Pro Chef Vs. Mom’s Homemade Dumplings • Homemade

Jan 30, 2020
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How do restaurant dumplings stack up against a beloved homemade recipe? In Steven's brand new food show, Homemade, we take a deeper dive into the stories of classically homemade dishes and the cultural themes that underlie them.
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Guest Co-Host: Melody Cheng (@melodyccheng) from Asian Boss Girl
Family members: Ryan Chen, Wan Qing, Chen Ming Shun
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  • Hey Watchers! Steven here - first off I wanted to say thank you so much for checking out Homemade! A lot of you may know me from Worth It, a show that gave me the privilege of eating some of the most delicious meals all around the world. When I was thinking about what I wanted to be my next project, I realized there were so many more stories around food that aren't covered in the media revolving around homemade food. So with this series, I wanted to take a deeper dive into the stories of those beloved recipes and the cultural themes that underlie them. Hope you enjoy and that this content can help push the conversation around culture a little bit forward. One last note for those interested - we'll be posting Wan Qing's homemade dumpling recipe as well as other behind-the-scenes content over at Thanks again everyone! ❤️ Quick edit: for those asking for the next episode, our current schedule cycles through all the shows for pilot season so Homemade will be back March 19 featuring tamales!

    WatcherWatcher10 months ago
    • I will make sure to learn how to make dumplings now. I am good at Bulgogi. I am really good at making Jewish ✡ food.

      Star CowartStar Cowart2 months ago
    • Love you Steven!

      Animania freakAnimania freak3 months ago
    • Hey, Steven, I wanna try making the Mom’s homemade dumplings. Can you tell me if there are anymore ingredients other than what's in the video such as soy sauce, pepper powder etc. ( is that szechuan pepper corn oil she add to the meat? ) Thanks!

      3M3M3 months ago
    • Watching this today and this definitely made me hungry. Asian cuisine is just the best!

      Alyssa ViquieraAlyssa Viquiera5 months ago
    • Hey Steven, I just wanted to lyk this is still my favorite Watcher video! I think I remember you saying somewhere that you were nervous about it doing well. I have never wanted to cook a meal so badly in my life! I've only been making occasional runs to my local grocery, so I haven't had the opportunity to get the ingredients for this recipe yet. Among other things, I'm looking forward to quarantine ending so I can try making them!

      TheMardBardTheMardBard5 months ago
  • I just want to make dumplings that don't rip apart or explode when cooked

    ArmyvetgrlArmyvetgrl2 days ago
  • Just watched this for the first time and all I can say is I'M SO HUNGRY!!! Wish I had an asian grandma to teach me to make dumplings! Great show can't wait to watch more hope there's a cook book someday!

    Christy GattoChristy Gatto5 days ago
  • get together and make homemade, pesonal topping pizzas and share! /compare to . ex..Casey's carry out or delivery (BEST cheese) Or, BBQ a social distace BBQ BASH. Make food and gatherings and sharing of said food possible soemhow during pandemic. Seriously, we all want to the group thing. Make a show, showing us how. Do it now. Everyone misses the pot luck family thing. Help us not shirk it. Show us how to do it safely. It is just one other missed out on thing. just a suggest.

    danita whitsondanita whitson7 days ago
  • I understand everything they were saying even without subtitles. *I’m half Chinese and Filipino.* during Lunar new year I would get yelled at to get our of my room and I would always get mad.

    FxllenSaint TVFxllenSaint TV8 days ago
  • I really hope this show comes back!!

    MelodyMelody22 days ago
  • this is precious

    K PK P27 days ago
  • awesome

    Virginia j OrtegaVirginia j Ortega27 days ago
  • yummy

    Virginia j OrtegaVirginia j Ortega27 days ago
  • Steven you only have 10 minutes. until the bell rings

    Virginia j OrtegaVirginia j Ortega27 days ago
  • Turn the music down!

    A. D. GardenhireA. D. Gardenhire27 days ago
  • love this episooooode 💖 excited for more homemade!!!!

    kat. neskat. nes28 days ago
  • This show is forever making me so hungry

    Lauren ElliottLauren Elliott28 days ago
  • This reminds me of chefs table so much

    Trevor BrightlyTrevor BrightlyMonth ago
  • This reminds me of being at my nan's afterschool and watching her make dumplings at the table whilst I sat there with my mum and sister as my mum cut up apple in her hand and we would eat it. Chinese opera is playing in the background and only my nan can understand it but it's still enjoyable just sitting there and being with my family. I love this part of my heritage and eventhough I'm not fully chinese I still related to this video heavily.

    leah .p.leah .p.Month ago
    • My mum would tell me how she did the same thing with her brother as a kid, her mum would give her a handful of rice for her to just nibble on and keep quiet as her brother was reading at the table and her parents talked back and forth in chinese and prepared food.

      leah .p.leah .p.Month ago
  • frick now i wanna eat dumplings

    Breeane LeeBreeane LeeMonth ago
  • Every couple months my ma and I make homemade pizza together. We even make the tomato sauce, which is always my favorite part cuz I get to sneak some dips in there with the chopped mushrooms. It’s the best pizza in the world.

