Ryan Goes on a Murderous Rampage • The Quarantine Games

May 3, 2020
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Chapter 6: In today's adventure: murder.
#StayHome & Game #WithMe
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  • They are all chaotic evil now

    Get stick bugged lol • 100 years agoGet stick bugged lol • 100 years ago7 hours ago
  • Stephanos may be mutilating the bodies, but honestly I think Ryan might be a little more fucked up

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynDay ago
  • I've litterally been watching watcher for about 24 hours now n yea it's great, the 3 ds is my favorite so far

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynDay ago
  • So I have to admit at first I wasn't very interested in SD&D&D but I have Watcher videos playing in the background while working on my kitchen renovation and this episode had me in tears laughing so hard! Well done, great stuff!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Christy GattoChristy Gatto2 days ago
  • Let’s be honest. It’s only a matter of time until Ricky’s personality overtakes Ryan’s and he goes on a real murderous rampage.

    Matthew SaglioccoMatthew Sagliocco25 days ago
  • I'm just going to comment for engagement bc I love this💗

    Sage BranSage BranMonth ago
  • "Hey, buddy, I'm sorry about this but uh,... it's time to clock out now."

    Abby CalAbby CalMonth ago
  • Damn, this shit got dark as hell.

    PootasaurPootasaurMonth ago
  • Shane: You may want to be stealthy Ryan. Gotcha. I start playing the bagpipes.

    DudeWheresMyAppleDudeWheresMyAppleMonth ago
  • "here's what's going to happen bub" is a sentence that carries so much power and i love it

    el.el.2 months ago
  • Stephano is so pretty and perverse (body part collection?)

    Animania freakAnimania freak2 months ago
  • Honestly this gets better and better every time, only got good things to say about this

    katherine collinskatherine collins2 months ago
  • Gahayyahahah good laugh

    BGK SBGK S3 months ago
  • Did Ryan just make a PADDINGTON 2 REFERENCE?!?

    Shannon PrendergastShannon Prendergast3 months ago
  • I never want this show to end 😂😂 I’ve never laughed so much in one sitting, I’m crying. Thank you 😂

    PlanetSlayceyPlanetSlaycey3 months ago
  • This is so fucked up. Jeez Ricky Goldsworth

    M. D.M. D.3 months ago
  • The amount of wheezing I did while watching this was almost inhuman

    LobofloLoboflo3 months ago
  • Ryan is so aggressively morbid in this one and I am here for it, oh my stars

    Karma 01Karma 013 months ago
  • "Yes yes yes let's murder his face" this is my absolute favorite line

    warriorchick127warriorchick1273 months ago
  • He should've used viscious mockery against the goblin

    warriorchick127warriorchick1273 months ago
  • i feel so bad for krentz

    Emilia ZHANGEmilia ZHANG3 months ago
  • Worst murder ever lol

    AnnaMaria MazzolaAnnaMaria Mazzola4 months ago
  • stephanos almost being turned into a cold blooded murderer because of steve's influence is what i'm here for

    jenjen4 months ago
  • I would’ve just kept the guy with the eye tattoos and bribed him to distract the boss with the silver you got.

    Boonie BoundBoonie Bound4 months ago
  • I wish I understood dnd

    hbh Tcrhbh Tcr4 months ago
  • Rip in peace Krentz

    nunu nananunu nana4 months ago
  • The way Stephanos is just snacking and smiling while Steve fights Chesby sdjfkjk

    nunu nananunu nana4 months ago
  • Steve: *Gets weirded out by Stephanos taking body parts* Also Steve: Give me those ears, I'm gonna glue them to my fucking head.

    friendly bi penguinfriendly bi penguin4 months ago
  • Steve: *murders the goblin in a horrific manner* Stephanos: Is this the man I'm in love with?

    MidnatestarMidnatestar4 months ago
  • Someone should animate these like Harmon quest

    J mcgaJ mcga4 months ago
  • they keep bringing up lenny the missing squirrel but didnt the diplococcus say he took lenny?

    Dummy EnigmaDummy Enigma4 months ago
  • Ryan is slowly going full-on Hannibal Lector 😂

    Pauline GeiermannPauline Geiermann5 months ago

    Roman BellRoman Bell5 months ago
  • Ryan: *cuts off dude's face to look like him* Me, yelling at the screen: THERE ARE SPELLS FOR THAT!!! Y'ALL DON'T USE ENOUGH MAGIC!

    Jessica WattersJessica Watters5 months ago
  • I love it!!!!

