Puppet History Q+A (ft. Musical Guest - Chrys Ryan) • Watcher Weekly #002

Jan 15, 2020
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Hello! Welcome to the 2nd episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
- New Office
- Launch Day, how ya feelin?
- Spooky Small Talk
- Q&A
- Musical Guest: Chrys Ryan @chrysryan
Editor: Lauren Yamin
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  • Hey guys! Steven here. Thanks for joining us on episode 2 of Watcher Weekly! From here on out, you can expect a new episode to air every Wednesday at 3pm PST. For those interested, I also wanted to let you guys know about our bonus show called Watcher Weekly Plus available to our Patreon community. Watcher Patrons get discord access, early screenings of our series, and more behind-the-scenes content like audio commentary of episodes from the producer. Your contributions will in turn help us to pilot more shows to bring onto this channel! Thanks again for watching! Before I sign off, a huge shoutout to Chrys Ryan for blessing us with your music. If you can, take a minute to show him some love on his socials. See you tomorrow for our premiere of Spooky Small Talk (3pm PST)!

    WatcherWatcher10 months ago
    • That wasn't ryan crying it was a ghoul pissing on his face

      Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn2 days ago
    • Still waiting on bergara guitara

      Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn2 days ago
    • the song is beautiful!!

      Thricia AltizenThricia Altizen4 months ago
    • Love it

      gary ba ba booeygary ba ba booey6 months ago
    • Just noticed in the SST trailer that only 3 episodes/guests are featured. Is that because there is only 3? or is the 4th such a special guest you don't want to leak them?

      Johan VajseJohan Vajse8 months ago
  • That wasn't Ryan crying it was a ghoul pissing on his face

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn2 days ago
  • I want to cosplay the professor

    Tara HartnettTara Hartnett28 days ago
  • So they don’t do unsolved anymore?

    FnicoleFnicoleMonth ago
  • So they don’t do unsolved anymore?

    FnicoleFnicoleMonth ago
  • So they don’t do unsolved anymore?

    FnicoleFnicoleMonth ago
  • Never skipping ads for these boys. Well done!

    Shai EstrellaShai EstrellaMonth ago
  • steven x dipplococcus best ship

    Sweet CherrySweet CherryMonth ago
  • I like the music

    AlexisasheepAlexisasheepMonth ago
  • What will happen to Buzzfeed Unsolved? Are they gonna do it with they're own version in watcher?

    Mathaus MercadoMathaus MercadoMonth ago
  • That was a beautiful song and voice

    Meow MeowMeow Meow2 months ago
  • I was eating lunch while watching this and now I probably have ramen in my bronchial tubes because of the way I choked at 7:55 I'm extremely uncomfortable while typing this

    Ria ChaRia Cha2 months ago
  • I don't know what is more fun the frustration of Ryan because of the dipplocaucus or the fact that they talk about it for like 5min and ended up not only saying dipplocaucus like but also Ryan passed his frustration to Shane

    Daniela MontenegroDaniela Montenegro2 months ago
  • Everyone looked so haggard but my boi Steven looking fine 😍

    Animania freakAnimania freak2 months ago
  • Shane and Ryan are the epitome of the last two brain cells and Steven is the host struggling to get them to function

    Rachael BergerRachael Berger3 months ago
  • Okay, Chry's voice tho!!! Holy crap!

    Maddison FogartyMaddison Fogarty3 months ago
  • The amount of times “Diplococcus” is said is unreal lol

    Karma 01Karma 013 months ago
  • B-line is probably a reference to a subway line. An express line more than likely

    Andrew LindbeckAndrew Lindbeck3 months ago
  • aren't we going to talk how beautiful that song is???

    Thricia AltizenThricia Altizen4 months ago
  • Can confirm dogs run in little circles when you get home😆

    Elise StumboElise Stumbo4 months ago
  • Here’s a tip...less navel gazing and more content.