    Matthew JensenMatthew JensenMonth ago
  • I'm so impressed this series is so great!!

    Maleah LudlowMaleah LudlowMonth ago
  • love how they went for vegan gardens to chopping fish heads lmao

    Shae MahinaShae MahinaMonth ago
  • I really love this series, I hope that once this whole covid chaos is over they can continue bc its too wholesome

    Fernanda TapiaFernanda TapiaMonth ago
  • I loved this show. When Melody said she saw a flash of her Grandma, it made me think of the food critic from the movie Ratatouille. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this and am looking forward to the next episode.

    Catherine GomezCatherine GomezMonth ago
  • I should not have watched this while I was at work, all I want to do now is drop everything and make some for myself ;;

    Joops !Joops !Month ago
  • Steven should check out Jun’s Kitchen

    Redo 2020Redo 2020Month ago
  • This reminds me of when my dad/grandma taught my boyfriend how to fold dumplings. *quickly squeezes hands together* "okay!" and expected him to pick up on it haha

    Diana LiDiana LiMonth ago
  • I love this. I feel like this is so universal. I dont have any Asian heritage but i think that everyone can relate to having those foods that bring back memories of their home, their childhood, and their culture. No matter where youre from i think thats something that everyone understands.

    Kitty MonrovaKitty MonrovaMonth ago
  • Omg I love the step mom she’s so cute ☺️ I wish she could teach me how to cook

  • Best episode ever!

    Tyrone WilliamsTyrone WilliamsMonth ago
  • This made my heart warm. I loved how you guys just switched between languages. I don't speak Mandarin (I hope this was the language if not sorry) in fact I'm from an island in the Caribbean but it felt so comforting; like I was home listening to family or something. Also, now I want to go make dumplings.

    BajanNekoBajanNekoMonth ago
  • Is there going to be another home made video sometime?

    KumoKumoMonth ago
  • this video means a lot to me. I am Vietnamese and Australian and haven't really been able to connect with family (due to language barriers) except through food. I never learned Vietnamese, and a lot of my family never learned English or learned broken English, so we sort of meet in the middle at New Year's (both lunar and western) and Christmas and other events where we can have a meal. the part of the video that got to me is when Steven, Melody and Wan Qing were making the dumplings and all speaking both english and Chinese, it felt like something that i've been missing my whole life. thank you all at watcher for making this series

    ParisParisMonth ago
  • Loved this video! You guys made me cry!!!! In the best possible way! Thanks! 🤗🥺😍

    Maria DiazMaria DiazMonth ago
  • The fact that the people behind the scenes got some dumplings as well is just so heartwarming 😤😊🙌

    maria morenomaria morenoMonth ago
  • Mail didnt know you have another channel not called steven lok business busy buzzfeee cometition

    li wuli wuMonth ago
  • The fact tha she had a flash of her grandma after eating the dumpling is so touching. Made me want to cry

    Daisy GarciaDaisy Garcia2 months ago
  • I sometimes go back to this video just to watch them close the dumpling is one press. Ok. 😂

    AD AMAD AM2 months ago
  • this show is so aesthetic pleasing and comforting i really like it, it feels like a warm hug

    all hail the watcherall hail the watcher2 months ago
  • I hope that this show continues after Covid. Watching this one and the other episode was wonderful.

    SkullflowerSkullflower2 months ago
  • Steven makes me smile

    Jori StrodeJori Strode2 months ago
  • WOW Homemade is a masterpiece! Thank you so much for this Steven and Watcher team! Other Watcher shows make me laugh and entertain me. This one did all of that and went one step further. It is so wholesome and heartwarming. Thank you again!!

    Ally P.Ally P.2 months ago
  • ive never had a family or cultural experience like this. being white obviously has its perks (havent been shot by a cop yet) but sometimes its sad. so heartwarming to see stories like these ❤️

    Lainie Harold RufoLainie Harold Rufo2 months ago
  • Never skipping an ad, go get the bag sirs

    SAMANTHASAMANTHA2 months ago
  • i learned more about asian culture in this short episode than in all the rest of my life experience,,, and now i really wanna know what a dumpling tastes like

    Emily PriceEmily Price2 months ago
  • there's so much passion and heart in this show, i hope we get to see more episodes in the future, it's sad that coronavirus halted your productions

    Roberta BRoberta B2 months ago
  • rewatching AGAIN bc my brain needs all the dopamine it can get. ty steven :)

    fallister afallister a2 months ago
  • Watching Steven trying to making the pleat right is so entertaining lol, you are just so cute! So is your friend Melanie, she's funny and adorable :)

    Animania freakAnimania freak2 months ago
  • Dumplings take so much effort to make! Find someone who's willing to make dumplings for you, that's commitment and real love right there.

