Pro Chef Vs. Grandma's Homemade Tamales • Homemade

Mar 19, 2020
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How do a professional chef's tamales stack up against a beloved homemade recipe? In Steven's brand new food show, Homemade, we take a deeper dive into the stories of classically homemade dishes and the cultural themes that underlie them.
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Special thanks to Broken Spanish (, 1050 Flower St, Los Angeles, CA)
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Guest Co-Host: Ryan Bergara
Family members: Tony, Maria Luisa, Faviola
Chef: Ray Garcia (@chefraygarcia)
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  • Hi everyone. Steven here! Back with another episode of Homemade. Hope you're all holding up okay out there! This was quite possibly my favorite piece of content we've shot at Watcher and certainly the most heartwarming. First off, Broken Spanish is one of the most amazing restaurants in LA and I was so excited when they agreed to film with us. Thank you to the staff and especially Chef Ray for letting us into your kitchen. For the home portion - it was such a joy to get a sneak peek into our friend, Tony's life. I'm honored we got to capture a bit of his family life for this show and honestly made me reconsider how I spend my Christmas every year 😂 Quick note - for those who live in LA, Broken Spanish's dining room is temporarily closed but they are offering tamales for takeout, so please support them if you're hungry and able to get there safely!

    WatcherWatcher8 months ago
    • Love this so much! Let me teach you Jewish food!

      Star CowartStar Cowart3 months ago
    • AMAZING! MAGICAL! thanks for doing this for the world.

      A. D.A. D.4 months ago
    • loved it, and loving you too as you are very genuine...we love genuine people the ceppi-cowap family

      Claudia Ceppi IturraClaudia Ceppi Iturra5 months ago
    • Would be nice to have a co-host for these episodes coz your growing friendship with Andrew and Adam made Worth it fun.

      mralohadogmralohadog7 months ago
    • Try making Honduran baleadas, they are absolutely delicious! Keep up the great work guys, this made me miss home so much more than I already do...Ps. I am currently living in Taiwan so you know.... VERYYYY far away from my family and our delicious baleadas. #BALEADAS

      AleAle7 months ago
  • I suddenly cried thinking about their family reunion getting canceled this Christmas because of the pandemic :

    Hatsumi ́Hatsumi ́Day ago
  • 4:55 aw Ray is so supportive ;u; 6:38 ahahhhahaAHHAAHAH Steven "calm down" Lim ---love Ryan btw 7:33 RYANNNNNNN---my mind just went there oaashbahba AND look at steven hes so embarrased aahahahahah 7:39 ryan and his obsession w sounds - u -

    Sparkling Lemon-Lime PopSparkling Lemon-Lime PopDay ago
  • 3:46 Steven Lim is truly a competitive freak

    Sparkling Lemon-Lime PopSparkling Lemon-Lime PopDay ago
  • Love this. The grandma looks so cute. I love when grandmas have smile lines. You can tell that she is such a wonderful lady.

    Jessica TrawickJessica Trawick3 days ago
  • 7:35 glad I was listening with my airpods

    I’m a personI’m a person7 days ago
  • +great new show STEVEN ... but RYAN sucked, he is such a big WINER

    Moe La RochelleMoe La Rochelle7 days ago
  • Love how steven is so attentive during that house visit. Ryan, so fun and playful as always. 😊 Never thought food could be this heart-warming ❤️

    B'lueB'lue14 days ago
  • The cool thing is they're different all around the world I'm from San Antonio and I make them a little different

    Elle EElle E14 days ago
  • Where's shane ?

    Swastik Nihar MohantySwastik Nihar Mohanty14 days ago
  • I really enjoyed thee kimchi tamales.

    Lyric MaloLyric Malo16 days ago
  • Andrew looking at this like🧐

    Sonith YadavSonith Yadav17 days ago
  • Es increíble ver como nuestra cultura llega a las familias de Estados Unidos, al menos yo no siento que sea apropiación cultural, al contrario, me siento feliz que nuestra cultura una familias de todas las nacionalidades. Espero que alguien lea mi comentario, aveces pienso que soy el único mexicano que sigue a Ryan y Shane jaja

    Raúl FélixRaúl Félix19 days ago
  • Y does Ryan face make me want to punch him straight knock out and his voice just destroy him completely!

