Pants Off Challenge & Shane Goes Missing • Watcher Weekly #015

Apr 15, 2020
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Hello! Welcome to the 15th episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
- Chill zone
- New channel schedule review
- Content callouts (juicy s'clusy!)
- Q+A
- Hands off pants off challenge
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  • Hey everyone, Steven here. A big thank you to everyone supporting us through the quarantine. Not sure if we've had a chance to celebrate it on this forum, but we recently hit 500K subscribers! AND had our very first video (Puppet History) go trending this past week. We're going to continue creating content throughout this pandemic, and hope you'll join us for your weekly dose of entertainment. (Also, subscribe to Hidden Narratives podcast :D) Finally, let us know in the comments below if you have any questions for our next episode!

    WatcherWatcher7 months ago
    • Congrats to you guys! Just asking if you guys listen to or have heard of kpop. If you have what are some of your favorites?

      STAN LOONASTAN LOONA7 months ago
    • shane please, as a fellow dnd player and dm i've got one very important question. i need to know this, i shall not properly rest without knowing this. what color are your dice? how many sets do you have? can you show them? thank u!! i love sd&d&d so much :D

      LUDUSSYLUDUSSY7 months ago
    • @watcher This a question for Steven have you ever had Johnny Marzetti its a dish my mom makes every once in a while and she is from Ohio and anyone I talk to it about outside of Ohio has never had it so just curious. Midwest rise up!

      Tree TimeTree Time7 months ago
    • Watcher I love puppet history I can’t wait for more episodes I hated history class but Shane and Ryan make it very funny and educational at the same time love it

      Brenda TenezacaBrenda Tenezaca7 months ago
    • congrats on 500k!

      Dulce HernandezDulce Hernandez7 months ago
  • Wow! Ryan really needs shane with him for do a semi ok Christopher walkins impression

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynDay ago
  • the fact that ryan said "lets get it on" before they both took their pants off definitely deserves more attention

    Jared LudyJared Ludy6 days ago
  • The fact that they listed bangers from Veggie Tales but didn't say Barbara Manatee... don't hmu

    Maleah LudlowMaleah Ludlow16 days ago
  • #bergarabookworm Kill Creek. Currently reading and right up your alley with spooky houses

    FleursDuMalFleursDuMal17 days ago
  • I like the little white board message! Hugs for everyone!

    FleursDuMalFleursDuMal17 days ago
  • Ok so, Steven's impression of Ryan's laugh was actually scarily accurate

    FlanneryschickensFlanneryschickens24 days ago
  • I remember vigie tales

    Galvin OwensGalvin OwensMonth ago
  • Can I just thank you guys for all the Veggie Tales love? I grew up watching those in Catholic school and it's a straight up deep cut.

    Abby CalAbby CalMonth ago
  • Rip Kobe

    Kayleigh MorrisKayleigh Morris2 months ago
  • Steven's comment about how you don't really need an end goal for any creative endeavour is actually so powerful. I sometimes get stuck thinking about how I can make an idea I wanted to pursue to creat material gain, which actually makes me lose the initial spark that started the project in the first place. The purity of hear is so important. Love you guys!

    Claire ZhangClaire Zhang2 months ago
  • 1. How could anyone not know what Veggie Tales is? 2. Ryan cursing while talking about vegetables telling Bible stories was quite funny to me. I still watch old episodes of Veggie Tales. It brings back good memories. I think Steven would be broccoli, Ryan would be a pea, and Shane would be an asparagus. Those are the correct answers and nobody can tell me otherwise.

    Whitneyleigh392Whitneyleigh3922 months ago
  • Ryan since you're part Filipino, I'd like you to try Tortang Talong. It's grilled eggplant, dipped in scrambled eggs, then fried. It's really good😊 I love veggie tales, I'll be taro I think. Hahaha.

    Becoming WholeBecoming Whole2 months ago
  • I was wheezing by the time the Pants Off Challenge ended😂

    Mia TerracottaMia Terracotta2 months ago
  • "compared to a big old- *BEEP*" the editing in this video gives me life

    el.el.2 months ago
  • Steven’s corn dance was so cute lmao

    Jillian TungJillian Tung2 months ago
  • Wat? Steven plays guitar? I love you even more now....

