Los Angeles: Tourist Attractions Vs. Hidden Gems • Tourist Trapped

Feb 21, 2020
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What’s the best way to explore a city? Tourist Attractions or Hidden Gems? Join Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej as they present the argument for the former and latter respectively, to determine which experience is KING.
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  • "The jalapeno is in the dog. The call is coming from inside the house." 🤣

    Dash LukkyDash Lukky13 hours ago
  • All Hail the WATCHER!

    Dash LukkyDash Lukky13 hours ago
  • would like to challenge ryan and shane on the slingshot ride

    bobthepainterbobthepainterDay ago
  • I feel like im out with my friends when im waching this.... except i have no friends

    gruby 17gruby 17Day ago
  • Have you guys ever thought about streaming live on Twitch? Would be good to interact with you guys online... (and also to annoy you guys sometimes)

    Grass CoyoteGrass Coyote2 days ago
  • A boy and a barbell, the ten year journey. What's Crackin' Guys, Ormer IsSoft here. Apologies for being MIA, gyms temporarily opened in Toronto, closed, reopened and as of Monday, will close again. As such it has been difficult filming the content I want for this channel (and I refuse to release 30 similar home workout videos-I save repetition for when it matters...my squat videos). Fortunately, this past week, while gyms were temporarily open, I was able to get into the gym and film a handful of videos! There will be a new video 1x per week on the channel for the next month and tentatively gyms will open after this point in time. The next video will be this Wednesday November 25th! Additionally, I'm still recording and releasing an episode per week of my Podcast (Iron Culture with Dr. Eric Helms, which you can find here: usworlds.info/tv/EGG.... Each episode has a ton of science and practical application, taking a deep dive into common topics (that to be frank, you won't find anywhere else). It is available on USworlds, iTunes and Spotify. I appreciate everyone's patience and hope you are well during these times. If you're looking for Memes, naked photos of yours truly and the occasionally useful write up related to lifting, you can follow me on Instagram @omarisuf.

    Edwin TaygonEdwin Taygon4 days ago
  • 726 dudes high af

    Tommy HookTommy Hook4 days ago
  • please, Please, PLEASE, make another "Tourist Trapped"

    Aletha HuddleAletha Huddle5 days ago
  • more of thiss pleaaassee :D

    Cherish EnderezCherish Enderez5 days ago

    Femur AssimilatorFemur Assimilator7 days ago
  • I love how Shane just hugged snoopys nose

    Willow RosenbergWillow Rosenberg8 days ago
  • on a serious note: I would die for these guys.

    Thea CThea C8 days ago
  • 17:09 me running to 2021

    Weave SnatchedWeave Snatched9 days ago
  • I would just like to say that Ryan is one of the only people I've seen that looks really good in bowling shoes :)

    AveryAvery9 days ago
  • Watching this in quarantine actually made me so sad, truly you do not know what you have until it is gone - one day, I will bowl again, and never again shall I scoff as a tourist trap. One day.

    Cathy SwintonCathy Swinton9 days ago
  • lol can't wait for another episode of this post-covid :,)

    Cathy SwintonCathy Swinton9 days ago
  • My parents got married at Knott's.

    Gulf Coast October ReynoldsGulf Coast October Reynolds10 days ago
  • Can I, a filing cabinet, get the knowledge as to where Shane bought his shirt?

    Filing CabinetFiling Cabinet11 days ago
  • Its weird to hear ryans narration voice without being dark and unsettling

    RIP harryRIP harry11 days ago
  • Shane catching ryans hat when it fell off on the roller coaster was simply too wholesome. I cant even.

    Lainey NewlinLainey Newlin11 days ago
  • 16:33 I remember when I went to this ride because I lost a bet I wanted to die it was so bad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂

    ExoForeverWeAreOne 246ExoForeverWeAreOne 24611 days ago
  • Ryan on coaster: AHHHHH Shane: Inhuman screeching*

    Merpledurp _Merpledurp _11 days ago
  • that WHOLE bowling scene was like a date out of the moives; i loved it Edit: scratch that, this whOLE trip was one huge massive date where they just try to one-up each other on the destinations. (also that taco place at the end where they both were really happy wajkbfadf ;-;) i love their friendship

    Sparkling Lemon-Lime PopSparkling Lemon-Lime Pop12 days ago
  • Shane's screams on the rollercoaster sound like a werewolf that's about to cry because his favourite sandwich at McDonalds was discontinued lol

    Iwona GajórIwona Gajór12 days ago
  • I could honestly watch Shane and Ryan all day. Pleasseeee keep videos with you two coming!!!