    Johanna ZamoraJohanna Zamora5 months ago
  • Having a musical guest is a super cool idea I support keeping that up!

    Amanda MayAmanda May5 months ago
  • why aren't more people talking about that nipple moment? why was that hilarious to me 😂

    Ollie KimOllie Kim5 months ago
  • i miss their unsolved series

    Justa MuttJusta Mutt5 months ago
  • Just rewatched this...Shane is really getting a kick out of the Diplococcus thing..but it can't be him.🤔🤔🤔..what if...ITS SARA.

    BarneyMillerBarneyMiller5 months ago
  • Chrys Ryan kind of looks like Ryan and Shane had a baby

    Sinead RyanSinead Ryan5 months ago
  • All Hail The Watcher

    Lynn LewisLynn Lewis5 months ago

    himbo enthusiasthimbo enthusiast5 months ago
  • Ugh Shane is so handsome

    Ashley RichardsAshley Richards5 months ago
  • I fucking love Puppet History!

    Christopher NunezChristopher Nunez6 months ago
  • You guys did a great job on the audio levels great show love you guys

    gary ba ba booeygary ba ba booey6 months ago
  • coming back here during quarantine, it looks so weird for them to all be in the same room for watcher weekly

    Abby HoltAbby Holt6 months ago
  • I reaaalllllyyyy need a plush of The Professor 🙏

    Lady ConstellationLady Constellation6 months ago
  • This is a very amusing one! Also, Chrys Ryan! Man you were so great🥺💜 I love the song~

    John Archie AblanqueJohn Archie Ablanque6 months ago
  • The musical guest was so good. Great, great voice.

    FangyFangy6 months ago
  • I liked the musical guest. He was very soothing.

    Jillian BergamascoJillian Bergamasco6 months ago
  • Shane's hair is so FLOOFY :-D

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • I am 16 seconds in, and I just had to stop to say oh my goodness I love you guys so much

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • the professor looks so creepy

    exactoexacto6 months ago
  • Shane just keeping the mug on the couch gave me so much anxiety

    Cathlyn AtaideCathlyn Ataide6 months ago
  • "I could run faster than a bee" the words of a man who has never played animal crossing

    Abigail FullwoodAbigail Fullwood6 months ago
  • Shane looks like a slightly unhinged Mr. Rogers in this one.

    Vic SmithVic Smith7 months ago
  • shane had the perfect opportunity to be just as cryptic as diplococcus and act like he knew what they were talking about and i'm honestly surprised he didn't take it lmaoo

    superiiconsuperiicon7 months ago
  • Never heard of Chrys Ryan in my life! Who is this hidden gem?? I am blown away... and this comes from a person that always skips music parts on youtube xD You, my man, are amazing

    KimmymodeKimmymode7 months ago
  • All hail the watcher

    Kacey ShortKacey Short7 months ago
  • Steven Lim is so relatable as a third wheel.

    stahp plsstahp pls7 months ago
  • What if all their social media handles were “@allhailthewatcher” 😂

    Suzy ElliottSuzy Elliott7 months ago
  • I'm so here for puppet history merch.

    Lexi WestLexi West7 months ago
  • Steven and his different hair color is so cool

    v for villanellev for villanelle7 months ago
  • Ryan and his nipple kink

    Charlie AyresCharlie Ayres7 months ago
  • I swear this is going to turn into a cult.. *whispers: we are the watcher*

    Charlie AyresCharlie Ayres7 months ago
  • looking forward to these. also beautiful song closing it out :)

    angelicad7angelicad77 months ago
  • honestly really inspiring hearing you talk about watcher and all you believe in for your company ... 💙

    Rosemary BrandleyRosemary Brandley7 months ago
  • This is from several months ago now. Do we know what show they were on?

    KarraghKarragh7 months ago
  • I feel like I'm not seeing any comments for Chris so here it is, his song was heckin lovely!

