How Coronavirus Shut Down A Restaurant In 24 Hours • Hidden Narratives Podcast

Mar 26, 2020
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Welcome to Hidden Narratives of the Coronavirus, a new podcast where Steven Lim speaks with Asian American leaders across industries about how the coronavirus has impacted our community.
In this first episode, Steven Lim chats with Deuki Hong, the Korean-American chef and owner of Sunday Hospitality Group in San Francisco, California. On March 21, 2020, all three of his restaurants came to a screeching halt in response to the shelter-in-place mandate by Mayor London Breed of San Francisco. On the night of closing his last restaurant, Deuki recounts his last week of service and what it means to shut down his restaurants indefinitely due to the coronavirus.
The Sunday Family Dream Fund is a relief fund Deuki Hong set up for his team in response to the shutdown. Learn more and contribute to their campaign here:
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  • Hey everyone! Steven here. Thanks so much for checking my new podcast - your support means the world to me and also means I get to continue sharing these stories. You can subscribe to Hidden Narratives, wherever you listen: Apple: Spotify: Everywhere else!

    WatcherWatcher8 months ago
    • Would you consider continuning to upload the podcast audio to USworlds in the future? I don't want to ask you to spend extra production time on an extra upload, but I know many people, myself included, are more likely to listen on this platform, rather than a podcast app. Thanks! Loving everything from Watcher, so far! 😁

      bluefox99887bluefox998878 months ago
    • How often will new podcast episodes be coming out?

      Scar CruzScar Cruz8 months ago
    • Not to detract from the importance and relevance of the content of your podcast, which is excellent quality btw, but your opening was _hella_ ASMR. You could easily make content in that genre if you became inclined. People would definitely tune in just to hear your super soothing voice!!! (Sending love and luck from Tseil-WauTuth territory in Canada)

      Jinx DoonanJinx Doonan8 months ago
    • The people over at Jubilee are close friends of ours. Hope to do a collab one day!

      WatcherWatcher8 months ago
  • here in South Africa white people are a minority but still have the economic and institutional power, all high paying jobs and positions of power are usually white and the middle class is mostly white while the rich are either ANC or DA political affiliates or families who profited off of Apartheid historically and have inherited wealth. The real problem though is the denial of how this is racism in any way, the history of oppression here is denied and it's effects are denied too. I bring this up because I see older people here treating our Asian communities incredibly badly here, refusing to shop in Asian areas and calling Covid 19 racist terms. Those people also claim this is not racist because of the origin of covid and also because they feel Asian culture does not belong here. Among younger people it's generally understood that there is a place in our country for all people and that we are all immigrants or the children or grandchildren of immigrants. One day I hope help change things here by getting people to understand there is nothing taboo about discussing the painful history of our country and how that history has shaped our communities in the present.

    Ethan Vaughan StintonEthan Vaughan Stinton5 days ago
  • Immaculate amazing underappreciated

    Gracie E.Gracie E.29 days ago
  • Asmr

    dumass juicedumass juiceMonth ago
  • I've downloaded all the Hidden narratives podcast on to my phone, I love your podcast Steven, please continue, it doesn't have to be the same theme as hidden narratives.

    Animania freakAnimania freak2 months ago
  • This hurts to listen to even so many months into this catastrophe. This interview was deeply moving. Thanks for sharing.

    plupples gonna plupplupples gonna plup2 months ago
  • Deuki you have every right to not be apologetic for the way you feel for your restaurant family. Its a personal choice.

    Star CowartStar Cowart2 months ago
  • moss

    Helen EilersHelen Eilers3 months ago
  • thank you Steven for shining a light onto the many issues going on right now, we really appreciate it 💖

    Bianca RamosBianca Ramos4 months ago
  • Needs more views!

    Xena AsmrXena Asmr6 months ago
  • GiovannaGiovanna6 months ago
  • While this is messed up people in China is blaming black people and kicking them out of their homes and doing their racist attacks on them, granted the country is extremely racist already. Also the virus did originate from China.

    LuiBei1994LuiBei19947 months ago
    • I just wanted to clarify what you said (sorry, I know you posted this like 4 months ago haha) but did you mean that people in China are attacking, evicting, and blaming Black people who live there for COVID-19 or are you just talking about general racism against Black people?

