Last Day in the Office & S.W.A.T. • Watcher Weekly #011

Mar 18, 2020
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Filmed on March 11th, 2020 (please practice social distancing)
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Hello! Welcome to the 11th episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
- Social distancing plans
- Q+A
- Homemade Merch
- Never Have I Ever (Chubby Bunny)
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  • Hey everybody! Respond to this with your questions for the next Watcher Weekly, which will prevail even in times of quarantine!

    WatcherWatcher8 months ago
    • Ryan and Shane where the best actors on swat

      Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynDay ago
    • @RyansBitchass guardians of the galaxy (all of em) has the best sound track.

      Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynDay ago
    • shane can u love me please thank u love u bye

      itskaylee 5itskaylee 58 months ago
    • Hi Watcher. Now that the shows are being released, which series or episode was the hardest/most tricky to make and release? Also, suggestion for Merch: Watcher stickers please! Love you all bye!

      Ian ByrneIan Byrne8 months ago
    • Can *Chubby Have I Bunnied* be a regular segment, please? I've been smiling-laughing so hard every time I watch this segment. It's really good.

      Mia TerracottaMia Terracotta8 months ago
  • Shaniac for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ReaperBlack98769ReaperBlack98769Day ago
  • Bye the apron

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynDay ago
  • 21:35 Steven : You're cheating! Ryan : What are u talking about? Steven : *Can't explain because his mouth is full with marshmallows* Ryan : *Evil Laugh*

    Juliavine GraceJuliavine Grace4 days ago
  • 4:09 is iconic

    Roiana MustangRoiana Mustang14 days ago
  • Ahhh, back when everybody still had some hope about this covid situation...

    Krowa PaulinkaKrowa Paulinka18 days ago
  • Chubby have i bunny is better 😉

    kat. neskat. nes25 days ago
  • Fellow future people:

    KineticPassionKineticPassionMonth ago
  • Literally watching the episode y'all were in and I screamed with excitement, sooooo excited to see y'all on the big screen. Biggest geek out about a cameo I've done so far.

    Amber DavisAmber DavisMonth ago
  • 4:12 Steve: And you call yourself S.W.A.T. S Shan Madje Shane and Ryan: Shut up.

    Lee and the AG CommunityLee and the AG CommunityMonth ago
  • *"I'm really chipmunking it."*

    Abby CalAbby CalMonth ago
  • I love that the wave and thumbs up conversation popped up at the end between Shane and Steven said bye! 👍👋

    PinkWitch16PinkWitch16Month ago
  • 2:15 *Laughs in September 30*

    Samia ISamia IMonth ago
  • gosh i miss the office 😔😔

    all hail the watcherall hail the watcher2 months ago
  • Hey chunky boys! Love your show!😽

    NoX2Dream OdieNoX2Dream Odie2 months ago
  • when they said “midwest rise up” i got a culver’s ad

    Emily StewartEmily Stewart2 months ago
  • god you guys are incredible!

    maggie rogers kellermaggie rogers keller2 months ago
  • is that intro guy good?

    Garrick GastonGarrick Gaston2 months ago
  • my cheeks hurt from smiling through this ENTIRE video honestly you guys are amazing!

    mel mackmel mack2 months ago
  • is the guy from the start okay?

    el.el.2 months ago
  • This is one of my all time favorite Watcher Weekly episodes. I rewatch it often, for comfort.

    Đa Diện MiêuĐa Diện Miêu2 months ago
  • No offense to the SWAT actors but I thought Shane and Ryan were better actors.

    Becoming WholeBecoming Whole2 months ago
  • Ope! Southern thing as well!

    Ranger LongRanger Long3 months ago
  • watching this from Australia in August 2020 just like 🔥🔥🔥👀 yeah u stay home America

    unicorncxntunicorncxnt3 months ago
  • Crying laughing at the chubby bunny segment

    DinoLoves MakeupDinoLoves Makeup3 months ago
  • When your baking do you bake or baaaake 😎 bahahahahaha

    DinoLoves MakeupDinoLoves Makeup3 months ago
  • Really enjoy your guys content!

