Philip Wang, Durian Wafers, & Being Asian On YouTube • Grocery Run

Feb 13, 2020
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On today's episode of Grocery Run, we have the lovely PHILIP WANG. I've been a fan of Wong Fu Productions for many years now, so it was surreal to come full circle and have him as a guest on my show. Philip is one of the pioneers of USworlds and has always taken every opportunity to unite the Asian American community. In this episode, we talk about how USworlds has changed over the years, what Asian representation means to him, and choosing love over career. Thank you so much for coming on the show, Phil!
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  • Hey peeps! Steven here. Thanks so much for checking out Grocery Run ft. our first guest, Phil Wang! The first run of episodes will feature an all Asian American cast and that was definitely intentional on my part. Representation is extremely important to me and something I want to champion in this channel. Hope you enjoy and stick around for the rest of the series! Let me know in the comments if you have suggestions for future guests. Also special shoutout to 99 Ranch for letting us film at your store - check them out for all your Asian grocery needs. -Steven

    WatcherWatcher9 months ago
    • Amazing episode.. looking forward for the next episode. ^^

      Ash AlvarezAsh Alvarez8 months ago
    • This show is really wholesome! Grocery Run's first episode turned out really well. Just letting you know that I think you, Ryan, and Shane are incredibly talented content writers and inspiring people and I look forward to all your future content!

      Estella JeanEstella Jean9 months ago
    • How about some Hispanic Asian representation? ☺️

      avii3avii39 months ago
    • Really had fun watching this. Congrats to everyone involved ☺️

      arinad2arinad29 months ago
    • Im loving the Asian representation keep doing awesome

      Alisa PerezAlisa Perez9 months ago
  • 11:03 *Flashes back to when I almost cut off the tip of my finger cutting 20 kilos of green onions at work* Sure

    TheToxicZombieTheToxicZombie20 days ago
  • Wait lmao that’s the Asian grocery store down the street from my house :0

    Betsy GarciaBetsy GarciaMonth ago
    • Wait part 2. I literally always pass by that boba place I’m like why is it always packed I gotta go and then forget until I pass by again lmaoo

      Betsy GarciaBetsy GarciaMonth ago
  • i absolutely love this series and really appreciate you bringing all these og asian youtubers into the show!!

    Joanna KimJoanna KimMonth ago
  • Dang. $68 for egg, tomato, rice dish

    chuchuMonth ago
  • 2:06 Steven: "Oh I'm still salty!" hahaha you gonna hold this over him for life right?

    Animania freakAnimania freak2 months ago
  • 1:16 Too cute lol, I wanna see Andrew push a cart with you ;)

    Animania freakAnimania freak2 months ago
  • reveal that polaroids in your fridge, mr. lim.

    thenameisAndinthenameisAndin2 months ago
  • i wish someone wanted to buy me a big bag of rice... aha! this was awesome guys! loved it!

    Garrick GastonGarrick Gaston2 months ago
  • subtitles! yes! thank you! also this content is top notch! love it!

    mel mackmel mack2 months ago
  • its really love to see such thoughtful content, this is such an incredible idea!

    el.el.2 months ago
  • loved this!

    maggie rogers kellermaggie rogers keller2 months ago
  • I love the content but is it bad to say this feels too perfect to me 😦

    Thalia ChanouxThalia Chanoux3 months ago
  • @ 10:56 , there's a clip of a marquee saying 'Wong Fu Productions' at the Fox Theatre in Toronto, where I used to work! I remember that night because the entire group was so, so kind, one of the best groups we'd had. I didn't know who they were (I'm not really into that side of youtube), but they gave me a sticker and an enamel pin.

    Naomi PauschNaomi Pausch3 months ago
  • Hey man, is it possible to add the total with every item added? Kinda make it’s so we can follow along and see if he’ll make it within the budget or not. It would be fun!

    Jay NguyenJay Nguyen4 months ago
  • I had a feeling that Phil was going to propose to his girlfriend. His body motions and the way he reacted to talking about having to choose her over his work kind of gave me a clue.

    Gen Gen RojasGen Gen Rojas4 months ago
  • I reaaaaally like this concept. You guys like doing interviews where the person’s quite distracted 😂

    Reese PeraltaReese Peralta4 months ago
  • "Hey girl, get the *big* bag of rice" Me: * *douki* *

    arkiaquarius8arkiaquarius84 months ago
  • He needs to get Mikey Chen (Strickly Dumpling) on this!!

    Lanna's Missing LinkLanna's Missing Link4 months ago
  • Steven trying to get everybody to eat durians. Struggles that only some people understand

    JaMJaM4 months ago
  • This is amazing. Seriously.

