Michelin Star Chef Ranks Top 5 Fast Food Chains • Top 5 Beatdown

Feb 6, 2020
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It’s time to crown a fast food king. This week’s expert is Jon Yao, owner/chef of Kato, a Michelin star restaurant and the Los Angeles Times’ 2019 top restaurant in Los Angeles. LET’S LIST.
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    Kayley CroweKayley Crowe2 hours ago
  • Don't mind me. I'm just the Portlander sliding in here with Burgerville and Muchas Gracias, which respectively blow In-N-Out and Taco Bell out of the dirty Californian water.

    TheRJB0TheRJB07 hours ago
  • *_Ryan, You're a big old fat idiot_*

    --9 hours ago
  • hearing that shane likes car seat headrest just makes so much sense. great taste.

    Lillie ShippyLillie Shippy18 hours ago
  • Culver's is incredible and should be number one for everyone. Thank you for putting it in your top five.

    andrew pappasandrew pappas18 hours ago
  • Culvers💙

    Yankees FanYankees Fan19 hours ago
  • Burger King does the same things as Jack in the Box with tacos. Ryan sucks at this game.

    Rocky LovelessRocky Loveless19 hours ago
  • Culver's is effin amazing. You shame yourself, Ryan.

    Rocky LovelessRocky Loveless19 hours ago
  • John is hilarious, these three guys have awesome chemistry, they should do more videos together

    Destination AnywhereDestination Anywhere21 hour ago
  • Popeyes is shit

    Hipster767Hipster767Day ago
  • as a "canadian" I've heard of less then half of these. here would be my ranking 1. McD (inexpensive, & chicken nuggets will always be there for me) 2. Popeye's 3. Domino's (again, affordable, & their pan pizza is luxury city) 4. A&W (I have IBS and my success ratio with them is phenomenal, love their fries, love their burgers, love the fresh ingredients, love the taste, love the seasoning, hate the paper straws though ugh) 5. Harvey's (only gotten into recently tbh, I love their deep fried pickles) 6. Thai Express (chicken fried rice is chef kiss. I don't order them much bc they don't have fountain drinks, just bottled, & that's not sufficient for me.) I know that's 6 but whatever Honorary mentions: Tim Hortons (would have ranked higher before they messed w their chili recipe), Pizza Pizza, Subway, 5 Guys, Smoke's Poutinerie, and then some hyper-local mini chains that would give away my city so shall go unmentioned.

    Ig-nat-iusIg-nat-iusDay ago
  • I want to hear Jon's McDonald's hacks

    Ig-nat-iusIg-nat-iusDay ago
  • That guac burger at steak and shake is a greasy mess. Lol

    antonio kofoedantonio kofoedDay ago
  • Has jon teach ryan and shane how to coock like a michelin star?

    Cyber PunkCyber PunkDay ago
  • Steak N Shake Frisco Melt 😘

    Too Bad VidzToo Bad VidzDay ago
  • I went to Steak ‘n Shake for a birthday party and they were out of shakes

    L. BL. BDay ago

    Elie RElie RDay ago
  • I feel like taco bell being so high up in Ryan and Shane's list has something to do with them being the only place open after a night of hunting ghosts.

    Arkade CinemaArkade Cinema2 days ago
  • When it comes to quality food- Culver's kills all of the other fast food places. Everything is made to order, and the ingredients are just higher quality. They actually source their cheese curds from what is essentially the best curd factory in the world, La Grander Hillside Dairy. I know this because I have been buying fresh curds from them for decades- and you cannot even begin to understand how good they are. The butter burgers are made from quality fresh beef, and they offer things on their menu like pot roast and various soups/chili. But when you pair all of this with their custard- including the shakes which are made from said custard- you are walking down the path to enlightenment in fast food quality. And if you haven't had frozen custard, you just can't understand why it is so superior to soft serve ice cream- it's another level of perfection. Culver's makes the best frozen custard for a fast food place- but don't get me wrong, there are places in Wisconsin that make it better. It's a good gateway to experiencing something better- but if you want the best you have to try Kopp's or some of the smaller establishments scattered throughout the state. If you find an oreo Mcflurry to be great- I guarantee you won't like it after you've had a concrete mixer with Heath Bar and salted caramel chunks. Or for that matter, have an Oreo concrete mixer and tell me that a Mcflurry doesn't taste like Oreos and crushed ice after that.

