Homemade Q+A (ft. Musical Guest - AJ Rafael) • Watcher Weekly #005

Feb 5, 2020
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Our musical guest - AJ Rafael! "Waking Up Sucks (Sometimes)"
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Hello! Welcome to the 5th episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
- Office Logo
- Kobe Bryant
- Top 5 Beatdown
- Homemade Q&A with director Tony @tonykfilms
- Musical Guest: AJ Rafael @ajrafael
Editor: Lauren Yamin
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  • Colby Bryant. . . one of the most sad things I have ever known. Was akin to the September 11th, but with just one guy, his daughter, and the other 7 beautiful people. . . not in the nature of impact or volume, "after effect", but still leaving the rest of us lame, #ss, people gripped and maybe not so much humbled, but more.. . demeaned. We are still the living people, after. . . but, it keeps going to the exactly same "what?" and "no". Bless you Ryan. Bless all those who tragically die, and their families, friends, and all lives they have touched. Thank you all for presenting and allowing a moment of human recognition. . . sad, real moment. Thank you.

    danita whitsondanita whitson7 days ago
  • HAHAHAH. Don't "Shane" where you eat! Funny. Would feel stupid if I saw you out, and would want to have you autograph everything I had, and, then, would be, like, NO, don't bother you.

    danita whitsondanita whitson7 days ago
  • I love Idaho mashed potatoes. Guy is mowing a churchyard across street. Got this vid up and saw Ryan's hair. Mow It.

    danita whitsondanita whitson7 days ago
  • not me coming back here just to see them all together again

    Sammy JSammy JMonth ago
  • Holy crap, AJ Rafael's voice is angelic. Like a mixture of Fergie and Jesus.

    Abby CalAbby CalMonth ago
  • i just want a clip of ryan pretending to play the piano with no instrumental in the background to see how stupid it looked,,

    Advitha HariniAdvitha HariniMonth ago
  • aj can fucking SING

    Lainie Harold RufoLainie Harold Rufo2 months ago
  • the part about kobe fucking sent me . im crying rn haha istg, shit like this always gets me bc i have awful ass trust issues and cant tell ppl that i love them or care about them or hug them. they could be dead tmrw and i wouldnt have gotten to say ily

    Lainie Harold RufoLainie Harold Rufo2 months ago
  • you dont shit where you eat 😂

    Milan NguyenMilan Nguyen2 months ago
  • 7:35 Josh's face when Steven & Ryan hugged Lmao

    Animania freakAnimania freak2 months ago
  • 2:39 I spit out my coffee while watching this ... Bravo Steven lol

    Animania freakAnimania freak2 months ago
  • Omg AJ’s voice is so beautiful!

    kleerudekleerude2 months ago
  • the "hi i'm ____ and i'm a _____" bit is so good honestly yes! keep them coming

    el.el.2 months ago
  • I normally "watch" this while I'm doing household stuff, etc. I literally stopped what I was doing when AJ started singing. Great performance! I would love to see him in concert! Ya know. When we can do that kind of thing again.

    Julie Jo BobJulie Jo Bob3 months ago
  • Thank you ryan,shane and steven I am struggling with addiction.you three and your team are helping me stay positive for better days. So a huge thank you for all the laughs.

    AnnaMaria MazzolaAnnaMaria Mazzola4 months ago
  • It's crazy to think there is now a new community just now finding out about AJ Rafael when in 2011 his music was the only music I listened to alongside Kina Grannis, Tori Kelly, and Jeremy Passion~

    Di-DiDi-Di4 months ago
  • If you’re doing a calzone episode, may I recommend my mom?? My dad is normally the huge chef of the family, but my mom’s calzones are one of my FAVORITE foods!! Also, as a part Native, I CAN’T WAIT FOR A NATIVE AMERICAN EPISODE!!!