    Sara MedaglianiSara Medagliani4 months ago
  • when I tell you I've got a big fat crush on Steven and his cute laugh

    mental breakdown but make it fashionmental breakdown but make it fashion4 months ago
  • This was really interesting. I was a child watching Wong Fu skits and I think they were much more impactful than I knew/understood at the time

    MikuLeekzMikuLeekz4 months ago
  • I need this recipe

    FollowingUsernamesRFollowingUsernamesR5 months ago
  • Great series! I chucked when I was reading the subtitles at the beginning "gentlest of whooshes and a satisfying snap". However... I noticed at @4:51 for the subtitles, the dish that was mentioned, it's spelled 'nasi lemak' rather than 'dasima' (which is a completely different item). Other than that, I was entertained throughout this video!

    Lisa T.Lisa T.5 months ago
  • I loVE THIS

    Zach HowarthZach Howarth5 months ago
  • Brittney's face when she tries Phil's tomato and egg with rice is priceless

    tamwingyan97tamwingyan975 months ago
  • This was amazing!

    vazak11vazak115 months ago
  • One of my earliest memories of watching USworlds was watching Wong Fu, probably when I was watching Nigahiga. The work they created on their channel would always blow me away. Even though I'm black and I watched them when I was an early teen, I knew what underrepresentation looked like. I found it so refreshing to watch them produce and create such beautiful content, with people and stories that are not shown on mainstream media. Philip became a huge inspiration for why I wanted to become a filmmaker.

    Asia CooleyAsia Cooley5 months ago
  • I wish we had BOPOMOFO in London 😭😭😭

    M NM N5 months ago
  • 5:06 yaaasssssss! get it girl!

    H.I.K.W.Y.A.H.I.K.W.Y.A.5 months ago
  • great video idea!

    Francis BaconFrancis Bacon6 months ago
  • I came for durian

    Dee TatoDee Tato6 months ago
  • That was so fun and cute! Thanks, guys

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago

    chinqaliciouschinqalicious6 months ago
  • Steve is the food expert, hands down. This show is so underrated.

    gracefulgraciegracefulgracie6 months ago
  • oh these fools who don't know the exquisite deliciousness of the durian!

    eun niceeun nice6 months ago
  • those wafers are nostalgic. just not that flavor tho

    H.I.K.W.Y.A.H.I.K.W.Y.A.6 months ago
  • Fun fact: that 99 Ranch used to be a Ralph's

    tvngo85tvngo856 months ago
  • I love the cafe's name tho hahaha 勹ㄆㄇㄈ

    데니스데니스6 months ago
  • thought this show would be kinda eh but it's DEF one of my favs on the channel!!!!

    flatwoodsflatwoods6 months ago
  • seeing other asians on screan shopping in an asian store making asian food my lil asian heart go ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    ziplocziploc7 months ago
  • Brittney's a snack

    Jean LaFlareJean LaFlare7 months ago
  • I didn’t know what this series was gonna be, but I really like this “talking to your friend while they cook” vibe, very chill and nice

    sammy msammy m7 months ago
  • I didn’t know what this series was gonna be, but I really like this “talking to your friend while they cook” vibe, very chill and nice

    sammy msammy m7 months ago
  • I didn’t know what this series was gonna be, but I really like this “talking to your friend while they cook” vibe, very chill and nice

    sammy msammy m7 months ago
  • Man, Brittney's look after that first bite. Dang. I'd wanna have a taste!

    TowkeeyohTowkeeyoh7 months ago
  • Hey you, ya missed the even bigger bag of rice just underneath it! Lol!

    TowkeeyohTowkeeyoh7 months ago
  • This is like Comedians getting coffee in cars, Asian Supermarket style

    TowkeeyohTowkeeyoh7 months ago
  • THIS IS GOLD! so proud of u!!!! great job

    eugeniaeugenia7 months ago
  • RINSE YOUR RICE BOY! Ma would slap me for rice water that white!!

    ichigo_dangoichigo_dango7 months ago
  • the title made me assume that they were gonna make durian wafers 😭 i feel scammed ahahha i love tomatoes and egg tho

    Denise Nicole HilomenDenise Nicole Hilomen7 months ago
  • Not gonna lie, Steven enumerating all these OG youtubers made me feel so old.

    Ryah Sunday CarreonRyah Sunday Carreon7 months ago
  • really enjoyed how emotional and well thought out this interview was

    garfiekld 112983393829823garfiekld 1129833938298237 months ago
  • That looked so delicious. Would have loved a recipe :)

    SqueedarSqueedar7 months ago
  • Phil is always so humble. Love him and WongFu!

