How America's First Female Detective Saved Abe Lincoln • Puppet History

Aug 14, 2020
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The OTHER (less successful) plot to kill Abe Lincoln.
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  • can we talk about how that police officer at 15:47 looked like Shane............

    Niamh GordonNiamh Gordon15 hours ago
  • Hmmm the guy that sounds likeVoldemort is going to Baltimore to raise the flag that my friends is hilarious I imagine Lincoln waiving it like a wand

    Ahtina AekAhtina AekDay ago
  • Ryan acts like he hates everything Shane does but always shows up. I mean-

    Oviya OmprakashOviya OmprakashDay ago
  • Kate is like the “cool aunt” vibe

    Andres MONSERRATTEAndres MONSERRATTE2 days ago
  • I love Kate so much she’s the most fun guest

    Andres MONSERRATTEAndres MONSERRATTE2 days ago
  • “come, nagini!” took me OUT 💀💀

    AbbyAbby3 days ago
  • 27:49 Professor is a time traveller? Would explain how he learned these things in such detail

    Mega OofMega Oof4 days ago
  • My 3 month old was enthralled with the choochoo song

    Robin RRobin R4 days ago

    phawckphawck4 days ago
  • Ideas for possible topics: -The story of Claudette Colvin -Watergate -The "first woman president" Edith Wilson -Jim Jones & the People's Temple

    Louisa LoveLouisa Love4 days ago
  • Didn’t he get shot

    Kevin O'ReillyKevin O'Reilly5 days ago

    ella vrenaella vrena5 days ago
  • This episode inspired me to have my history paper be on the early history of the Pinkerton's and it's effects, thanks Professor!

    Basement Dweller CosplayBasement Dweller Cosplay7 days ago
  • Kate's sincere enthusiasm is infectious and I very much appreciate it

    Gamer GrilGamer Gril7 days ago
  • There’s a rumor in my family that one of my ancestors used to wrestle with Lincoln. It’s not completely far off since they were supposedly good friend lived in the same town

    Mr. MidnightMr. Midnight7 days ago
  • i want kate to be a permanent cast member so badly

    nat tnat t8 days ago
  • It appears as if Ryan is, dare I say this?! Jealous. Of how incredible Shane does on this whole puppet story and especially the songs! I wish Ryan could be a bit more positive. He would be happier. Just saying

    Jackie BowersJackie Bowers8 days ago
  • I'm gonna need Kate for season 3. We riot if she isn't there.

    Irrelevent PersonIrrelevent Person9 days ago
  • Kate’s excitement is honestly so cute bless her soul

    BeeNeeds SleepBeeNeeds Sleep10 days ago
  • Yeah but Lincoln wasn’t an abolitionist. As far as that went he was considered middle of the road when it came to ending slavery. He was about as racist as you claim those that plotted against him. He said, “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and Black races,” Even though Lincoln’s believed slavery was morally wrong his big concern was not about slavery but losing the southern states to a secession. Interesting how you and your colleagues in this production often use(to politicize) the word “racist.” It has been well-documented how racist was Abraham Lincoln. Vested interests in government, business and “scholarly” endeavors since his presidency have painted him in a more favorable light(as you attempt here using repeatedly the word “racist.” The question is why attempt to reinforce the skewed narrative in this format.) Again, Lincoln and US government were not so concerned about ending slavery(protected in US Constitution), they was more concerned about those “southern states” seceding. “The world is not white. It never was white. It cannot be white. White is a metaphor for power” ~ #JamesBaldwin “Race is a biologically myth” ~ Alan Goodman; Biological Anthropologist “We cannot find genetic markers that define race,” ~ Pilar Ossorio; Legal Scholar, Microbiologist Race -the Power of an Illusion

    Mike Elmendorf ELMENDORFXYMike Elmendorf ELMENDORFXY11 days ago
  • That train was in journey

    Riley CavanaghRiley Cavanagh11 days ago

    liz tamasliz tamas12 days ago
  • Truly my favorite episode of Puppet History. It's iconic! Where is my train of thought, the digging towards C dogs, She's a fancy lady who just wants to solve some crimes, the Professor's very emphatic FUCK, the train...

    E HillE Hill13 days ago
  • Wait. Is the professor ancient, alien, a time traveler.... Or all the above?

    Eat Bags Of MoneyEat Bags Of Money14 days ago
  • If I had to die to a soundtrack, it would ne 'Don't fear the Reaper'.

    TheturtleowlTheturtleowl14 days ago
  • I dont wanna be mean but I'm glad the guest changes every episode...