      Beck CeteraBeck Cetera2 months ago
  • Thank you for making this steven

    tarrine khanomtarrine khanom7 months ago
  • Amazing podcast! Would like to recommend #twosetviolin (#asiansrepresent) as a guest, theyre not in the US but I'm sure classical musicians are also impacted by the virus! All Hail the Watcher!

    Abba Marie MorenoAbba Marie Moreno7 months ago
  • I'm late to watching this but I'm glad I did. As a biracial person, half Chinese and half white it hurts me hearing the multiple attacks against Asian Americans. I look white enough to where I am safe but I am concerned about my family and friends and appreciate this discussion. We need to stop this hate and focus on the prevention of COVID 19. Also to the public, in general, please don't refer to the Coronavirus as the Chinese virus or the Wuhan virus. This encourages hate. I don't know if anyone will really pay attention to my comment or even care but I hope if someone does see this that they understand.

    Ling MayLing May7 months ago
  • I appreciate everything Steven puts out

    Lyan CrownLyan Crown7 months ago
  • I'm confused, from what I heard is that this guy shut his own reseraunts down due to covid19. How exactly is he effected by racism? It sounds to me like he has a huge amount of support from all his vendors and landlords ect.. which I'm sure are from all different races. Stop focusing on what divides humans and focus on what an opportunity this is to unite us. Don't make this about race when it doesn't have to be. You can't fight fire with fire and you can't unite a country by dividing it.

    kyle Kjerstadkyle Kjerstad7 months ago
    • @pysau yeah hate breads hate

      kyle Kjerstadkyle Kjerstad7 months ago
    • What? Not all of this podcast is focused on racism. But it is happening. Ignoring it isn't gonna help anything.

      pysaupysau7 months ago

    armyforlife3 Naoarmyforlife3 Nao7 months ago
  • I bought take out yesterday and I got a couple free spring rolls!

    J-Me*TallulahJ-Me*Tallulah7 months ago

    Kevin RaperKevin Raper7 months ago
  • Always great to have some Asian American representation! It’s tough watching tv and not seeing your own people in many things...

    Vinny LVinny L7 months ago
  • You are amazing. Love everything you and Watcher are doing, looking forward to this new content! Thank you and be safe. ❤

    Amanda PearlAmanda Pearl7 months ago
  • guys you are the best love from NEPAL

    sourya basnetsourya basnet7 months ago
  • Thank you for this, Steven. There’s a need for real, hard truth. Small businesses across all industries are hurting because of this pandemic. The lack of federal leadership is not only disappointing but also frustrating and devastating. 😫 It’s been close to 3 weeks since the schools closed. Remote learning does not and cannot substitute the in-person connections that you make with the students. The students are hurting from the disconnect, too. I had a student ask me if he was going to see me and his friends again this year. The look on his face was just heart wrenching. 😕 I hope your podcast can reach the ears of those who still don’t think COVID-19 is a big is and we won’t ever be the same.

    Emily TangEmily Tang7 months ago
  • Thank you for shouting out andrew yang and his humanity forward fund! 🙏💕 he's helped already a few families here in Bronx, NYC and it's truly amazing following him

    sl slsl sl7 months ago
  • this podcast was personal to me. like chef hong, my family owns restaurants in the bay area & he voiced a lot of our same sentiments through these unprecedented times. thank you steven for using your platform for pan-asian representation, i'm excited to see where it's headed & what the future holds.

    Tiffany DengTiffany Deng7 months ago
  • im so mad that this won't get nearly as many views as the other channel videos :(

    linalina8 months ago
  • thank you so much for using your platform to voice the issues asian americans face when not nearly enough people do

    linalina8 months ago
  • This is crazy. I feel bad for not ever thinking about the impact of this on Asian restaurants. :(

    Jean JacketJean Jacket8 months ago
  • There should not have been this many tingles down my neck. Goodbye

    Hannah FaithHannah Faith8 months ago
  • Stay stong ma men

    Micko MarceloMicko Marcelo8 months ago
  • I have a video pitch: ARTISTS PLAY PICTIONARY