    Animania freakAnimania freak2 months ago
  • Steven need to put out a video on his secret of clear skin and slim figure, like how do you eat that much on worth it and still skinny?

    Animania freakAnimania freak2 months ago
  • This video was so special. I felt all the love and warmth of the food and family. And when she said she had a flash of her grandma, I started crying.

    Kristine CastorinaKristine Castorina2 months ago
  • where did you get that container at the very beginning. that's awesome, I'd buy 10 of those!

    Silent RunnerSilent Runner3 months ago
  • i love the mix of funny, chaotic and wholesome content in this channel. Keep up the good work guys, i absolutely love it

    Sue AnnSue Ann3 months ago
  • Serious question, where can I get that lunchbox that you used at the very beginning? I need it in my life

    jamesbat09jamesbat093 months ago
  • This is so wholesommmeeeee!!! I Love This Shooowwwww!!!

    Aurea De VeraAurea De Vera3 months ago
  • Could whoever does/did the English Closed Captioning add in the translations of what was said in Chinese? CC sits at the bottom of the screen over the closed captioning and it can't be moved much and it resets every time it moves on to the next line, so it covers up the English translations. I have to keep pausing, rewinding, and turning off my CC to read what was said.

    Cedar HofstetterCedar Hofstetter3 months ago
  • This is literally my comfort show, I come here every single time I'm down and it just warms my heart.

    Shrika NambiarShrika Nambiar3 months ago
  • Now that I binged each homemade episode I cried at every one of them. The love these families put into their food is humbling. For people who don’t have family it’s beautiful to see. TY Steven Lim & crew! 💚

    Jill HilemanJill Hileman3 months ago
  • Like family = people who cry when food is love. 💕 Melody sent me.

    Jill HilemanJill Hileman3 months ago
  • I'm here for Steven, love how relaxed he is and he's got the cutest laughter :)

    Animania freakAnimania freak3 months ago
  • this episode and the tamales episode are so frickin wholesome I can't-

    starchycatstarchycat3 months ago
  • My family is like a big culture mashup, my dad is Mexican, my mom is Greek I was born in Mexico, my sister in US. My aunt's husband is Korean. Holiday food is really a whole thing.

    DairaDaira3 months ago
  • Chef : Come on Asian kids !!!! My Chinese friend immediately : YEAH !!!!

    DairaDaira3 months ago
  • So pure I started crying when they did

    Brianna ABrianna A3 months ago
  • I cried with this episode 😭👏🏻

    Blue Blue ASMRBlue Blue ASMR3 months ago
  • I was on the fence about trying this, as I’m not a cooking show kind of person, but I’ve got to say .. you really outdid yourselves. This was amazing, thank you.

    Karma 01Karma 013 months ago
  • wait i didnt expect to cry on the first episode

    Isabel GodfreyIsabel Godfrey3 months ago
  • Love this series! How about a curry episode...or a special Lim family hot pot episode!

    Fun with NgânFun with Ngân4 months ago
  • Okay I'm sorry not to be all woowoo and shit but at 17:50 when melody said "it's like playing mahjong" and then the chef described how growing up she didnt have a lot of games and so that WAS her game...Melody being intuitively connected. A similar thing happened in your Pho video too and I pointed it out too but I just had to point it out again and let you know that yalls ancestors are incredibly happy lmaoo ik I sound crazy but its true and you all know it 🥴 Edit: @ Melody literally crying as she tasted the food and had a flashback of her grandmother. I knew I wasn't crazy. The evidence is all there, this series is extremely honorable 😭

    Lavender UkeLavender Uke4 months ago
  • I am IN TEARS you guys!! Great episode!! Jesus 😭😭😭

    Jonathan CascoJonathan Casco4 months ago
  • the mom's dumpling folding method still confuses me but it looks so nice

    Me MeowMe Meow4 months ago
  • I was already feeling the emotions and then Melody cried, now I'm a teary mess. I also LOVED to see the crew getting to enjoy them too, that was so wholesome.

    RachelRachel4 months ago
  • i cried!!!!

