Pro Chef Vs. Mom's Homemade Pho • Homemade

May 15, 2020
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How do a professional chef's pho stack up against a beloved homemade recipe? In Steven's brand new food show, Homemade, we take a deeper dive into the stories of classically homemade dishes and the cultural themes that underlie them. #Homemade #Pho
#AD | Thanks to State Farm for celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month with Me! Hope you enjoy this special episode of Home Made where I talk about how my Chinese American background influenced my life's creative direction!
Filmed in December 2019.
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  • Hey Watchers! Steven here, and we've come to the pilot season finale of Homemade. We covered dumplings with a mother, tamales from a grandmother, and a pho recipe that was passed down to an immigrant's son. It was very intentional to feature people from all walks of life and showcase how food gets passed down generationally. Big shoutout to the Homemade team because I often get way too much credit - Tony, Brittney, the editors, production staff, the restaurants, family members, Ryan & Shane, and our sponsors. That being said - I hope we can bring this show back with a season two! But it pains me to say that I don't know when that will happen given the pandemic. At the very least I hope this show has inspired you in some way to stay connected with your family and cook a little bit more. -Steven

    WatcherWatcher6 months ago
    • it would be so cool to see more of this!!

      Xander HillXander Hill16 days ago
    • Can we get an episode where you feature different styles of cooking the rice? From asian cooking to american/western style of cooking?

      Lee SiaLee Sia2 months ago
    • I’m looking forward to more of Homemade when all this blows over! Keep up the great work. Definitely inspiration for my channel.

      Unskilled KitchenUnskilled Kitchen3 months ago
    • Definitely, do a hot pot episode with your family Steven!

      Fun with NgânFun with Ngân3 months ago
    • When the time is right I feel like we need to celebrate Midwestern cuisine with Steven and Shane. Maybe a good church potluck hot dish? A casserole as we do it in Wisconsin. So cool to do an actual potluck!

      Jill HilemanJill Hileman3 months ago
  • ever smelled pho while beeing cooked? it srinks like rotten carcass. disgusting. it will make you throw up.

    luke croixluke croix18 hours ago
  • 我什么都喜欢吃,除了人 !!!

    Kristal YeowKristal Yeow21 hour ago
  • 👌

    Kristal YeowKristal Yeow21 hour ago
  • Steven Lim about to be the next Anthony Bourdain. Asian Bourdain. RIP to the chef and food legend

    John RapanutJohn Rapanut2 days ago
  • Porter is gorgeous!

    D YANGD YANG4 days ago
  • They’re both technically pro chefs

    Girlonmw2Girlonmw27 days ago
  • As much fire as that chef has in his main broth my father would have smacked me and told me to turn it down....

    Ianthe22Ianthe227 days ago
  • Okay, when i saw the thumbnail i was like:"HOW THE FREAK CAN THAT BE HIS MOM!!!!!". Good to know it was only a clickbait.

    Ianthe22Ianthe227 days ago
  • What that sauce do, girl?

    ber meiber mei9 days ago
  • I can tell Cathy is very proud of her heritage. There are a lot of asian women(and men) out there who are self hating, glad you were able to find a good counterpart for this special episode.

    Lost 화살Lost 화살9 days ago
  • Im making PHO TONIGHT!@

    Nghia NguyenNghia Nguyen15 days ago
  • did anyone else notice the voiceover for pho at the beginning

    naomi starrnaomi starr16 days ago
  • Huh. The way I learned it, gỏi cuốn is summer roll. Spring roll was usually cha gio, which is the fried kind. But I have heard people just call them both spring rolls, and one is just called the fried one.

    Asteri EnAsteri En18 days ago
  • Food is my family's love language as well ♥️😊

    Nadine StaceyNadine Stacey18 days ago
  • Phở

    Thái MaiThái Mai18 days ago
  • Wong fu vibes

    AlecAlec18 days ago
  • Watching this again as i eat beef pho from a new local vietnamese restaurant in my town. LOVVEEE ITTT

    Heather MerrillHeather Merrill19 days ago
  • bruh pho is basically a korean dish

    Stewie GriffinStewie Griffin19 days ago
  • I enjoyed the video much better with the mute button on. The try hard jokes really turned me off.

    ChristellaChristella20 days ago
  • there are no words that could encapsulate how distraught i'd ever be if we don't get homemade s2 and s3 and s4, it's a show about such an important topic

    armando castroarmando castro21 day ago
  • If they call salad rolls "spring rolls", what do they call spring rolls?

