Puppet History Theater Tour! • Watcher Weekly #021

May 28, 2020
294 203 Views

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Hello! Welcome to the 21st episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
4:24 Chill Zone
5:59 Podcast PSA
8:52 This Week
9:49 Q&A
16:39 Exclusive Puppet Tour
23:26 Goodbye
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    Merpledurp _Merpledurp _17 hours ago
  • Top notch illuminati eye triangle top

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn21 hour ago
  • Crack is wack shane u gotta get off those shards

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn21 hour ago
  • I think I said it before somewhere but, Shane is incredibly talented and his puppet history shows are an absolute joy to watch. I love all the detail he’s put into everything he does, it shows that he just wants you to have a good time. Perfect entertainment for such a depressing year, my spirits have been lifted.

    Kat JKat J23 hours ago
  • my mental image of shane is shattered from learning how he sits, now having to reconstruct my whole perception of his personality

    dhyxck sdhyxck s5 days ago
  • ok but the theatre is SO well crafted. i am impressed.

    Eddie FinchEddie Finch7 days ago

    CaveCave11 days ago
  • Soo no one ever brings up how Ryan pronounces his T's like D's?

    snavissnavis13 days ago
  • Are you flippin' totally A*^ kidding me!? SHANE. Bomb vid of the theater creation! You will probably never see this comment, but blueprinting my theater now and building this weekend. For creative people, just do this and make vids and have fun. Imagine the props/showmanship/backdrop art you could throw in. . .cool music, voices, and. . . the stories! ANYTHING. Any kind. Someone do this and go galactic, maybe? A worm's world? All about all the new kinds and colors and uses of tape? hahahahaha, just random fast thoughting. Anyway, anything you want. Me, I will probably end up doing a teach, do it yourself thing. Funner with puppets, and a couple of guests. Come on, you know a couple of people who appreciate your thing, Guest them up. Big YES. Thanks again for this video. Love ALL Ryan, Shane, Steven "STUFF". Yay, you guys for really doing it!!! AMAZING, just plain, fun talent. All of it. Keep it coming. We need it. Also, wondering how I can help? Don't think just buying a watcher mug is it. Will check out more of your business end after work tomorrow. Thanks again guys. You are greatly appreciated by myself and entire family.

    danita whitsondanita whitson16 days ago
  • good job. the prorfessor is so lucky you gave him life

    karrenmoorekarrenmoore21 day ago
  • Floor is definitely where it's at, good for the spinal column.

    Jeremy GreenJeremy Green22 days ago
  • WAIT The Professor is so small compared to Shane I almost cried he's so cute!!! 😭😭😭

    Adori-tan LifeAdori-tan Life24 days ago
  • this is amazing! good handy work allways impress me.

    ChifreaginnaniaChifreaginnania28 days ago
  • The theme song is so cute!

    Diana GonzalezDiana Gonzalez29 days ago
  • The professor makes me happy

    LuluLuluMonth ago
  • Beautiful curtain 😂

    Viviana NViviana NMonth ago
  • Shane is so creative and his problem-solving skills are off the charts. The man made legitimately one of the funniest shows on YT with foam and velcro!

    angelofdusk13angelofdusk13Month ago

    Genevieve BarnesGenevieve BarnesMonth ago
  • i can only imagine how much work and planning this would take, amazing. i cant wait for season 3

    Mighty illerMighty illerMonth ago

    buttercup babybuttercup babyMonth ago
  • Part of me wants to offer to build him a theater made of wood with an actual pulley system for the curtain and backdrops and such, but I also like the thought of a backstory where the professor built his own theater.

    PhangirlsjlPhangirlsjlMonth ago
  • shane has so much talent

    Enni KaisaEnni KaisaMonth ago
  • Shane is funny, a good musician, AND built that whole thing by himself? We are looking at a triple threat.

    AllysiaAllysiaMonth ago
  • You all are awesome! Love this channel! 💚

    Stephanie ClarkStephanie ClarkMonth ago
  • I downloaded the game and it looks pretty cool.

    Stephanie ClarkStephanie ClarkMonth ago
  • watcher has been consumed by raid

    Carter BoltCarter BoltMonth ago
  • I thought Shane was gonna say a special event episode where they sit on the toilet

    Jay AndersonJay AndersonMonth ago
  • Big shoutout to Ryan for saying 'tea' in this episode and subsequently reminding me I had a cup of tea which I then enjoyed still warm. So yeah, kudos man I owe ya one (Y)

    Samantha AllandSamantha AllandMonth ago
  • That song was incredible, thank you for showing me someone new to follow and support! Love this channel so much

    Meow MeowMeow MeowMonth ago
  • Shane is seriously a genius, I'm done

    Sandra LicSandra LicMonth ago
  • I am absolutely, totally impressed by Shane's thought-through and impressively well-self-made theatre. Wow

    Sandra LicSandra LicMonth ago
  • Just in awe of Shane! Every time he does something it's soooo creative and his singing etc etc this guy is gonna go so much further in life :)

    Savannah SmithSavannah SmithMonth ago
  • I want a professor plushie soooo bad!!!

