Hatshepsut: The Forgotten Pharaoh • Puppet History

Aug 28, 2020
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Her legacy was erased. But WHY?
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  • we love ryann

    jessie s.jessie s.24 minutes ago
  • please do one on my fav pharoh the curvy king akhenaton he really did the thing

    Laura Simpson LinckLaura Simpson Linck6 hours ago
  • *thanks for the words of wisdom, beefman*

    grape muskgrape musk9 hours ago
  • I have HER cartouche of her on the back of my neck! She kicks ass

    MeltInYourMouth PhotographyMeltInYourMouth Photography13 hours ago
  • 26:45 The tiger answer triggered me. There are no tigers in Africa stupid... Crocodiles or a captive imported lion sure. But Tigers are asian. That's pretty far.

    Adrian ÅslundAdrian Åslund16 hours ago
  • i hate the fact that anciet tombs get raided. leave the tombs alone, that is disrespectful.

    mahlape makhethamahlape makhetha19 hours ago
  • Puppet history is the love child of horrible histories and muppets

    Ellen KendrickEllen KendrickDay ago
  • Shane is awesome

    Aditi GuptaAditi Gupta2 days ago
  • Best song I've heard so far from puppet history! 😁

    hurt soulhurt soul3 days ago
  • i did a historical book report on Hatshepsut in 3rd or 4th grade. The book was called "His Majesty, Queen Hatshepsut." i thought it was a typo, so of course i had to check that shit out.

    Alina VaysfligelAlina Vaysfligel3 days ago
  • question: is it possible for the musical songs at the end to be released in a puppet history album on spotify??? because i would stream that sO HARD

    maitsmaits3 days ago
  • Love this song bit 28:00-30:30

    River SteeleRiver Steele3 days ago
  • Don’t wanna brag or anything , but I watched a 6 hour long serie on ancient Egypt and got everything right. I want jellybeans lol

    ClaudiaWowPawClaudiaWowPaw4 days ago
  • neither of them have taken an art history class and it shows

    Taylor KolnickTaylor Kolnick4 days ago
  • I would love to see an ep of Unsolved where shane does Ryans voice for the entire ep and acts like Ryan the entire time XD

    Julio AguilarJulio Aguilar4 days ago
  • Imhotep was not a pharaoh, he was an architect responsible for a project of first pyramid. First tombs were just mound like buildings, known as mastaba, he came up with idea of piling up that form on one another creating stair like pyramid.

    aliceinclockworksaliceinclockworks4 days ago
  • I'm a metalhead and refuse to listen to West, what was the 'bad' line before he calls himself a pharoah?

    Alex MassonAlex Masson4 days ago
  • Going to buy some jellybeans today

    Matt BronsonMatt Bronson4 days ago
  • how did they lift those massive obelisks into place? They had whips. Really big whips

    Gamer GrilGamer Gril4 days ago
  • Always appreciate the little song at the end, they put so much work into these vids !!

    Rachel KhooRachel Khoo4 days ago
  • Literally have never heard someone be happy about an online course

    Zachary NicholsZachary Nichols5 days ago
  • Just wanted to say that Cleopatra wasn't actually a Pharaoh she wasn't even Ancient Egyptian she was a sort of "fake" Egyptian.

    German Social NationalistGerman Social Nationalist5 days ago
  • Hatshepsut is now my favorite historical figure

    Elizabeth KellyElizabeth Kelly5 days ago
  • for that one q' of why they couldnt become paraoh-- i was like..its obv, everyone knows Hatshepsut was a female pharaoh!!--ok nvm ryan and ryann didnt know afbjk v v fa,z,dfj

    Sparkling Lemon-Lime PopSparkling Lemon-Lime Pop5 days ago
  • 6:17 gosh

    Sparkling Lemon-Lime PopSparkling Lemon-Lime Pop5 days ago
  • “What the fuck” *Hatshepsut being restored to the Afterlife after several millennia in hell, probably with a radical skeleton arm or something, and being told this video was responsible*

    Remain ProfaneRemain Profane5 days ago
  • Yea my history teacher did a good job of teaching about her in detail when only her name was mentioned in the texts. She also started trade by sea to the east which were overtaken by Arabs later on..