    Medicine And The MindMedicine And The Mind7 months ago
  • Okay wait a minute, I think I used to watch his stuff when I was young. CRAZY XD

    abigail nicoleabigail nicole7 months ago
  • Omg he did everything before us?!?! Excited to see his new film he’s working on!!

    huntercollierhuntercollier8 months ago
  • That has to be a converted Ralph’s. My store looks the EXACT same.

    Avery HamiltonAvery Hamilton8 months ago
  • Amazing Episode!!!

    Marco CarreonMarco Carreon8 months ago
  • I;m so impressed with your content steven, it's so well thought out and tightly produced I love it so much!

    parrapparrap8 months ago
  • I cannot believe the frozen durian. 😂 This is from 🇸🇬 btw 😂

    Regina Elon ChuaRegina Elon Chua8 months ago
  • that...actually looks really good. I'm gonna have to try that!

    BOI GeorgeBOI George8 months ago
  • "Hey girl, get that big bag of rice" 😉

    Zane CoolZane Cool8 months ago
  • He didnt wash his rice! :o

    SomeNoob JonsSomeNoob Jons8 months ago
  • Y'all strangers again hurted me

    kiradapatataskiradapatatas8 months ago
  • love this series, really hope this thing will pop! bring more content creators and mainstreams personnel

    Zarif IskandarZarif Iskandar8 months ago
  • food looks so good! and the whole episode was so nice! loved it :)

    Anne-Sophie G.-N.Anne-Sophie G.-N.8 months ago
  • love

    world dictionaryworld dictionary8 months ago
  • I feel like this series is being slept on a little, the graphics are so cute and clear and the content is great!!

    Helen CHelen C8 months ago
  • USworlds, thanks for not recommending this channel (sarcasm 😡) I cannot believe I just stumbled upon it! What a wholesome videoo I loved it! I cannot wait for future ones. The graphics are *chef's kiss* so good. Amazing chemistry! Steven is a great interviewer :))

    Julia KJulia K8 months ago
  • I love Steven💕

    le cielle ciel8 months ago
  • Do u also do asian that are malay, india, etc? Cause asian is not only looking like Chinese

    Mr StarMr Star8 months ago
  • 11:16 the relationship advice is surprisingly intuitive and insightful. thank you, love therapist, philip wang.

    SasaSasa8 months ago
  • new subscriber! loved this episode!

    wawawho18_adventureswawawho18_adventures8 months ago
  • Didn't really know what to expect from this. Honestly thought it was just going to be about buying ingredients and cooking them, but the interview with Phil was really cool and heartfelt. (the food also looked yummy, but you know that!) And I can't believe I hadn't heard of Phil before! You absolutely do deserve more representation

    ReyBeltaneReyBeltane8 months ago
  • You can determine the quality of a tomato, by checking if there are any bruises or soft spots. Make sure it's firm and red.

    Angelina CruzAngelina Cruz8 months ago
  • Yooooooo 99 Ranch Market is WHERE 👏🏼 ITS 👏🏼 AT 👏🏼

    k v421k v4218 months ago

    GabriellaGabriella8 months ago
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    McLOVINMcLOVIN9 months ago
  • 10:57 omg.. is that the fox??? god i wish i knew that was playing back in 2018 i so would have been there!! odd to see a local theatre in a totally unexpected video though, wow

    Sarah MacaulaySarah Macaulay9 months ago
  • Steven you are doing amazing sweetie seriously love your shows so much 🥺💖

    poka tolyapoka tolya9 months ago
  • Tomato egg and rice, the memories omg

    Vivian WongVivian Wong9 months ago
  • Ah, egg and tomato…that is TRUE Chinese comfort food Also, rice tip!!! Just stick a finger in, with the tip of the finger touching the rice. Water should go up to your first knuckle, about an inch!

    bucca2bucca29 months ago
  • Good job, looking forward to more diverse people in future episodes.

    Chloe SmithChloe Smith9 months ago
  • omg... when he said "boba mofo"... it seemed like a pun on the "bo*po*mofo" which is what we call the Chinese phonetic system (which never gets used except for teaching like Taiwan-Chinese children, cuz I think Mainland axed it for pinying...) it was a cool moment, even if unintentional

    TsunfishTsunfish9 months ago
  • I liked Britteny’s expression when she tasted the dish. Was she surprised because this is Chinese dish that Koreans don’t have so she’s never tasted it before?

    tinah142tinah1429 months ago
  • Hell yeah. Shout out all the great Asian american youtubers!