    Jasmine RJasmine R7 months ago
  • Shane:touches rynas nipples Ryan: freaks out Also shane and ryan wondering why people ship them and think there gay

    Newt the VelociraptorNewt the Velociraptor7 months ago
  • this is so much fun to watch!! 💕

    Ellizabeth KaneEllizabeth Kane7 months ago
  • Hey Steve are you still doing food show that you did on buzzfeedvideo

    Ashley PriceAshley Price7 months ago
  • Also, please let it be known that I would buy a professor outfit for myself if such a thing were to become available.

    Megan RaglandMegan Ragland7 months ago
  • Watcher makes me cry too

    Megan RaglandMegan Ragland7 months ago
  • As a nerd, I really appreciate them playing bumblebee in the background when they were talking about bees 🐝

    Elizabeth MacKinnonElizabeth MacKinnon7 months ago
  • the diplococcus is the watcher

    Kendall AndersonKendall Anderson7 months ago
  • Congrats on all your hard work, progress and success! I appreciate all that you guys produce! Wishing you all all the best!!!

    LadyRandomnessaLadyRandomnessa7 months ago
  • very upset that chrys ryan's song isn't on any music apps :'( but wonderful episode!

    mahalet andargachewmahalet andargachew7 months ago
  • So is nobody gonna tell us what song Chrys sang? Ok then :(

    Erin AErin A7 months ago
  • I need more of the professor in my life He's my lil guy.

    Cheryl AguirreCheryl Aguirre7 months ago
  • What was the show they were talking about cable called them for?

    SlytherinUnicornSlytherinUnicorn7 months ago
    • @Jin Ikigai I totally fangirled over it. I was like ahh, the booboys are on the bigtube! Haha.

      SlytherinUnicornSlytherinUnicorn7 months ago
    • @SlytherinUnicorn yeah the characters really fit them to a T and they are actually pretty good actors 😃

      Jin IkigaiJin Ikigai7 months ago
    • @Jin Ikigai btw love their characters they play 😁 made for that role 😂😂

      SlytherinUnicornSlytherinUnicorn7 months ago
    • @Jin Ikigai I dont have Twitter but I'll watch the episode lol. Thanks!!

      SlytherinUnicornSlytherinUnicorn7 months ago
    • it was SWAT, they appeared as conspiracy theory youtubers who stumble upon a kidnapping while searching for UFOs lmao. You can find the scenes on twitter

      Jin IkigaiJin Ikigai7 months ago
  • I LOVE YOU GUYS, the channel is awesome. 3 of my favourite people together😌 The music at the end was👌 so beautiful

    Pia AstradaPia Astrada7 months ago
  • I normally hate musical segments but Chrys Ryan is a refreshing performer.

    Stephanie CardosoStephanie Cardoso8 months ago
  • can sara and mari have a show where they just,,do stuff ? anything they want to do i just wanna see the ghoul girls in action. we haven’t seen mari that much but i think she’s like a less chaotic ryan? but we already know sara and she’s eccentric af and i just wanna see the combination

    gia danielagia daniela8 months ago
  • Does ryan swap personalities with Shane for spooky small talk-

    Holly BaileyHolly Bailey8 months ago
  • Ryan behind chrys hahahahahaha

    Yo Highness X1Yo Highness X18 months ago
  • Steven: "I just wanna travel and eat" Me; SAME!! My personal life circumstances and now Corona: (simultaneously laughing) Nope! well least to travel

    Jen YeJen Ye8 months ago
  • Honestly surprised how much I genuinely enjoy puppet history for mainly the humor aspects but that is a great means to learn about history I otherwise wouldn't be interested in and good to learn stuff. Man I was like constantly laughing through both episodes which is rare for me to laugh that much watching stuff these nowadays.

    Jen YeJen Ye8 months ago

    ・ hnnxy ・・ hnnxy ・8 months ago
  • Yaaasss, good 😉

    Marco CarreonMarco Carreon8 months ago
  • I like how Ryan praise his show's trailer.