    LaurenLauren14 days ago
  • Shane is just so obviously having fun I'm so glad he's doing Puppet History now

    Miles P.Miles P.15 days ago
  • 18:27 “nagini, dinner-“ i love kate

    sephine mayfieldsephine mayfield16 days ago
  • I swear to god Katie's episodes are the best, she is so funny, has great chemistry with Ryan and Shane and you can clearly see she loves the show and working with them. She is so solar and lovely

    Dany ThirstaeDany Thirstae16 days ago
  • Kate is my favorite guest she gets so excited

    Hannah OffenhauerHannah Offenhauer16 days ago
  • 15:51 My favorite moment

    Panickingfangirlofawesomeness !Panickingfangirlofawesomeness !17 days ago
  • The voldemort impressions mid performance was golden😂

    Eve hEve h17 days ago
  • This is my favorite series

    daisy santosdaisy santos17 days ago
  • That’s BS I swear Ryan won... Ima go back and count all the points he got right. The system is Rigged Against Ryan lol.

    Ruisu-214Ruisu-21418 days ago
  • 19:04 if shane ever needs use his hands to hold things or fix stuff on stage, he should call his hand his "stage hand".

    Christian TangerineChristian Tangerine18 days ago
  • the beginning was absolute chaos and I LOVE IT

    Sabrina LopesSabrina Lopes20 days ago
  • How is ryan not impressed by these incredible songs?

    Johnny FictionJohnny Fiction20 days ago
  • seeing that fuzzy blue puppet yell "ACAB" made me really happy

    avaava21 day ago
  • the professor crack me up

    daradara21 day ago
  • How could they not get the first question correct?

    caseycasey21 day ago
  • 18:21 OMFG when Ryan imitates (movie) Voldemort's terrible laugh... Like *"EAHH HEH HAAH"* ! I snorted my drink outta my nose! 😂🤣 It's so so bad, just a horrible laugh from Voldy

    Spookay T'is MeSpookay T'is Me23 days ago
  • I said that the only blue lives that matter were the US postal workers but I’m going to have to redact my statement. It’s the postal works and professor McNasty

    Adrian VaughnAdrian Vaughn24 days ago
  • I want my ringtone to be the professor saying “ACAB BABY”

    Elizabeth ElliottElizabeth Elliott24 days ago
  • 15:51 just keeping this here for later

    neve the enbyneve the enby24 days ago
  • kate’s laugh is THE CUTEST thing ever

    nannan26 days ago
  • I may not agree with them politicly, but i did love this episode, this was funny.

    Prypiat ShadowPrypiat Shadow27 days ago
  • Her reaction to the Prof popping up is adorable lmqo

    Apocalyptic ChampionApocalyptic Champion27 days ago

    inked underinked under28 days ago
  • 🖤

    msmeowdetroitmsmeowdetroit28 days ago
  • I love puppet history, but I'd be down to watch the professor just read off history too. He's such a good teacher!

    CrimsonChickCrimsonChick28 days ago
  • I thought was musical ending was going to be the garbage 😹😹😹

    M MM M28 days ago
  • I love how for the REST of the season its never explained why the professor screamed in pain dkdhlrhf

    Owiee!Owiee!29 days ago
  • this show deserves at least 5m views tbh

    ana.ana.29 days ago
  • Kate’s Voldemort voice is brilliant 🤣

    Jennifer WettervikJennifer WettervikMonth ago
  • The Professor is Gallifreyan! He's a Time Lord!

    AM NigmaAM NigmaMonth ago
  • Has Shane always had a background in puppetry or is this just for this gem of a show?

    Stacie MacLaughlinStacie MacLaughlinMonth ago

    Abby CalAbby CalMonth ago
  • We need more Kate

    Her Last VoyageHer Last VoyageMonth ago
  • 🎶where is my train of thought 🎶

    AlinaAlinaMonth ago
    • i need this gif, and also on a shirt

      AlinaAlinaMonth ago
  • Fun when Ryan tell's Shane stroking his

    Galvin OwensGalvin OwensMonth ago
  • Shane you’re not funny.

    DanVogesDanVogesMonth ago
  • i love that they let them keep their trophies :)

    Alex GarzaAlex GarzaMonth ago
  • We’re making Pinkerton detectives into heroes now? That’s what we’re doing? Just because it was a ~historic women~ instead of a man putting on the boots of the law, that doesn’t mean we have to lick them, folks... a cop’s a cop.

    crowcrowMonth ago
  • i believe the term is TRIGGER happy

    firewolfgamesfirewolfgamesMonth ago
  • Love her she fits in so well

    TVmansdaughterTVmansdaughterMonth ago
  • I honestly wanted to stop watching after I heard Pinkerton Arthur deserved more goddamnit!