    Animania freakAnimania freak3 months ago
  • Hey Ryan you should read this fantasy novel called Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom Leigh Bardugo

    Caroline YaldaCaroline Yalda3 months ago
  • This vlog was so funny still and I think Steven and Ryan did an absolutely fantastic job. Shane still rocks

    katherine collinskatherine collins3 months ago
  • this episode literally just solidified the fact that i would absolutely die for steven lim

    cryscrys4 months ago
  • My star rating: * * * * *

    S KullsS Kulls4 months ago
  • Okay - Steven playing the guitar just made my day.... ♡︎ 🥺 👉👈

    Emily BrisbinEmily Brisbin4 months ago
    • WOW AND I JUST READ HIS WHITEBOARD: “Things to do after quarantine: never take a hug for granted ever again. ♡︎” 😭🥺😇

      Emily BrisbinEmily Brisbin4 months ago
  • I love you guys xD You ALWAYS make me laugh. Also, can I just say that Steven has a special corner of my heart. He's precious, and I kinda want to pet him, okay, I'm sorry, I'll go now.

    SkyrilSkyril4 months ago
  • ngl when you were explaining hands off pants off I was imagining a jeans situation so I thought it was impossible lmao

    Jade FerrerJade Ferrer5 months ago
  • wait is veggie tales obscure??

    Grace FerreeGrace Ferree5 months ago
  • oh steven and his little whiteboard makes me so sad happy . what a lovely blueberry boy

    marsbarsmarsbars5 months ago
  • OHH, im at the point where you play again! Thank you 😂😂 i feel stupid for commenting to soon

    Violet HensonViolet Henson5 months ago
  • Commenting late on this but i absolutely loved listaning to Steven play the guitar, and i was hoping it would continue as the conversation went on XD

    Violet HensonViolet Henson5 months ago
  • I wish i could have steven blue hair

    alexiel axelalexiel axel5 months ago
  • Anyone else think Steven is far too innocent for Ryan and Shane?

    EvaPunk333EvaPunk3336 months ago

    Not GraceNot Grace6 months ago
  • Guitar too?! Steven?! Are you trying to kill me?! A man after my own heart

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • Steven’s whiteboard saying “never take a hug for granted again ❤️” is so adorable ahhh I want a cuddle I miss cuddles

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • can we just all talk about the message in steven's fridge?

    Alex BuenaventuraAlex Buenaventura6 months ago
  • Whenever I hear that they have a sponsor I get so happy..yeah go get those coins boys

    Nation's sunshine FelixNation's sunshine Felix6 months ago
  • So happy you guys are getting sponsors!! You deserve all kinds of success :)

    Sarah WeidlerSarah Weidler6 months ago
  • i love the thought Steven puts into his fridge🥺

    Carmen VillalobosCarmen Villalobos7 months ago
  • I see you Ryan! On Wednesdays we wear pink...well played

    Roberto AguilarRoberto Aguilar7 months ago
  • this is my review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Naomi FitzgeraldNaomi Fitzgerald7 months ago
  • My family is not religious but oh my god we watched so much veggie tales when I was growing up. Laryboy will forever be my favorite superhero

    Curie LysanderCurie Lysander7 months ago
  • #bergarabookworm let’s see, the Harry Potter series, The Great Gatsby, The Catcher In the Rye, Fantomina, The Best We Could Do

    elemeno \elemeno \7 months ago
  • i think the diplocaucus did something to Lenny....

    Kera HoneycuttKera Honeycutt7 months ago
  • I can't believe they actually changed the title to THIS. I adore it.

    The luckThe luck7 months ago
  • Thanks for the solid qtine content guys! It never gets old

    Jay RisingJay Rising7 months ago
  • Shane would be an asparagus bc long and big head

    _del__del_7 months ago
  • I know there was a korean challange to put pants on not using hands beacuse thats harder?