    McDingusMcDingus2 days ago
  • 20 minutes for 5 rankings

    Nick VaandragerNick Vaandrager2 days ago
  • Clearly have never been to the south with the disrespect to Chick-fil-A

    Proudcubs6Proudcubs62 days ago
  • *Whataburger has entered the chat*

    MrEpicTruthMrEpicTruth2 days ago
  • i love carseat headrest shane.

    tyrant towntyrant town3 days ago
  • stake and shake is fire Shane!.. Also Ryan Jack and a box tacos are fire as well!!!! Jon doesnt know about the sparkle....

    Jason PadgettJason Padgett3 days ago
  • No chick fil a. Unbelievable.

    weston deprattweston depratt3 days ago
  • As someone from the Midwest- Anyone who hasn’t had Steak n’ Shake is missing out

    This is FineThis is Fine3 days ago
  • So happy to see Culvers get some love!

    Frankenstein's DealerFrankenstein's Dealer3 days ago
  • Car seat headrest fucking slaps though

    Fan LifeFan Life3 days ago
  • Where the hell is Chick-fil-A?

    MrDrewDroidMrDrewDroid4 days ago
  • I live in the uk I can only really think of 4 fast food restaurants that we have: McDonald’s, Burger King, kfc and subway.....but you can also get Pizza Hut express, but only at food courts and at the services😂can anyone else think of any others we have?

    Sophie& BobSophie& Bob4 days ago
  • Am I the only one impressed with how Jon wrote McDonald’s? Like his hand writing is amazing

    maddie allenmaddie allen4 days ago
  • Buzzfeed unsolved- FASTFOOD

    Kaeden HoisingtonKaeden Hoisington5 days ago
  • Canadian A&W is unreal, teen burgers and mozza burgers DAMN * chef kiss * Americans are missing out! I was so disappointed when I went to the states & no one knew what a teen burger was.

    talisa rosetalisa rose5 days ago
  • i literally only knew like a couple of these lmao. we only really have maccys out of all these in all of the UK. a few places have like taco bell but it seems like the states just has more fast food.

    Roma CabanasRoma Cabanas5 days ago
  • 1/2 Mexican 1/2 Japanese 1/8 Filipino???

    Ethan HirshEthan Hirsh5 days ago
  • I fully realized how Midwestern I really am when Shane revealed Culver's and my hands shot up into the air and I shouted "YES!!"

    coffeewithluciencoffeewithlucien5 days ago
  • I'm so disappointed no one said canes 🥲

    Hot PocketHot Pocket5 days ago
  • My top five would be 5. KFC (I know, sue me) 4. Moe's Southwest Grill 3. Waffle House 2. Shake Shack 1. Five Guys

    Daniel BigginsDaniel Biggins5 days ago
  • I appreciate Jon for reppin' Jollibee but homie...it's ghetto spaghetti. And the fish o fillet is so fucking underrated.

    Brian PalmerBrian Palmer5 days ago
  • Shane coming in with Culvers gives me LIFE!!! It's soooooo good. Only been away from WI for 2 months and I already miss it.

    Ally ReindlAlly Reindl5 days ago
  • I feel exactly like Jon when they start talking about Taco Bell; can't stand that shit

    DerMeisterXZDerMeisterXZ6 days ago
    • Literally the Cinnamon Twists and Baja Blast are the only thing worth getting there

      DerMeisterXZDerMeisterXZ6 days ago
  • “This is the one I thought would make people upset,” Shane says, with Taco Bell still hidden on his board

    Emma AveryEmma Avery6 days ago
  • Culver’s has begun their infiltration of Texas and I for one have been SO HAPPY to accept my new, artery-clogging overlord.

    Emma AveryEmma Avery6 days ago
  • came for ryan and shane, stayed for the adam driver reference

    cat xcat x6 days ago
  • My favorites that didn't make anyone's list (and yes, all of these have drive-thru at some locations) Sonic, Panda Express, Mad Greek, Fazoli's, and Long John Silver's

    NidorinaNidorina6 days ago
  • I stopped going to Taco Bell after they got rid of verde sauce, and the caramel apple empanadas.

    Andrew DeanAndrew Dean6 days ago
  • You can't do a top 5 fast foods in Australia, we only have McDonald's, KFC and Hungry Jack's (Burger King renamed as it was trade marked)

    Jesus ChristJesus Christ6 days ago
  • Gordon ramsay would've torn all fast food to shreds

    Jesus ChristJesus Christ6 days ago
  • Checkers wasn't on any list and that is a sin

    Protein CurryProtein Curry6 days ago
  • love him

    NN6 days ago
  • Lol I love car seat headrest

    Rachael JacksonRachael Jackson7 days ago
  • I'm upset Canes didnt pop up on any of these list.

