Introducing Our Weekly Talk Show • Watcher Weekly #001

Jan 10, 2020
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Hello! Welcome to the 1st episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
- The birth of Watcher
- Our 7 series and how we'll release them
- Q&A with each other
- Patreon and Merch
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  • Hey everyone, Steven here! So glad you've found our weekly talk show. This'll be a place where we discuss behind-the-scenes, answer your questions about Watcher, and have special guests every now and again. Watcher Weekly episodes will be released every Wednesday, so let us know in the comments if you have any questions for our next episode!

    WatcherWatcher10 months ago
    • It was weird Steven

      Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn4 days ago
    • Yo we need more spooky content #shaniac

      Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn4 days ago
    • I love you three!!!

      Alyssa ViquieraAlyssa Viquiera5 months ago
    • I love puppet history♥️

      Leo WickhamLeo Wickham7 months ago
    • My wife and I have watched you guys for a while, we really enjoy your content. I could easily say that I want to see more Ghoul Boys or unsolved cases; after all, that's how we got hooked. However, we're excited to see what you all will bring. The first and second episodes of Puppet History was proof of what to come. Shane, that diamond song, that could have won a day time Emmy. Best of luck!

      Deandrea KingDeandrea King9 months ago
  • The guy who litterally almost got raped while getting spiders put on his face got scared of a little match box spider

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn4 days ago
  • Fire cinder

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn4 days ago
  • 9:21 Ryan face reaction is of shame

    acfeo8acfeo811 days ago
  • 20:21 ryans "thank you" was so cute 🥺

    little shitlittle shit12 days ago
  • i would love to work with these guys at watcher ;v;

    Yusra MohabbatYusra Mohabbat14 days ago
  • I'm coming back to watch this whole series and im just so proud of them ❤️

    Sage BranSage Bran17 days ago
  • Why is there a rubber duck on the tap

    Kye CatsKye Cats24 days ago
  • Why does it feel like ryan and shane are steve’s parents but their also not???

    niania25 days ago
  • I think we all should appreciate Shane and his passion a lot more. He basically made everything himself for the Puppet History Show and that's pretty amazing. It's super cute and very fun to watch. Literally my favourite series on USworlds at the moment. I can't wait for further seasons!!

    Jolyn CarstairsJolyn CarstairsMonth ago
  • It still confuses me how they have set out on their own but still work for BuzzFeed. Wouldn’t that go against their employee contracts or something?

    Abigail EAbigail EMonth ago
  • Roll it jimmy

    Miz300zxMiz300zxMonth ago
  • Puppet history is absolutely amazing and the singing! My gawd!! Professor McNasty for the win

    christina northchristina northMonth ago
  • Shane looks a magical lil elf ✨

    Adalene MayAdalene MayMonth ago
  • I mean Shane could release a 5hour long video of him watching paint dry and I’d watch it

    Victoria BlakeVictoria BlakeMonth ago
  • I am thankful for that random guy in the comment section on a buzzfeed unsolved video

    KarsKarsMonth ago
  • y’all should seriously say “all hail the watcher” after watcher weekly’s

    belle m.belle m.Month ago
  • I love you guys🥺

  • So many good ideas!! So excited for thiiis!!!!😍😍😍

    juliejulieMonth ago
  • More puppet history!! Love that show!!

    Somedumb guiSomedumb guiMonth ago
  • i love this but i’m gonna miss buzzfeed unsolveds spooky boys 😢

    Abby CarlsonAbby CarlsonMonth ago
    • It's still happening? New season is coming up real soon.

      NemisionNemisionMonth ago
  • Wow... the Professor was smaller than I thought... not discrediting at all, but still

    ForeverLove230ForeverLove2302 months ago
  • ily guys

    Abeer GuptaAbeer Gupta2 months ago
  • I love your puppet history Shane

    kckc2 months ago
  • Y’all I love this energy 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 keep it up! I’ll be watching every episode😊❤️

    Andrea NowakowskiAndrea Nowakowski2 months ago
  • shane looks like a large gnome

    Emily PriceEmily Price2 months ago
  • I wish you guys would continue on with something along the lines of Unsolved, digging into true crime / weird mysteries. I thought that stuff was fascinating.