    JoelJoel8 months ago
  • I know everyone is saying this, but seriously, thank you. As an Asian American and someone who has an interest in Chinese culture and language it’s really been bothering me how people talk about Chinese and Asian people as a whole in regards to the virus. I’ve thankfully not experienced any hate personally but I’ve heard lots of things from friends and family alike. My friend, who is of Chinese decent, has had several people ask if they had corona. Whether these were jokes or not they still rubbed me the wrong way. My Chinese language teacher, who is white, also told us a story about how they went to a Chinese restaurant and heard one of the people in there say “why is there a white person here? Don’t they know all Chinese people have corona.” Even though that’s clearly a joke told to who ever they were talking to it’s awful that that’s something that can be joked about. This virus is highlighting a lot of issues in not just America but the entire world, one of those issues, though, that’s being highlighted in America is the racism people hold towards Chinese and Asian people. This virus didn’t just make all these people racist, they were before hand, this virus is just making people double down on those ideas that they held consciously or unconsciously. I really hope that Americans come out of this more aware of the struggles that Asian Americans face due to racism. I also hope that Asian Americans come out of this stronger and more resolute to be seen and be heard. We are here. We are struggling. We shouldn’t have to be silent. I’m happy that Asian Americans are already making more of a push against racism and have been for years, I just hope that this pushes it forward more and doesn’t undue the work so many people have done. Thank you for reading, thank you for your time. Stay safe. Be strong. I hope for the best for us all.

    Li_Yu _Li_Yu _8 months ago
  • I just got the notification just at 3-29-20 at 10:45 pm west northern time. I feel I was super late!

    Moon Sun GoddessMoon Sun Goddess8 months ago
  • Awesome podcast, Steven! This is so crucial for me to hear. I own a business myself and the anxiety and uncertainty is hardcore right now. While my business isn't a restaurant, it was a great opportunity to empathize and hear the real perspective from Deuki. So many of us are trying to stay strong and it's great to be able to connect to the vulnerable side of things, and let that be okay, too. Keep up the great work. Watcher is keeping be sane right now!

    drowningdolliesdrowningdollies8 months ago
  • 😭😭😭😭 What a great guy! He cares so much about his staff it's heartwarming.

    BusyBree2237BusyBree22378 months ago
  • Those who are not completely brainwashed and still have the ability to think for themselves should definitely research #EVENT201 for more on the TRUE origin of the coronavirus. If you’re more comfortable being spoon-fed what to believe, then move along...

    Alphagan10Alphagan108 months ago
  • I cannot agree more with Chef Deuki's view that what a country needs more than anything now is STRONG LEADERSHIP. While business can't be maintained now and people become unemployed, it is also frightening to think about how the economy can recover from all of this. With companies needing to reemploy and retrain their staff, the economy will need much more time to recover than those countries who dug into their reserves and invested heavily in helping as many companies and employees as they can to stay afloat until the virus situation improves. Only then can a country minimise its damages in the long run. Thank you Steven for sharing this insightful podcast and for Chef Deuki's candidness throughout it. My sincerest hopes that things will work out for him and his former staff.

    AddieAddie8 months ago
  • Thanks for this Watcher. This is such an incredible way to use your platform, new as it is. The other day I got a text from the Chinese takeaway near where I used to live and it just hit me... I hope they're doing OK.

    Niamh ByrneNiamh Byrne8 months ago
  • Wait, Steven is Asian American? Holy shit I never noticed, he should have mentioned it before.

    richard smithrichard smith8 months ago
  • I’m not being insensitive or rude, I’m genuinely interested in knowing, this podcast posed a question people are jobless and need sustenance, what is the solution? Also this is the situation for a lot of us everyday without any virus taunting humanity. Does that mean anyone without a job security need to raise their voice for government compensation? I ask this being from a third world country where thousands of people around me only have temporary jobs. Again, this is just a question not being insensitive just trying to understand what’s the obligation to the government to help people and how do you define which people group gets this aid?

    anujna nagarajanujna nagaraj8 months ago
  • thanks for sharing Deuki's story Steve, i hope he will find his footing and bigger success. Those who are reading this message, i hope you are looking out for yourself, and each other

    Sarah WahidSarah Wahid8 months ago
  • As a consumer I want to spend any Take Out funds on family owned restaurants (especially Immigrant owned) BUT I do not want anyone to feel they *have* to stay open for me.

