Policarpa: The Revolutionary Teen Spy • Puppet History

Sep 25, 2020
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Snitch on the rich!
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  • Humans: Stands by and lets a young freedom fighter get publicly executed. Humans: Throws rocks at people trying to tell her story. Effin' hell.

    Neolexious NeolexianNeolexious Neolexian7 hours ago
  • Ryan i was shocked hahaha amazing to see you guys here i love your show buzzfeed unsolved mystery

    Anjali DharkiyaAnjali Dharkiya17 hours ago
  • Does anyone get mr sunshine (kdrama) vibes from this?

    Haru FubukiHaru FubukiDay ago
  • Wow this Policarpa chick was really into Gorillas. Even sewing gorilla costumes and all.

    Adrian ÅslundAdrian Åslund2 days ago
  • I think no matter how much Ryan answers, the other person will always win.

    Oviya OmprakashOviya Omprakash2 days ago
  • the ✨hoonthah✨

    SophesSophes3 days ago
  • she is SEW inSPYiring

    Laura Simpson LinckLaura Simpson Linck3 days ago
  • Policarpa Salavarrieta: The Sewing Spy Alchemist

    CivilianCivilian3 days ago
  • curly's laugh is just a direct dose of seratonin to my brain

    SuppystarSuppystar3 days ago
  • petition to get the professor plush toys so I can finally snatch jelly beans from his satch:

    Kamila OrtegaKamila Ortega4 days ago
  • fndjafnkdsncnuidsncjdk theres puppet history knnock off mugs on amazon

    Kamila OrtegaKamila Ortega4 days ago
  • Policarpa was an absolute heroine, and the fact that it was covered on one of my favorite shows makes my little Colombian heart bleed yellow, blue and red again :’)

    Michelle AmezquitaMichelle Amezquita4 days ago
  • I always feel comforted when I hear the professor

    Winnie The JewWinnie The Jew4 days ago
  • Curly looks Jewish in that hat for some reason

    Taylor WaylandTaylor Wayland5 days ago
  • Curly is such a delight.

    Insecure FreakInsecure Freak6 days ago
  • Yay Curly Velasquez

    Sophie likes animatingSophie likes animating7 days ago
  • Am I the only one who has started to kind of relate The Professor to the Doctor from Doctor Who?

    Annie WalkerAnnie Walker7 days ago
  • One day, the genie answer is going to be the correct one...

    Backroad JunkieBackroad Junkie7 days ago
  • Okay but at 12:41, why does Andrea look like Shane in disguise? 😂

    GothicLover146GothicLover1467 days ago
  • Shane is a member of the Democratic party.

    German Social NationalistGerman Social Nationalist8 days ago
  • 6:49 Why is Hatshepsut in here?

    Jordan DrinkwaterJordan Drinkwater8 days ago
  • the spool really said eat the rich

    nat tnat t8 days ago
  • Curly!!!!

    August PitattiesAugust Pitatties8 days ago
  • Gigantic Napoleon gives me life

    Lo JurgLo Jurg10 days ago
  • Had to pause the video when giant Napoleon showed up because I was laughing so hard I didn't want to miss any sweet history facts.

    John EvansJohn Evans10 days ago
  • I love the size of the Napoleon puppet just.... I love it

    Emma SteppEmma Stepp10 days ago
  • In the next episode of puppet history at the end can we get the singer to be a comedian and do a stand up? I just wanna see how Shane would pull that off.

    Dylan SteinDylan Stein11 days ago
  • why dont You guys put shanes photo in thumbnail then that puppets photo. Shane has much more face value.

    Krutik GandhiKrutik Gandhi13 days ago
  • Why does the professor look like he's flipping me off

    Rio BradleyRio Bradley13 days ago
  • I've rewatched this video like 7 times and just noticed the writing on the window at 16:04 😂😂 nice touch

    Hailey VerstreateHailey Verstreate13 days ago
  • “It’s not like you can just wish to time travel” .... suuuure 😑

    _nxbcdyy_nxbcdyy14 days ago
  • I kin the person yelling "fuck the rich" in the background of Snitch on the Rich

    Miles P.Miles P.14 days ago
  • Oh shit, watching this on Nov. 14th, much respect to Policarpa ❤

    Protein CurryProtein Curry15 days ago
  • happy columbian womens day

    Alyx PennyAlyx Penny15 days ago
  • I can’t help but wonder, why were they so up in arms at the play and not her actual execution? Kinda *𝒇𝒂𝒓𝒕 𝒏𝒐𝒊𝒔𝒆.. Love the songs at the end😂👌🏽

    Twinkly BubblyBitsTwinkly BubblyBits15 days ago
  • Ryan: B< Guest: *feeling it *

    theflowerheadtheflowerhead15 days ago
  • the songs just keep getting better can we get these on spotify?!

    Sofia AreizagaSofia Areizaga15 days ago
  • did that spool just tell me to eat the rich? based.

