Isaac Newton's Nemesis • Puppet History

Sep 11, 2020
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Choose your foes carefully.
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  • More! I just want more. More Professor, more fun history, more Shane. Less ghosts and conspiracies.

    Ted KozlowskiTed Kozlowski2 hours ago
  • 8:01 lolll the real shane came out ahahahahahahah

    Sparkling Lemon-Lime PopSparkling Lemon-Lime Pop14 hours ago
  • I need a compilation of Ryan and the Professor threatening each other

    RavenclawsCantDrawRavenclawsCantDraw3 days ago
  • 28:20 cutest sounding sentence ever spoken by shane.

    Eat Bags Of MoneyEat Bags Of Money3 days ago
  • Who is binge watching Puppet History whilst eating watermelon Jelly Bellies? This chick. This chick right here. 💁🏻‍♀️💜🖤

    Chillin with Royal BlackChillin with Royal Black4 days ago
  • Bb

    Kyle YuknisKyle Yuknis4 days ago
  • The thrill of the chase 😂

    Jay Nimrod CandoJay Nimrod Cando4 days ago
  • That's the best song in this season of puppet history! Are you going to upload the songs to Spotify?

    Let's get started!Let's get started!4 days ago
  • That song was so sad oh my god

    Magical LizardMagical Lizard4 days ago
  • Neil Tyson goin kick y’all ass if he hear you talking about Newton like that

    Jeffrey EllisJeffrey Ellis5 days ago
  • Birth: it’s the wettest you’ll ever be.

    Melody LacquementMelody Lacquement5 days ago
  • The saddest song about a coin I've ever heard, love it.

    The ThingFromSpaceThe ThingFromSpace6 days ago
  • HAHA that’s so funny, when they were listing famous rivalries I said out loud to myself “yeah, like sherlock and moriarty” (idk why that was my first thought) and then like 8 seconds later Shane/the professor said the same thing and I was like BRO!! I didn’t think they were gonna mention that!!

    TheRareAmuTheRareAmu6 days ago
  • 7:57 same ryan :( i need to use eczema cream as normal lotion even tho i don’t have eczema

    YawseaYawsea6 days ago

    Laz_da_KIDDD 0Laz_da_KIDDD 07 days ago
  • I know they already covered ships as a topic with the violet jessop video but I feel like if they went into the topic of the lusitania that would be interesting

    JackJack7 days ago
  • I love this apple that keeps falling on Newton's head

    The RowTurnThe RowTurn7 days ago
  • Shane: we're friends Ryan: I'm gonna set you on fire friendship goals

    The RowTurnThe RowTurn7 days ago
  • i wonder how many kids would click on puppet history videos because of how cute and furry the professor is then repeat the bad words ryan and shane say then be like tHE PUPPET SAID IT-

    y ny n9 days ago
  • ACAB, even when they're self-appointed!!

    Miles P.Miles P.9 days ago
  • Right after Ryan was describing his baby self as dry, I got a ad of lotion.

    Eleanor PriceEleanor Price9 days ago
  • who does the cc? what they write for the watcher logo and sound is so masterful. "sorta like the sound of a robot falling out of an oak tree" lol

    Natalie ScriverNatalie Scriver9 days ago
  • This show reminds me of Jason Segal in forgetting Sarah Marshall. The singing at the end is frigging genius! How do you do it so often? Absolute talent.

    Jess CuzJess Cuz9 days ago
  • Conspiracy theorists: Ryan Illuminati confirmed. Reptilian Shape Shifter

    Reckless ReekReckless Reek10 days ago
  • Why does a Robert Hooke look like Christopher Walken in a funny wig

    Aleu BarkerAleu Barker10 days ago
  • I only subscribed for puppet history and pie tbh

    Kyle BellKyle Bell12 days ago
  • Everyone turn on captions and watch the very beginning (you’re welcome)

    Olga UmaruOlga Umaru12 days ago
  • Loved this ep! Also, just in case you weren’t sure - being ‘drawn and quartered’ in England during this time consisted of being bound to a board and drawn by horse to the place of execution, hung almost to the point of death, cut down (still alive) disembowelled and cut into four pieces :)

    thisismymediaproject Tthisismymediaproject T12 days ago
  • RIP Crookdaddy, love the gumption & pettiness, you will be missed

    Miles P.Miles P.12 days ago
  • You should make one about Isaac Newton

    Jennifer GrantJennifer Grant14 days ago
  • The Professor : "Rude.. We're friends!" Ryan : "Ahaha Imma set you on *fire* :D "

    KitsuraineKitsuraine14 days ago
  • Why is no one talking about how jenne la motte was in the line up of other crooks that he was working with🤣🤣

    Iris DubyIris Duby15 days ago
  • I’m a new subscriber so I’m not sure, but is Ryan’s sort of judgmental comments just an act? It feels like Shane is producing this really good content and Ryan kinda puts him down. Maybe that’s just their friendship?

    slice xf lifeslice xf life16 days ago
  • Shit, guys I think Shane got turned into a puppet by an evil genie. Also, Annabelle hired the genie.