    Rachel PicheoRachel Picheo8 months ago
  • Thank you Steven and Deuki. You give me and many other people strength♥️

    Jeeva and ToffeeJeeva and Toffee8 months ago
  • This was absolutely wonderful to listen to. It really gave you another perspective on how COVID-19 is affecting everyday people.

    Captain CaterpillarCaptain Caterpillar8 months ago
  • I really understand him. Me as a small restaurant worker, I have to risk my life to be expose to customers who you may not know that they might have the COVID-19. I understand that he don't want none of his worker should be expose to it and not have that in his mind that his employees have the virus so they can go to work. Let's hope that everything can go away of us to cooperate with social distance and for those that can stay at home for self quarantine so every small business don't have to shut down like his and let people with no jobs. Let just have hope everybody. Let stay safe. Also, love the podcast and your voice Steven. Hope this podcast stay forever.

    Julissa MerinoJulissa Merino8 months ago
  • Im an Asian American in the restaurant industry living in the Bay Area & this really hit for me. Thank you for sharing our stories. 🥺💙

    Samantha PostSamantha Post8 months ago

    annonymousannonymous8 months ago
  • yeah that's something i haven't seen the media bring up alot these last few weeks. the racist verbal attacks, even on my pretty liberal college campus, definitely increased these last few weeks before my college went online for the rest of the semester. some other students & professors tried to put a stop to the racist words but it's not been happy experience for the last few weeks.

    changabletruthchangabletruth8 months ago
  • I’m mixed, and having gotten recessive genes most people don’t realize I have Asian heritage. After COVID-19 first broke out, numerous Asian restaurants and markets began struggling in my local area. Even stores that were owned by Asians but didn’t sell Asian food, the best bakery in town is owned by a Vietnamese woman, were being all but boycotted. Seeing so many people act on fear has been disheartening, so thank you for spreading awareness Steven

    T.a.r.tT.a.r.t8 months ago
  • king subscribed on spotify already

    world dictionaryworld dictionary8 months ago
  • I heard directly from Mitch McConnell at the White House press room (there was maybe two reporters), that the $2 trillion dollar BILL for unemployment, PASSED on Wednesday, March 25th 2020; for all those who qualify. There's a lot of hope for many (those earning a salary), especially minimum wage workers.

    Angelina CruzAngelina Cruz8 months ago
  • Even though I'm not Asian American, as a Chinese descendant who lives in Indonesia the racism happens in my country as well especially with our history of Negative sentiment on the Chinese community since the colonialization period, the coronavirus starts bringing that sentiment again. When I walk down the street, some people start calling us the source of corona and saying us to go back to the mainland. It's actually quite sad looking at those guys, especially since I was born and raised in Indonesia. Racism is a world problem and it's something that our generation needs to understand that a person is still a person despite all of our differences. On bright notes, we actually see how all of the countries are working together to solve this problem; a 180 different compared to these past few years that was filled with hatred, war, etc. BE KIND FOLKS!

    Hadassah NadiaHadassah Nadia8 months ago
  • Since you're doing a podcast on hidden narratives, it would be cool to interview a frontliner in the Hong Kong protest. This can raise awareness on Hong Kongers fight for freedom

    Jessica LeeJessica Lee8 months ago
  • Steven, I love you so much! Thank you for this podcast. Stay healthy.

    drmobiusdrmobius8 months ago
  • Thank you Watcher!!

    VV8 months ago
  • why does steven sound so precious at the beginning i’m wheezing

    Chan _101Chan _1018 months ago
  • When it all blows over? "IF it blows over" Nothing is even close yet. Remember this is a virus, no cure.

    LightYerPipeLightYerPipe8 months ago
  • My god this is something truly special and I love it with all my heart. I hope Deuki’s doing well, as are everyone at Watcher!

