Puppet History Season 2 Trailer

Aug 9, 2020
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  • how DARE my youtube shadowbox you from my feed THE AUDACITY

    Peyton WhitmanPeyton Whitman2 months ago
  • Do we learn the professor's name this season?

    Ralph BolandRalph Boland2 months ago
  • I’m trying to imagine what the Johnny Appleseed story would have been like for Puppet History. Featuring a song from one of the “we beasties” XD. Just kidding, cannot wait to see what this season has in store!

    Smashsista16Smashsista162 months ago
  • this is like one of my favorite youtube series ever, im super pumped for all the new content!!!

    LibbyLibby2 months ago
  • yknow "The Professor" is a very similar name to "The Doctor" who also happens to be an immortal being that was present for many historical moments

    GG2 months ago
  • What a wonderful trailer!

    Kira StumpKira Stump3 months ago
  • i’ve learned more from puppet history than i have in school

    remilikesgoreremilikesgore3 months ago
  • I'm so glad they found a way to do this during quarantine!

    Alisa PerezAlisa Perez3 months ago
  • This is life! Puppet History!

    Winchelle KaoriWinchelle Kaori3 months ago
  • All hail the watcher

  • please bring back are you scared!

    SHAM IRLSHAM IRL3 months ago
  • Shane would (is- saying would so I don't get got by my history teachers) be my favourite history teacher ever if this is how he taught

    Zoe the PotatoZoe the Potato3 months ago
  • I am...so excited

    Mae DaviesMae Davies3 months ago

    Yasmina LongYasmina Long3 months ago
  • A FOR ABOLISH THE POLICE lmaooo pls i love her

    ashleighashleigh3 months ago
  • Idk if anyone else realized, but based on the number of guests, i think we’re getting 8 episodes this time around folks

    Soph PSoph P3 months ago
  • I cannot wait season 1 was hilarious I hope season 2 will be even funnier

    Michael ScottMichael Scott3 months ago
  • I wanna be on this show so bad you don’t even know

    Sophia MorrowSophia Morrow3 months ago
  • 0:09 Is that the St. Louis World's Fair I see 👀? I hope that gets covered in an episode, because we learned about it in my St. Louis history class and it was FUCKED UP.

    VCRVCR3 months ago
  • greatest fucking series

    Alyssa JohnsonAlyssa Johnson3 months ago
  • I'm really happy that they're doing this!!!

    Claude PClaude P3 months ago
  • oo theres a volcano puppet in the thumbnail think there's gonna be an episode on pompeii?

    R ConrR Conr3 months ago
  • i need this show to never end.

    The MarquisThe Marquis3 months ago
  • Sssssoooooo mmmmuuuucccchhhh yyyyeeeesssssssse!!!!!!

    Unremarkable ReimaginedUnremarkable Reimagined3 months ago
  • Jermaine not making an appearance? :( He's my favorite guest

    zhanlida b6000zhanlida b60003 months ago
  • I love puppet history so much 💚💚💚

    8 Clad Gamer8 Clad Gamer3 months ago
  • Buzzfeed: We are cancelling Ruining History Shane: Well then I'll make my own history show, with puppets! And jellybeans!

    SonicGirlsGeekSonicGirlsGeek3 months ago
  • Shane would be a DOPE elementary school teacher 🎉

    LorenaLorena3 months ago
  • I'm back boiiiiiiis

    Hannah SquireHannah Squire3 months ago
  • You will know the truth 📖 and the truth will set you free. Free from the world the flesh and the devil 💀🔥 John 8:32 We must be willing to turn from sin to receive Jesus forgiveness , and to know and live out his teachings. He who does the will of God abides for eternity 1 John 2:17 NKJV💫📖

    chief 1 redwolfchief 1 redwolf3 months ago
  • YES!! I cannot wait for more Puppet History!!

    A. G.A. G.3 months ago
  • I've learnt more from this show than a 2 semesters of history/social studies

    anna hermananna herman3 months ago
  • i came back to the trailer for season two after watching the Abe Lincoln episode just to get myself more hyped for the next episode!

    InkInk3 months ago
  • The amount of excitement I just felt should probably be embarrassing but I'm completely fine with that

    Klarysa HawrotKlarysa Hawrot3 months ago

    CWMCWM3 months ago
  • This is all I want! Just constant puppet history!

    GSDLoveGSDLove3 months ago
  • Petition to get Patrick on this show. I think he would be delightful as a guest. He could bring his Pope get up too :D

    Alice ZhengAlice Zheng3 months ago
  • I choose A for A B O L I S H T H E P O L I C E Professor: F###

    Diana NguyenDiana Nguyen3 months ago
  • So curious about 00:20 ‘s outfit

    S GS G3 months ago
  • I'm so happy!!

    Laura DulciLaura Dulci3 months ago
  • fucK yeah professor mc’nasty is back :,)

    butter sOckbutter sOck3 months ago
  • It's stupid how much I love Puppet History.

    FieryArtemisFieryArtemis3 months ago
  • Honestly Puppet History makes me excited to learn history (even though I already graduated HS 😂)

    KL LilacKL Lilac3 months ago
  • All of my favs from buzzfeed on puppet history? God what a good day it is

    Nasyr HNasyr H3 months ago
  • i'm so happy this is back!

    carlee elizabethcarlee elizabeth3 months ago
  • This has become one of my very favorite USworlds shows. Can't wait for more

    Matt 2112Matt 21123 months ago
  • This has become one of my very favorite USworlds shows. Can't wait for more

    Matt 2112Matt 21123 months ago

    Signe PladsenSigne Pladsen3 months ago
  • Love it!