    Mr ReapMr ReapMonth ago
  • If I ever find a woman like Kate, we'll have so many awesome babies.

    Jonathan SwensonJonathan SwensonMonth ago
  • Real question, is Ryan in pajamas?

    Fiore CiliegiaFiore CiliegiaMonth ago
  • Gotta make her permanent lol!

    Kelvin OwensKelvin OwensMonth ago
  • I love the guests of this show. They make this show go from a 10/10 to a solid 20/10

    pretty spectrum xxxpretty spectrum xxxMonth ago
  • Puppet History makes the whole internet worthwhile. If there's any justice in the universe, Shane will soon be a force to be reckoned with in entertainment. His songs are easily as clever and hilarious as those of the South Park guys.

    Christopher StevensChristopher StevensMonth ago
  • Huh. His organization might be kinda negatively portrayed in the modern media, but from this video pinkerton himself seems a pretty forward-thinking guy for his time.

    364dragonrider364dragonriderMonth ago
  • Who else really wanted the dark secret to be a sex cult?

    Singing MochiSinging MochiMonth ago
  • Kate is my favorite special guest. She's so positive and fun.

    Lauren MartinezLauren MartinezMonth ago
  • I love Kate and I love this show.

    BunnyFettBunnyFettMonth ago
  • I'm only 5 minutes in, but already I would rather watch a string of spy capers about this woman than ever see another James Bond film

    macattack423macattack423Month ago
  • Sooo happy to see these episodes. I had no idea that the ghoul boys had this channel. Yippie !!!

    Rascal BascalRascal BascalMonth ago
  • 17:16 for the cat

    Izzy KittyIzzy KittyMonth ago
  • Had a teacher in middle school who's maiden name was Kate Warren XD

    Sherlockian ConfidentialitySherlockian ConfidentialityMonth ago
  • You know I think I did a research project on her over 10 years ago when I was like a child in elementary school bc I know who she is and I remember being in the library looking for books on her.... And writing her name hella

    BleepifiedBleepifiedMonth ago
  • this little unhinged puppet yelling “ACAB BABYYY” lives in my head rent free.

    GrayGrayMonth ago
  • I love her! I hope she comes on more often.

    Ash FarahAsh FarahMonth ago
  • Fire Ryan hire Kate !!!

    SteveSteveMonth ago
  • Its The Song For Me 😭😭😭😂😂😂

    Ashia SmithAshia SmithMonth ago
  • ✨Kate found clues so Benson could Law & Order✨

    The fire oneThe fire oneMonth ago
  • This series is one of the best things Ive ever seen.

    Laura van VlaardingenLaura van VlaardingenMonth ago
  • can you please do an Edgar Allan Poe one??????

    Nadia CollinsNadia CollinsMonth ago
  • I don't know who Kate is but she's hilarious! Also-never thought I'd be this into this puppet show but...shane ♥️

    marija013marija013Month ago
  • Never in my life did I think I’d correlate Abraham Lincoln and Voldemort in a 30min window.

    Marci HugglerMarci HugglerMonth ago
  • Favourite show

    Mark RichettiMark RichettiMonth ago
  • Shane was most likely on something while this was being fikmed.

    Andrea PitreAndrea PitreMonth ago
  • Honestly, these songs are bangin

    Aleisha KelmanAleisha KelmanMonth ago
  • the fucking editing on the train song holy shit im dead

    Brooke MathewsBrooke MathewsMonth ago
  • Imagine being this woman who saved Abe Lincoln, only for him to die later on in a theater. What a kick to the balls that would be, you saved the man only for him to die later.

    JackalopeJackalopeMonth ago
  • Best guest ever.

    halasaurushalasaurusMonth ago
  • Okay but shane's crying southern lady actually sounds like one of my aunts thats wild

    Amara MooreAmara MooreMonth ago
  • The guess is so cute and nice! I love her energy!

    Syra RomaSyra RomaMonth ago
  • Also that Voldemort voice is a bang on !!

    Rajat ChhajtaRajat ChhajtaMonth ago
  • Is it me or this is one of the dope panel with Ryan, Kate and Prof.

    Rajat ChhajtaRajat ChhajtaMonth ago
  • *I am so happy for this series. It’s so wholesome...I can’t help but think how many grown ups are watching this and smiling while being educated in a fun way* 💛💛💛💛 *Thank you Shane, you really are a gem an angel on Earth. Oh and you too Ryan!* 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

    EvaEdenshawEvaEdenshawMonth ago