    Fandom TrashFandom Trash8 months ago
  • the beginning wAS SO CUTE IM CRYING

    tinystarfish28tinystarfish288 months ago
  • I 💝 u Steven Lim

    mercy ffsmercy ffs8 months ago
  • thank you for making such a candid podcast. It can be hard to see tragedies as more than statistics, but hearing from Deuki puts stories and faces to the numbers.

    Sam RakitaSam Rakita8 months ago
  • Steven is so cute in the beginning 🥺🥺🥺

    Carissa DeliciaCarissa Delicia8 months ago
  • thank you - this was extremely necessary and validating. i'm asian-australian and i've been feeling really frustrated and scared because of the racial attacks. my dad who works in a chinese restaurant also lost his job this week so everything has been really chaotic. stay safe everyone

    bellebelle8 months ago
  • Ok, let’s talk about how Steven should do a sleep meditation voice over!

    Noah CrowNoah Crow8 months ago
  • We are all human. No one wants to be hurt. I cannot understand why a person would go out of their way to hurt another person.

    Hessed3712Hessed37128 months ago
  • very nice podcast, Steven! you're right, racism is more contagious than virus; hate destroys while love mends...

    dhyc777dhyc7778 months ago
  • subscribe and suport me

    sinhala cartoonsinhala cartoon8 months ago

    sinhala cartoonsinhala cartoon8 months ago
  • Deuki's such a responsible owner to his staff members... listening to the way he thinks, I believe he'll somehow make it through these tough times and come out successful in another way... Best wishes to him & his team! =)

    dhyc777dhyc7778 months ago
  • With everything happening, I was wondering why despite how serious the situation is why no influential youtuber was coming out on youtube about this issue of racism. I think it's super helpful and important that you are doing this just so we can raise awareness on this issue and give it the gravity that it deserves. Asians have been oppressed and discriminated for a long time, we just were never vocal about it. If there ever will be a best time to do so, it should be now when unreasonable and awful racism is being forced upon all asians.

    Ashely KimAshely Kim8 months ago
  • Thank you for this. Thank you for bringing the marginalized people that we don’t see in mass media to light. This is an incredible moral debate to discuss, and it’s an incredibly nuanced discussion, but we, as a people, must not lose our empathy. We need to do better. Thank you Steven. You have a heart of gold. Never lose that 💛

    Amber ParvaizAmber Parvaiz8 months ago
  • When I see the news about how people are treating Asian people, it breaks my heart. I know how hard it is when people treat my people poorly (black people), and I would never wish that on anyone else. I'm praying for you guys. 🖤

    BluckameyBluckamey8 months ago
    • Bluckamey Black people are also being blamed for the virus in China, CHINA! In where it came from. Foreigners in China are being kicked out of their homes and are banned from entering any malls. Even if black people are being treated worse than Asian Americans I still feel bad for them.

      Yung YucciYung Yucci7 months ago
  • Steven Lim aka an adorable gift to the universe

    Willow WaltemireWillow Waltemire8 months ago
  • Everyone is racist and dont deny it

    Lemy Mecha GamingLemy Mecha Gaming8 months ago
  • Trump isn't provoking shit.....its the people that take it to mean something it doesnt. MERS is literally called Middle East Respiratory Syndrome by the CDC.....and I'm sure some Middle Eastern people caught some shit for that, but it wasn't the president's fault. Stop blaming the president for others actions. Blame the people actually verbally, physically and emotionally abusing Asian Americans. Listen, Wuhan China is where the virus came from. Plain and simple. I'm not condoning violence against anybody, we have to just be realistic about the situation

    Aaron PetersenAaron Petersen8 months ago
    • H1N1/swine flu originated from the US, but the first case to be internationally reported happened in Spain so it's still referred to as the "spanish" flu today. Americans made sure no one would call it "American flu", despite it being the truth. No one is gonna attack yall white americans over a name, but asian-americans ? They're the ideal targets for racist attacks. As long as you look asian you're associated with the "Chinese flu", "chinese virus" & people have been stabbed & beaten half to death over this term. Trump is exarcerbating the racism in those people, almost justifying it, so they focus on how "China is at fault", rather than think about how poorly Trump handled this whole pandemic, even after he saw how other countries suffered from their lack of preparation. He's racist, a fraud, and even worse than that he's insanely incompetent. He's been spitting his hate for China since the very beginning too, making sure his voters are all fired up

      Jin IkigaiJin Ikigai8 months ago
  • Please continue posting these on USworlds! This series is really special and powerful, and the more platforms that you’re able to host this on, the better 👏

    Bakura82901Bakura829018 months ago
  • That intro Steven was the sweetest!

    debsajandebsajan8 months ago
  • I'm Mexican. Since Trump got elected people have been openly racist to me wayyyyyyyyyy more often.