    Natassia AyalaNatassia Ayala5 months ago
  • I’m not very experienced in d&d but from the campaigns i’ve watched this party is by far the most chaotic and ruthless

    littlecoconutinclittlecoconutinc5 months ago
  • I have watched this dozens of times and I'm pretty sure Ryan and Shane forgot their characters.

    Her MillionsHer Millions5 months ago
  • DM Shane gives me the strength I need when my players start to absolutely derail the campaign.

    Misty BouquetMisty Bouquet5 months ago
  • In this week's episode..."Why alignment is important."

    RPG CrateRPG Crate5 months ago
  • Ryan's a psycho ahahah

    Mina WeißMina Weiß6 months ago
  • Shane t-shirt is distracting. It's like the professor is peaking out.

    Flutters55 PowellFlutters55 Powell6 months ago
  • Ok but are we going to talk about how The Professor is peeking out from behind Shane’s sweater or...?

    YodelereYodelere6 months ago
  • I've done some stuff in D&D campaigns but.....jesus christ guys. 🙆‍♂️

    BarneyMillerBarneyMiller6 months ago
  • stephanos is the best character to ever exist lmao

    Zul LoZul Lo6 months ago
  • i love steve, full stop.

    mielmiel6 months ago
  • This episode took a really dark turn lol

    GiovannaGiovanna6 months ago
  • "Don't worry, I'll honor you body." "I don't want you to honor my body!" Should be iconic

    CaarlineCaarline6 months ago
  • Steve is just Ricky Goldsworth. Change my mind.

    Kirsten FordKirsten Ford6 months ago
  • I think this may have been my favorite one yet

    soshiangel90soshiangel906 months ago
  • I am a DM and this episode is a summary of what i have to put up with everytime i let my players be chaotic evil.

    TiaraLili BiaTiaraLili Bia6 months ago
  • jesus christ steve

    fairyfairy6 months ago
  • Ah yes, Social Distancing and Dungeons and Dragons. We've got Shane as the Game Master, Katie as Qezza, Steven as Stephanos, and RICKY GOLDSWORTH AS STEVE

    Jill StephensonJill Stephenson6 months ago
  • “As the bolt hits you he just goes: Boooo!” “You wanna come over and take this goblin’s ears and turn them into a necklace” “Let’s do it!” 🤣

    Tarrie RevenantTarrie Revenant6 months ago
  • This was darkly hilarious, I legit could not stop laughing. You guys are awesome! 👏👏👏👏 I swear I could watch SD D&D forever. 👌👌

    Tonya GrayTonya Gray6 months ago
  • Steve = Buffalo Bill

    DrakeDrake6 months ago
  • Wowwww, Ryan. Wow.

    Poochie CollinsPoochie Collins6 months ago
  • when did stephanos become ed gein ? 😭

    bellabella6 months ago
  • the party: yes we will do this good thing but we WILL commit atrocities while we do so. this is non negotiable.

    alexanderalexander6 months ago
  • stephanos: [cries as he hugs a man they just killed] also stephanos, referring to the same man: 'hey lets murder him in cold blood so we can wear his face'

    alexanderalexander6 months ago
  • it amazes me that steven could easily spin that pen with his right hand

    Elizabeth FulgencioElizabeth Fulgencio6 months ago
  • Lol, Jesus first killing the goblin and taking his ears to then impersonate him then killing the bald guy to carve his face off to impersonate him. This got really dark really fast 🤣🤣🤣

    WhiteRabbit13WhiteRabbit136 months ago
  • why was this one so intense i'm feeling so much anguish rn

    floraljasifloraljasi6 months ago
  • wow Ryan just gave the term murderhobo a twist of insane. psychohobo perhaps???

    isenhame Misenhame M6 months ago
  • Well... That god dark and I laughed the whole time... I think that says a lot about my character...

    StarLightFireStarLightFire6 months ago
  • "last I heard, he can't hear anymore. you know why? cuz I'm wearing his ears"

    Bastard AcademiaBastard Academia6 months ago
  • Why are their views so low?

    F AF A6 months ago
  • You can’t convince me Steve’s alignment isn’t chaotic evil

    Christiane NewcombeChristiane Newcombe6 months ago
  • This is so messed up XD

    Eliza RodanEliza Rodan6 months ago
  • It's official. Nice try Ricky "Steve" Goldsworth. You're not fooling us. 😂

    OneWingedAngelsBandOneWingedAngelsBand6 months ago
  • Jesus christ. I honestly feel like Shane's DMing talents are lowkey wasted on this, like I know their game is totally for shits and gags and it's a lot of fun to watch even though Ryan has definitely lost all grip on his sanity, but I think Shane would actually really enjoy dming a proper campaign. He is so good at storytelling!

