable. Can't wait to see what you guys have in store for 2021.

    Kelsie MariceKelsie Marice13 days ago
  • High key wanna watch the boys play phasmophobia

    Adrianna FAdrianna F13 days ago
  • Ugh, who am I going to get my history from puppets from now?

    Michelle WootenMichelle Wooten14 days ago
  • I could see ryan going jack nickelson. From shinning. One day hahahahahs

    govinda kanha sarkargovinda kanha sarkar14 days ago
  • How do I submit a story for too many spirits ??

    Isabelle AndersonIsabelle Anderson14 days ago
  • More too many spirits !!

    Isabelle AndersonIsabelle Anderson14 days ago
  • How do I get you guys my story for to many spirts... it’s something that I want to share. I’m just no good a writing

    Dom MontoyaDom Montoya14 days ago

    Jessica LuaJessica Lua14 days ago
  • I VOTE YOU BRING BACK THE PODCAST!!! AND BRING BACK DND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys and wish you the best. All of your content brings my boyfriend and I such joy, especially during the pandemic. We just discovered Here's What You Do and absolutely love it. I wish I would have been listening when it was still happening so I could have sent some questions your way. I think a lot of people out there look up to you and really enjoyed hearing your advice. I know we did. Actually, we pretty much binge listened to all of it in a few days. Now we just want mooore. This seems to be a theme because we have felt the same way after finishing most of the stuff you put out! Especially DND! We used to play before the pandemic so seeing you guys play was really fun and also very comforting. I hope you guys are hanging in there! Much love!!

    Sarah WinterSarah Winter14 days ago
  • Thank you....this was honestly boring AF! I like watchers, but not this....

    Lars KarlssonLars Karlsson14 days ago
  • Honestly, starting a media company revolving around internet content in 2020 was probably one of the best ideas, cuz people were stuck in their homes, with nothing better to do other than wach content that makes them feel better

    Sara VučkovićSara Vučković14 days ago
  • I almost lost it I didn’t read the (for now) bit and thought they were pulling an unus annus....(too soon?)

    Bree.sings.thingsBree.sings.things14 days ago
  • losing both watcher weekly & podcast is too much. please consider a lower sub tier for patreon so it's more affordable & our mental health is not hitting the absolute bottom without you :(

    mary foermary foer14 days ago
  • I'll miss Watcher Weekly, but am excited you will have more time for other content. 😊

    bluefox99887bluefox9988714 days ago
  • We all know Ryan didn’t want to switch his beanie around for questions because he’s on “hat time”

    Amelie TorresAmelie Torres14 days ago

    E LamE Lam14 days ago
  • I need more “are you scared?”, and too many spirits or unsolved supernatural

    ZyzorZyzor14 days ago
  • I like you guys together! Thank you for this channel! It was fun while it lasted.

    Soukthavone InsisienmaySoukthavone Insisienmay14 days ago
  • This slept in my trunk story is nuts! And in the trunk is psychotic. Use your credit card, get a room

    Rascal BascalRascal Bascal15 days ago
  • He deserves 2 shows of his own I don’t even know his name fully I still know him as worth it guy cmon I need some more of him!!

    Jesus A.Jesus A.15 days ago
    • His name is Steven :) Have you watched his "Homemade"? Really good show.

      Animania freakAnimania freak14 days ago
  • SHANE AND RYAN : please dumb this down for me. What is now on Watcher via USworlds and what is on Patron? Brain freeze

    Rascal BascalRascal Bascal15 days ago
  • Is anyone wanting another season of Puppet History???

    Dulce ParedesDulce Paredes15 days ago
    • I know it was a lot of work but it was something I REALLY enjoyed

      Dulce ParedesDulce Paredes15 days ago
  • This year sucked butt... however, Watcher made it a little better, and still continues to :)

    emotional support beesemotional support bees15 days ago
  • This was my source of entertainment while dealing with anxiety but definitely looking forward to the new stuff!!!Hopefully a comeback

    Vanessa HernandezVanessa Hernandez15 days ago
  • y’all can’t do this to me 2 days before unus annus is deleted

    Alyssa LivingstonAlyssa Livingston15 days ago
  • I love too many spirits and are you scared

    MomoTheBritishShortHair CatMomoTheBritishShortHair Cat15 days ago
  • Yaaay more episodes of too many spirits!😂

    Clay HendersonClay Henderson15 days ago
  • the longer this channel goes on, the more I simp for Steven

    sofie leighsofie leigh15 days ago
  • Cant wait for you guys to be back!!

    sauceloversaucelover15 days ago
  • I wish they would make content together with all three of them and more Steven content as well...