    Quinn MQuinn M21 day ago
  • I can see that the thermostat is set to a sensible 74

    SymirSymir24 days ago
  • I hope you get to make a new season soon! This series is wonderful and way too short. Only wish we could get the recipes.

    MsAnubisiaMsAnubisia27 days ago
  • you need to do Ashkenazi brisket

    Zö29 days ago
  • can you do an episode with challah or latkes? :)

    Janey GraceJaney GraceMonth ago
  • The link to sup noodle bar in your description is formatted incorrectly and leads to an error page.

    peaceofwestphilapeaceofwestphilaMonth ago
  • Really enjoyed this, food looked delicious

    katherine collinskatherine collinsMonth ago
  • Ahhh so honored im vietnamese thank u

    Hailey AndersonHailey AndersonMonth ago
  • I loved this :) These dishes are all so wonderful, and I love seeing the behind-the-scenes of what goes into making them! And of course, the people behind the food put so much care into it all and it's great to see their stories unfold with the food.

    FlanneryschickensFlanneryschickensMonth ago
  • Such a wholesome content, hoping to watch season 2 of this soon

    Chad MendiolaChad MendiolaMonth ago
  • Phos lmao

    Bacchus MochiBacchus MochiMonth ago
  • the entire channel is like an entire menu, Great Job Steven!

    Bacchus MochiBacchus MochiMonth ago
  • Can you please do more of these thanks

    Stephen WrightStephen WrightMonth ago
  • Steven’s face in every thumbnail ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    TETRΔTETRΔMonth ago
  • Now one gonna talk about how this Vietnamese restaurant chef literally has the name “Viet”?

    Shangyin AuShangyin AuMonth ago
  • I ship Steven and Chef ;)

    Black RoseBlack RoseMonth ago
  • I really want to go to PHO~Q in Quincy......I heard it's the best in the area! .....sorry.

    STU da PeppaheadSTU da PeppaheadMonth ago
  • OMG they resturants in the bay!!! i'm so excited to try them!!!

    jennivatojennivatoMonth ago
  • I miss Steven and his shows 😢

    Shade OShade OMonth ago
  • That chicken breakdown scene was so cool. As a chef I really, really loved this video!

    DemsaleDemsaleMonth ago
  • is there a recipe for the homemade pho (with measurements) ?

    orange sliceorange sliceMonth ago
  • the "Pho" puns are on point! lmao

    T TrainT TrainMonth ago
  • chris lowkey looks like the megamind hero dude.

    Ashley NewmanAshley NewmanMonth ago
  • 11:46 "You are killing me! Just chew and swallow bruh!" Steven is adorable hahaha

    Animania freakAnimania freakMonth ago
  • It's so satisfying watching them put all the bones into the pot, you know the soup will definitely be good.

    Animania freakAnimania freakMonth ago
  • shouldn't there be more eps or are you not editing or uploading them? this is great program

    Dorina ChanDorina Chan2 months ago
  • I got onto watcher cause of Shane & Ryan, and wasn't even familiar with Steven, and I don't know much about asian food, but I found this really interesting.

    Rational GazeRational Gaze2 months ago
  • When Steven lost some food off the pan..... Dude what the Pho? 😂

    Matthew KennellyMatthew Kennelly2 months ago
  • bro when you said the part about finding joy and positivity I started crying. Watcher content has become like my happy place and I'm so thankful for everything you guys do

    Robert WilsonRobert Wilson2 months ago
  • The ladies are 😳 wowwwww. And i feel that miss cathy is a great cohost for steven? Also im gonna be That Person but plz get andrew to showcase ukrainian food

    alifia !alifia !2 months ago
  • Brittany Lee did a fantastic job!

    Isaac ParkIsaac Park2 months ago
  • The way that onion is fuckin CRAZY

    Deven JordanDeven Jordan2 months ago
  • Next episode of Homemade: "Pierogi"

    Brendan DunnBrendan Dunn2 months ago

    hari mondigohari mondigo2 months ago
  • I wonder what they do with all that meat

    Natalie CongletonNatalie Congleton2 months ago
  • this show always makes me cry and i love it

    Zul LoZul Lo2 months ago
  • These were amazing. Would love to see some Italian food next!

    briz143briz1432 months ago
  • That chicken-clam pho is sacrilegious

    Gia Huy PhamGia Huy Pham2 months ago
  • I don't usually watch any foody prep type videos but this was entertaining and delicious. I like how they go to a restaurant then try to make the homemade version. More please!