    DinoLoves MakeupDinoLoves Makeup3 months ago
  • lads..... thank you

    AnotherWesleyAnotherWesley3 months ago
  • Chubby have I bunnied was the funniest segment ever

    Laura RucciLaura Rucci3 months ago
  • ha throwback thursday to when COVID-19 was just gonna pass after quarantine

    SS4 months ago
  • I was in tears at the never have I ever 😂😂😂

    Elliot_lynElliot_lyn4 months ago
  • ope is midwestern, idc what ryans west coast ass says

    bike is short for bichaelbike is short for bichael4 months ago
  • That intro tho

    JaMJaM4 months ago
  • is ope only a midwestern thing bc i do that all the time but i thought it was normal

    Nora TumbergNora Tumberg4 months ago
  • That chubby bunny was amazing

    Amy M.Amy M.4 months ago
  • the spirit box: 22:07 ryan: did they just say help me????

    grac isn’t scaredgrac isn’t scared5 months ago
  • 7:19 Ryan's scream reminds me of that video of a beaver screaming

    Claresta OctaviaClaresta Octavia5 months ago
  • 🤟🏽

    may goyamay goya5 months ago
  • At 4:14 how ryan and shane shut up Steven 😂😂😂😂😂😂😄

    Razeenah FauzRazeenah Fauz5 months ago
  • “I went stag baby, than I got diarrhea on a boat.” Are we going to ignore that? They glossed right over it.

    PersephonePersephone5 months ago
  • the name of the episode

    Linda SangerLinda Sanger5 months ago
  • what is the link to the show

    Linda SangerLinda Sanger5 months ago
  • i was dying throughout the entire never have i ever segment oh my god

    Alina EdwardsAlina Edwards5 months ago
  • Is true Shane has a good voice

    andymclpandymclp5 months ago
  • Shaun Ryan is just Shane and Ryan in a trench coat

    Taliyah with a BTaliyah with a B5 months ago
  • Steven looks like a squishy chipmunk!!

    Liberty BellLiberty Bell6 months ago
  • Oh my gosh my sides hurt

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • I'm dying. I'm dead. No. I'm definitely. Definitely dead. I haven't laughed that hard in... I don't even know. Oh my gosh. I love you guys.

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • Them not even knowing who started the habit and who picked it up *heart eyes*

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • Watcher: Home of the cross-legged boys

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • Ryan, your entire outfit is adorable

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • Shane's so cute with those stored mallows in his cheeks

    Shawn Melcheizedik Vince S. UyShawn Melcheizedik Vince S. Uy6 months ago
  • that intro was god tier

    Anna MolinaAnna Molina6 months ago
  • Okay but Steven pouting with a marshamallow in his cheek it the cutest thing ever fight me

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • Chubby Have I Bunnied for the win! (say that in the same tone as Midwest rise up!)

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • Steven is the master of judgmental sips

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • Hi Steven, cute sweater x

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • Shane and Ryan sitting together act like one entity, and Steven is left behind. Steven's reaction to Shane's purr! 👌

    SweetmeatsFanSweetmeatsFan6 months ago
  • Steven looks so cute in that apron

    GiovannaGiovanna6 months ago
  • I agree with steven. Shane does have a really good voice lol

    GiovannaGiovanna6 months ago
  • Love you guys!!!

    vernon carmanvernon carman6 months ago
  • Hey Steven, could you share some tips on how you journal or an outline. Thanks. I really like your content btw.

    Caroline YaldaCaroline Yalda6 months ago
  • Shane looks like a hipster

    I’m -Dead inside-I’m -Dead inside-6 months ago
  • I found out about the swat guest star thing just now (I dont watch swat so I dunno) and I saw the clip randomly and just screamed with happiness on seeing my boys on a tv show!!! They were playing parodies of themselves and I absolutely loved it!!! So great!!! Btw, I am loving Steven's hair and I miss when i had blue hair so now I'm inspired to dye it again. Steven is so adorable ^^

    Kim CastilloKim Castillo6 months ago
  • Ryan and Shane seem like they ran with diff crowds in high school and college lmao

    biteme434biteme4346 months ago
  • Never have I ever laughed so hard at you 3! Thank you, now my sides hurt! Love the show!

    Judy DakotaJudy Dakota6 months ago
  • Chubby have i bunnied is definitely the better name but also do it again that was funny af

    Apkaoni DrawsApkaoni Draws7 months ago
  • Your scene was the best! You will reach 5 million subs and we will watch the aliens hovering. LOL.. Yas! All hail the watcher baby!