    Austin MantellAustin Mantell7 days ago
  • Jon s disappointment hah

    MichaMicha7 days ago
  • Clearly none of these guys have spent time in the south or Texas... Whataburger deserves the top spot.

    dolfanchambers84dolfanchambers847 days ago
  • it's a mcdouble and a chicken sandwich btw not a quarter pounder and a double quarter pounder lol

    Manuel VillarealManuel Villareal7 days ago
  • I was literally on shane’s side until he said taco bell. like wtf taco bell is awful

    Hasley ArellanoHasley Arellano8 days ago
  • When I first moved out west from Michigan, I was asked if I wanted Jesus Burgers, and went to In N Out for the first time lol

    TiffTotTiffTot8 days ago
  • I’m so confused. Why do I love this show so much. Why am I on the edge of my seat. Loved all the guests but Jon is *chefs kiss* my fave.

    B MCMB MCM8 days ago
  • 5. Taco Bell 4. Checkers 3. Wendy’s 2. Popeye’s 1. Chick-fil-A

    Zara MoonZara Moon8 days ago
  • Me sees in and out: "nah"because im.texen and people know what I'm talking about if they are also Talking about the upside down arches of WHATABURGER

    XRinkashime SpattenXXRinkashime SpattenX8 days ago
    • In-N-Out belongs in a Top 5, but Whataburger belongs no lower than number 1.

      dolfanchambers84dolfanchambers847 days ago
  • 11:37 NO wait tbh jack in the box chicken sandwich has a special place in my heart bc i would go there with my mom but wendys definitely has the best chicken sandwich, i DO agree that those tacos SLAP (i’m mexican too)

    YawseaYawsea8 days ago
  • Culver’s is such a banger when you’re fried

    Enrique GarciaEnrique Garcia8 days ago
  • Where is the Chick-fil-A

    Johnathan YunkerJohnathan Yunker9 days ago
  • i don't want to be here anymore.

    ROTHGAR The VikingROTHGAR The Viking9 days ago
  • Holy guacamole! I LOVE Car Seat Headrest!!!!!!!!! ...sorry, just wanted to say that I approve of Shane's taste in music...

    Mia NicolacoudisMia Nicolacoudis9 days ago
  • excuse me a mcgangbang is mcdouble and a mcchicken don't be out here disrespecting one of the greatest munchies of all time

    Devin HolbrookDevin Holbrook9 days ago
  • im from the UK and I've only had Taco Bell once, but I thought it was pretty good, my mum didn't like it though :/

    Tilly SeymourTilly Seymour9 days ago
  • John reminds me of Aang from Avatar!!!

    shashank golusulashashank golusula9 days ago
  • And Whataburger ♥️♥️😎😎😎😎

    Amy SanchezAmy Sanchez9 days ago
  • I love Jack in the Box 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓😊😊😊

    Amy SanchezAmy Sanchez9 days ago
  • Jack in the box is drunk people food.

    Sonya WillisSonya Willis10 days ago
  • Ryan's choices were my favorite. I wish we had some of these places in Canada

    Abbigail KetsaAbbigail Ketsa10 days ago
  • Car Seat Headrest rules!

    DanDanDanDan10 days ago
  • Need more of these videos with a taste test!

    Redo 2020Redo 202010 days ago
  • i am so in love with shane and then he said he too likes car seat headrest and i melted

    sahian palafoxsahian palafox10 days ago
  • Cajun Sparkle you say!!!!! Hmmm!

    Vanessa ShanklinVanessa Shanklin10 days ago
  • I think the top three for me are Culver’s, Wendy’s, and Stake N’ Shake.

    Orson JarrettOrson Jarrett10 days ago
  • Wondering whether when people sit with Ryan, Shane (and Steven) they feel like they're third wheeling.

    Apurva GuptaApurva Gupta11 days ago
  • WhatABurger tops them all!

    LordEd21 21LordEd21 2111 days ago
  • I’m surprised there was no krispy krunchy chicken, better than church’s and Popeyes in my opinion. Might just be biased since I had one in my hometown and I would have it every chance I got.

