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Jan 18, 2020
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What happens when 3 creators with no business experience decide to make their own company? Join us as we take an honest look at the exciting (and horrifying) journey.
This first episode will be free to watch on USworlds and all subsequent episodes will be exclusive to our Patreon at www.patreon.com/watcher.
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  • Hey everybody! Ryan here. I am beyond proud to present our new limited series, “Making Watcher.” It’s an honest look at 3 dummies making their own company, and to be completely transparent, there was some stuff in here that I was hesitant to share, cause it’s kind of vulnerable. This series was definitely a passion project for me, I put a lot into this one, and I hope you enjoy it. This series will be infrequently released (as this is an actual journal of our progress as a company). Also, in the spirit of transparency, the reason the rest of this series will be released exclusively on Patreon is due to the trials of starting an actual sustainable business, and that will become apparent when you watch! Anyways, enough gabbing from me, please enjoy the first episode of Making Watcher.

    WatcherWatcher10 months ago
    • @Watcher congratulations on 1million!

      AbigailAbigailDay ago
    • Love this soo much!! You guys did it 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

      Cindy CastroCindy Castro29 days ago
    • I miss you guys on buzzfeed unsolved so much

      Alissa FoytAlissa FoytMonth ago
    • Awesome and congrats! Question do we still need to subscribe to patron or are all the vids here on USworlds now?

      Rascal BascalRascal BascalMonth ago
    • I believe in you! I had no doubt I would be a Watcher. I love you guys.

      Tamara BroussardTamara Broussard2 months ago
  • Them being excited for their first 1k subscribers to 89k subs and now there are finally at there 1 million subscribers!! This is such a milestone!! Idk but I'm so emotional rn I love these guys so much and hope this watcher community just keeps thriving!! Also I Hope we get a 1 million subs celebration video tho like one of that video where they celebrate "almost 70 episodes" on buzzfeed.

    Penelope _Penelope _6 hours ago
  • ❤️ you guys!

    Cat SoupCat SoupDay ago
  • Here - almost a year from the launch. They now have 1 million subscribers 🥳

    Shelby RepaciShelby RepaciDay ago
  • All Hail the Watcher!

    Dash LukkyDash Lukky3 days ago
  • :( I miss Andrew and Steven! Hope he joins them in the future. Pls tell me they're still close friends 😭

    papia samadpapia samad3 days ago
  • Just started watching this -- I love that Ryan started off with the plot to HER lmao

    BearchildBearchild3 days ago
  • You have to make a video on how Shane can make himself feel nothing. From us gen z it will have millions of views, 6:06. Btw guys we love you and are so proud, the best trio❤️

    I’m a personI’m a person7 days ago
  • Does anybody know how come they're still doing buzzfeed unsolved if they left buzzfeed ?

    Liam McGrathmusicLiam McGrathmusic7 days ago
  • 🖤

    amitchakrabortyamuamitchakrabortyamu7 days ago
  • Are you leaving buzzfeed? i think no WHERES CURLY THO

    Adam_gueddi10Adam_gueddi108 days ago
  • So I'm fairly new here - Couple of days ago I started binging (covid-lock down) the Buzzfeed Unsolved Network - with Ryan and Shane. I've been laughing, a LOT. Show after show, I became more invested because of the humor, and then you two became sort of endearing to me. Blah blah blah...All of the sudden I'm seeing different hosts, and they're not filling the hole. My fix was not being met. Thank Krishna for USworlds suggesting this channel. Popped up, and now I have a buttload of more content to consume. You almost have a million subs on this account! Kudos!

    Sister Sherry TravelsSister Sherry Travels8 days ago
  • As a business major, but also someone who loves these crazy guys, this was so enjoyable to watch! I want you all to succeed so much, and I’m definitely going to try to do my part in that success :) (including commenting purely for the algorithm!!)

    AbbyAbby9 days ago
  • It must be fun, as much as it is as watching them, to work with them.

    Lenalee LeeLeeLenalee LeeLee11 days ago
  • Love you guys!... so glad Watcher is going strong and I look forward to future content

    Erin GoodwinErin Goodwin11 days ago
  • so honestly, i’ve been watching your buzzfeed unsolved and buzzfeed supernatural since the very first season they both came out. i fell asleep to buzzfeed unsolved every night. please never stop doing what you do! i NEED your amazing story telling, commentary, humor, and fun facts about everything. i love that you made this company! i can’t believe it took me 11 months to realize you guys created your own company!