    Mary Grace RondinaMary Grace Rondina8 months ago
  • They're so stylish I LOVE MY BOYS 🥺🥺 Puppet history was SOOOOOOOOO fun!! I love the way shane's present the history, is so fun XD AND THE MUSICAL AT THE END????????? OMG IT WAS AWESOME!! And I really liked Chrys's voice, it was so soft LKDFÇJSDOFG

    Maria LamezonMaria Lamezon8 months ago
  • Wait what show are they in??

    Crazy Panda ^-^Crazy Panda ^-^8 months ago
    • They play eric and Ira

      SlytherinUnicornSlytherinUnicorn7 months ago
    • It says S.W.A.T.

      SlytherinUnicornSlytherinUnicorn7 months ago
    • That's what I'm wondering. I'm guessing it's not their unsolved stuff, so what the hell!? I'm going to IMDB it

      SlytherinUnicornSlytherinUnicorn7 months ago
  • Ryan just sittin in the back when Chrys was singing just straight chilling cracks me up

    hi lillyhi lilly8 months ago
  • Me: *sees the background* Also me: *iLlUmInAtI?!?!?!*

    R SR S8 months ago
  • steven be out here looking like jack frost

    Irina SantillanIrina Santillan8 months ago
  • These boys are doing such an amazing job :') ❤

    Ria MhatreRia Mhatre8 months ago
  • 15:19-15:28 Shakespeare plays be like

    Peace FeetPeace Feet8 months ago
  • So happy and proud of you guys!

    RxBgamingRxBgaming8 months ago
  • Nice one guys enjoying the funny banter and also introducing your new viewers to what we already know.

    nam buinam bui8 months ago
  • everything about and throughout this video was amazing!!

    Richard BunRichard Bun8 months ago
  • What’s going to happen to worth it

    joshua Ishikijoshua Ishiki8 months ago
  • Shane is the KING of TikTok

    Alexa BasauriAlexa Basauri8 months ago
  • No one in the comments going to talk about Chrys Ryan's gorgeous voice? Get this man an album contract stat, please!!!

    Tan TanTan Tan8 months ago
    • Tan Tan I know it was beautiful

      this is absolutely not a fun timethis is absolutely not a fun time8 months ago
  • Does it bug anyone else when Ryan says "your guys questions" instead of "your questions?" I think he's trying to make "you guys" posessive, but it just sounds so weird and even more so the more I hear it...

    MargueriteThereseMargueriteTherese9 months ago
    • MargueriteTherese at least he didn’t say ”your guy‘s“

      this is absolutely not a fun timethis is absolutely not a fun time8 months ago
  • Loving this channel so much! I feel like you guys have more free range than you do with your buzzfeed shows, and that makes it more fun to watch knowing you guys are having fun doing it!

    Amber KatelynAmber Katelyn9 months ago
  • I could do without the break-up music...

    livvyla1111livvyla11119 months ago
  • It's okay Ryan, men cry! It's cathartic! 🤗

    livvyla1111livvyla11119 months ago
  • are you guys done making unsolved episodes :(

    Lorraine ThomasLorraine Thomas9 months ago
  • I like the musical guests you guys have had so far. Great song!

    yaribyarib9 months ago
  • I bought a mug. Im gonna sip hot coco out of it while watching these losers ramble. That’s my new tradition.

    Camila TabaresCamila Tabares9 months ago
  • Did you get the watcher name from the stalker episode of bf unsolved all hail the watcher

    Tyrone BanksTyrone Banks9 months ago
  • The music at the end was very nice treat! Good luck to you all!

    Софья АкишеваСофья Акишева9 months ago
  • Ryan, Steven, Shane, id just like to say how much I genuinely enjoy the content out so far and I cannot wait to see what the three of you do in the future! Super proud of you and I wish the best of luck!

    NerdNerd9 months ago