    David MartinDavid Martin2 months ago
    • They're still doing Unsolved.

      NemisionNemisionMonth ago
  • I have those spiders all over my apartment I HATE them

    EgglliottEgglliott3 months ago
  • tag urself i am that lil duck on the tap

    el.el.3 months ago
  • I hate that both Ryan and Steven checked the professor’s bag for jellybeans and looked disappointed bc it was empty 😭😭😭

    chaoticinflationchaoticinflation3 months ago
  • All hail the watcher

    Logan GlasierLogan Glasier3 months ago
  • Shane being into puppets and history is both simultaneously the best part of and least shocking part of 2020

    Rachael BergerRachael Berger3 months ago

    Jared BrownJared Brown3 months ago
  • Please create a show like Unsolved supernatural and true crime please pls pls pls ❤

    The RenegadeThe Renegade3 months ago
    • They still do Unsolved for Buzzfeed.

      NemisionNemisionMonth ago
  • I absolutely love you guys and wish you nothing but success!!

    Angela LambertAngela Lambert3 months ago
  • So no more ghoulboyzz? no more ghost stuff ?

    Finn BraunFinn Braun3 months ago
  • love puppet history! can't wait for more puppet history! do episodes on the Civil Rights And Women's Suffrage movements. also on ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, and ancient Greece.

    oooh19oooh193 months ago
    • oooooh do a puppet history episode on the new millenium and the y2k bug

      oooh19oooh193 months ago
  • Insane that this is 6 months ago now!

    Savannah SmithSavannah Smith4 months ago
  • Is it me or does shane kinda look like that guy from the moomins, i think his name was snufkin or smth

    Annelies DooperAnnelies Dooper4 months ago
  • I'm on the binge mode for watcher weekly!

    InTheLifeOf CarmiInTheLifeOf Carmi4 months ago
  • 11:14 Shane just starts talking to Steven like he's a little and Shane is trying to make him feel comfortable

    Emma That Weird PotatoEmma That Weird Potato4 months ago
  • i gotta say, i really enjoy these updates and chats. love you three!

    RocknRoll13ZHRocknRoll13ZH4 months ago
  • I could literally just watch Ryan and Shane sit and talk about anything. They make the best duo!

    Rebecca ShepherdRebecca Shepherd4 months ago
  • Yassssss

    Phillip MoralesPhillip Morales4 months ago
  • So no more unsolved?

    Andrea D.F.RAndrea D.F.R4 months ago
    • they addressed it here: they're not buzzfeed employees but they're still contracted to do unsolved so yea it'll continue

      heahea4 months ago
  • more puppet history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Claire BrackettClaire Brackett4 months ago
  • Never enough puppet history!!!!!!

    SarahLillySarahLilly4 months ago
  • Me: starting from the beginning of this channel cause I just discovered they made it😳

    Your MomYour Mom4 months ago
  • wait so there’s not gonna be anymore buzzfeed unsolved supernatural vids?

    victoriavictoria5 months ago
    • they addressed it here: they're not buzzfeed employees but they're still contracted to do unsolved so yea it'll continue

      heahea4 months ago
  • If they don’t continue puppet history I will lose my mind.

    Emma DrewEmma Drew5 months ago
  • can the asian one dial back on trying to be black? shane and ryan are great as always.

    Josh Orr-FaheyJosh Orr-Fahey5 months ago
    • @Josh Orr-Fahey how is he trying to be black?

      strikerstriker2 months ago
    • @striker can the asian one dial back on trying to be black? shane and ryan are great as always.

      Josh Orr-FaheyJosh Orr-Fahey2 months ago
    • what

      strikerstriker2 months ago
  • Love your shows....especially Puppet History. I am a Shaneiac, the guy makes me laugh out loud, and I am 71 years old....go figure!

    Retired GrandRetired Grand5 months ago
  • Hey guys I’m bingeing all the puppet history episodes & I love them Shane plays a cute character! My only qualm are the flashing lights during the end song they make it difficult to watch with my photo sensitivity. Love the new channel guys keep up the awesome work!