    Dahlia ALDahlia AL5 days ago
  • Ryan was robbed on that first round. He misspelled Akhenaten's name, and yet Ryann got a point for Nefertiti his WIFE??? Like come on

    Kye TalksKye Talks5 days ago
  • im sorry i cant stop hearing hot chip suit/soot everytime he says hatshepsut

    RosanaRosana5 days ago
  • I love how Shane tells Ryan to know more in order to win. Lol That's exactly how he could win by the way.

    Jackie BowersJackie Bowers5 days ago
  • 28:05 I get that reference! It's the Unsolved series.

    Jordan DrinkwaterJordan Drinkwater6 days ago
  • “try knowing more”

    hannah lambhannah lamb6 days ago
  • The song is so catchy that we probably never forget about how hot is that chopped soup like hot chopped soup

    Levi HoLevi Ho6 days ago
  • Queer icon.

    Eat Bags Of MoneyEat Bags Of Money6 days ago
  • the first ryan(n) to win

    Ana LuaAna Lua7 days ago
  • I remember learning about Hatshepsut in ancient history class and my teacher saying "you only care about her because shes a woman". What a dick

    oldladywinchesteroldladywinchester8 days ago
  • 28:00 unsolved reference left me dead lmao

    The RowTurnThe RowTurn8 days ago
  • I don't know if that has anything to do with me being an Egyptian or not ( which probably is the case), but we all know who the hell Hatshepsut is

    The RowTurnThe RowTurn8 days ago
  • This was absolutely fascinating! Thank you!

    Maureen Hillyard MullisMaureen Hillyard Mullis8 days ago
  • the first prosthetic limb was a big toe found in Egypt... unless a new one has been discovered lol

    ∇Tabs⊿∇Tabs⊿8 days ago
  • Shane low key got bars 🔥

    Shinra TenseiShinra Tensei8 days ago
  • Did a report for my history class based on her after this episode and passed! Thanks for the help guys lol

    Harmanpreet SekhonHarmanpreet Sekhon8 days ago
  • This is my favorite song so far. HATSHEPSUT! and that look ok Ryans face at the end. Priceless

    Richard SanchezRichard Sanchez9 days ago
  • Why is no one talking about what a banger the song in the end is? Like holy shit that wordplay

    Alice ErikssonAlice Eriksson9 days ago
  • I know they’re joking about the aliens but back then Egyptians were some of the most intelligent people in their time. They did have pulleys and ramps plus the enslaved the Israelites for 400 years and over that time there was 3 million Israelites so they could build pyramids by hand

    Josh HorneJosh Horne9 days ago
  • where...where the fuck am i going? 😂

    Milan NguyenMilan Nguyen9 days ago
  • I would have killed on this episode! One of the only subjects I actually know lol

    CheshireCheshire9 days ago
  • Shane is a goddamn lyrical genius.

    Jayvee TabaniagJayvee Tabaniag10 days ago
  • Actually the Pope is the king of the Holy See 🇻🇦

    Alex Tube japanAlex Tube japan10 days ago
  • Requests The Gooses song at the gay club

    huntercollierhuntercollier11 days ago
  • imhotep was the believed architect of the step pyramid lol not a pharaoh but close XD

    Michael GarrettMichael Garrett11 days ago
  • Yo that song was awesome

    Jonny Craig OwensJonny Craig Owens11 days ago
  • 6:25 Ryann: oh

    Korea I Go ShingujiKorea I Go Shinguji12 days ago
  • Thutmose III was actually getting military training on a base while she ruled. She placed him there to get more knowledge when he became pharaoh

    Arianna PArianna P13 days ago
    • Also i learned that they think he didnt do it right away and they believe he was pressured by elites. And i think he left something about her temple alone that archaeologists knew her name

      Arianna PArianna P13 days ago

    pinkxiheartpinkxiheart13 days ago
  • A few things I'm sad weren't addressed or explained, but overall a good hype job for an amazing Pharoah. The rebranding of her appearance as a man was to make her an actual Pharoah. All Pharaoh's wore the ceremonial fake beard and regalia because they were very literal and most of their population couldn't read or write. So, if you were dressed as a Pharoah, you WERE a Pharoah. Also, you wouldn't dare dress as a living God if you weren't one, because the gods wouldn't allow that. So, to become a true Pharoah, she had to dress the part. Also, she led her troops into battle on two separate occasions and was regarded as a military leader. They even found offerings of weapons to her. And, lastly, the biggest commodity they traded with Punt was myr. It was essentially to Egyptian life and was one of the ingredients in their skin cream that acted as a perfume and incense. Just some fun facts! ^_^