    Kara PresswoodKara Presswood14 days ago
  • protect randy at all costs

    amara weasleyamara weasley14 days ago
  • Shane: KILL ME YOU GHOULS! MAKE MY BODY YOUR PET! PLEASE KILL ME! Also Shane: *on a roller coaster* No.

    EXEEXE14 days ago
  • Ryan : Gin, my least favorite alcohol Shane : Got it just for you Ryan : You do know me *switched drinks with each other in the next shot*

    Teru _Teru _14 days ago
  • “Don’t bowl a 45 next time” is one of the most powerful last words ever

    Shane LaxtonShane Laxton15 days ago
  • You guys should do Chicago next!!

    Greg GuillenGreg Guillen15 days ago
  • Anyone else think, bootleg travel man with Richard Auade?

    Angus HusbandsAngus Husbands15 days ago
  • Those are tacos?????

    AdrianDrawsYTAdrianDrawsYT15 days ago
  • Put your playback speed to .25 at about 17:05, the kid on the left behind Ryan and Shane is straight-up knocked out 😅😅😂😂

    AmandaAmanda16 days ago
  • The "I know you do"s shane says to ryan make me 🥺🥺🥺

    Roiana MustangRoiana Mustang16 days ago
  • i feel bad at how much i laughed at shane freaking out 😂😂😂😂😂

    seonghwa in utopia damnseonghwa in utopia damn16 days ago
  • Yeah Ryan! Finally got him! LOL

    Brad StephensBrad Stephens16 days ago
  • I forgot what life before covid was like before this

    Kat VannKat Vann17 days ago
  • 13:21

    Meryam MizanMeryam Mizan17 days ago
  • that bowling montage was excellent

    DanaDana18 days ago
  • Ryan’s narration just sounds like he’s excited about a crime

    snake toessnake toes19 days ago
  • This episode made me laugh so much!! Thanks guys :D

    Pug PixiePug Pixie19 days ago
  • when ryan said he got contact high... that means he really fucked up tha blunt, thats why they got munchees after

    Cooking Whith The BOYSCooking Whith The BOYS19 days ago
  • Why does Ryan sound like he's trying to do an impression of Jerry Seinfeld when introducing his tourist attractions

    Hope GarisHope Garis20 days ago
  • Shane Madej, the guy who legit scares demons and ghosts is afraid of heights? Nothing makes me happier

    NessaNessa20 days ago
  • shane madej is the perfect representation for bitches who aren't good at anything but can still be successful

    👁katy👁👁katy👁20 days ago
  • Husband and wife. I wonder who plays the boy for a morning slam?

    TheComicArtGuyTheComicArtGuy20 days ago

    TheComicArtGuyTheComicArtGuy20 days ago
  • Okay but that mozaic/installation was actually really pretty. Also the moment when Shane ran to snoopy and Ryan's disappointment when Shane hit the thing with the bowl were the highlights for me.

    MiledithMiledith20 days ago
  • My literal dream is to turn my yard into Randyland

    Mary PalmerMary Palmer21 day ago
  • I don’t think they miss hunting for ghost 👻 lol

    spid3rman90spid3rman9021 day ago
  • I would die for Randy

    Emma KaitlynEmma Kaitlyn22 days ago
  • randy is so wholesome and friendly 💙

    Shanila Al MamoonShanila Al Mamoon22 days ago
  • 16:49 why does this look like a danganronpa execution and the dog thing is like monokuma

    hridhya pradeephridhya pradeep22 days ago
  • Ryan's joy while hugging the donkey fills me with life

    Mariano RaymondoMariano Raymondo22 days ago
  • Don’t hate on the valley 😂

    AmandaAmanda22 days ago
  • 😳”you can okay!?” “🥵yea you know I have very Caucasian taste buds🥵”

    Bella B.Bella B.23 days ago
  • I wish we got more episodes of this before the pandemic hit

    Riley GRiley G24 days ago
  • You almost wish they could make them warm 😂😂

    road trippinroad trippin24 days ago
  • Going back to this video. Shane and Ryan are really my happy pills!

    YbryllYbryll26 days ago
  • So does no one notice at 14:24 that Ryan has the green drink, and then at 14:29 has the red in his hand, then at 14:35 it goes back to green?

    Landon CopenhaverLandon Copenhaver26 days ago
  • hey i saw lucy!!! with det.chole

    Dilophosaur sniperDilophosaur sniper26 days ago
  • i did almost everything in this video... except the bowling coz thats too pricey for me (i was a poor tourist lol)... knott's berry farm definitely one of my highlights of my LA trip last year..