    CrazyCat LadyCrazyCat Lady15 days ago

    Isabella RussellIsabella Russell15 days ago
  • I love the boys so much. I can't believe it's been a whole year! I just really want to say that I'm so proud of you guys. It's not easy starting a company and on top of that starting a company during a pandemic where most of your ideas have gone out the window and you now have to rework and figure out a whole new plan. It was great seeing those old clips because it really felt like another time and really highlighted the challenge that you guys have taken on. It's definitely a challenge but you guys are trudging on and showing yourselves to be victorious! It's not easy but you guys are doing it and we see all the work and passion that you put into this channel. You guys have easily become my favorite people on USworlds and I just know there are bigger and better things you guys have planned. I love watching this channel grow and I'm so happy that I was here for it all! Can't wait to see what's in store! Much love to the Watcher team!

    P MedranoP Medrano15 days ago
  • Shane holding that pencil haha

    Daniela TorresDaniela Torres15 days ago
  • How do you send in your stories for too many spirits?

    Rachel NRachel N15 days ago
  • Ryan and Shane singing or reciting Graduation by Juice Wrld is the best thing I have ever heard, honestly

    Harley LaufeysonHarley Laufeyson15 days ago
  • Can we get another SD&D&D too? Wasn’t into D&D but i love those 4 of you in those episodes. Always had me laughing!

    Calla PageCalla Page15 days ago
  • 2:16 omg!!!!! watch at min 2:16!!!! What is that behind Ryan?????

    Brenda GhezziBrenda Ghezzi15 days ago
  • When this pandemic is over, I hope to see a show where Ryan and Steven play pick up basketball. Each person picks 2 guests to play a series of 3-on-3. To add to the fun, have Shane at commentary. 😂

    OneWingedAngelsBandOneWingedAngelsBand15 days ago
    • Shane would go into coma lol, there's an episode where Steven and Ryan argued the finer point in b-ball and Shane was like brain dead for the duration of the argument.

      Animania freakAnimania freak12 days ago
  • A new Steven Lim show yeeey!! 👏👏👏

    Cutie GeistCutie Geist15 days ago
  • Thank God I'll finally be able to catch up!

    Katelyn DoveyKatelyn Dovey15 days ago
  • But but Professor..? What is going to happen to him? I loved Puppet History sooo much!! Now I am sad,😭

    KeleidoscopeKeleidoscope16 days ago
    • Puppet history is in production I believe, it's labour intensive, give them some time.

      Animania freakAnimania freak12 days ago
  • I’m kinda new to Watcher. Can anyone tell me why Shane and Ryan and still doing buzzfeed unsolved if they wanted to leave and become more independent etc?

    Star GirlStar Girl16 days ago
    • @Animania freak oooooh right! Thanks for clarifying!

      Star GirlStar Girl12 days ago
    • They still have a contract with BF, so they work with BF like freelancers.

      Animania freakAnimania freak12 days ago
  • no this was too emotional 😭😭 fetus ryan at 11:31 took me back 3 years to Buzzfeed Unsolved and I've been waiting for the Diplochonchus to return so badly Edit - can't believe i forgot LENNY!!! 🐿️

    KeeruKeeru16 days ago
  • As a Jessica, I appreciate the super shout-out :)

    StarsReminiscentStarsReminiscent16 days ago
  • This is so sad,at least I have the older episode's of Watcher and Unsolved to watch,🖤 you guys

    Clown GirlClown Girl16 days ago
  • Shane lookin’ mighty FINE here!😘😏

    BlackPianoBlackPiano16 days ago
  • I'll miss Watcher Weekly. Truthfully I'd prefer to have Puppet History over Too Many Spirits lol. Enjoyed Shane's story of the new years he slept in a car trunk. As for looking back on the past year of Watcher, I'd say you all did very well despite Covid. I'm sure it will get better sometime next year when you don't have to be confined to your homes.

    Elizabeth LovettElizabeth Lovett16 days ago
  • Bring back dungeons and dragons and social distancing xx

    babyblinkhatbabyblinkhat16 days ago
  • Shut up Shane 😂

    Rebekah HopeRebekah Hope16 days ago
  • that's what one direction said and look at them😢

    Nina DzupinovaNina Dzupinova16 days ago
  • I love you guys so much, can't wait for more too many spirits! so chaotic lmfao

    kayakaya16 days ago
  • Is it bad that this is what I watch most frequently so I'll extremely miss it

    Kai StokesKai Stokes16 days ago
  • If watcher weekly never came back I wouldn’t cry. This channel is fire 🔥

    Whiskey GordonWhiskey Gordon16 days ago
  • More ghosty stuff.

    jonnyrollinsjonnyrollins16 days ago
  • Can’t wait for more too many spirits

    Daniel FrissoraDaniel Frissora16 days ago
  • i stg they better not take away are u scared🙁

    oof. orgoof. org16 days ago