    Hailey ShieldsHailey Shields11 days ago
  • The little speech about being anxious about the launch hit different

    Yusra MohabbatYusra Mohabbat14 days ago
  • happy for you guys or anyone who succeeds.

    Anthony CrisciAnthony Crisci15 days ago
  • the investors jaw line is impressive. so stoked for this, you guys are all awesome, including great-jaw-line-guy.

    Emily SiefkeEmily Siefke16 days ago
  • Okay, the name watcher comes from the unsolved episode they did on The Watcher, right? Orchestrated by The Watcher baby.

    gracy taborskigracy taborski16 days ago
  • Who else cried ??? I’m so proud of you guys !!✨✨💖💖💖 Wishing you all the greatest successes !

    spiffyjassspiffyjass18 days ago
  • I hope they still do unsolved!

    Harley QuiinnHarley Quiinn18 days ago
  • It didn't even occur to me until watching this video that there were any anxieties that these 3 were gonna be successful with this business.

    DarthQuietusDarthQuietus19 days ago
  • I really like watching the three of you separately and together so. Wow, though what a year to decide to go into business. Yet, kind of a good year to do that as well. lol. i discovered you guys on Hulu and then came to USworlds and found more. I wish you well, not that you'll ever read this since it was from January!

    Michelle WatsonMichelle Watson19 days ago
  • I couldn`t sit down and have lunch without Unsolved or Worth it for the last 3 or 4 years. Good luck in your endeavor fellas. Greetings from Macedonia

    igor georgievskiigor georgievski20 days ago
  • daddy

    SamSam20 days ago
  • When is the ghost hunt

    JensenJensen21 day ago

    Carl PiersonCarl Pierson21 day ago
    • Or this shit won’t last long without force you’re a TEAM

      Carl PiersonCarl Pierson21 day ago

      Carl PiersonCarl Pierson21 day ago
  • so proud of you guys!!

    andrivetteandrivette22 days ago
  • rewatching this while watcher currently having 50k left to 1 mil makes me want to go back in time and tell them that they’ve done a great job

    hey ghouls,the bois are herehey ghouls,the bois are here23 days ago
  • Steven: I really do enjoy figuring out how to make a sustainable business Ryan: ....Thank God 😩

    Luz-Marina RobertsLuz-Marina Roberts24 days ago

    ACE 99ACE 9924 days ago
  • the 3 guys who followed the steps of the try guys. I didn't know that they left buzzfeed

    Jaztine JimenezJaztine Jimenez24 days ago
  • Watcher unsolved

    eli taggarteli taggart25 days ago
  • It's nice to see the back end of things and how glamorous things may seem, but how much effort and time was put into moving out on their own. I'm super happy for all of you and love watching the channel!

    FleursDuMalFleursDuMal25 days ago
  • white haired guy looks like Asian Ted Rami

    Bent NeatlyBent Neatly26 days ago
  • Aaaaaaaand subscribed.

    James HenryJames Henry26 days ago
  • How Life ryan? Any demon or ghost find you evernight?

    Chiến dịch Hồ Chí MinhChiến dịch Hồ Chí Minh26 days ago
  • I think you guys are too hard on yourselves. How would it not have worked out? I'm just trying to understand Ryan's fears. How would it be possible for you guys not to be successful?? I think once you reach a level of success there is no way to fail. Especially when we're talking about your personalities, it doesn't even make any sense to consider not succeeding. I mean it's nice that Ryan is still human and has doubts but come on, you're all basically irreplaceable at this point.

    Still Reading BooksStill Reading Books27 days ago
  • Respect to Shane for using the pen tool! Loving the show and wishing you all the success in the world :)

    Nicolene GenisNicolene Genis28 days ago
  • and they're now close to a million subs. cheers my fellow watchers 👁️🥂

    jan mishkajan mishka28 days ago
  • Ryan: How did you feel when you put your own capital? Shane: I felt...nothing... Everyone: 👁️👄👁️

    AllyannahhAllyannahh29 days ago
  • Once you found Shane, Buzzfeed Unsolved became a great show. Bonnie, to your Clyde.