    Evelia AguilarEvelia Aguilar20 days ago
  • I lost my grandma to cancer. Much like the grandma in this video, she was never alone. My family rallied around her until she lost her battle.

    Elyse BrandvoldElyse Brandvold20 days ago
  • This is amazing

    Angela NortonAngela Norton20 days ago
  • Tamales are peak comfort food 👌

    Greer DellingerGreer Dellinger21 day ago
  • this dude really took a mouth full of raw masa 💀

    XochitlLotusXochitlLotus24 days ago
  • haven't tried tamale before, im sad

    kat. neskat. nes27 days ago
  • I thought Ryan's a Filipino

    Random GamingRandom Gaming28 days ago
  • awesome family moments

    Virginia j OrtegaVirginia j OrtegaMonth ago
  • looks so yummy

    Virginia j OrtegaVirginia j OrtegaMonth ago
  • love tamales

    Virginia j OrtegaVirginia j OrtegaMonth ago
  • Song at 19:50?

    Mike CinelliMike CinelliMonth ago
  • You should try hállacas, it does not get better than hallacas

    Idk What im doingIdk What im doingMonth ago
  • It feels weird seeing Ryan in a video but no Shane

    ShaneMP01ShaneMP01Month ago
  • i never knew that tamales came out of the corn husk. this whole time i thought you ate it in the wrap and i never tried one because of that.

    jor ashleyjor ashleyMonth ago
  • steven: i couldve just poured some down the sink ryan: yeahhhhhhhhh

    jor ashleyjor ashleyMonth ago
  • “You lick it you buy it” lmao

    Trevor BrightlyTrevor BrightlyMonth ago
  • You had me at tamales 🥰

    Brianda TapiaBrianda TapiaMonth ago
  • I want to go home and eat pasteles right now... i've only tried tamales once and they really are amazing, but I wouldn't trade my pasteles for them even though the only huge difference is plantain/yuca masa vs corn masa.

    Nicole Olivieri PaganNicole Olivieri PaganMonth ago

    MONSTER 115MONSTER 115Month ago
  • Even though my mom and I aren’t Mexican, we live in a town that’s populated by a lot of Mexican-Native Americans and rancheros (very close to the Wind River Reservation). We learned how to make tamales through the local soup kitchens and some of the locals. Every fall we make tamales and elote together that we trade some with our neighbors. My ma makes a great sauce with sour cream, Tabasco, and green chilis that everyone really likes.

    Matthew JensenMatthew JensenMonth ago
  • What a sweet family to choose for those homemade tamales. A beautiful family. Also, the chef was so down to earth. Some really wonderful people to choose and highlight and demonstrate what a passion for good food can cultivate.

    Leo GLeo GMonth ago
  • once you’ve worked with a flat top for a few weeks your finger tips get used to the heat lol

    Meghan McCraryMeghan McCraryMonth ago
  • That part with the cancer almost got me. Okay it got me but dam

    jesse the catjesse the catMonth ago
  • i love the scene of the fam cooking together near the end

    number onenumber oneMonth ago
  • i can't tell if watcher is apart of buzzfeed or not

    kit katkit katMonth ago
  • What an heart warming episode.

    fortissimo lauren galefortissimo lauren galeMonth ago
  • 8:12 Steven's reaction to "mouthgasm" lmaooo

    Moxie LoftonMoxie LoftonMonth ago
  • i'm so conflicted, i love that ryan got the boom down so we can hear the glorious and delectable sound of the masa slapping and it's my favourite part but as crew who's had one too many people grab my boom, i feel like ryan would've caught these hands but at the same time-

    Mystery CassMystery CassMonth ago
  • I believe that a good sign of good tamales is wanting to eat the dough raw. If the dough is good, the tamales will be good.