    Chelle BethelChelle Bethel13 days ago
  • Who said woman shouldn't be in control coz they will CD cause war!!??? Tell them abt Hatshepsut✨

    Kaushiki pasejaKaushiki paseja14 days ago
  • “Were women allowed to be pharaohs?” “... *I dunno* “

    Pedal SoftiePedal Softie14 days ago
  • i miss shanes face🤦🏿‍♀️

    Shafiun NesaShafiun Nesa14 days ago
  • Ryan: The system is rigged that's why I never win Also Ryan: hE hAd a DrAGoN

    posren delkanposren delkan14 days ago
  • 3:14 wait what? Sir are you okay?

    lovely 1lovely 115 days ago
  • Ryan Graham needs to be a guest again he was so cute and happy about everything 😩❤

    Sandra MpofuSandra Mpofu16 days ago
  • I'm so happy you see a puppet history episode about Hatshepsut!! She's one of the few people I remember from history😂😂

    SnailSnail16 days ago
  • this has hands down the best song out of all the episodes

    Wilma MarttelinWilma Marttelin16 days ago

    Difa febriantiDifa febrianti16 days ago
  • We were watching a thing about a groundhog named Chip and our almost 5 year old went HOW DO THEY KNOW ABOUT HATSHEPSUT?!

    hcb0218hcb021816 days ago
  • I did a history project skit with my friend group on Hatshepsut in grade 12, and all I remember of it was the stage direction; "Hatshepsut exits palace like a badass bitch *insert air horn sound effects here*" and like. Nothing else about the presentation. Blank. Literally blank.

    Jessica WanyanJessica Wanyan17 days ago
  • that song was LEGENDARY

    Emily MetrikEmily Metrik17 days ago
  • Ryan: **says "My Wife" in a way that reminds me of people mocking Ned for saying "My Wife" always** Me: **just laughing quietly**

    Knight1927Knight192718 days ago
  • Love this show, but Cleopatra was a pharaoh so Ryan deserved that point professor!!

    Succ FireSucc Fire19 days ago
  • I am very happy to say that I did actually learn about her in school.

    Sophie TaylorSophie Taylor20 days ago
  • The way the Egyptians built obelisks is actually quite fascinating! In a simplified explanation, they would select a section of stone and used fire to create cracks to aid in their carving. It was a very delicate process and therefore 100ft tall is incredibly impressive.

    Emma DohertyEmma Doherty20 days ago
  • my dad wanted to name me hatshepsut, my mom didnt let him

    hannah paliathhannah paliath20 days ago
  • *me, waiting to hear about the temple of Hatshepsut* www.ancient.eu/article/1100/the-temple-of-hatshepsut/ this was an awesome episode tho fr

    CatgirlwarriorCatgirlwarrior20 days ago
  • Hatshepsut (/hætˈʃɛpsʊt/;[4] also Hatchepsut; Egyptian: ḥꜣt-šps.wt "Foremost of Noble Ladies";[5] 1507-1458 BC) was the fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt. She was the second historically confirmed female pharaoh, the first being Sobekneferu.[6] (Various other women may have also ruled as pharaohs regnant or at least regents before Hatshepsut, as early as Neithhotep around 1600 years prior.) Hatshepsut came to the throne of Egypt in 1478 BC. Her rise to power was noteworthy as it required her to utilize her bloodline, education, and an understanding of religion. Her bloodline was impeccable as she was the daughter, sister, and wife of a king. Her understanding of religion allowed her to establish herself as the God's Wife of Amun.[7] Officially, she ruled jointly with Thutmose III, who had ascended to the throne the previous year as a child of about two years old. Hatshepsut was the chief wife of Thutmose II, Thutmose III's father. She is generally regarded by Egyptologists as one of the most successful pharaohs, reigning longer than any other woman of an indigenous Egyptian dynasty. According to Egyptologist James Henry Breasted, she is also known as "the first great woman in history of whom we are informed."