    Kenneth HarringtonKenneth Harrington29 days ago
  • Don’t ever think we won’t watch you guys! We love you!

    Shaminder SinghShaminder Singh29 days ago
  • Yes Yes YES you can do it

    Virginia j OrtegaVirginia j Ortega29 days ago
  • Watchers I am watching you!

    Virginia j OrtegaVirginia j Ortega29 days ago
  • you guys are so funny

    Virginia j OrtegaVirginia j Ortega29 days ago
  • are they still working for buzfeed? because they are still putting out videos from there

    Sunshine BorbonSunshine BorbonMonth ago
    • yeah i think they still have to do a season or 2 of unsolved on their contract with bf

      The RenegadeThe Renegade28 days ago
  • At 22:00 Ryan starts talking about people caring and not caring. Dude, we ALL care. We are fans of yours and Shane and it's awesome to mee the team behind your content. I wish there was a way for me and/or the rest of us to get involved. If what you do now is anything like what you did at BuzzFeed, you're going to be a friggin Rockstar! I look forward to seeing all of your content. -Rich

    Richard MattosRichard MattosMonth ago
  • So wait.....you guys aren't doing Unsolved on BuzzFeed anymore? I really hope you answer this. I enjoy almost everything you guys put out. So, I'm excited.

    Richard MattosRichard MattosMonth ago
  • Man I hope you guys become millionaires doing what you love, respect man glad you guys hade the Courage to put your neck on the line in order to succeed.

    Omar HernandezOmar HernandezMonth ago
  • Idk if they answer this cause My adhd won’t let me watch the whole video But will you guys continue the thing where y’all do unsolved and solved mysteries and explore places? Cause I really loved that

    I make Me anxiousI make Me anxiousMonth ago
  • Loved this! Looking forward to more content!

    NicoleNicoleMonth ago
  • I only watched Buzzfeed for you guys, you are my faves. glad I found out where you went

    leese phelpsleese phelpsMonth ago
  • Ever since high school you guys have helped put a smile on my face, you got me through some of the worst anxiety in my life. I’ve followed you guys since your early days on buzzfeed and I just want to say that, I’m very confident myself and everyone who’s a fan of you guys, would follow you anywhere. we are so proud of you guys and we love you so much. ⠀ thank you for what you do, you’re truly some of the best human beings.

    ISHAISHAMonth ago
  • Knowing about their anxiety and troubles going through this process makes me feel better about my own anxiety. Good luck with all of it. Love your content :)

    Simran SinghSimran SinghMonth ago
  • Y'all left out the part where you definitely found that buried treasure, but didn't find it because Buzzfeed would have kept it.

    txgoalie15txgoalie15Month ago

    Reayannah ConstantinoReayannah ConstantinoMonth ago
  • I love how you guys have been able to make it so far with what's going on right now in the world. I love seeing you guys have the time of your lives and still giving out information in a great way.

    Jeramy HarperJeramy HarperMonth ago
  • I'm really glad you guys did this :)

    xxXCrimsonxEyesXxxxxXCrimsonxEyesXxxMonth ago
  • This kind of guys i really wanted to support , very very dedicated guys

    Ky OpallaKy OpallaMonth ago
  • Best of luck fellas

    Victor RosasVictor RosasMonth ago
  • Legit I know u guys won’t see this but I only watch buzfeed cause of u guys

    Hudson LynnHudson LynnMonth ago
  • I just the other day stumbled on this channel. Had no idea you guys left buzz feed! Love the new channel and will always support you guys. Wish you all the best of luck❤️

    Megan MartinezMegan MartinezMonth ago
  • I'm so proud of you all 💜

    stephanie reyesstephanie reyesMonth ago
  • I love your honesty in this video and what you Ryan and everybody else shows. Its refreshing to see and what I think What people really want to see. Straight up . Not everything is polished and good to go from the get go. There is struggle and you do have to stick to your vision.

    ariel rodriguezariel rodriguezMonth ago
  • Wait, poor buzz feed! They're doomed!

    Sam WatsonSam WatsonMonth ago
  • I feel that their vision is much better than Try Guys and their personalities are more genunine and likable

    randomjeanrandomjeanMonth ago
  • I just wanted to comment to help with engagement and say that I am so proud of you guys. I know it's late but w.e.