    Sherri WeibertSherri WeibertMonth ago
  • I want my very own professor.

    Josh GarzaJosh GarzaMonth ago
  • Ryan would commit arson, Shane would shoplift, and Steven would be arrested for being totally innocent

    •Kate••Kate•2 months ago
  • It’s confirmed Shane is floor gang

    Alex PhontvilleAlex Phontville2 months ago
  • i need a professor plushie, and i respect everything Shane does.

    The MarquisThe Marquis2 months ago
  • I thought the puppet theatre was bought or something. I didn't expect so much tape. During the episodes everything looks so good that I just assumed it was professionally made.

    Bruno'sBaBySquirrelBruno'sBaBySquirrel2 months ago
  • I love Shane's cardboard engineering with the theater. Holy cow!

    pink poodlepink poodle2 months ago
  • Wait, did Shane see Call Me By Your Name. I mean I get that Sefjan Steven's is popular, but I choose to believe he is a fan of that movie. Everyone should be!

    Brett LucasBrett Lucas2 months ago
  • "Slides... very easily Hang on a second Great, nailing it [Quietly] piece of shit"

    Grace RileyGrace Riley2 months ago
  • All hail the watcher

    Abraham RuizAbraham Ruiz2 months ago
  • Floor gang

    Abhinav BhiseAbhinav Bhise2 months ago

    Indy SIndy S2 months ago
  • 3:10 someone make this the official thingy

    Breitner BaptisteBreitner Baptiste2 months ago
  • Shane would get arrested for protesting or eco-hacktivism. Fight me.

    Crystal WolcottCrystal Wolcott2 months ago
  • Where can I find the watcher song?

    Breitner BaptisteBreitner Baptiste2 months ago
  • that Professor better get his shit together cause that racist demeanor he has against poor Ryan just cause he is half hispanic

    Tito CrespinTito Crespin2 months ago
  • For someone whos just started this whole puppet thing, thats amazing!

    alifia !alifia !2 months ago
  • The Asian heritage people having trouble with floor sitting and the white guy acing it is a plot twist I was not expecting going into this episode. That aside, I believe Shane, the Professor's assistant, is actually the genie that cursed his soul into a puppet and now inhabits his lifeless body.

    TheJeannagTheJeannag2 months ago
  • Ryan: like a white collar crime Shane, eat the rich, Madej: YeH.

    Francesca PattiFrancesca Patti2 months ago
  • I think they should make sturdy version of this theater hire some folks to make one lol.

    kris2pe yukris2pe yu2 months ago
  • the theater is amazing!

    I have a small penis butI have a small penis but2 months ago
  • Wait why does the professor look mildly happy in this BTS but he usually looks indifferent or disappointed in the show

    WhiteWaterAlchemistWhiteWaterAlchemist2 months ago
  • no I don't want to be the main character, they get bullied and picked on and nearly killed and no one likes them I want to be the side character everyone loves and I just watch the main char and be like oh my god what are you doing

    Sasha SashaSasha Sasha2 months ago
  • The Professor has FEET??? I just thought he had fabric dangly legs!

    MosempaiMosempai2 months ago
  • The theatre tour made me appreciate puppet history even more. The effort Shane puts into this is unbelievable ❤

    __ Mim____ Mim__2 months ago
  • Shane is really starting to give off those hozier vibes with the full beard but with the opposite personality of hozier I feel

    aggyMP tnzaaggyMP tnza2 months ago
  • It was so fun to learn how the theater was made, i love it!🥺

    HudaHuda2 months ago
  • 17:00 he looks like he's been living in a forest for three years

    KirstenKirsten2 months ago
  • Ryan: demands verified proof, with a witness, that a poop smells like oreos Also Ryan: believes in ghosts

    K McIntoshK McIntosh2 months ago
  • For the bruises on your elbow, you could use an elbow pad when doing the puppetry.

    deadspooky 2deadspooky 22 months ago
  • Imagine of the real Watcher from Unsolved saw how these dudes stole his branding

    stahp plsstahp pls2 months ago
  • I don’t know how to say this but Shane looks like ahberham Lincoln

    Summer HeimlichSummer Heimlich2 months ago
  • That theater is truly a work of art. Although I can't believe you Weekend-At-Bernie's-d The Professor like that, Shane...

    nerdlandianerdlandia2 months ago
  • I came for the tour, stayed for what was essentially a tutorial on how to make my own puppet theater! Thanks Shane! Hope everyone stays safe out there

    Theresa BajorekTheresa Bajorek2 months ago
  • can we talk abt the opening song ??? the talent popped out

    ap dap d2 months ago
  • The watcher is floor gang

    Orange Juice AddictOrange Juice Addict3 months ago
  • Shane got a lil more chubby in the face😱