    Jhovy Anne NevadoJhovy Anne Nevado7 months ago

    Roberto AguilarRoberto Aguilar7 months ago
  • This was too funny

    katherine collinskatherine collins7 months ago
  • I thoroughly enjoy Shane's witty personality and voice as well. It's rare to see genuine originality.

    Bree MBree M7 months ago
  • I miss the professor!

    HarpAngel999HarpAngel9997 months ago
  • Link to the SWAT clip:

    TheFlutefreakTheFlutefreak7 months ago
  • Oh my god, this was my birthday. It's an honor as a shaniac for a video with Shane Madej to be uploaded on my birthday.

    Elizabeth EhlersElizabeth Ehlers7 months ago
  • First world problems Coachella & Disney closed!

    Reehana TajReehana Taj7 months ago
  • They never linked it

    notawfulnotawful7 months ago
  • I cry laughing at the never have I ever session

    Clair LClair L7 months ago
  • Was really waiting for a, "Never have I ever been white" to target dear ol Shane 😂

    Casey MillerCasey Miller7 months ago
  • Y’all s plant sucks you need to take care of it

    Debbie VanLeuvenDebbie VanLeuven7 months ago
  • As a Midwesterner, I would like to clear up the fact that while Ope is said most everywhere, it is unique in the Midwest to work in almost every situation (as an apology, to express shock, to express regret at something you just said are a few examples). “Ope lemme just squeeze past ya” is the typical phrase referenced. Midwest rise up.

    Brenna KernanBrenna Kernan7 months ago
  • Hey boys! Idk who will read this but y’all forgot to put links to CDC/WHO in your vid description!

    AbbsolutelyNotAbbsolutelyNot7 months ago
  • Hot take: Midwesterners are the same as 90s kids with their claiming random shit

    YeetoPeetoYeetoPeeto7 months ago
  • I say oop but I'm Australian, and I've heard people say it's only said in Ohio, Midwesterners just claim shit

    YeetoPeetoYeetoPeeto7 months ago
  • I wish i knew this existed before today. Only saw a tiny Watcher logo on some unsolved vid

    toasttoast7 months ago
  • 15:31 Born what? the fuck did Shane say? Ryan Bergara shits on the Midwest. They would call him rude. Which is apparently a Midwest thing. I am both joking and not at the same time.

    PiriathyPiriathy7 months ago
  • Chubby Bunny was HILARIOUS, great episode!! 💕

    Ellizabeth KaneEllizabeth Kane7 months ago
  • The "moo" at every "middlewest rise uppppp" was hilarious 😂😂😂

    Ellizabeth KaneEllizabeth Kane7 months ago
  • You guys make exactly the content I've been waiting to watch! Talk shows, history, food, tourism. It's great! I'm so glad you all made this company and channel.

    Taylor Tori IrelandTaylor Tori Ireland7 months ago
  • 4:14 shhh shut up !

    Neigh-o MaizeNeigh-o Maize7 months ago
  • what pie episode were they referring to?

    sarasara7 months ago
    • Kai-Riin Kanarbik ok cool thanks!must’ve missed it😂

      sarasara7 months ago
    • the episode before this one

      kabazinga -kabazinga -7 months ago
  • whatever happened to the Diplococcus ? Did they just stop trolling the boys?

    Cyrus A.B. ProctorCyrus A.B. Proctor7 months ago
  • I say "Ope!" too, but I'm Swedish so idk lol

    Emma O.ThorellEmma O.Thorell7 months ago
  • Ryan and Shane are the cutest BFFs

    Emma O.ThorellEmma O.Thorell7 months ago
  • 20:34 lol steven looks so cute. like a chipmunk

    Katie 1172Katie 11727 months ago
  • I would love the just audio option, actually. I love to listen to episodes at work!

    Alicia WilbyAlicia Wilby7 months ago
  • if a child is watching this right now they’re gonna think this is how all adults act, like me when i was watching bts of the key of awesome when i was 10

    noahnoah7 months ago
  • wait what i’m not even from the us and i say ope

    Luce OhsureLuce Ohsure7 months ago
  • 13:54 steven petting the plant after ryan harasses it. i love him

    Alice GregoryAlice Gregory8 months ago
  • since last watcher weekly without ryan, shane and steven have a new special bond

    Alice GregoryAlice Gregory8 months ago
  • 12:44 i've been doing that for almost 8 years now and i feel called out

    inêsinês8 months ago