    Random StarRandom StarMonth ago
  • I feel bad for any deaf people watching this video. The captions are absolute garbage

    Jasper PJasper PMonth ago
  • I need a tamale now

    Mal VigilMal VigilMonth ago
  • rayan is 1/2 mexican :O I could just marry this guy right know!!!!

    brisa mirandabrisa mirandaMonth ago
  • One of my favorite Episodes ever. Loved it fella's

    Sam GonzalezSam GonzalezMonth ago
  • I wish I had a big family...I only know a couple from my mom's side and that's it. Plus I only see them once a year :(

    Blossom CherryBlossom CherryMonth ago
  • "Tamal" for singular, please. "Tamale" sounds so wrong.

    Angelica ZAngelica ZMonth ago
  • Is it masa if it hasn't been processes with lime?

    AAMonth ago
  • Korean Bulgogi!! Do EEEET!!

    Mike BorsumMike BorsumMonth ago
  • hi steven

    Milan NguyenMilan NguyenMonth ago
  • this makes me so happy. i love it here

    jennivatojennivatoMonth ago
  • I've never had a tamale before in my life but somehow I'm craving one so bad right now

    Raven HeinsteinRaven HeinsteinMonth ago
  • I didn't expect to love this show so much. Delightful and comforting.

    Kaysha Rogers-SchulerKaysha Rogers-SchulerMonth ago
  • My Tia makes pretty good tamales but idk if they're the best

    Danny SilvaDanny SilvaMonth ago
  • I never appreciated our homemade dishes that much until i had to live away from home and found myself complaining that the foods i buy don't taste like how my mother cooks it.. like every time

    Cannibal RjCannibal RjMonth ago
  • My mom didn't learn how to make tamales so I'm happy eating other people's tamales.

    Marigen BeltranMarigen Beltran2 months ago
  • More Steven less Ryan!

    Lindsey GoliasLindsey Golias2 months ago
  • micheladas were invented were i live literally in the country club i grew up going by a guy called michel esper in san luis potosi

    happygirl 27happygirl 272 months ago
  • Yessssss, spicy, SPICY, micheladas RUUUULE!~

    IchabodIchabod2 months ago
  • masa slappin compliation.

    aoi 软糖aoi 软糖2 months ago
  • eating a half dozen tamales while watching this lol

    Nick LossNick Loss2 months ago
  • RYAAAANNNN!!!!!! 👏👏👏

    Augustus CzarAugustus Czar2 months ago
  • My dad has cancer and it has been so hard on my family so this episode really had me crying. I love this series so much. It is so beautiful and heartwarming.

    Whitneyleigh392Whitneyleigh3922 months ago
  • Okay, embarassing fact but for the longest time i thought you can eat the husk. Yeah i am nowhere near america

    alifia !alifia !2 months ago
  • Wow this warmed my heart so much. Seeing this much togetherness in a family after being in quarantine so long meant a lot. I didn’t expect to cry watching Homemade but boy did I. This was beautiful ❤️

    DopeyTowelDopeyTowel2 months ago
  • My grandmother was Mexican and growing up my father’s family would get together to make tamales for christmas. She died before I was born and after that no one continued the tradition. Watching this really made me think about that and made me decided to attempt to reconnect to that. Thank you ❤️

    Amber JAmber J2 months ago
  • It's interesting to see the dynamic between Steven and his co-hosts, on WorthIt Steven is soft and sweet with Andrew, like their friendship just makes me happy. Here he's competitive and roasting Ryan whenever an opportunity arises. I guess it's cuz Ryan always taking a jab at Steven or roast him whenever he could, that's just how their dynamic work.

    Animania freakAnimania freak2 months ago
  • Not gunna lie Banana leaf tamales are better than corn but that's just me hehe

    VerryBerryCherryVerryBerryCherry2 months ago
  • this is arguably one of my favourite watcher series, it's so important and wonderful and amazing and full of warmth and love and god it makes me so happy

    maggie rogers kellermaggie rogers keller3 months ago
  • this is an amazing piece of history and i loved it!