    The Thomason’sThe Thomason’s5 months ago
  • I don't really understand the logo besides W for Watcher. Such a weird design.

    Isha BoyeIsha Boye5 months ago
  • Bros, no offense i only found out about this chanel today and only had the time to watch the puppet show, but... OH MY SELF WHAT A PZRGSIEHGPZEGHQZPERGIHARLGQBGSJKF SHOW, I friggin' loved it and i can't wait to watch the other shows, anywayyy i'm happy you own your shows and i can't wait what else is on this gold mine chanel!

    HarameaHaramea5 months ago
  • Puppet History forever and always.

    Alexander JohnsonAlexander Johnson5 months ago
  • Yes. Yes. Yes. ( A yes for Shane, Ryan, and Steven). I've got absolute faith in you guys. And you'll see how amazing you all fare on this endeavour. (Feel free to block out this part) although I'm thankful for BuzzFeed for providing all three of your connections with each other and the great shows you all participated in, I did not iike BuzzFeed much at all besides your guys content and I can see why you decided to make your own company and it is legitimately bringing me happiness for the first time in any entertainment field since I heard Heath Ledger was casted for the joker and saw his performance (completely gutted to hear of his death.), and I'm glad to have something actually entertaining on the level and quality you guys (everyone) are providing for us. I would love to help you guys in any way possoble besides Patreon, merch, and all the watches and likes I'll be giving to every single content you guys are part of. A lot of love to you all. #SRS #SSR #RSS ? I like #SRS since it's the way you guys were sitting in Ryan's kitchen. Hope the best for you three and the whole team

    J UribeJ Uribe5 months ago
  • Is it just me or does Shane sound like John Green from crash course? Lol

    Teresa DuranTeresa Duran5 months ago
  • We love puppet history

    Kristi DavisKristi Davis5 months ago
  • I found Shane And Ryan!!! I didnt know they created a new channel.

    E. C. A.E. C. A.5 months ago
  • Omfg i love cosmic crisp apples

    Samantha KiehnSamantha Kiehn5 months ago
  • Is steven ok? Or is his energy just so much less chaotic then the ghoul bois?

    Samantha KiehnSamantha Kiehn5 months ago
  • All Hail The Watcher

    Lynn LewisLynn Lewis5 months ago
  • I love to see that you take us with you on this journey. I love to do something similar one day.

    Mixed CultureMixed Culture5 months ago
  • I love puppet history. Pls do more😔

    Diana SandovalDiana Sandoval5 months ago
  • I missed the puppet history

    Cynthia BFCynthia BF5 months ago
  • Shane’s mug: Steven’s mug: Ryan’s mug: 👂👁👁👂

    NickiNicki6 months ago
  • fuck i love you shane and Ryan (p.s using my bfs youtube acct becuz his has no ads lol from your other sub Karlie fiddler) I really needed a Shane and Ryan fix you guys are so funny I love watching you guys both seem sooooo fun to be around ... thanks for the great things youre creating for us to watch ...

    Andrew MunroeAndrew Munroe6 months ago
  • Please maintain Puppet History!

    Christopher NunezChristopher Nunez6 months ago
  • I am so happy for this channel. Just saying bfu was getting swamped with other things that weren't to my tastes, i.e. watching Shane and Ryan bicker, while I eat ice cream and cry about my lack of friends. Best of luck to this channel. I will be watching in support.

    Suchega UberSuchega Uber6 months ago
  • I would love more ghosthunting and supernatural videos!

    JJ6 months ago
  • Shane looks like a cute, giant gnome

    JJ6 months ago
  • More D&D i love it.

    david eisenbuddavid eisenbud6 months ago

    david eisenbuddavid eisenbud6 months ago
  • You guys are great! I wish you would do more paranormal videos

    Jeffery PerryJeffery Perry6 months ago
  • Jan 10th was my b day!!

    PsYcHo KellyPsYcHo Kelly6 months ago
  • it's so cute how this show is divided as shane and ryan vs. steven 😂 ghoul boys/ boysenberry boys/ boot bros stick together 'til whenever.

    alonenotlonelyalonenotlonely6 months ago
  • so proud of these man 💜💜💜

    fany atinyfany atiny6 months ago
  • All Hail the Watcher.