    M. The BugM. The Bug16 days ago
  • Ryan's soft "I'll kill you" at the end 😂😂

    Ashir AshrafAshir Ashraf16 days ago
  • The sexual tension between Ryan and the puppet No not Shane I mean the puppet

    Red the MudkipRed the Mudkip17 days ago
  • god I wish I was a bird

    Sabrina LopesSabrina Lopes17 days ago
  • I can't believe I just got "Randy New Mint" I hate it here

    M I RM I R17 days ago

    ella vrenaella vrena18 days ago
  • Those two are America's sweethearts . for real tho, amazing talent, personality, comedic timing 100% I'm hooked !

    R BR B18 days ago
  • I looked it up, hook died of disease and newton had nothing to do with it.

    lupus et matremlupus et matrem18 days ago
  • The Randy Newman take is scary accurate

    Sean PhillipsSean Phillips18 days ago
  • And here, 9:35 , we get the chance to observe an example of the only time high school physics has ever served a purpose

    Adrian VaughnAdrian Vaughn19 days ago
  • Libertarians: 5:48

    Jesus ChristJesus Christ19 days ago
  • Shane is a genuinely good voice actor wow

    snake toessnake toes19 days ago
  • I would have watched this sooner if I knew Keith was in it

    nono21 day ago
  • My absolute favorite thing about these episodes is the professor and Ryan talking/throwing threats as the winning guest is yelling joyously about getting their winning jellybeans in the background

    SawyerSawyer21 day ago
  • that coin was so so sad. awwww,

    April SorianoApril Soriano21 day ago
  • I was born blue when I was a baby they called me the blue hulk

    Blue FoxBlue Fox22 days ago
  • Hey A55hole, why would you use a portrait of Pieter van den Broecke for William Chaloner??? You made me waste 15 minutes trying to find the name of the real picture by Frans Hals. You pos this 30 minutes is a waste of time it should 5 minutes. IF YOURE GOING TO WASTE TIME AT LEAST USE THE RIGHT FACTS AND PICTURES.......

    ryan rafieryan rafie22 days ago
    • 24:22 When you paste a Dutch dude's head on Gilbert Stuart's skater, but remove the skates. It's royalty-free photoshoppery - the anachronisms are part of the charm.

      pkixpkix16 days ago
    • ​@Ijeoma Nwafor They are calling Pieter a con man. They keep showing the picture and slandering his name...there are plenty of portraits of the con man William they describe throughout the video.

      ryan rafieryan rafie19 days ago
    • @ryan rafie if you clicked on this video hoping for an in depth video on the "wonders of science" then why the hell would you be surprised if they got a few things wrong? It's an entertainment USworlds account dude, it's not NASA

      Ijeoma NwaforIjeoma Nwafor20 days ago
    • @Ijeoma Nwafor The entire episode is about Willam Chaloner. The portrait Im talking about is in the thumbnail and was shown 5 times.....They are calling Pieter a con man. They keep showing the picture and slandering his name...

      ryan rafieryan rafie20 days ago
    • calm down dude it's not that deep

      Ijeoma NwaforIjeoma Nwafor20 days ago
  • By this point Ryan has given up trying to win

    IntanIntan22 days ago
  • What kept falling on newtons head every time he came up?

    ;'knr'yn piofnpefni;'knr'yn piofnpefni22 days ago
  • These songs are all fucking GENIUS!!!!

    ACE 99ACE 9923 days ago
  • The professor is my puppet crush like Shane is my RL one

    Angelina ReedAngelina Reed23 days ago
  • Isaac Newton sucked he was nothing but a short thomas Edison!

    Angelina ReedAngelina Reed24 days ago
  • i also was born dry

    Luz-Marina RobertsLuz-Marina Roberts24 days ago
  • Really beautiful clipped coin song!!! The Professor--I mean Shane is so talented.

    Micaela Leroux BurchMicaela Leroux Burch24 days ago
  • how does the professor know what its like to work with newton? that sounded oddly specific 🤨

    Laila IbrahimLaila Ibrahim24 days ago
  • I love how Ryan spends the entire video visibly contemplating murder and openly threatening to set the Professor on fire, but also giggles at the Professor's jokes and looks so excited to show off his answers, especially when he had the actual name of one of Newton's Laws written down. He's got the range

    SetFireGirlSetFireGirl25 days ago
  • OMG Ryan and Grant from CollegeHumor?? Fun!!

    Mehmet Akif AydoğduMehmet Akif Aydoğdu26 days ago
  • they canNOT leave my man newton alone with the fucken apples goddamn

    Lily StyersLily Styers26 days ago
  • The song was soooo good 🥰🥰

    Dyla marcDyla marc27 days ago

    Lilly-Perle ThivisolLilly-Perle Thivisol27 days ago
  • The way ryan didn't hesitate to answer when the professor asked if anyone had a nemesis 😭

    Mazal MMazal M28 days ago
  • Who arrested him if there were no police?