    Trixx KwamiiTrixx Kwamii4 months ago
  • shane is rocking the divorced art teacher look

    Banunu BanunuBanunu Banunu4 months ago
  • AJ!!!!!!! ❤️

    Ruth Nicole NarioRuth Nicole Nario5 months ago
  • Every episode should have a hair check-in called "the hair clip"

    Kelyn HallmanKelyn Hallman5 months ago
    • Yessssss, I agree

      DairaDaira3 months ago
  • 19:27 Wait Andrew Barth Feldman??? My idol

    Abby_Rose_YAbby_Rose_Y5 months ago
  • I can't wait til they can film like this again 😭

    GG5 months ago
  • The guys look homeless here and this is before the pandemic.

    snidedjsnidedj5 months ago
  • /props to ryan for wearing a kobe jersey. Yes, I know I spelled that wrong but I'm too lazy to fix it.

    ShawnShawn5 months ago

    marsbarsmarsbars5 months ago
  • Hugs to stop Steven from pointing out when he's being touched...... Then Shane saying his hand's on him shoulder 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣🤣

    Todd The DotTodd The Dot5 months ago
  • Just finished the homemade video and clicked this right away when my heart was just aching like idk what emotions I was feeling and then 10 seconds in I'm like laughing crying idk

    Todd The DotTodd The Dot5 months ago
  • My insomnia has been on full swing lately so I spend my nights watching amd rewatching all watcher's shows. They never fail to entertain me. Thank you so much Shane, Steven and Ryan and to the whole Watcher family. 💜

    John Archie AblanqueJohn Archie Ablanque6 months ago
  • This performance is amazing

    Mina WeißMina Weiß6 months ago
  • it's "potterhead" ryan, now it's seems like you're a fan of pot

    glitterriddlerglitterriddler6 months ago
  • I'm super looking forward to catching up to the Tamales Homemade episode! I love tamales, but I"ve never made them, so I'm really interested to see how that's done.

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • Shane, fear not. I also have a giant melon.

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • Ryan, I repeat: I love your hair, dude.

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • Seriously curious about what exactly the Watcher logo means. I feel there are intricacies I'm not seeing!

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
    • We've made a joked about it referencing The Watcher from True crime

      DairaDaira3 months ago
  • I love that you guys do this every week!

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • 100k!

    Joshua Emmanuel BelisarioJoshua Emmanuel Belisario6 months ago
  • We need a “hi, I’m Ryan Bergara and I’m....” every episode please and thank you

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • I gotchu Shane, I was laughing at your “Hugh Jonner” joke. Probably harder than I shoulda been... 😏

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • the couple's counseling at the start was the funniest shit lmao "this is a safe space"

    GiovannaGiovanna6 months ago
  • AJ RAFAEL!!! PHILIPPINES REPRESENT!!! I love this show so much. ❤️❤️ Keeping me sane while in quarantine.

    Ellen Joy SantosEllen Joy Santos6 months ago
  • I love men who cross their legs

    B atlikinanB atlikinan6 months ago
  • Is it just me or did Ryan looks like he was about to cry?

    Lucy Ely it’s pronounced EliLucy Ely it’s pronounced Eli7 months ago
  • I know this episode is like 2+ months old but on god if yall were to get Tiffany Young on watcher i'd die please do it omg

    AriAri7 months ago
  • Where do you guys find these musicians??? seriously... nailed it again!

    KimmymodeKimmymode7 months ago
    • Also Aj Rafael has a simba tattoo so... he is like my youtube crush now xD

      KimmymodeKimmymode7 months ago
  • Woah AJ’s got a really good voice

    Sunny the Tiny HorseSunny the Tiny Horse7 months ago
  • If you guys wanna come to Toronto after Coronavirus we can do some Canadian-Italian cooking with my nonno, nonna and Zia's :)

    Julia CovesJulia Coves7 months ago
  • "Tomorrow's not guaranteed" hits different after Covid19

    Bella CurcioBella Curcio7 months ago
  • The holy trinity: Holly Horsely, Free range grass, and the diplococcus

    Annie LAnnie L7 months ago
  • 6:35- it was like watching Superman die... That's intense.

