Guava Juice and How He Got 15 Million Subscribers In 4 Years • Grocery Run

Jun 12, 2020
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Filmed in October, 2019
Thanks so much to Roi Fabito aka Guava Juice for joining us on the the season finale of Grocery Run! I've been following his career since the beginning and had the opportunity to see him build Guava Juice from 0 to 15 million. Thank you Roi for letting us into your home and I hope everyone watching gets a sneak peek on the very caring and genuine person behind Guava Juice.
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  • Can you buy my groceries again soon?

    Guava JuiceGuava Juice5 months ago
    • New youtuber brother 120 channel thank you

      Clipped_too_much YtClipped_too_much Yt4 months ago
    • @Tess Garcia he will never what?

      wolfgaming channelwolfgaming channel5 months ago
    • can you make content that wouldn’t make a person over the age of 14 wanna blow their brains out?

      aresares5 months ago
    • @Tess Garcia you said fake

      SoyJcSoyJc5 months ago
    • @Tess Garcia how TF would it be fake if I just watch this video and comment lmao

      SoyJcSoyJc5 months ago
  • god i love roi

    Sparkling Lemon-Lime PopSparkling Lemon-Lime PopHour ago
  • The picture and title don't sound very interesting to me because I didn't know who Guava Juice is, and that's why I hadn't watched the video. I did now and I loved it

    SamuelSamuel8 days ago

    Mice CrispiesMice Crispies28 days ago
  • Of course he's gonna make adobo!!

    mistyyy nimmistyyy nimMonth ago
  • I mean he is a children's USworldsr...

    Emil ArikainenEmil ArikainenMonth ago
  • Random comment:The kitchen looks like one of the old kitchens of seonkyoung longest when she was still in california.

    The Nerdy BunsoThe Nerdy BunsoMonth ago
  • bruuuuuuh, who else remembers Yolanda and the call me maybe parody?

    Otakuweirdo 16Otakuweirdo 16Month ago
  • YES ADOBO!!!

    Selina MaunahanSelina MaunahanMonth ago
  • I remember guava juice's trending video and someone commented "how do i block this channel" Guava juice replied "close your eyes"

    MarkYuri PHMarkYuri PHMonth ago
  • 12:30 "Alright let's dig in, good luck!" Steven: "Wait, what does that mean?" *panic voice

    Animania freakAnimania freakMonth ago
  • Steven looks so good, even with those funny sunglasses, I'm just simp hard right now.

    Animania freakAnimania freak2 months ago
  • i literally thought my rice cooker beeped when his did lol

    big moodbig mood3 months ago
  • 5:20 ah yes the optimist of hwyd

    kc blachèrekc blachère3 months ago
  • its so funny to see that all Filipinos use the Same Exact ingredients when cooking food

    jj3 months ago
  • he grabbed the bay leaves and my primal Filipino instincts started flaring

    jj3 months ago
  • Ho shi... This is the first time ever that I have seen someone put Sprite in Adobo ahahahaha when I saw Roi put Sprite there my brain was all like "delete, delete, that did not happen" but then you guys mentioned it while eating so I couldn't deny it anymore lmao Guava Juice sounds awesome, will check out their channel too thanks to this video uwu

    Lourdes Veira MercadoLourdes Veira Mercado3 months ago
  • Adobo!!!!

    Grey ManaloGrey Manalo3 months ago
  • "what're you doing, save some for the crew" lol

    Danielle SmithDanielle Smith3 months ago
  • Answer: he makes kids content

    Christian HansenChristian Hansen4 months ago
  • a friend of mine from culinary got splashed on part of her face with hot oil when a student recklessly threw meat into the oil it did get in one of her eyes

    Liononfire 515Liononfire 5154 months ago
  • Adobo por sure

    Lou IseLou Ise4 months ago
  • This deserve more views

    Tengah MainTengah Main4 months ago
  • so glad he isn’t annoying irl.... get that money from kids king.... god knows i liked fred as a kid

    no thanksno thanks4 months ago
  • If only Steve knew what happened to Wassabi Productions.

    No OneNo One4 months ago
  • Happyslip ♥️♥️♥️

    Daryl FarinDaryl Farin4 months ago
  • I've never watched Roi but wow I love a guy who is also terrified of getting cooking oil in his eyes

    Savanna LugoSavanna Lugo4 months ago

    noob17noob174 months ago
  • Anthony Padilla from Smosh is part Filipino, can say all of his contemporary-influences are Asian

    SkyProtonFoodSkyProtonFood4 months ago
  • I love Grocery Run!! I’m hoping for more seasons ❤️

    PandoraoftheGodsPandoraoftheGods4 months ago
  • flashing the receipt for all of .025 seconds so we wouldn't see you went over by $30.21. I see you steven

    Dummy EnigmaDummy Enigma4 months ago

    Dysphoric NickDysphoric Nick4 months ago
  • I am thoroughly entertained!