    Juana rojasJuana rojas3 months ago
  • would love to know whereabouts the professor puppet came from, did shane make that himself aswell?

    samsam3 months ago
  • Ryan: murder or bank robbery Shane: grand theft auto Steven: arson These are the crime vibes I get tbh

    Soup Time Now timeSoup Time Now time3 months ago
  • Watching Shane go full Jim Henson was truly a joy to behold! Became a news subscriber recently and I haven't seen a video yet I don't love, and I can't wait to watch the channel grow!

    verbena limeverbena lime3 months ago
  • Today is the day I realized that they named this channel watcher because of that watcher thing they did an unsolved episode on

    Juliet oddJuliet odd3 months ago
  • Seeing The Professor so limp & lifeless... it's so unnerving...it feels wrong...

    Sour DropSour Drop3 months ago
  • Where is Ryan looking?

    Addison WolfAddison Wolf3 months ago
  • How does this channel not have over 1m subs yet!?!

    Gina CoxGina Cox3 months ago
  • Floor gang

    Ashley BeauvaisAshley Beauvais3 months ago
  • The watcher: is a terror from 657 Boulevard Also the watcher: three guys answering your questions and one of them is employed by a professor with a penchant for history

    ParkChimChimstolemyheartParkChimChimstolemyheart3 months ago
  • Basically a tutorial for making a tiny puppet theater I dig it.

    Alister D KAlister D K3 months ago
  • Love the stage but I’d love the chance to see some handy watcher fan make one out of wood and fancy material, season 3 maybe?

    John angelJohn angel3 months ago
  • I recently started watching puppet history and I’m obsessed, how is it possible?!

    LivingMyLife22LivingMyLife223 months ago
  • The puppet theatre is honestly so fucking cool, like damn Shane incredible job

    Paige JersenPaige Jersen3 months ago
  • shane in the puppet theatre tour lookin like jim henson

    rrhaes hutchrrhaes hutch3 months ago
  • I want more of the puppet history episodes. Truly miss them and I usually hate history but LOVE the show

    CWMCWM3 months ago
  • 4:11 "watcher is not a cult" of course it is, what are you talking about

    Madison TaylorMadison Taylor3 months ago
  • I had no idea green goddess was that popular. I'm glad it is, same shane, same.

    Kiley WKiley W3 months ago
  • "'Watcher is Not A Cult"

    remiismeremiisme3 months ago
  • Shane is that bob the builder boyfriend xD

    jomatojerries 27jomatojerries 273 months ago
  • ah yes.. Raid Shadow Ledgends

    ian kneecox from twitter?ian kneecox from twitter?3 months ago
  • Shane pls let me build you a new puppet box im a theatrical set designer. its so cute but things could be so much easier

    Evelyn NewmanEvelyn Newman3 months ago
  • O O O ShaNE fLoOr GaNG 🤙🤙

    Eva AugustaEva Augusta3 months ago
  • Steven: Watcher is not a cult. Me: You sure? I'm pretty sure that song just hypnotized all of us and one of those audio takes was the induction speech...

    Michelle AndersonMichelle Anderson3 months ago
  • Ryan: Aliens could be responsible for Roanoke Also Ryan: I refuse to believe poop can smell like Oreos

    R PR P3 months ago
  • It's funny how much I love Shane yet he is 100% wrong about ufos and aliens. At this point if you don't believe in aliens it is because you haven't really looked into enough paranormal accounts..history accounts or can read between the lines of what is taught and what reality is... We kinda live in an indoctrinated and fake society and the institutions that we count on to enlighten us too often are the ones blocking the truth about this subject. Wake up Shane. You are too funny and cool to be a mental gymnastic ufo avoidance bitch.

    Stephen EndersStephen Enders3 months ago
  • Completely out of no where “watcher is not a cult!” .....bruh no one said it was 💀

    hbh Tcrhbh Tcr3 months ago
  • Okay so I had no idea that Shane had just made the puppet theater?! The level of craftsmanship 😭😭😭 Impeccable.

    Ophelia MunroeOphelia Munroe3 months ago
  • Y is no one talking about the fact that the professor HAS LEGS?!??

    May WatsonMay Watson3 months ago
  • Been thinkin about it and this is the hottest Shane has ever been.

    HelenHelen3 months ago
  • I just wanna cry right now....he worked so hard for that show, he designed everything on his own. I will give it an almost crying applaud genuinely. I love puppets and trust me the mysterious Professor is the best ....he is freaking adorable and the perfect history teacher I would want to have. Love you' all I really look forward to the puppet show.

    Suyasha DeshmukhSuyasha Deshmukh4 months ago
  • Shane at the opening of the puppet theater tour clip looks like a quirky art teacher/(professor???) at some college talking to his class of students over zoom

    Angelina PetersenAngelina Petersen4 months ago