    Leah HarlanLeah Harlan9 months ago
  • Wholesome video ❤️

    Sirishma siriSirishma siri9 months ago
  • Wholesome video ❤️

    Sirishma siriSirishma siri9 months ago

    Cheese FanCheese Fan9 months ago

    hocus pocus .hocus pocus .9 months ago
  • I'm really excited to see this channel grow! There's so many good shows on this! And I love Shane, Ryan, and Steven!

    Bunnies will rule the worldBunnies will rule the world9 months ago
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    loops loopsloops loops9 months ago
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    loops loopsloops loops9 months ago
  • I don't know if you guys at watcher will read this, but I thought I could offer some honest feedback from someone who is a huge fan of yours, but not quite a diehard fan who will accept everything with little criticism. There are several things I feel contribute to the slow start of watcher. You guys have a huge vision. Expanding a company to encompass a lot of people. That's great. But I feel as though you should focus on why people want to come watch you guys. It's because you're hilarious. That's it. The content you talk about is very interesting as well as allows you to make jokes on various amount of subjects. Now that's where the issue comes. The content you create does not allow for humor to come out. What jokes are there to make about rating fast foods? Even the guest was bored on your show. Also noone wants to listen to your opinions on fast food for that long. It just isn't very enrapturing. Critiquing things is not quite as hilarious as adventures in haunted places. The back and forth banter and personalities really shine there. I guess tldr, really cater to your specialties and what people love about you. This leads to my next critique. Some of your shows are fantastic, and some I feel like are huge misses. You have to realize that apart from the people who love you guys, no one actually cares about your interviews with other people. They're not there for that. They can see an interview about Zach somewhere else without scares. We like your personality. Not your interviewing. Also, the scares don't add to the interview. It feels more of a detraction from the interview. Also, grocery run already doesn't sound interesting because noone likes groceries. It doesn't quite capture interest. People want to see you guys in action bantering having a good old time. Btw most of this is to Ryan and Shane because Steven is his own separate personality I suppose. Also this is not to say these are misses. Tourist trapped was actually great! It fascinates the audience by doing things they can't personally do, but also love watching you guys do. It means something to them. We can now go to these places and think wow I know itll be great becausr of ryan and shane. Also puppet history. History is interesting and you add your fun little twist. Amazing! Feels kind of like buzzfeed unsolved without the murder cases but history instead. And we can also see your banter. Weird and or wonderful world is also great. You let us experience things we can't and make it hilarious. Again to sum it all up though, you have to know what the audience is interested in and make something we haven't seen before / would not be able to experience of regular occasions. Another and last gripe is that the episode launches are so...soo....soooo far from each episode. I feel like it ruins the flow of the channel. Most people watching are going to like some shows and maybe not others as much. It's just how interest works. This means that waiting 2 months for the second episode for something makes you kind of want to give up and not subscribe. I feel as though a lot of you are tired as well and thats completely understandable, but we can tell. The videos have a different tone in my opinion from buzzfeed. This is very subjective to me though because I can see how people would like this because it's more the real you, but as I know, some people are here only because of unsolved. And I know those people loved you for your odd banter and that's all. This also ties in with editing. I think the editing is very serious and lacks the playfulness that editing could have. The cuts are very slow I feel and don't cut at the right parts, the inserted affects are somewhat boring and not funny when they try to be. For example in puppet history, which I love, it's hilarious, but the editing kind of ruins some parts. To address Steven's part, I'm gonna have to say that the thing about steven is that in worth it, which I am also a fan of, most people want to see you eat good food. Again back to the first point. We watch because you're doing and eating things we can't eat. And if we can it's applicable to our lives. These are places we will look uo and jot down because we have a genuine want to go there. With homemade, it doesn't quite feel applicable to us. We like seeing you eat great food and all, but one restaurant is all we see. And it's also very similar to worth it at that point with 2 less restaurants. We can't even apply ourselves to the homemade experience either. Idk if you'll read this but I genuinely want to see you guys succeed. I'll try my best to post these on your videos because I feel it'd help. Feel free to comment guys if we don't agree because our discussion could help watcher cater to our preferences.

    Michelle LeeMichelle Lee9 months ago
  • this wholesome content is so god tier everybody say thank you steven

    sophsoph9 months ago
  • I was thinking y'all talked to UK comedian Phil Wang, so...please do that too someday. I watch too much Taskmaster.

    Cat's MeowCat's Meow9 months ago
  • I’m so hyped for this series!! Tomato egg brings me back to mornings with my oba I can’t wait for the next one!

    Emo EmiEmo Emi9 months ago
  • This channel and the new shows you're presenting guys are like home to me. I'd always watch Worth It and Unsolved on repeat so seeing you now is so comforting and cozy to me.

    AhlamAhlam9 months ago