    Kala WatsonKala Watson28 days ago
  • Man that musical ending.. what a cherry on top

    AmielAmiel29 days ago
  • adult horrible histories

    aphlemaphlem29 days ago
  • Always bet on The Try Guys! Haha!

    Amber HowardAmber Howard29 days ago
  • The longer a child goes past it's due date the more chances of it coming out looking dry and like a lizard. I've seen it and it's weird!

    Amber HowardAmber Howard29 days ago
  • I spent most of my birthday watching these videos. They're Hysterical.

    Rebecca CoppRebecca Copp29 days ago
  • wait can keith come back hes literally the best guest on the show

    cloudivycloudivy29 days ago
  • 1:15 i think you r describing POTUS

    firewolfgamesfirewolfgames29 days ago
  • my family has been really stressed out sense March and these videos are one of the only things keeping me from stressing out with them! I love the songs and die laughing every time!

    Kirsten HansonKirsten Hanson29 days ago
  • I love how Greensleeves is playing in the background after the question of the police

    Ally NicoleAlly Nicole29 days ago
  • Keith is a teachers pet and its the best

    Joey LynchJoey Lynch29 days ago
  • Ryan: Randy Newman deserved better. Me: Y-You know he wrote the amazing songs for James and the Giant Peach, right? This entire time you literally have slapped yourself, RYAN.

    Kyra Universal AKA Agent KKyra Universal AKA Agent KMonth ago
  • By far the best song in all of the series, I've got this hot beat on repeat son.

    Jonathan SwensonJonathan SwensonMonth ago
  • The dead look already in Ryan's eye when keith gets the first coin 😂😭 you're a winner in spirit, bud

    cheyenne ostrandercheyenne ostranderMonth ago
  • somebody get this man into professional voice acting

    Rachel DunkleRachel DunkleMonth ago
  • Best song so far lmao

    JennaMarieJennaMarieMonth ago
  • Ryan stans are real passionate about Ryan never winning. More passionate than even Ryan, who continuously falters under the intellectual might of the Professor.

    BlundungusBlundungusMonth ago
  • I like Waycher better than Try Guys. There I said it.😏🤣

    Tristy EvelyTristy EvelyMonth ago
  • Keith looks less blushy then usual

    the Hellhoundthe HellhoundMonth ago
  • My tricky thief boy looks a hell of a lot like Christian Bale

    Stupid Little AcornStupid Little AcornMonth ago
  • Lol I thought the clipped coin was supposed to be a Bob Dylan kind of guy

    Clarissa MartinezClarissa MartinezMonth ago
  • Shane, please start putting the songs into Spotify so I can listen to them 😂

    rosaticrosaticMonth ago
  • Can you share the link to the song

    Soy Hanuman PlusSoy Hanuman PlusMonth ago
  • 9:18 - assay

    kansaaieitjkansaaieitjMonth ago
  • Woke up feeling *super* crappy today but Ryan's casual "I'm gonna set you on fire" really turned things around haha, thank you.

    Camilla JeffersonCamilla JeffersonMonth ago

    Citlalie ParungaoCitlalie ParungaoMonth ago
  • Im so glad that they came up with this show! I really really liked ruining history but was bummed when they stopped making it but this is basically a better version of that show!!! Awesome stuff guys keep it up boys!

    RwoarrrRwoarrrMonth ago
  • Whoever does not have captions on is missing tf out

    Katie VoorKatie VoorMonth ago
  • This Is Better That Crash Course And I Used To Love Watching That In School Lmao

    Ashia SmithAshia SmithMonth ago
  • *This week on Buzzfeed Unsolved*

    JustLanceThingsJustLanceThingsMonth ago
  • No one: My brain: *HoLy FuCk ItS bEn FrAnKlIn!*

    R GR GMonth ago
  • The song at the end was really good. Haha

    Thunder CladThunder CladMonth ago
  • They need to put the songs from these available to listen to on apple and google music

    Golden BeautyGolden BeautyMonth ago
  • I think Newton probably got internal bleeding in his head after being hit in the head with an apple this many times

    Everything HurtsEverything HurtsMonth ago
  • hanging drawing and quartering actually means a man is fastened to a hurdle, or wooden panel, and drawn by horse to the place of execution, where he was hanged (almost dying), emasculated (pp cut off), disembowelled (guts come out), beheaded, and quartered (chopped into four pieces). His remains would then often be displayed in prominent places across the country, such as London Bridge, to serve as a warning of the fate of traitors. source: wikipedia. so it’s probably worse than just being pulled apart by horses.

    LESTR97LESTR97Month ago
  • It says a lot about my mental health that that song made me cry.

    Abigail SchneierAbigail SchneierMonth ago