    C jC j4 months ago
  • I watched Gus Johnson’s vid on Guava & fully expected a volley of "ESKETIIIIT" & more dumb shit. Was pleasantly surprised to see that Roi isn’t a cracked out puppy wrangler in a warehouse.

    Blu 16Blu 165 months ago
  • I somehow missed this video when it was first posted. I love Grocery Run and learning about different Asian-American creators that I may not have heard of. Thank you for sharing Asian-American stories here and on the Hidden Narratives podcast.

    Ash SawyerAsh Sawyer5 months ago
  • only children watch his horrible videos

    aresares5 months ago
  • Loved happyslip and nigahiga

    Xena AsmrXena Asmr5 months ago
  • everything abt this video is so trippy cause like,,, I COULDVE MET ROY IN PERSON??? like ive personally known two of his siblings and my parents met him when they came to america,,, and i KNEW he was gonna make filippino food even tho i thought he was gonna make sinigang,,, it also made me feel like i was suppose to be at the filippino store w my mom

    Herppy DerppyHerppy Derppy5 months ago
  • “ there were a handful [of asians] but not that many “ which is so funny to me since theres a whole christian filippino group in nc and i know this cause i used to be part of it

    Herppy DerppyHerppy Derppy5 months ago
  • Hi don't buy unnecessary plastic in the grocery store :) Buying produce you're just going to peel/wash? don't put it in the pointless plastic bag!!! Buying a combo of products? Minimize packaging!!!

    Lauren EggletonLauren Eggleton5 months ago
  • roi directs a horror film starring SWAT's own Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej ?

    Molly YoungMolly Young5 months ago
  • I honestly love these grocery runs videos, pls keep it going Steven!

    fuzztheawesomefuzztheawesome5 months ago
  • I think youtube is broken. I've watch it like milion times

    julka czapsjulka czaps5 months ago
  • steven- “who hurt you?” Roi- *laughs awkwardly*

    sarah roarksarah roark5 months ago
  • I will always randomly think of wasabi productions

    A SA S5 months ago
  • I love guava's energy

    paul buddpaul budd5 months ago
  • waiiiiit . i really liked this ep!!

    Sharon YangSharon Yang5 months ago
  • My friend and her you got

    Savon MctairSavon Mctair5 months ago
  • Oh man, this made me smile so much

    EmrysEmrys5 months ago
  • Only intellectuals stanneed Roi since the Rolanda days

    lanvialanvia5 months ago
  • Presented by an optimist: "come to me if you want your dreams torn down"

    zeeheadedzeeheaded5 months ago
  • Who else here can only think of "RoLaNdA!"

    Avery ColeAvery Cole5 months ago
  • I've seen both these people. Awesome people 👍

    Vincent VanteVincent Vante5 months ago
  • I can feel it. Its gonna be adobo. Edit: I KNEW IT!

    Dead Slushie Walkin'Dead Slushie Walkin'5 months ago
  • Hasn't Alex also been on Grocery Run? I feel like I've seen him in one of your cideos before.... Roy is such a positive guy! I love his outlook on everything!

    CantStayAwayCantStayAway5 months ago
  • I loved thisssssss!

    Fiona CarewFiona Carew5 months ago
  • 5:59 was lit XD

    Fiona CarewFiona Carew5 months ago
  • someone on IG commented that Steven without his glasses/AirPods looks cursed and I couldn't stop thinking about it whilst watching this

    warm saladwarm salad5 months ago

    OTAKU 29OTAKU 295 months ago

    OTAKU 29OTAKU 295 months ago
  • 11:51 Since Roi wondered how someone came up using sodas on dishes; supposedly sodas were used as a substitute for sugar during World War II when there was a shortage of sugar. And maybe some chefs were experimenting with the stuff they had despite the lack of ingredients. it's the same reason why Banana ketchup is a thing in the Philippines, since the Philippines had a shortage of tomatoes during the World War, the people used Bananas as a substitute.