    Jezza BlackJezza Black7 months ago
  • He was watching him and told him in watcher weekly

    Clover StarClover Star7 months ago
  • I'm gonna need a shirt that says I'M RYAN BERGARA AND I'M A POTHEAD

    Lisa BordenLisa Borden7 months ago
  • hugh jonner got me too xD

    soliferisoliferi7 months ago
  • Tony, I love your cap.

    Angelica PadronAngelica Padron7 months ago
  • Yes I’m a pothead and a shithead

    Charlie AyresCharlie Ayres7 months ago
  • 23:46 screenshot and use it for your own endeavours

    Nelaajan JoeNelaajan Joe7 months ago
  • rumor has it, shane is still saying “hugh jonner”

    Jade HarleyJade Harley7 months ago
  • why did 6:59 make me emotional

    Ravenous MillenialRavenous Millenial7 months ago
  • 6:43 why is no one talking about Shane's little "didn't call me" ???????

    butter cupbutter cup7 months ago
  • I'm GItxsan thanks to my father. I never expected anyone in popular media (other than the news) to mention us. Y'all are in for a treat if you choose to try Gitxsan cuisine.

    ShinjukuShinjuku7 months ago
  • i really enjoyed the musical guest made my heart warm

    sukisuki7 months ago
  • I found Waldo

    DreydenDreyden7 months ago
  • all of yall's shows are tremendous and i've loved all of them so far. you three are so incredibly talented and i'm so happy i can binge watch these during this quarantine.

    sincerelyshosincerelysho7 months ago
  • The shots were changing way too quickly for a soothing song

    Johnny AppleseedJohnny Appleseed7 months ago
  • Tomorrow is not guaranteed

    Seoyoung ParkSeoyoung Park7 months ago
    • Thank you n i love you

      Seoyoung ParkSeoyoung Park7 months ago
  • The Father: Holly Horsely The Son: freerangegrass The Holy Ghost: the Diplocaccus

    Floor VerhoevenFloor Verhoeven7 months ago
  • It’s pretty funny seeing them rag on “top 5 beatdown” when it is their most viewed series so far.

    JayLJayL7 months ago
  • I love these bois. I love the big head effect even more >:D

    Fiona CarewFiona Carew7 months ago
  • I'm livin' for the funky keyboard music is these episodes. Keep up the good work!

    The Nerd StacyThe Nerd Stacy7 months ago
  • 6:45

    Tniia _Tniia _7 months ago

    nur afiranur afira7 months ago
  • IMMEDIATELY went on spotfiy to find the music guest. he's so good!!

    doradohdoradoh7 months ago
  • It was so good to see AJ rafael!!! Please have @Davidchoimusic too!! Steven, i know you're a fan!!! #SubscribeToWatcher #Watcher

    sl slsl sl7 months ago
  • Guys, y'all are doing so well with the artist. 2 for 2!

    Stephanie CardosoStephanie Cardoso8 months ago
  • Rip Kobe

    Holly BaileyHolly Bailey8 months ago
  • Hey guys, you mentioned pierogies in this episode. My polish grandma is very skilled at making them as well as other traditional polish dishes. We live in Canada, but actually have some rich polish heritage here. Could be a fun and weird travel food video as they live in a small town, that boasts Alberta's very own UFO landing pad. And lots of cowboy culture 😂 or you could go to the Ukraine or Poland, but would definitely love to see a pierogies episode of homemade

    Alexandra KurthAlexandra Kurth8 months ago
  • 19:02 "wHaT's iN tHe bOx?" :0 it's the boy in the box!

    Making you STAY will make MY DAYMaking you STAY will make MY DAY8 months ago
  • Yaaaassss Gentlemen! Well done!!!

    Marco CarreonMarco Carreon8 months ago
  • my favourite thing is just steven sitting next to those idiots in love and reacting to them

    johnnyneedscashjohnnyneedscash8 months ago
  • It has been 5 weeks since the start of watcher weekly and Shane is the only one who knows how to roll the trailers

    Dania AbughazzahDania Abughazzah8 months ago
  • I love to submit to homemade but I’m from Colombia 🇨🇴 I’d totally help you guys

    Mde MayuMde Mayu8 months ago
  • Tony is so cute ......