    Belle AspinwallBelle Aspinwall3 months ago
  • I don’t actually take a history class this year, so this is all I will learn

    Chloe CChloe C3 months ago

    GabesGabes3 months ago
  • Literal life is watching the Watcher, Glam and Gore, Katy Hodges, Cjades and Bailey Sarian 💜💜💜💜💜

    Kristen BennettKristen Bennett3 months ago
  • I wonder if there will be a villain to puppet history? Like a marionette trying to stop them from learning

    lol idklol idk3 months ago
  • We’re gonna get Kristen!!!

    Annalise BohleyAnnalise Bohley3 months ago
  • it is 10 am WHERE IS IT

    Claudia ZGClaudia ZG3 months ago
  • F*CK -the professor 2020

    Headquarter ProductionsHeadquarter Productions3 months ago
  • first episode of season 2 and the escape of annabelle is in the same day is this a COINCIDENCE?

    hira orhonhira orhon3 months ago
  • *waits impatiently*

    Ren HoggardRen Hoggard3 months ago
  • Gotta wait till 1PM cuz of my time zone😭

    Sister SamichSister Samich3 months ago

    AubreeAubree3 months ago
  • finally, some good fucking news

    josie grace [ she - her ]josie grace [ she - her ]3 months ago

    Melody SMelody S3 months ago

    Dy UyDy Uy3 months ago
  • I am so ready for this!

    StarLightFireStarLightFire3 months ago
  • Yasssssssssss

    S.A TanS.A Tan3 months ago
  • Today’s the dayyyyyy

    Izabela LetonjaIzabela Letonja3 months ago
  • Can't wait for this! I enjoy learning more about history, and Shane has always made it an interesting and fun topic. Keep up the amazing work! 👍😊

    Lori HickmanLori Hickman3 months ago
  • I am commenting for algorithm. These boys deserve more audience.

    Tricia Rose Dela CruzTricia Rose Dela Cruz3 months ago
  • Can't believe they filmed this whole season in one weekend! Thank you for the hard work guys, I can't wait for season 2.

    AlexAlex3 months ago
  • Thank you, Shane.

    AlexAlex3 months ago
  • I can't wait!

    AlexAlex3 months ago

    TOPOYSTOPOYS3 months ago
  • What a great birthday present

    Zoe LundyZoe Lundy3 months ago
  • I am RIDICULOUSLY excited for this. SO EXCITED we get more Puppet History already!! Thank you so much to all the Watcher team and guests for this awesomeness!

    Spooky PixieSpooky Pixie3 months ago

    RedMifist8RedMifist83 months ago
  • Been watching Watcher in series-binge mode and saved Puppet History for one of the last. OMG I am Kate’s and Jermaine’s every reaction. I’m on the ground! Nice to see The Prof got his glasses fitted. 😄

    Jill HilemanJill Hileman3 months ago
  • Cool af BUT WHEN is Are You Scared? coming back????

    Ms.QueueMs.Queue3 months ago
  • HELL YEAH!! I'm so excited for this!! Q u Q

    NightBlazeNightBlaze3 months ago

    Hardly Rainy GamerHardly Rainy Gamer3 months ago
  • Me: *sees anything watcher related* Also me: I am speed

    A Trash GamerA Trash Gamer3 months ago
  • This is my favorite series on USworlds I am so excited

    Kendra JamesKendra James3 months ago

    Olga UmaruOlga Umaru3 months ago
  • yesssssssssssssssssss

    Katie LawerenceKatie Lawerence3 months ago
  • As a history major I’m so excited to watch these now and ironically use these in class

    SofiaSofia3 months ago

    oxoxkissoxoxkiss3 months ago
  • Woohoo! I'm very excited!

    DarkestElemental616DarkestElemental6163 months ago
  • this made my hold day! I love you guys!

    Olga TeixeiraOlga Teixeira3 months ago
  • I am losing my mind!!! This is the best news I’ve gotten this month!!!

    Stephanie NorthcuttStephanie Northcutt3 months ago
  • The actual footage of me losing my mind during the lockdown.

    Windy DayWindy Day3 months ago

    AlexandriaAlexandria3 months ago
  • Lest be honest. Puppet history has taught us a lot more than our history classes.

    Darth VaderDarth Vader3 months ago
  • I don't know how you choose topics, but I hope mongolian "wrestling princess" Khutulun gets an episode! :D

    EkamiEkami3 months ago
  • I love that puppet university started out as a joke in season 1 and is now the basis for season 2

    Kai UrataKai Urata3 months ago
  • Yes!!!

    Amanda Cheeseman ShuttAmanda Cheeseman Shutt3 months ago
  • Ohmygod cant wait!!!!! 😍

    Suzy LeeSuzy Lee3 months ago
  • I wish they do the 1904 St. Louis Olympic marathon

    Anlo DumalaogAnlo Dumalaog3 months ago
  • Puppet History Online University or Puppet History: the guests may have worked for or still working for Buzzfeed edition No diss, but actually really excited for them to be guests!!!!

    MIU MusicMIU Music3 months ago
  • I'm excited for this!!😁

    Jessica MompointJessica Mompoint3 months ago
  • I need this in my life

    Shade AxesonShade Axeson3 months ago

    Alyse HarrellAlyse Harrell3 months ago