Is It Okay To Pee In The Shower? • Watcher Weekly #019

May 13, 2020
110 293 Views

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Hello! Welcome to the 19th episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
- Chill Zone
- Content Callouts
- This Week
- Q&A
- Good Bye!
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  • This episode made me wanna take a shower just to pee in it

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynDay ago
  • 500 episode series is more like it

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynDay ago

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynDay ago
  • Congrats on Ryan's first dub

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynDay ago
  • piehole shirt lmao

    PemoPemo11 days ago
  • Once again, these guys prove they r legends

    katherine collinskatherine collinsMonth ago
  • Ryan's camera is blurry bc there's a ghost in the way.

    Caitlin ChristineCaitlin Christine2 months ago
  • ryan looks incredibly high in this video

    Arianna LaraineArianna Laraine3 months ago
  • I can’t explain how much the Ryan Bergarax2 relationship delights me

    Karma 01Karma 013 months ago
  • captions at 0:08

    Mo StuckerMo Stucker3 months ago
  • I’m the 1000th comment! I will take this power to say: All Hail The Watcher, also send Ryan back to Waverly for smoking in the house, we can’t forget the ghost that loved to “Blaze It”

    RedMifist8RedMifist85 months ago
  • i appreciate steven’s comment on noticing their privilege as men on youtube :) that being said, please don’t let the hate get you boys down! i’ve personally loved the addition of steven to the ghoul boys, and now i don’t think i could watch content where they are not all together! love you all

    Ellen WadsworthEllen Wadsworth5 months ago
  • Ryan and Shane deal with hate by turning them into Roast Mortems :)

    CantStayAwayCantStayAway5 months ago
  • Ryan's intro sounds like he's doing a radio show on a smooth jazz network... :P

    CantStayAwayCantStayAway5 months ago
  • put it on youtube

    Sydney MyersSydney Myers5 months ago
  • They're not going to explain how Ryan Bergara met another Ryan Bergara?!

    Kitana_xoxKitana_xox5 months ago
  • I prefer watching podcasts!!!! I love it I work out while watching it. It’s just like a long USworlds video gives me something to look at while I’m suffering on the elliptical 😂

    Mar *Mar *5 months ago
  • There are two types of people: 1. People who pee in the shower 2. People who lie about it

    Neacy CrenshawNeacy Crenshaw5 months ago
  • I thought there was only 2 of my first and last name. Me included in that however i found when asked my middle initial at a hospital that there is like 4. Didn't kno other than number anything else. Pretty kewl

    S.O.S. ExplorationS.O.S. Exploration5 months ago
  • Question: do you ever get any hate? Roastmortem: am I a joke to you?

    HeyRyanIsOnXHeyRyanIsOnX5 months ago
  • Ryan looks dead in the eyes

    CleddyfCleddyf6 months ago
  • I always prefer watching podcasts vs listening to podcasts, personally.

    Alicia NorrieAlicia Norrie6 months ago
  • so ryan, peeing in the shower is disgusting for you but showing your feet on camera isn't...

    glitterriddlerglitterriddler6 months ago
  • Steven watch itaewon class???

    Ines CyntiaInes Cyntia6 months ago
  • i’d love to listen and watch to them on youtube!!! sometimes a gal just doesn’t wanna click out into another app ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    emmeemme6 months ago
  • I'm sad that Steven isn't filming from his kitchen this time :( the messages he writes in the whiteboard on the fridge are always cute and supportive

    cctrail2cctrail26 months ago
  • #renewthehotdaga

    Lis HallLis Hall6 months ago
  • You have to keep doing DND! Bring in a couple of new people or a bigger party, and keep it going! It's such an amazing version with all of you

    Brandon ListerBrandon Lister6 months ago
  • Ryan really thinks it’s nasty to pee in the shower but he thinks it’s fine to brush his teeth in the shower???

    Becca RoneyBecca Roney6 months ago
  • Where’s the petition for Ryan to smoke weed with the ghouls i wanna sign

    Alex EAlex E6 months ago
  • drop the "guys" after "your" please

    Amy GeyerAmy Geyer6 months ago
  • love love love that you are learning how to play go this quarantine steven!!! i as well am trying to learn and it is VERY difficult but hey, if its good enough for mao’s men it is good enough for me... anyyyyway if you did a watcher show of you learning to play go that would be so epic and fun and amazing. do it do it do it do it do it. also i’m reallllly curious what kind of player you are 🧐🤪😎

    miss demeanormiss demeanor6 months ago
  • put the podcast on USworlds please!