    Sage BranSage BranMonth ago
  • You people are awesome! Fun to see people making the dream real in life. Hope y'all make it big🙂

    Patrick HaydenPatrick HaydenMonth ago
  • Why☹ Ryan made me cry Proud of you guys🥺

    Christina P.Christina P.Month ago
  • Late to the video, but after binging puppet history it’s time to binge EVERYTHING. Love your guys’ hustle

    Jesse ThompsonJesse ThompsonMonth ago
  • My heart ❤️ a lot of people care Ryan. Care about you guys as creators and love the content.

    Sarah BerrySarah BerryMonth ago
  • Shane's love of the pen tool makes me love them even more, man.

    Kenzie BaileyKenzie BaileyMonth ago
  • do you still do BuzzFeed or is it completely left

    Levi BocookLevi BocookMonth ago
  • I DIDNT KNOW YALL HAD LEFT!!!?? I am so happy I found this, i was so worried you guys had dropped off the map. Instant subscribe and also forwarding your videos to all my friends I used to watch your buzzfeed content with. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

    Leo GLeo GMonth ago
  • Really inspirational❤️

    Rishav PhukanRishav PhukanMonth ago
  • All hail the watcher

    Ben SandersBen SandersMonth ago
  • are you all still with buzzfeed?

    Julien BerndtJulien BerndtMonth ago
  • You guys are very inspirational. Proud of you guys! ❤️

    Alex Kate AragonesAlex Kate AragonesMonth ago
  • Only pros use the pen tool. Well done, Shane.

    Hart DrHart DrMonth ago
  • ❤❤❤

    KayleighKayleighMonth ago
  • Are they still part of Buzzfeed? What's gonna happen to Unsolved and Worth It?

    Bryant BravoBryant BravoMonth ago
  • Am I discovering this 9 months late? Yes. Am I excited to catch up? Also yes. I hope they do some revival of unsolved and ruining history

    Sophie SchnakeSophie SchnakeMonth ago
  • Mad respect to my three bros!

    Tom SamadTom SamadMonth ago
  • All hail the watcher

    SomeoneVxSomeoneVxMonth ago
  • I’m making my way through every video on this channel since I realized this channel existed recently, and for the first time thought about joining Patreon. After this video? I’m all in! Impressive and inspiring as hell.

    Ashley D.Ashley D.Month ago
  • It makes me incredibly happy to know that Ryan and Shane actually like each other enough in real life to do this together and aren't just pals for Unsolved!

    Jessica CreedJessica CreedMonth ago
  • I like the concept you guys use in the company in indonesian it's "memanusiakan manusia" and I really do appreciate your effort to entertained people. You guys are my mental healing, alot grace and love i could spread for you and really a huge huge thanks for you! i wish for you guys all the best! ❤❤❤❤❤

    Rheza OktaviaRheza OktaviaMonth ago
  • You guys are definitely making it work

    Ryan KittrellRyan KittrellMonth ago
  • I am hella late but i am sooooo happy i will litreally watch anything with them i think why they're soo successful in no matter what they do us the chemistry they have an how well they playbwith each other an thats why the watcher( pun intented) is so happy an i will continue to watch an support them i wish i can work for them.

    jack sparrowjack sparrowMonth ago
  • My Fiancé and I love all of your content. Puppet History is our favourite! Thank you so much. :)

    Brianna UnderhillBrianna UnderhillMonth ago
  • Is there any series on the watcher that looks like Buzzfeed Unsolved? Maybe see the Ghoul Boys including Steven visits haunted places, make it happen guys! Love you guys

    Alwin ArellanoAlwin ArellanoMonth ago
  • It sounds to me you guys are super happy to have Steven Lim lol. Everyone needs a guy/ girl like that on the team! Props!

    Yesi TravelsYesi TravelsMonth ago
  • I’m 61, my husband 69, and we are super into Shane and Ryan. We may be their oldest fan not related to them.

    Gail DedrickGail DedrickMonth ago
  • the 3 of you are extremly funny and cool grtz from the Netherlands

    Patrick PapoPatrick PapoMonth ago

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  • I wonder what Andrew thought about this

    yesenia Sandovalyesenia SandovalMonth ago
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    DesperateOak48DesperateOak48Month ago
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