    DLara18xDLara18x11 days ago
  • Ryan. Fellow so cal. I am with you, excluding jack in the crack. It's #7

    Rascal BascalRascal Bascal11 days ago
  • Love Jack in the crack tacos and chicken fajita pita. But years ago no more. Hey sonic ice cream

    Rascal BascalRascal Bascal11 days ago

    ThatRegnarThatRegnar12 days ago
  • Cajun sparkle is a staple in my house

    Ava MuellerAva Mueller12 days ago
  • Where's my filipino peole at?

    Errold Jeremiah CerenoErrold Jeremiah Cereno12 days ago
  • i like car seat headrest :0

    leasa1567leasa156712 days ago
  • If I could get Mc"Donald's fries with another restaurant food, I mean, don't like Steak and Shake fries, but your wonderful, awesome guest was talking food I will never see. . . i'm Illinois. Taco Bell, just go get it. Much, for sweet less. However, we have two of them here and , you have to go to the RIGHT one or you are getting bull, a kid probably spit in it or worse. Just give me what I ordered, untainted, and I will love it. However, DO NOT like you pushing all the possibilities in my face while I am telling you, exactly telling you, what I want. No. I am telling you exactly what I came here for, I do NOT want to hear you tell me the 45 other options while sleet is pelting me in the face. My five would be, and, aside, why does no list ever start at the top (just saying). . . I'm gonna! #1. . .ONE, BABY! 1st one first, kinda where first belongs. . . Wendy's! New Pretzel Chicken Bacon Pub. There are onion rings on that thing! #2 Hardees, mushroom and swiss, dude, Texas Toast. . .it is a thing with me. 3rd, Steak & Shake Wisconsin Butter Burger. . .4th WENDY's! AGAIN! A 2-lister, probably not even allowed. . . Baconator fries, AND CHOLESTEROL, baby, cheese and bacon baked potato, plus the little square burgers with the fresh veggies. . . yum. 5th could have been KFC, Harlan is my third cousin, but, since I am just letting him R.I.P., but, dang good food, sitting that at sixth if there was one, going fifth with local. . . Unbelievble. La Gondola. " YAY, Party stuff going off, KAZOO, confettii. Got it going on. Torpedo subs, melt in your mouth. Family tub of spaghetti...BEST...with garlic bread...hey, that's another pasta town, drive thru.. SUCH, Oh good food. Lovely. Yay you guys! Food is good. It is all just good. Eat. Just go, get it, whatever you want, like, can afford, and won't feel bad about. Get it, and eat it. Eating. . .food. Real things everyone needs to do.

    danita whitsondanita whitson12 days ago
  • Are you guys getting paid for this? 🤣🤣🤣

    DandeeDandee13 days ago
  • Chick fila slander

    Brandon SamaniegoBrandon Samaniego13 days ago
  • Ryan wtf you’re 1/8th filipino and you havent had Jollibee 😂

    Jayvee TabaniagJayvee Tabaniag13 days ago
  • I love this show! Hilarious and Jon was such a good guest! More pls!

    Zonia M.Zonia M.13 days ago
  • I will admit, Steak n Shake is a fuckin b a n g e r dude. I didn't know it was a midwest thing, but their fries? heavenly. and the trademark shakes theyre named after? Absolutely incredible.

    Zoe GallinelliZoe Gallinelli13 days ago
  • As a Filipino, my soul can rest now knowing a Michelin Star Chef knows the value of Jollibee

    mary austinmary austin13 days ago
  • Ryan, you fucking need to listen to CHR. Also, as a Filipino, I hate Jollibee

    MrJamhammMrJamhamm13 days ago
  • We only have like 5 fast food places in the uk so I'm super jealous of the choice

    Buttt_BanditButtt_Bandit14 days ago
  • I'm sorry but Popeyes biscuits are sh*t, but OMG I love their Cajun fries!

    Random StarRandom Star14 days ago
  • Oh my god yes finally someone who likes Fille o Fish🤩🤩

    Yusra MohabbatYusra Mohabbat14 days ago
  • 5. Pollo Tropical 4. Burger King 3. Popeyes 2. Miami Subs 1. Dutch Pot

    yo yoyo yo14 days ago

      yo yoyo yo14 days ago
  • Where is chic fil a

    Alejandro higaAlejandro higa14 days ago
  • Jack on the box is okay. Mediocre really, but the tacos? Really Ryan. Just no.

    Simone WilliamsSimone Williams14 days ago