    SaumyaaSaumyaa6 months ago
  • Question/recommendation for Shane: Have you heard of the USworlds channel Ask a Mortician with Caitlin Doughty? It seems like something you would like as a history buff and as someone who doesn’t shy away from the morbid and macabre. She also has some great books if that’s something that interests you. :) Either way, I love your channel guys and I especially love your Puppet History videos. The Professor is awesome and I love the competitive aspect to them. The graphics and songs are also super impressive. I look forward to watching more of them and learning about all the fascinating topics you choose to cover. 😄 Take care, guys! 😎

    Ashley JohnsonAshley Johnson6 months ago
  • Are we seeing you “next week”??? Where is this weeks watcher weekly

    Anthea HolmesAnthea Holmes6 months ago

    Toby BrownToby Brown6 months ago
  • ryan seems so deflated, sad

    Kelly HalloranKelly Halloran6 months ago
  • put it on youtube!!!

    Michael ChengMichael Cheng6 months ago
  • 10:08 is the cutest thing ever! Also, anyone else getting Gabriel vibes from Supernatural?

    Ximena KokoroXimena Kokoro6 months ago
  • So we're not going to talk about Ryan's nipple? And Steven is so confused, but Shane is just like "meh". That's literally me and my best friend XDXD

    Ximena KokoroXimena Kokoro6 months ago
  • Watcher Wee-kly

    bubblegumshrimp!bubblegumshrimp!6 months ago
  • I thought the boyz were already smoking weed and going to haunted places >.

    Diana SanchezDiana Sanchez6 months ago
  • I can listen to Ryan and Shane disagree all day hahah

    Michael ChoeMichael Choe6 months ago
  • Hi, it’s Maya. I’m in a bad place right now, I don’t feel like doing anything and I feel depressed and it’s sad, because I’ve had diagnosed depression, then I was in like remission and now I feel like it’s back. I need someone to tell me to get my shit together. I know that if you will tell me this, I’m going to be better. Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, but I’m from Poland. Also love you boys, and all Watcher team, you’re doing great job!!!

    MayaNowakowskaMayaNowakowska6 months ago
  • ryan your camera is look great shane

    Marlene AchiengMarlene Achieng6 months ago
  • The editing is so good omg

    TravelBeanTravelBean6 months ago
  • Hey Ryan, peeing in the shower saves a bunch of water

    Emma PurceEmma Purce6 months ago
  • PUT IT ON USworlds

    Madison BarriereMadison Barriere6 months ago
  • Put that on USworlds!

    JollyJolly6 months ago
  • Steven watching Itaewon Class is great knowledge

    JollyJolly6 months ago

    Maura GormleyMaura Gormley6 months ago
  • I've played Go before....but it's spelled differently, isn't it?

    spiritussublimespiritussublime6 months ago
  • Put that on USworlds because I'm always here and it's more convenient to have it in my subscriptions :)

    kousetsuhanakousetsuhana6 months ago
  • Please put the podcasts on youtube! I can't focus when I'm just listening to audio

    Anika HedrichAnika Hedrich6 months ago
  • More D&D please!!! To allow Shane's burgeoning DM skills languish would be a crime!

    Jesseca TrainhamJesseca Trainham6 months ago
  • I LOVE SDD&D it’s the only thing that got me through quarantine RIP

    AugustinetheAlienAugustinetheAlien6 months ago
  • Ryan is slowly losing it lmao #staystrong

    Fairus Noor BalqisFairus Noor Balqis6 months ago
  • Here is how to brush teeth without using water for toothpaste: You also get reusable glass jars.

    FreedomcatFreedomcat6 months ago
  • Yes it is okay to pee in the shower. It all goes down the same drain.

    FreedomcatFreedomcat6 months ago
  • Belated Happy Birthday SHANE ♥️ How did you celebrate your birthday amidst this quarantine ?

    Nitol KhanNitol Khan6 months ago
  • This episode was rly hilarious idk, also Steven is so wholesome

    MikuLeekzMikuLeekz6 months ago
  • I would absolutely kill for a weekly table talk of Shane and Ryan getting stoned while I'm watching getting stoned.

    Nick SweatNick Sweat6 months ago
  • Awww I’ll miss DnD!

    Tarrie RevenantTarrie Revenant6 months ago
  • Please put the Podcast here on you-tube! Thank you!

    Mary KrubsackMary Krubsack6 months ago
  • It's a shame SD&D&D is at an end, loved watching you guys play D&D. But understand you have other stuff, I'd not say no to another season if you ever have time 😁

    Penguin 101Penguin 1016 months ago
  • wow?? i’m impressed! the fact that they mention that they don’t get too much hate and address the fact that they are men 🙌 huge respect

    Sharky SharkSharky Shark6 months ago
  • When will you do your moon and Mercury signs?