    Garrick GastonGarrick Gaston3 months ago
  • who makes the best tamale is honestly going to be the hottest take of 2020 because everyone make the best tamales

    mel mackmel mack3 months ago
  • this, this really was incredible. shows like this documenting the traditions and the importance of family are so important. i feel western culture families aren't as connected in this way [coming from a maltese-australian i found my maltese family was connected in a way, just like this video, that my australian family never really achieved] and these videos are honestly so important in documenting history in such an accessible way. steven, i love what you're doing here!

    el.el.3 months ago
  • this is so wholesome i cant

    Sue AnnSue Ann3 months ago
  • I just discovered this series and I'm watching them all now. Everytime they eat the home cook version, I get emotional 🥺 nothing feels more like home than grandma's home cook meals.

    Jamie LeeJamie Lee3 months ago
  • Why did I wave when the digital cam faced the camera? 😂😂😂

    Aurea De VeraAurea De Vera3 months ago
  • This show is very good. I may be a little late but I hope Steven continues this. Your show is great sir, please continue. Everyone is enjoying it.

    Aurea De VeraAurea De Vera3 months ago
  • TY for teaching this white girl the tamal. I loved this family and I wanted their abuela to adopt me. 💜

    Jill HilemanJill Hileman3 months ago
  • 3:48.

    Haruki ShirotaHaruki Shirota3 months ago
  • I am happy that they have built their own company and looks like they are thriving. However, I am sad that Steven is eating this food without Andrew.

    Deniece KriziaDeniece Krizia3 months ago
  • ryan: my left hand is nOT AS STRONG AS MY RIGHT steven: 👁👄👁 edit: so i found out that there was a comment exactly like this, in this same format, same quote, but the emoji is different, i didn't know the comment existed before i wrote this so like,.. dont think i stole this comment-

    kojikoji3 months ago
  • Loving Steven's content as always!

    AylineAyline3 months ago
  • You know watching this I realize why the tamales I made last week didn't taste amazing like usual. I cooked and prepared all the ingredients for when my mom came home and when she came home she wrapped them all up quickly but it didn't have the same feeling as all of us getting together to make them and us chatting and having the little ones slap the masa bags as we sing to oldies 😭

    ARMY 875ARMY 8753 months ago
  • I really hope they don't cancel this...I really enjoyed watching everyone :(

    Bailey MariaBailey Maria3 months ago
  • Ryan looks so happy hahaha

    JWJW3 months ago
  • Where is my 2 hour masa slapping video, Ryan?

    Jenn McIntyreJenn McIntyre3 months ago
  • I like how Steven immediately tried to turn it into a competition and Ryan was having NONE of it

    OK ThenOK Then3 months ago
  • and we're having waffles for dinner at my house tonight...

    Charlotte BurnsCharlotte Burns3 months ago
    • no, but it pales in comparison to this

      Charlotte BurnsCharlotte Burns3 months ago
    • Is that bad?

      K100K1003 months ago
  • I wish there were more than just 3 episodes

    Michelle SinMichelle Sin3 months ago
  • Please don't cancel the show! For shows are the best 😛

    Michelle SinMichelle Sin3 months ago
  • This episode made me have a huge crush on Steven Lim.

    HoseokieHoseokie3 months ago
  • I really, really love this show. Such a fun exploration of culture, family, legacy, and...damn, I want a tamal right now.

    countcount3 months ago
  • My Auntie Dinah makes THE BEST lumpia, pancit, adobo, and bistec JUSSAYIN if you guys ever are ever looking for Phillipino cuisine👌

    Christine LadraChristine Ladra3 months ago
  • O.M.G the act break was so good, i loved it!

    yoshdawgydog !yoshdawgydog !3 months ago
  • Wait... Ryan is Mexican?!

    Marcos F. MolinaMarcos F. Molina3 months ago
  • The masa slapping unity 😂😂

    Karma 01Karma 013 months ago
  • I love that this whole family was here and dressed up because they were so excite and happy and it just brings me joy

    Jenica KolbeckJenica Kolbeck3 months ago
  • i’m in love with stevens hair in this one

    Evie GEvie G3 months ago
  • I miss this series. I want more food. I haven't eaten good shit since quarantine last March. Haven't eaten out at all. I miss good food :c

    HoldmyleashHoldmyleash3 months ago
  • Now I want it to be Christmas time so mi familia can make tamales!

    BuckBucktheWookie33BuckBucktheWookie333 months ago