    Zuhara The WandererZuhara The Wanderer26 days ago
  • I had the same reaction as Shane on that rollercoaster 😭😭

    Killjoy For HireKilljoy For Hire27 days ago
  • Shane being scared while Ryan laughs makes me feel like I'm in another dimension

    Gracie E.Gracie E.27 days ago
  • Does anyone know if that bowling alley was used in the latest season of NCIS? It looks similar to it

    KateRavenBlueEyedKateRavenBlueEyed27 days ago
  • Everyone talking bout Shane & snoopy which IS *wholesome af,* k but what about when Ryan misses when they're playing games and Shane just looks at him like, "yeah?" and fucking proceeds to hit it first try.. hahaha. *But Ryan's face afterwards just did me in.* _Still laughing xD💀

    Cassidy AnneCassidy Anne27 days ago
  • This is so much fun. I want this day.

    Phoenix7351Phoenix735127 days ago
  • Whenever I'm feeling down, I watch this video and smile. I don't know why but it makes me really really fucking happy.

    Jade BlaxJade Blax27 days ago
  • The bromance is strong here...

    AJay CAJay C28 days ago
  • 13:50 “That would’ve been perfect if it was perfect” Hm yes, the floor here is made out of floor.

    helena_langhelena_lang28 days ago
  • I’m gonna need this to be continued once quarantined is over thanks

    helena_langhelena_lang28 days ago
  • its just so nice to see two buddies enjoying the Activities and each other‘s company

    Sascha OldenburgSascha Oldenburg28 days ago
  • How the table have turned?

    Maithilee VisheMaithilee Vishe28 days ago
  • Shane:not scared of demons or ghosts or ghouls Shane:get on Roller coaster snoopy it was so bad

    Andy GonzalezAndy Gonzalez29 days ago
  • “Big guys got some l i q u i d”

    Unhappy GooseUnhappy Goose29 days ago
  • The Berry Boys are back

    Annelise B_BAnnelise B_BMonth ago
  • Jezz, I hope they got the rest to go. Those fries and that chili dog are all I want right now.

    Leon IsserlisLeon IsserlisMonth ago
  • "You know I have very caucasian taste buds" Omg same

    Claire VClaire VMonth ago
  • Richard ayoade and shane madej are interchangeable people

    Laurence WoodLaurence WoodMonth ago
  • "You almost wish they can make them warm" Oh i see Demon Shane has made an appearance

    Tierney O'HearnTierney O'HearnMonth ago
  • That last ride is just like the Blazing Fury at MY hometown amusement park, Dollywood.

    GrimGrimMonth ago
  • 10/10 kramer joke

    Tavaman3Tavaman3Month ago
  • How did I just discover this, 10 months in! 😭

    NuurenaNuurenaMonth ago
  • $12 a drink is outrageous

    Redly MediaRedly MediaMonth ago
  • Watching them eat the hotdogs reminded me of the Hotday Saga

    Jina Kaur KaliraiJina Kaur KaliraiMonth ago
  • I don't know why I found 9:43 so funny but it absolutely killed me

    JForce2k8JForce2k8Month ago
  • The Berry Boys are in town!

    soph watkinssoph watkinsMonth ago
  • I think Shane poop his pants

    Lil thisLil thisMonth ago
  • randy seems absolutely lovely. bless that man

    Mónica Rodríguez QuintanillaMónica Rodríguez QuintanillaMonth ago
  • Very rare to see Shane scared...

    Abby ConcepcionAbby ConcepcionMonth ago
  • I would really love to watch the entire roller coaster vid lmaoo

    Bacchus MochiBacchus MochiMonth ago

    Bacchus MochiBacchus MochiMonth ago
  • 4:45 I actually thought he was real.

    Christian HernandezChristian HernandezMonth ago
  • randy is iconic

    j moneyj moneyMonth ago
  • Shane: Good hammer :D [holds it] Ryan: oh...kayy xD [just walks away] in his mind: [looks like he grabbing thor's balls] Shane: all confused: ???? what?????

    Khushi SanghaviKhushi SanghaviMonth ago
  • Quarantine please end! I NEED MORE of Shane & Ryan’s Tourist Trapped!!! 🙌🏻🙏🏻

    Hartleyb83Hartleyb83Month ago
  • This was.... delightful.

    SamSamMonth ago
  • Okay Post Covid Tourist trapped idea: Anaheim/ Disneyland. Yah you technically ventured near there by going to knotts BUT there’s so much that’s untapped! The packing district, DTD, heck do a whole Orange County ep!

    Shannon VieleShannon VieleMonth ago
  • Shane: "I want to see celebs" Also Shane: * Is a celebrity *

    ABJKLMRS Akagami AliABJKLMRS Akagami AliMonth ago
  • i need a relationship like shane and snoopy’s in my life

    Grac MortGrac MortMonth ago