    Paulina SzymikPaulina Szymik6 months ago
  • yes put here's what you do on youtube! it'll be lovely! thank you for the d&d it's great

    belatedbday69belatedbday696 months ago
  • Ryan ans Shane: The next season of Unsolved is going to be Supernatural, and it got me thinking. With the show Supernatural comming to an end after a VERY long run, would you ever consider doing an episdode with the stars as guests? Maybe even just a postmortem?

    Dedicated SparrowDedicated Sparrow6 months ago
  • no.... don't take the SD&D&D away.... I was having soo much fun watching that. Please consider coming back to that idea.

    Cliff ThreadgoldCliff Threadgold6 months ago
  • Is no one going to talk about how our Ryan and the other Ryan are friends? So did Other!Ryan see the Bobby Mackey episode and think, “Oh, this guy’s cool, and he knows about me! I should probably reach out!” Or were they friends before that?

    Beth McKinneyBeth McKinney6 months ago
  • hi guys ;-))) until now 100% top scary fun to the videos ive seen .when are u going in field again

    Aron HansenAron Hansen6 months ago
  • i’m gonna miss sdndnd & i hope you’re gonna revist Waterdeep one day and finish the Dragon Heist :)

    LUDUSSYLUDUSSY6 months ago
  • put that on youtube

    HeyitsCiftiHeyitsCifti6 months ago
  • LAST EPISODE OF SD&D&D ?!?!?! don’t mind me as I sob in quarantine

    EdithEdith6 months ago
  • Shane, Ryan and Steven should watch The Haunting of Hill House together through the Internet and react to it during quarantine

    fangirl foreverfangirl forever6 months ago
  • Where is SD&D&D!!!!

    Jenna Loo HooJenna Loo Hoo6 months ago
  • I saw Shane and I swear I jumped. I almost screamed. Why is Steven the only one who looks like he hasn't lost his shot?

    Nick hymanNick hyman6 months ago
  • PLEASE put HWYD on youtube! I like having the visual experience too

    Aliza LiAliza Li6 months ago
  • You guys should just start another D&D campaign cause watching yours has brought me sooo much joy

    Kim BoyceKim Boyce6 months ago
  • Please put Here’s What You Do on USworlds!

    Adrienne LaraAdrienne Lara6 months ago
  • put here's what you do on youtube!

    Sarah KatherineSarah Katherine6 months ago
  • boys. every single week for the past few weeks you have asked for questions and every time i have asked for your opinions on frogs. pls answer. this is a very serious issue and needs to be discussed in depth.

    maddie sollazzomaddie sollazzo6 months ago
  • Please put the podcast on youtube! I always forget to load up spotify for podcasts so i often end up not listening to them.

    Karen OKaren O6 months ago
  • I love these!!! Keep up. The great work guys!!

    Alecia OldhamAlecia Oldham6 months ago

    Laura WillisLaura Willis6 months ago
  • ryan roast steven sting shane shade

    hennessyhennessy6 months ago
  • Put it on youtube please

    Emily SEmily S6 months ago
  • Merch idea: Watcher Watches (or Watcher Watchbands for those [not so]smart watch things) #YoureWelcome

    Carissa LynnCarissa Lynn6 months ago
  • PLEASE put the podcast on yt

    roro6 months ago
  • Put that on USworlds

    Mckenzee BurnettMckenzee Burnett6 months ago
  • post the podcast video

    marisa moralesmarisa morales6 months ago
  • Put it on USworlds

    Kyle stoneKyle stone6 months ago

    chopstickschopsticks6 months ago
  • Please play more D&D in the future. It's been really fun watching you all play through a quest that my group ran through recently.

    UV OverdriveUV Overdrive6 months ago
  • DEBATABLE is Back! and no, peeing in the shower is not debatable, it's allowed.

    Jacco LinJacco Lin6 months ago
  • the only reason i havent checked out yalls podcast is bc you dont upload to youtube

    N LEVINN LEVIN6 months ago
  • Ryan seems sad this week. Felt bad for him when he said getting high in a haunted house will make him more anxious.

    Em SanchezEm Sanchez6 months ago
  • i’ve had 13 wins on war zone. take the L ryan

    Karl MarxKarl Marx6 months ago
  • There is a pic of a Bobcat catching a Shark. Sorry Shane

    MultiTimetravlerMultiTimetravler6 months ago