    Lucina MendezLucina Mendez8 months ago
    • @Sydney Schmidt She's not saying it's a competition. She's just relating her experience as another minority. As another Mexican - yeah, Trumpino really made it okay for people to be nasty to us. It's not just to Hispanics but to other minorities. It just sucks that now the coronavirus became the "Chinese Virus" in Trumpino's speech. No one should face this discrimination, and we should not be having a president who makes it "okay" to be a dick to minorities.

      insanelittlesilkinsanelittlesilk7 months ago
    • I'm Muslim/Arabic and every single one of my sisters has been called a terrorist/other messed up things (even as young kids) :( it's really messed up. also everyone forgets about us. also sorry you have to go through that!

      NoorNoor7 months ago
    • It's not a competition. In certain times, many different cultures, skintones, and religions have been discriminated against. From Black people, Muslims, Irish, Jewish, German, Japanese.. we have all faced prejudice because of something we cannot change.

      Sydney SchmidtSydney Schmidt8 months ago
    • I'm so sorry to hear that. After reading a lot of comments from minorities in America on different sites - after this passes, I want to try more to help speak up against injustice / racist acts towards people and help their communities via donations...

      mralohadogmralohadog8 months ago
  • Is this finally available on google podcast?

    Sara Tenjo NaviaSara Tenjo Navia8 months ago
    • It is!

      WatcherWatcher8 months ago
  • are you guys gonna post all your podcast on youtube ps big fan team bugara

    jimmy r tiltonjimmy r tilton8 months ago
  • I am really growing to love Steven and his work. I wasn't too familiar with him when he was at Buzzfeed, but his shows on Watcher are fast becoming my favorites. This opening podcast is great (subscribe - I did!). This thing is destroying lives and we have a president who is making everything worse every time he opens his mouth. I applaud Steven for highlighting these stories. We need to hear them so we can support our fellow Americans when they need it.

    B.B.8 months ago
  • Well done, Steven. Great Pod Cast. Pertinent info. Some folks have not a shred of compassion. Having a close member of my family who also shut down 5 of his restaurants and dealt with exactly what Chef Deuki went through. Many of the same probs and emotions. Sooo sad. Wishing you, Chef Deuki, the best and hoping you get a great bounce back. 💋

    Sandra LaneSandra Lane8 months ago
  • I really like Steven's delivery. His voice and cadence is very soothing

    TheselectedworksTheselectedworks8 months ago
  • Listened instead. Excellent.

    Hope GoldHope Gold8 months ago
  • This is truly heartbreaking. Hope everything turns out good for all the Asian-American businesses

    Maria GalimovaMaria Galimova8 months ago
  • This virus is a curse on all of us, but as you say it is a double whammy for Asian people around the world for no reason other than utter stupidity. I've heard of people throwing kids' toys away because they were made in China. Asking if it's safe to order a Chinese takeaway. You just want to grasp these people by the back of the head and slam some sense into them. I understand that this is pretty meaningless and does nothing practical to help, but for every moron out there you can find a score of decent, moral, educated folk who will stand by you. As a gay guy I know what it's like to be labelled as one thing based on what you are by people who cannot separate two aspects of a person because they simply do not have the mental capacity for it. They lashed out at us in fear over HIV, they are lashing out at you in fear over covid-19. I can offer nothing more than moral support and empathy as you all go through something utterly senseless. :(

    TheDiplococcusTheDiplococcus8 months ago
  • Kinda wish the whole thing was ASMR like an NPR doc xD