    Naomi HarrisNaomi Harris6 months ago
  • All Hair the Watcher

    Alice MurrayAlice Murray6 months ago
  • I mean they really gonna leave buzzfeed unsolved in the future for this. I mean they should have done there own unsolved thing if they werent happy but let's record what people do everyday ig and leave a cool series for a talk show

  • Shane's matchbook story threw me lol I did not expect for it to go that way

    Moxie LoftonMoxie Lofton6 months ago
  • wait, so is buzzfeed unsolved still going to carry on? true crime and supernatural?

    denny viberdenny viber6 months ago
  • Ryan's true chaotic energy is showing on this channel

    Crystal ShardsCrystal Shards6 months ago
  • Puppet History is my favorite so far but all are great! Keep up the good work!

    andymclpandymclp6 months ago
  • More cussing.

    Chris JamesChris James7 months ago
  • I am super duper excited for the future of this channel!!! ♥️♥️♥️

    TrayCTrayC7 months ago
  • Actually gorilla testicles are pretty small, in relation to their bodies.

    Sam BarthSam Barth7 months ago
  • are they still apart of BuzzFeed though?? like is BuzzFeed unsolved over???? NOOO??

    kealakeala7 months ago
    • @Siiri ok thank you! i was so scared that bu was over ahhh

      kealakeala7 months ago
    • They're freelancing for Buzzfeed to create new seasons of Unsolved and Worth It even though their full-time job is now Watcher! The latest season of Unsolved was filmed while they were already working on Watcher, and they'll film a new Supernatural season when the whole quarantine thing is over. Steven has also been filming Worth It.

      SiiriSiiri7 months ago
  • All hail the watcher!!

    worsetacticworsetactic7 months ago
  • Puppet History is the Very Best Show

    Lucina CheemaLucina Cheema7 months ago
  • I happy for you guys!

    KmtProjectKmtProject7 months ago
  • Looking back at this after watching your other videos first I really like them all so far. Great job guys!

    Julia CovesJulia Coves7 months ago
  • "That apple you had yesterday was the size if a gorilla teste" i almost spit out my water haha

    BrotherDingoBrotherDingo7 months ago
  • Can there please be more puppet history please

    Allison Heinze-VillanuevaAllison Heinze-Villanueva7 months ago
    • It's been quite successful so I imagine there will be more!

      SiiriSiiri7 months ago
  • i love this already, you guys are great

    Phoebe ChenPhoebe Chen7 months ago
  • Re: Shane’s never feeling so alone as when he was making the puppet theater and the puppets: I can’t tell you how many times in the last few weeks I’ve rewatched the diamond necklace song at the end of the Puppet History episode of Stealing the World’s Most Expensive Necklace. I think no other thing or content / entertainment during this pandemic has made me laugh as hard. And it’s so catchy. I’ve replayed it just to get the lyrics down better cuz I keep humming/singing it in my head. I don’t know why, but I just love “that big pile of diamonds” puppet and his song (and, of course... The Professor!!!). 😁😂❤️ Soooo ridiculous and funny (and sweet, lovable, and zany) - AND.... INFORMATIVE! And I’ve watched the other puppet history episodes multiple times already as well (and other of this channel’s and the guys’ content). Love the Watcher channel! 😁😂❤️💕

    The Albanian LorgThe Albanian Lorg7 months ago
  • Even though you are going off to do this on your own, are you still going to continue doing Unsolved? Because I love you guys and I would cry. Like more than just the current season?

    Joz KempfJoz Kempf7 months ago
    • They've said they're filming a new season of Supernatural once this whole quarantine thing is over so it's not over at least quite yet! I'd imagine at some point they'll want to completely stop their freelancing for Buzzfeed and focus on Watcher if it really takes off but at least for now we'll be getting more Unsolved and Worth It

      SiiriSiiri7 months ago
  • Love PUPPET HISTORY - such a great concept and Shane’s work as the Professor is simply the greatest! Looking forward to new shows coming!

    megh7890megh78907 months ago
  • 9:07 Ryan feeling for jelly beans

    FancyOil216FancyOil2167 months ago