    IsugoakaiIsugoakai7 months ago
  • Where is my hairbrush is on my running playlist. That and Larry's song about his lips. Tune.

    Betty CrashBetty Crash7 months ago
  • Best USworlds channel and content creators I’ve seen in a while I’m glad I’ve been here since the beginning 5 stars out of 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Jacket, Kurt’sJacket, Kurt’s7 months ago
  • #bergarabookworm I'm in the middle of Stephen King's dark tower series. I'm obsessed with it so I'm suggesting it to anyone and everyone.

    Bri RakotzBri Rakotz7 months ago
  • turned 18 while watching yall try to take your pants off without hands. great.

    merritthonmerritthon7 months ago
  • Oooohhh man, I'm late for this video and CONGRATS ON THE SPONSORSHIP

    Lord_of_the _Oreos_ vol 3Lord_of_the _Oreos_ vol 37 months ago
  • Veggietales in the city!! apparently that's the current version of Veggietales that is being made.

    Trent TaylorTrent Taylor7 months ago
  • This absolutely sucked without Shane.

    In0chiIn0chi7 months ago
  • "Thr3e" by Ted Dekker is the best novel I ever read!

    Cheryl RobinsonCheryl Robinson7 months ago
  • can hands off pants off be a regular segment

    Seaweedgirl1Seaweedgirl17 months ago
  • Ryan's obsession with Disneyland is unhealthy lol

  • Every time I see Ryan, I get more and more convinced that we’re soulmates.

    Carrie WolfCarrie Wolf7 months ago
  • I KNEW VEGGIE TALES. I grew up with that stuff. Where's my hair brush was probably my favorite cause it's the one I remember most

    Eliza RodanEliza Rodan7 months ago
  • Lol the belly rubbing bit XDD

    Eliza RodanEliza Rodan7 months ago
  • Awww Ryan's squirrel friend!!

    Eliza RodanEliza Rodan7 months ago
  • Sweatpants off? That's cheating! Try taking off jeans with no hands!

    Sheyanne TuckerSheyanne Tucker7 months ago
  • Ryan and Steven: I miss Disney land Me: *cries in Australian* I went once when I went to Paris. It was the best, I wish Australia had a Disney land

    Jessica stevensonJessica stevenson7 months ago
  • Nickles and pickles.

    Jessica stevensonJessica stevenson7 months ago
  • Idk if somebody already asked this but whats gonna happen to Unsolved?

    Jed MacarineJed Macarine7 months ago
  • So I didn’t want to say anything... but Ryan you need to clean your place. I can’t imagine how messy the rest of it is being that there’s always a mess in the shot. We still love you though. Just need to find you a girlfriend 😂

    Desiree EspinosaDesiree Espinosa7 months ago
    • He has a girlfriend.

      kabazinga -kabazinga -6 months ago
  • Omg I love Veggie tails I love silly songs with Larry lol love your guys channel 💜

    Jenny BettsJenny Betts7 months ago

    Leah SmithLeah Smith7 months ago
  • You heard it, folks. Ryan wants us to send him fan-fiction so get at it!

    Mike JonezMike Jonez7 months ago
  • Coraline is that you?

    DontBeSuchALeafDontBeSuchALeaf7 months ago
  • I thought you were suppose to put the pants on... Not off? Lol

    Mamakitty 65Mamakitty 657 months ago
  • I've always been tempted to get audible... It's expensive though 😅 cause you have to pay the subscription AND for the books.. the library has audiobooks for free on loan 😅😂 Kidding but seriously heaps of free audio stories on youtube 😅👌

    Mamakitty 65Mamakitty 657 months ago
  • “This isn’t funny” while my dad is checking on me bc I was laughing so hard it sounded like crying 😂😂😂

    Amy WatsonAmy Watson7 months ago
  • Barbara Manatee is the best Veggietales song PERIODDDDDD

    NamelessNameless7 months ago
  • Awwww Steven's whiteboard on his fridge is so cute:)

    Jessica GJessica G7 months ago
  • Awww I was hoping y'all would write a little ditty about the squirrel.