    2FaaN2FaaN16 days ago
  • Fun fact for all my Jersey peeps. Joey Bonaparte, after eventually being dethroned and exiled, ended up in the States for a bit, where he became one of the major instances of someone claiming to have encountered the Jersey Devil

    ultimateninjaboiultimateninjaboi16 days ago
  • I say this with the hope that he reads it and it helps him... Hipster guest dude, that hat looks like dog shit on you.

    snavissnavis16 days ago
  • There's a factual error in this video. Puerto Rico remained a colony of Spain until 1898. In that year it gained a measure of autonomy from Spain only to be invaded by the United States during the Spanish-American war. It then became a US territory and has been ever since.

    Luis The HumanistLuis The Humanist18 days ago
  • Policarpa= a true woman’s hero Caitlin Jenner= an old hag who wanted money

    Josh HorneJosh Horne18 days ago
  • The Spanish can't seem to get a grip that women are absolute ballers when it comes to running underground rebellion circuits. The Philippines had a whole assembly in basements hosted by Katipuneras while a party ran upstairs to cover it up and it also took Spaniards a while to catch on 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Victoria CheeseburgerVictoria Cheeseburger19 days ago
  • 16:21 that sounds like something from a twighlight novel

    Madison gunnMadison gunn20 days ago
  • I hope I'll be able to be one of the history lessons in puppet history one day, maybe as the laziest and most unaccomplished person in history

    caseycasey21 day ago
  • Bogota named after famed actor Abe Bogota

    Brandon HinrichsBrandon Hinrichs22 days ago
  • Did anyone first see this by they're teacher i did it was funny

    Wlvz JoeWlvz Joe23 days ago
  • it seems that a common theme in the stories of notable women in history is that the reason they were able to excel so much at what they did is society underestimating them. stories of women who were spies in wars always go along the lines of "no one suspected a WOMAN to be part of the revolution"

    yeehawyeehaw23 days ago
  • Where is the miniseries based on this story? Because I want it.

    LadyRed LLadyRed L24 days ago
  • curly throwing ass at the end was the best part!!!!

    Tina .MatthewsTina .Matthews24 days ago
  • Never trust a genie. NEVER 👏🏻 TRUST 👏🏻 A👏🏻 GENIE 👏🏻

    Amy GoodmanAmy Goodman25 days ago
    • Unless he's blue and voiced by Robin Williams

      Stephanie WoznyStephanie Wozny9 days ago
  • Shuaha

    Ralph BolandRalph Boland26 days ago
  • such is life

  • straight up middle schoolers are the scariest demographic in the world, they are legit terrifying

    exaggerated yawningexaggerated yawning26 days ago
    • also this young woman faced death at 21, and i am 23. i don't think i could face my end with such ferocious and sarcastic courage. Policarpa, you are the patron saint of revolutionaries

      exaggerated yawningexaggerated yawning26 days ago
  • I love seeing Curly and Ryan vibing on the same wavelength through this whole episode. Curly is just a genuine delight at all times tbh

    SetFireGirlSetFireGirl26 days ago

    Brooklyn Cruz-DeckerBrooklyn Cruz-Decker27 days ago
  • Good job!

    nortiifynortiify27 days ago
  • This story is sew inspyering

    ChristinaChristina27 days ago
  • The Professor definitely didn’t find a magical lamp that definitely didn’t contain a genie that is actually Shane and he definitely didn’t wish for the ability to time travel which definitely isn’t the reason that he knows so much about History and he definitely hasn’t made an entire university off of a lie of vigorous studying Definitely

    snake toessnake toes27 days ago
  • 4:28 Not what 'lame duck' means.

    JalbatrossJalbatross28 days ago
  • Loved the episode. But not all of the Spanish colonies were liberated by 1926. In 1898 Spain signed El Tratado de París that sold Puerto Rico, Philippines, Guam... to the United States. After la Guerra Hispano- (US)Americana Would love to see more history lessons of Latin América

    Paula Mattei-PurcellPaula Mattei-Purcell29 days ago
  • I am not great at history and the history I remember from school is Euro-centric (nothing wrong with that, I love those as well). It's nice to hear stories not from that lense.

    So MSo M29 days ago
  • A pet-peeve of mine: when they show the Iberian Peninsula with "Spain" written over it, when in reality, the Iberian Peninsula is made up of Portugal and Spain. And yes, at the time that this episode is referring to, Portugal was already an independent country from Spain, and had been for over six centuries, so representing the entirety of the Iberian Peninsula as Spain is innacurate.

    Iris Lá FériaIris Lá Féria29 days ago

      Maria Filipa MoçoMaria Filipa Moço28 days ago
  • I love Curly but that is the most utterly stupid hat I've ever seen

    Abercrombie ShelmerdineAbercrombie Shelmerdine29 days ago
  • The song was amazing! Shane is so talented

    RedAuraOfficialRedAuraOfficial29 days ago
  • Covering a single badass Latin woman feels good

    Anne FalconAnne FalconMonth ago
  • Her last words were so beautiful they gave me chills 🙈

    Stormy RosebudStormy RosebudMonth ago
  • Ive learned more from puppet history than I have from books and documentaries

    Codeandadventure with TravelingteenCodeandadventure with TravelingteenMonth ago
  • 12:44 the woman look like shane madej with glasses

    Ky OpallaKy OpallaMonth ago
  • history fact! joseph bonaparte was nicknamed "pepe botella" by the spanish people, because "pepe" is a nickname for "josé", which is joseph in spanish, and "botella" ("bottle") because he was an alleged drunk!! hugs and kisses from andalucía!!