    Xecill MazeXecill Maze5 months ago
  • My mom

    Mikey yt tik tokMikey yt tik tok5 months ago
  • Guava you should make more vids out of character more! Be yourself (: But can't lie I love your skits and 10 things not to do

    Clubgeozmustreturn AJPW Speed UpsClubgeozmustreturn AJPW Speed Ups5 months ago
  • Guava juiceee

    Charles Gabriel Dela RosaCharles Gabriel Dela Rosa5 months ago
  • Guava Juice sent me here

    E LarE Lar5 months ago
  • This has to be before quarantine cause they are not shopping with masks.

    jebiusenvyjebiusenvy5 months ago
  • if my mom say whats my fav food and if i say pizza oh no

    Madriddos CalindasMadriddos Calindas5 months ago
  • OOOH the minute I saw the preview I knew it was adobo hell yeah

    Ashley Jasmine EspirituAshley Jasmine Espiritu5 months ago
  • Roi seems like such a cool dude. Love how positive he is... Really enjoyed this interview!

    currynacurryna5 months ago
  • Lol. I actually use goggles when I fry food.

    Becoming WholeBecoming Whole5 months ago
  • Just found out you guys got your own channel! 😎

    TOT3TOT35 months ago
  • You don't need to put all produce in plastic bags! If you do feel better using produce bags, there are reusable ones you can buy.

    KatDJZKatDJZ5 months ago
  • That's a nice kitchen!

    sefnb_sefnb_5 months ago
  • You will cook adobo

    Kyle LautaKyle Lauta5 months ago
  • Roi:yeah I love horror. *James A. Janisse has entered the chat*

    JacJac5 months ago
    • Yes

      Heber VelasquezHeber Velasquez5 months ago
  • Chiken adobo

    Leohann Czar SantiagoLeohann Czar Santiago5 months ago
  • This dude is in desperate need of subs lmao

    blurberryblurberry5 months ago
  • **roi cutting onions** Roi:**not crying** watcher mind:gosh damn im about to cry. whatcher's mind still:ahhh im about to cry

  • guava has the worst youtube content ever....smh

    Daniel LacombeDaniel Lacombe5 months ago
  • when he said bay leaves i screamed “ADOBOOOO”

    seline abantoseline abanto5 months ago
  • This ep has especially immaculate vibes

    Knight of CydoniaKnight of Cydonia5 months ago
  • o man i love guava juice

    Dudemaster on YT sub to meDudemaster on YT sub to me5 months ago
  • chicken adobo im filipino chicken adobo is my favorite

    TY GAMINGTY GAMING5 months ago
  • As soon as he grabbed the onions and garlic I knew he was making adobo and I just kept being proven right as the video progressed 😎 and like true filipino spirit, he used his full budge to grocery shop for himself 😂😂😂

    chokotorachokotora5 months ago
  • cute sass man, i like him

    Alisa PerezAlisa Perez5 months ago
  • “If you say something bad I’ll fire you” 😭😭😭

    kar nurkar nur5 months ago

    PrestonFANS VVPrestonFANS VV5 months ago
  • i just find it so nice that in this videos comment section, no one is pointing out

    Andrew MartinAndrew Martin5 months ago
  • This was so wholesome, I loved it :)

    Sophie !Sophie !5 months ago
  • I haven't watched him or Alex since yhey were still in highschool. Glad he continued with making videos. I think I watched every single video they made when they were still in NC. Sill have Party in My Tummy stuck in my head sometimes

    TG PRTG PR5 months ago
  • I’ve watched Roi since his touchdown turnaround days. Good memories

    Matthew MataMatthew Mata5 months ago
  • Proud to be Pinoy.. adobo is tha best

    JBMP TvJBMP Tv5 months ago
  • Is that movie going to be on netflix

    Annette ClyneAnnette Clyne5 months ago
  • Chicken adobo is masarap Ilove to be a Filipino........

    wolfgaming channelwolfgaming channel5 months ago
  • is his kitchen the same as jenna marbles??? or am i losing my mind??

    Riley WackernagelRiley Wackernagel5 months ago
  • wassabi productions was the first channel i ever actually subscribed to years ago 🥺feels kinda surreal to see roi here, glad he's doing great!

    Ana SofíaAna Sofía5 months ago
  • my nephew watches his videos a lot, weird crossover

    neptuniansneptunians5 months ago
  • this video made me happy and i don’t even know who he is it’s just a all round good vibe

    hmm mmhmm mm5 months ago
  • I love adobo

    SAGRAPSAGRAP5 months ago
  • make guava soup

    Jobin ThomasJobin Thomas5 months ago