    JupiterJupiter6 months ago
  • This entire episode is the definition of "mom, come pick me up I'm scared."

    TJ SauceTJ Sauce6 months ago
  • This is the only thing keeping me sane in quarantine.

    AspenJadeAspenJade6 months ago
  • Nooo rip zemk and krentz 😭😭

    Bella BBella B6 months ago
  • You guys should get the show animated

    Ashlee BonillaAshlee Bonilla6 months ago
  • Kentz: *gets brutally murdered* Qezza: *crying and laughing* Stephanos: *hugging the corpse and crying* Steve: *blank face of indifference*

    snap my necksnap my neck6 months ago
  • "Let's carve this man's face like a pumpkin!" Our heroes, everyone!

    NocturnalSyrenNocturnalSyren6 months ago

    Maggie SnyderMaggie Snyder6 months ago
  • So this is leading to murder boyfriend with their supportive murder aunt while they have a confused and very disturbed tag along...I love it

    Oof ImscrewedOof Imscrewed6 months ago
    • Now that you mention it, this is giving me American Horror Story vibes.

      Poochie CollinsPoochie Collins6 months ago
  • Shane: you might want to roll for stealth Ryan (Ricky): *like a minute later* I pull out my bagpipes Edit: What the fuck, Ricky Goldsworth Edit 2: What the FUCK Stephanos

    Dedicated SparrowDedicated Sparrow6 months ago
  • Best episode by FAR

    Crazy CornCrazy Corn6 months ago
  • that is NOT how you kill someone painlessly!!!!!

    FaffylikescookiesFaffylikescookies6 months ago
  • will someone finallytell them that stephanos and steve are the same name?

    Eleni GlEleni Gl6 months ago
  • I laughed so hard. A+ content, guys. This is awesome :D

    Herbert FilbyHerbert Filby6 months ago
  • Never played D&G but this is the funniest series I have ever seen!! Ryan - how'd you get such a good haircut during lockdown? Shane - lookin' sexier as lockdown progresses #Shaniac❤

    jogregoryjgjogregoryjg6 months ago
  • This series keeps getting better and better

    Allian AbogadoAllian Abogado6 months ago
  • When Stephanos said he'll honor Steve's body, I imagined something not so innocent... 😶

    Kitt JyKitt Jy6 months ago
    • ............

      Poochie CollinsPoochie Collins6 months ago
  • Funny how Steve projects his psychopathy onto Stephanos, yet stabs a creature through the heart while staring it in the eyes and cuts the face off someone and wears it as a mask.

    beingbeckeronibeingbeckeroni6 months ago
  • I dont even know how to play this game. Odds are i never will! But its the spooky boys and when i see them i click

    Kamron HiltunenKamron Hiltunen6 months ago
  • You guys need to keep doing this even after quarantine ends!!! Super entertaining!!

    Jeanette SlawskiJeanette Slawski6 months ago
  • I really wish these lasted an hour. Always make me laugh out loud which never happens watching videos on my phone. Brightens my day when it’s dark! Thanks Watcher! Also would love for some of these to be animated haha!

    David RohdeDavid Rohde6 months ago
  • I'm starting to think Steve is the villain.

    Rachel MahaffeyRachel Mahaffey6 months ago
  • Steve is absolutely fucking ruthless holy shit

    Pipina CarathanasisPipina Carathanasis6 months ago
  • I’m crying laughing

    Adamant MAdamant M6 months ago
  • I am cry laughing this is the funniest Watcher series change my mind

    Brianna LopezBrianna Lopez6 months ago
  • This was the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever watched. I’m crying wtf 😂😭😂

    tillertiller6 months ago

    Mackenzie RichardMackenzie Richard6 months ago
  • This was brilliant 😂😂 I wonder if they will remember that Steve is a halfling and thus SHORT 😂😂

    LordKiwiiLordKiwii6 months ago
  • You guys need real D&D dice, digital ramdomizers of any kind suck, believe me I know by experience.

    Red Riot88Red Riot886 months ago
  • Wow. That real dark real quick.

    Izzy B UkeIzzy B Uke6 months ago
  • Ryan is killing people again

    Eli CorterEli Corter6 months ago