    Ana JaubertAna Jaubert4 months ago
  • maybe this comment came a little late but calm Steven came as shock to me. Him here compared to him in worth it, is total opposite. But I like both persona, give both series different vibes.

    jjue123jjue1234 months ago
  • this was so wholesome 😭

    marymary4 months ago
  • That's what life's about. Being Native American I can say to you don't lose your language, food, and ways. When you feel the spirit of food like you guys did it makes me happy to see you almost cry. Family is there go out and get it. Love you guys.

    Native American Days and WaysNative American Days and Ways4 months ago
  • Masterpiece

    ThatplushiethingThatplushiething4 months ago
  • I ship them

    Kevin KothariKevin Kothari4 months ago
  • I love how much storytelling about personal histories went into this video. USworlds vids not made by Asian people about Asian food usually lack this personal history aspect, so it's so nice to see. Our histories of migration are in our food and that feels erased a lot of times but NOT HERE, BITCHES!!!

    KatomKatomKatomKatom4 months ago
  • If a white person served me vegan garden dumplings, I’d be suspicious...but I trust her ☺️

    Alice CAlice C4 months ago
  • Whan they started speaking in another language I appreciated the talent even more. Beautiful souls😃😃

    gary ba ba booeygary ba ba booey4 months ago
  • I love won ton soup 🍲 you guys made me so hungry

    gary ba ba booeygary ba ba booey4 months ago
  • Love you guys great show everything looks good

    gary ba ba booeygary ba ba booey4 months ago
  • Chef Shirley is just so passionate about her craft. Wish I could be in a job like that some day

    Rahul SrinivasRahul Srinivas4 months ago
  • The Chinese mom is amazing, so skillful and such a kind teacher.

    ShamsaShamsa5 months ago
  • Homemade is such a wholesome series ❤ i cant wait for more episodes!

    Christine MChristine M5 months ago
  • The emotions that food can evoke is truly special. Such a good episode. Got the feels, big time.

    morgannicolebmorgannicoleb5 months ago
  • Love this too ❤️

    Jonathan LopezJonathan Lopez5 months ago
  • Literally just watched this twice fully two days in a row, so 4 times in two days, solely because of how wholesome it is... I've never had homemade dumplings but I've picked up everything I need this morning and I'm giving her a go

    Kelsey LabelleKelsey Labelle5 months ago
  • Oh my gosh! I have never left a comment before on USworlds. This show was so much fun. I love to cook but live alone so it’s kind of, what’s the use?? This show made me so happy!!! Thank you!!

    Susan CageSusan Cage5 months ago
  • That was hilarious watching you fold the dumplings ! Can you do an episode on pizza?

    Ruby SoleilRuby Soleil5 months ago
  • Okay, I love this!

    MopRocksMopRocks5 months ago
  • This is so wholesome its amazing! please more episodes of this!

    Anthoni SantosAnthoni Santos5 months ago
  • Love it. I feel like if the whole thing was in Chinese would have been even better! But I love it all. (have them all talk in their most comfortable language! There's always subtitles. And would love to hear you speak Chinese Steven).

    J UribeJ Uribe5 months ago
  • The

    straightforwardstraightforward5 months ago
  • My God, you know a good is good when it makes you cry with happiness. Love thissss

    sann villsann vill5 months ago
  • "C'mon Asian kids" omg I love her.

    sann villsann vill5 months ago
  • Late to the party but man, these videos hit different when it's your own culture.

    XYN SXYN S5 months ago
  • Excuse me while I go try to master the ok and make some bomb dumpings!

    GabesGabes5 months ago
  • Aw. This is so cute. Food is a great way to understand a culture. I live in an area that really isn’t diverse. But this helped me, I dunno. Have a better understanding?? Or something?? It was so sweet and I loved watching them reflect back to their roots. And I dunno. I just really appreciated it.

    ATaul0009 KCTCSATaul0009 KCTCS5 months ago
  • coming from someone who was born knowing NOTHING about my mothers family (i just recently found out about my chinese roots months ago, and im turning 17 in a couple of weeks) i didn't expect this series to hit me as hard as it did. they definitely weren't wrong when they said that this would be an emotional series. steven and the crew definitely worked hard and i can feel the heart of this project, the warmth really translates well in this medium and i just want to genuinely thank you for bringing home to me.

    marsbarsmarsbars5 months ago
  • Hey Steven, I just wanted to lyk this is still my favorite Watcher video! I think I remember you saying somewhere that you were nervous about it doing well, so I wanted to tell you that I have never wanted to cook a meal so badly in my life! I've only been making occasional runs to my local grocery, so I haven't had the opportunity to get the ingredients for this recipe yet. Among other things, I'm looking forward to quarantine ending so I can try making them!

    TheMardBardTheMardBard5 months ago
  • I'm sorry but the first one.. Dumpling skin through a pasta maker... No words

    k zhk zh5 months ago