    Daenaeris TartigradeDaenaeris Tartigrade20 days ago
    • I'm only 2min into the video but I had to check and realized I should share. >.>

      Daenaeris TartigradeDaenaeris Tartigrade20 days ago
  • Can we please give Ryan his rightful win at least once? I feel so bad for him every time he loses and I just want him to win one!!

    Lex 0945Lex 094520 days ago
  • Shane just drops BARS

    Chloe GraceChloe Grace20 days ago
  • this episode's song sounds like it was made by They Might Be Giants and i love it so much

    Ruby MurphyRuby Murphy21 day ago
  • remember kids: just because white people couldn't do it, doesn't mean it was aliens 🖤

    Grace MGrace M21 day ago
  • I actually did a report on her in middle school I though she was super cool

    Nina of your businessNina of your business21 day ago
  • Didn't Nefertiti become pharaoh after her husband died? This was before Cleopatra I believe

    vampirechick1159vampirechick115922 days ago
  • real talk i love this episode as an Egyptian im really glad you talked about this

    Laila IbrahimLaila Ibrahim24 days ago
  • this song wins

    Laila IbrahimLaila Ibrahim24 days ago
  • *the Jews have entered the chat* Egypt? Progressive?

    Anna FandelAnna Fandel24 days ago
  • That song is fire

    Apocalyptic ChampionApocalyptic Champion25 days ago
  • Might be my favorite song so far

    ASMR RoseASMR Rose25 days ago
  • It is funny bc we just went ove hapshetsut in school

    Dawson MannDawson Mann25 days ago
  • I’ve never understood being born into royalty and holding the future of your people even as a baby. To an extent I get it like keeping the blood pure (even though they were actually inbreeding and keeping their blood retarded.) But even if you want a person of a family to reign someday, of theyre not old enough, someone has to hold the throne like Hatshepsut. Then if they’re doing such a good job but suddenly the baby king is old enough, how do you decide, “This person has held it down great for almost 2 decades but now this child/new adult is gonna tule and change everything.” At the first time that happened (probably within the first 50 years of that civilization) wouldn’t questions arise immediately? I’d think before a century the society would either fall apart or a new system would be forced into place. But I’m an American so what do I know

    Ella DElla D25 days ago
  • Thank god the white people didn’t eat her mummified body

    Snoochii BoochiisSnoochii Boochiis25 days ago
  • I love the call back to Ryan’s line from Buzzfeed Unsolved

    Joe UlandayJoe Ulanday26 days ago
  • ........am I the only nerd who actually knew about Hatshepsut even before the video? Edit: I got every single point😹

    Gumiho MochiGumiho Mochi26 days ago
  • i can totaly imagine pharao output coming back to the afterlife and beating the unliving shit out of her step-nephew-son

    Haha ik ben gayHaha ik ben gay26 days ago
  • My fellow weebs!! try reading the manga "the blue eye of horus"! it's about queen Hatshepsut

    jintokijintoki26 days ago
  • I paused during the first question to write down as many pharoahs I could think of and Thutmoses I, II, and III were on the list 🤣 (as well as Ramses I, Ramses II, Ramses III, Khufu, Khafra, Cleopatra, Tutenkhamun, and Akhenaten). I also knew about Hetshepsut before this. I'm a sucker for history documentaries.

    Emily C.Emily C.26 days ago
  • sounds like egypt wasn't progressive so much as hatshepsut was really good at both leading and power plays

    Lee MulkinsLee Mulkins26 days ago
  • A pharaoh who got erased from history... Sounds a bit...𝗙𝗮𝗺𝗶𝗹𝗶𝗮𝗿...

    Yami YugiYami Yugi27 days ago
  • Cleopatra wasn't a pharaoh, she was a queen. I expect better from you, Professor.

    Connor McSherryConnor McSherry27 days ago
  • STILL my favorite episode. Ryann is maybe my favorite person on earth, and Hapshepsut is for SURE my favorite person underground.

    Jessie Loves YouJessie Loves You27 days ago
  • We learned about her in my women’s study class. My teacher told us that it was normal for Pharaohs to destroy the stuff that the Pharaoh before them built because “that guy before me wasn’t the gods choice of Pharaoh, I am so let’s destroy everything that fake did.”

    Easy Breezi Beauty & ASMREasy Breezi Beauty & ASMR27 days ago
  • lol why did that song slap so hard

    Salem BSalem B27 days ago