    A BA BMonth ago

    Eva CosmeEva CosmeMonth ago
  • Ryan always looks so hurt when he loses LMAO

    ging gank goonk gengging gank goonk gengMonth ago
  • When I get tired of watching Sesame Street with my almost-2 year old, I trick him with Puppet History. We were just watching this episode on the TV and I caught him dancing and babbling along to the spool's song. Thanks for Puppet History, guys. Keeps me sane and the kid entertained!

    StephStephMonth ago
  • curly be groving

    no nono noMonth ago
  • Ryan's just given up on winning at this point

    Cydney McNeeceCydney McNeeceMonth ago
  • Saving a nation at the age of 13, meanwhile I can't even say pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

    aye ladaye ladMonth ago
  • I laughed way to hard at tall Napoleon

    blyak lmaoblyak lmaoMonth ago
  • The hubby and I have now decided that any male dog we get will be named Joey Bones. 😂😂😂

    Megan LarkinMegan LarkinMonth ago
  • The end song was the best song of all of the series....

    Candi the GreatCandi the GreatMonth ago
  • "Maybe a King on another continent shouldn't rule us", that hits me as an Aussie.

    Jennifer Sander O'HearnJennifer Sander O'HearnMonth ago
    • That seems to be a common theme with revolutions. "Why should a tiny island across the sea regulate the price of tea?"

      Stephanie WoznyStephanie Wozny9 days ago
  • The professor definitely asked the Genie to be able to time travel

    Mohamed MMohamed MMonth ago
  • an actual translator (and spaniard) side note: the pronuntiation of Cádiz has the stress in the A 😬 also I cracked everytimw I heard Fernando referrwd as Ferdinand lol im a dumm assbitch I know SUE ME :(

    nurietamotoretanurietamotoretaMonth ago
  • Maybe we could get an episode about the professor's origin.

    Freya DrexelFreya DrexelMonth ago
  • Professor is such a mood when his songs come on. So talented and creative!

    N VargasN VargasMonth ago
  • Shane’s consistent hatred of the rich is so heartwarming

    Dominic BurkeDominic BurkeMonth ago
  • So my sixth grade history book was wrong, they actually listed him as no more than 4'7".

    the Hellhoundthe HellhoundMonth ago
  • I really loved this one!! My son's Grandpa was actually from Colombia but unfortunately due to lifestyle choices, my son never got to meet his Grandpa before he passed, and his father (my ex-husband) doesn't seem to know much about his family from Colombia or even their heritage so I have been trying to find out as much as I can on my own. The funny thing is she died on my son's birthday 😱.....

    Kimberly HerediaKimberly HerediaMonth ago
    • Perhaps she reincarnated into your son? The dates line up.

      Green AppleGreen Apple24 days ago
  • I'm honestly legitimately impressed with the songwriting in this, like they're ear worms, and for whatever reason, spool almost made me cry. I don't know if I was like still reeling from the emotions from the story itself but ugh I like the songs

    Lucky BebopLucky BebopMonth ago
  • I LOVE CURLY WITH MY WHOLE HEART! he was so cute and sweet and when he started dancing to the song i died

    Natalie RiveraNatalie RiveraMonth ago
  • Is the song from hamilton jk asksksksksksks

    Rizzi Sarah CabradorRizzi Sarah CabradorMonth ago
  • You guys are breaking my heart ... you talk about Portugal , but show a map where Spain is covering all the peninsula ... including Portugal !!

    teresa salvadorteresa salvadorMonth ago
  • Why is Ryan so mean and unenthusiastic with all this work that's put into this lol

    Johnny FictionJohnny FictionMonth ago
  • as a latin person who happens to just have learned about our (as in laton america) independence processess its amazing to see this on a much more fun way but with actual knowledge of the context and stuff, i really appreciate it

    sdfgjisdfgjiMonth ago
  • Ryan and curly saying that's some tasty colonization has the same energetic as the audio "this is the best homophobia I've ever tasted"

    Will JayWill JayMonth ago
  • I really love this little show. I never really had much of an interest in History but this really has me excited for learning something new every episode

    Bequi MBequi MMonth ago
  • tell me im blind or something, but did they just completly ignored portugal at the side of spain in the map and marked it red like if portugal didn´t exist?! fr?! even you?!

    유수교유수교Month ago
  • Please do the assassination(s) of Qin shi huang

    Andrea C.Andrea C.Month ago
  • just as an FYI Sun In has been around since the 70s...

    Michelle DavidsonMichelle DavidsonMonth ago
  • Haha the giant Napoleon made me laugh 😆

    Ruby DarlingRuby DarlingMonth ago
  • Ryan clearly loves this so much and its genuinely so charming and lovable

    chlora breadchlora breadMonth ago