    Mde MayuMde Mayu8 months ago
  • I had to go look up AJ Rafael on spotify - thank you for introducing me to his amazing music!! I really love that you guys are using your platform to promote other artists both through Watcher Weekly as well as many of your other shows!

    Catherine TritesCatherine Trites8 months ago
  • This. Is.the.wholesome.shit.i signed. Up. For

    sanssans8 months ago
  • Aww this is soo chilled back love it❤❤

    sanssans8 months ago
  • I can’t get enough of their content 😩❤️

    Ria MhatreRia Mhatre8 months ago
  • Gitxsan food would be fucking amazing!!!!!!! Not to be biased but theyre easily one of the dopest Nations in Canada!!! I mean I'm Cree, and we have moosemeat-bannoc tacos and stuff which are pretty cool but like Gitxsan Nation have some really unique and amazing history!!!!! If you came during hunting season maybe you could even help butcher!!! ~watching and loving all your content from a reserve in Canada 💗

    Jinx DoonanJinx Doonan8 months ago
  • Please bring tiffany young i beg you

    kok hoe tehkok hoe teh8 months ago
  • "Here's one from... TheDiplococcus!" *jazz music stops*

    Chrismarí de WetChrismarí de Wet8 months ago
  • So I'm from Louisiana. My mom's family is all Cajun French and I think you should do a Homemade episode in South Louisiana, they have some of the best cuisine in America. That's why we are all fat lmao

    Hunter ComptonHunter Compton8 months ago
  • So I'm from Louisiana. My mom's family is all Cajun French and I think you should do a Homemade episode in South Louisiana, they have some of the best cuisine in America. That's why we are all fat lmao

    Hunter ComptonHunter Compton8 months ago
  • Amazing musical guest. Fantastic!

    shutdafxupshutdafxup9 months ago
  • The music on their title track sounds something out of a game.

    nirvanaleinirvanalei9 months ago
    • nirvanalei ikr i was thinking it sounds like the playstation startup almost

      livvie monroelivvie monroe8 months ago
  • I love this. You guys are just little balls of sunshine just enjoying life. Everything feels so genuine with The Watcher and I will support you until the day I die (dang that got morbid, oh well).

    Alexis MaestasAlexis Maestas9 months ago
  • I'm right there with Ryan-- I'm a big enough Harry Potter fan that I have happily read every single book out there for the franchise (including the script works for The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them), and watched every movie, but I am not so big a fan that I re-read/re-watch them all the time, nor do I check out Pottermore. But hey, you have an ally who could help you nonetheless! I do remember story very well. So far-- Because he's talking about JK Rowling and squirrels, and we're all associating JK Rowling with her Potter books, the squirrel is making me think of Ron's rat Skitters, was his name? and turns out the rat was really a human man who could morph into a rat or was using polyjuice potion to achieve that, I forget which, and he was this weaselly little man who was working for Voldemort who used to be a friend of Harry's dad. His whole plot is unravelled in the third book in the series, I believe, where we've got Lupin and the Womping Willow and the Screaming Shack. So this is my stab in the dark: The Dipplococcus is a rat. Someone from your office is doing this, and there is a rat among you! If it turns out the squirrel thing isn't just code, then it could explain how they would already know without being creepy stalkers. Has JK done any other books yet, or before the Potter series, that not super fans like me just don't know yet, that we could also look into?

    Jessica WJessica W9 months ago
  • Kinda loving the stocking cap on Shane. Look at you, being all hipster!

    Jessica WJessica W9 months ago
  • AJ's voice is beautiful! Great musical guest! Also homemade really is amazing!

    Chantal BentonChantal Benton9 months ago
  • I want to meet all the crew!!

    kvkv9 months ago
  • Please try to get Tiffany Young on this channel!! She is K-Pop royalty, and I am here for it ahaha

    CandidCalxCandidCalx9 months ago
  • Holy smokes AJ’s voice is amazing!!!

    DesaRay BrookinsDesaRay Brookins9 months ago
  • 13:39 no joke though I'd love to see Tiffany on the show lol

    sydsyd9 months ago