    Scott DavisScott Davis8 months ago
  • Steven Lim I love u and I would die for u

    Amy LangAmy Lang8 months ago
  • Listening to this, knowing that our community is so hard hit in my mind but actually HEARING it... it just makes my heart heavy. I know we have to share our stories with the world, to stay strong and hopeful for the future and yet, I know that we've never experienced something like this at this level before. We're scared. Our livelihoods are being ripped away without any consolation and what else can we do? I can only hope that the fear keeps us safe but I know that we're just so lost in all this right now that looking forward to a better future is far from an easy task. I don't want to lose my community. I don't want to lose myself, my friends, my family, my hopes and dreams and ambitions and everything else that makes life worth living. For now, the best we can do is hold onto the hope that things can and will be better someday soon. Keep in (virtual) touch with the people you love. Stay home, stay healthy, help in any ways you can. Stay kind, stay compassionate. Stay cautious and aware, but don't let this fear consume you. We will get through this. One day at a time.

    CrepesAhoyCrepesAhoy8 months ago
  • Thanks Steven!

    Alia YAlia Y8 months ago
  • This is an incredibly well done podcast that really put what the food industry is going through in the coronavirus. I am sad that you aren't going to keep posting this on youtube- I don't really use spotify or itunes, so I don't know how many i'll hear and that makes me sad :(

    Karen OKaren O8 months ago
  • I'm really happy this is coming out now because I've been feeling a lot of emotions. I'm fortunate enough not to have to worry about certain things like not having water or constantly being in a state of fear due to my living situations. Going out now is scary; I have to suppress any signs of pollen allergies for fear of getting attacked.

    SasaSasa8 months ago
  • i send strength and a lot of power to the asian americans to fight not only a fight against covid, but also to stand and get through this phase of spurred racism. i hope people will broaden their narrow minded perspectives and see how the entire world is equally suffering.

    Sanya GhaiSanya Ghai8 months ago
  • I think the hardest part about the racism that is happening during this time is that other races and ethnic groups aren't standing up and defending the Chinese/East Asians because most Chinese/East Asians rarely choose to involve themselves in standing up for those other ethnic groups. I'm gonna give an example close to home for me. I am ethnically Pakistani (born and raised in Canada) married to a man in South Korea. I've seen first hand the kind of racism that Koreans have blatantly given me, the way I am looked down upon in both the East Asian community due to my background and in the countries themselves. So I understand why others from the South Asian community aren't standing up for my East Asian community members, not being there to support. East Asians are notorious for not taking the right stances for others so others retaliate with a similar lack of courtesy. Not hating on Asians, literally married to one and I love him and his country and I myself will never be racist towards someone but it's kind of a "reap what you sow" situation.

    Jane AJane A8 months ago
  • This was really interesting! I was wondering about the perspectives of small business owners, especially after hearing so much about them in media lately. I hope there's more podcasts like this

    Viviana LunaViviana Luna8 months ago
  • Even as a crew member at a fast food restaurant, I can agree. People do have to eat, but they do not have to come to your restaurant. My state (Michigan) has joined others and our governor gave us a stay-at-home order until April 13th, shutting down all non-essential businesses. I'm just grateful i still have a job right now. It's the most American thing ever to consider Diet Cokes and cheeseburgers essential to sustain life, but I will take it! The same day that order was given, I sent myself home early, because I was getting a scratchy sore throat. Some of you can work from home, but every I day I'm not in that building is another day I'm losing money, but the state is encouraging us to stay home if we're sick. . .

    Jessica WJessica W8 months ago
    • Jessica W I hope you feel better. Thank you for being so responsible.

      Hessed3712Hessed37128 months ago
  • My work has shut down past 2 weeks, we think another month till we can come back 😭 It's a small business so we are all woried the business will go under... Day of my last shift I asked if we were going to close and boss said no we keep going, I went home, woke up and found out kitchen is closed. Less than 24hr notice. I was taken off salary, cooked and froze as much as I could...

    Luvely 106Luvely 1068 months ago
  • That was really amazing. You’re a fantastic interviewer and he was fascinating, and insightful. Thank you and stay safe ❤️

    Teresa HowickTeresa Howick8 months ago
  • Andrew Yang?? :D

    Michael HashimotoMichael Hashimoto8 months ago