    Katie jjKatie jj7 months ago
  • For the next watcher weekly i have a very important question so please pick it: Is steven single? Asking for myself.💗

    destinydestiny7 months ago
  • Great episode! It would be really cool to have more Steven playing the guitar :D !Any other challenges you tried in the quarantine?

    Sorina VasileSorina Vasile7 months ago
  • I don’t understand this watcher channel. I’m just here to support Steven Lim. But I’m so confused.

    jdude funjdude fun7 months ago
    • what don’t you understand?

      kabazinga -kabazinga -6 months ago
  • So wait is this channel technically a buzzfeed channel?

    notawfulnotawful7 months ago
    • no it’s not

      kabazinga -kabazinga -6 months ago
  • Why does Steven still have the tag on his guitar?

    Matthew SaglioccoMatthew Sagliocco7 months ago
  • my favorite thing about these episodes is reading what steven has written on his white board.

    Dulce HernandezDulce Hernandez7 months ago
  • Hey Ryan, I want to say thanks for getting the cebu song stuck in my head for the past three days. I truly appreciate it! !! !

    Niamh ByrneNiamh Byrne7 months ago
  • I used to watch veggie tales all the time!! Everyone should witness those dancing vegetables, kinda reminds me of a better version of the hot data...

    Mackenzie PetersonMackenzie Peterson7 months ago
  • I wish they would kick Steven out, his videos are boring and he’s weird as hell. What’s with his hair always being a different color? It’s like he’s trying to replace his lack of personality by having different hair colors. Love Shane and Ryan though

    Jon RJon R7 months ago
    • Why do you have to be so rude?

      kabazinga -kabazinga -6 months ago
  • Congrats for getting sponsor 🎉🎉

    Gut NightGut Night7 months ago
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    zz7 months ago
  • #bergarabookworm "My Best Friend's Exorcism" and "HORRORSTÖR" by Grady Hendrix. Both about some creepy events that happen to people with supernatural elements and experiences! Some of my favorite books, hope you enjoy!

    Mikennah OlesonMikennah Oleson7 months ago
  • _dont think we don't remember the __#guitarrabergara__, ryan_

    silently vibing TMsilently vibing TM7 months ago
  • Guess we all know who the glue of this team is - y'all just fell apart without Shane. #Shaniac

    Megan HallstromMegan Hallstrom7 months ago
  • Ryan’s feet matches his feet. Lol I kinda miss Shane. But Steven is great 👍🏻.

    Ivaserv9Ivaserv97 months ago
  • You're both wrong. Shane would be asparagus.

    Sarah HSarah H7 months ago
  • For next week's For Watcher Weekly What will you do for next season of Spooky Small Talk if Knott's Scary Farm doesn't open because of Covid? Have you considered doing it in an actual haunted location?

    biblegirlbiblegirl7 months ago
  • Dude I hella want Steven to F' the ish out of me. Hope he has a only fans

    anthony moanthony mo7 months ago
  • Veggie Tales is still on Netflix. I get to learn about Bob and Larry all the time.

    Emily DoseEmily Dose7 months ago
  • Steven singing "where is my hairbrush" made my mcfuckin day

    Makana PaulsonMakana Paulson7 months ago
  • I already adore you guys, but knowing that you guys know "Veggie Tales" just made you 300% cooler and more attractive

    CantStayAwayCantStayAway7 months ago
  • I don't know what it means that Ryan seems very calm and in good humour in this video and in the Buzzfeed Unsolved Q+A video he seems like he's turning into Jack Nicholson in The Shining...:P :P

    CantStayAwayCantStayAway7 months ago
  • Steven's board that says "things i will do after quarantine: never take a hug for granted ever again." makes me soo weak.

    lacludovicalacludovica7 months ago
  • YES. I LOVED Veggie Tales too when I was a kid!!! I loved Larry.

    Natasya IANatasya IA7 months ago
  • Aaah that guitar was so relaxing! Really lovely!

    Sirius.BusinessSirius.Business7 months ago