    KaticusKaticus2 months ago
  • i really hope someday, when they renew this series, that they make guatita or fritada or any other south american dish, id love that!

    anapaulaanapaula2 months ago
  • I really hope you find some Polish food! I'm from Poland and I live in UK now, but I saw few Polish influenced kitchen episodes in American food shows. From what I saw, in restaurant they made some mixes of traditional Polish dishes that must have happened due to immigration so it would be interesting to see what American Polish did with traditional Polish food! Anyone I've met who's been to Poland really loves our food and there's quite a few Polish shops here😅

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  • I hope there will be more episodes coming, I love this series so much

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  • i've had a crush on Cathy for years I didn't know she was in this episode til now.

    SaikoSaiko3 months ago
  • Bring this back for season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gabriel AuGabriel Au3 months ago
  • Such a beautiful show to come back to over and over again. I hope that once safe to make, we can have more seasons! Also I’m still in awe by how much work goes into the food. As someone who didn’t get much home cooking and struggles on where to get started on my own, it’s been a treat to see how other cultures handle food/meals.

    Caitlin RoseCaitlin Rose3 months ago
  • Every show on watcher deserves a second season. Thank You Watcher!

    Aurea De VeraAurea De Vera3 months ago
  • The vegan teacher watching Stevens videos 👁👄👁😾💀🙀

    Atalia RivasAtalia Rivas3 months ago
  • I have never had the privilege of proper Pho. The closest I've gotten was a pho kit from Costco where it's like an instant ramen package with a bowl and you just add hot water. No veggies, no meat. However, when I used the kits I'd add spinach and avocado chunks and fake crab meat and it's really tasty! Not authentic whatsoever but I thought I'd suggest to proper Pho makers to try adding those ingredients and see how they'd taste

    Amanda SniderAmanda Snider3 months ago
  • Dude your viet sucks

    nate888 Trannate888 Tran3 months ago
  • This show HAS to be renewed after the pandemic is under control 🥺

    K KK K3 months ago
  • Pancit, Sinigang or Adobo 🇵🇭

    Maria Iana Carmen SamsonMaria Iana Carmen Samson3 months ago
  • Why do you always pick the most devious look for the thumbnail lol

    Animania freakAnimania freak3 months ago
  • Knuckles 5:16

    TREY QUATREY QUA3 months ago
  • that thing is nowhere near northern style pho

    Hien PhamHien Pham3 months ago
  • I hope there will be more episodes of Homemade. A lot of dishes to feature. :) But the stories are the best. Both the pro chef and homemade versions come with stories that teaches about the history of the food as well as the guests' family. It makes you appreciate the food even more. Thank you so much for this series! I hope you can do more Asian food dishes, specifically Filipino food (I am just biased here though.) But ultimately, it would be great to see a lot of food from different parts of the world.

    Elika PerezElika Perez3 months ago
  • I miss worth it

    BrianBrian3 months ago
  • Pho is ALWAYS better homemade because Restaurants are there to make money, so they give you the very minimum. Summer rolls in all Restaurants sucks. All you get is 1and a half shrimp with noodles. 😡 the real way to make summer rolls are pork, shrimp, squid, fresh herbs,(cilantro,basil, mint and cucumber) noodles,wrapped in rice paper.

    Tika NguyenTika Nguyen3 months ago
  • ZOMO! Sounds like Grandma Chi

    ZOMO RestaurantZOMO Restaurant3 months ago
  • I love this

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  • I haven't seen Kathy for about 10 years. She looks the same.

    PipspectivePipspective3 months ago
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    Dat NguyenDat Nguyen3 months ago
  • I don't trust anyone under 40 making me pho

    Dan NDan N3 months ago
  • ughhh I didn't eat breakfast yet but I have to pause this bc I'm dying

    I don't want to tell youI don't want to tell you3 months ago
  • This is sooo Wholesome!! T_T I hope you'll be able to create more content like this in the future :D. So glad to see all the guest so far too. Cathy's been great! Hope her family is well since her and her husband are both nurses :[

    idemonicangelidemonicangel3 months ago
  • We Made It! (TM) Love it!!!

    alerabnhojalerabnhoj3 months ago
  • Use FREE RANGE CHICKEN and some pork bones to make the pho ga.

    Dave NguyenDave Nguyen3 months ago
  • Best part to me in pho,ramen&any soupy noodle bowls is bean sprouts.tofu.fried egggs.fresh serrano.cilantro.sprin green.everything add up&make the dish more adventurous.

    Janjira WilliamsJanjira Williams3 months ago
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