Ryan Interviews Marielle Scott in a Haunted House • Spooky Small Talk

May 29, 2020
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You may know the SAG nominated Marielle Scott as the mysterious Shelly in the Oscar nominated film LadyBird, or rubbing elbows with a psychopath as the wisecracking Lucy in Netflix’s You. If not, there’s plenty of time to catch her this year in FX’s upcoming limited series A Teacher with Kate Mara or in Universal’s All My Life with Jessia Rothe and Harry Shum Jr. You can also treat your ears to her advice podcast, Lettuce Help!
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  • Hopefully one day youll be able to take people like dwane johnson or julia roberts through the maze or maby even elon musk one day, you just need to change up the questions a little because they are getting repetetive. All the best my man.

    gruby 17gruby 17Day ago
  • Goals

    rane smithrane smith2 days ago
  • Mari has the cutest smile, I love them together

    RachelRachel13 days ago
  • Ryan must really care about her. He stood his ground between his girlfriend and the spooky ones. I'm impressed.

    Jennifer EmersonJennifer Emerson18 days ago
  • They’re such a cute couple😭

    Gumiho MochiGumiho Mochi19 days ago

    kisujad3kisujad320 days ago
  • Bruh Ryan is dating a mainstream actress! How!?

    DansabotDansabot22 days ago
  • Actual goals. They’re so cute

    Taylor EdgarTaylor Edgar23 days ago
  • All the actors probably just think Marielle is that annoying gf that talks to much.

    The Seven of SpadesThe Seven of Spades24 days ago
  • He was in the doghouse for a bit after this...lol

    sev medranosev medrano25 days ago
  • Do one with Elon Musk

    Joep LukkenJoep Lukken25 days ago
  • all of this content from you guys is awsome. I binge watch everything :D but kinda awkward for the actors from this spookhouse when you keep on this interview :D

    Sascha OldenburgSascha Oldenburg28 days ago
  • This is the sweetest and funniest video that I’ve ever seen.

    AlAnn AAlAnn A28 days ago
  • Me: OMG she has the same name as me! 2 seconds later: Same spelling, different pronunciation Me: 👁👄👁 oh

    Marielle ShiringMarielle Shiring29 days ago
  • I wonder if Shane and Marielle are really good friends and when Ryan disagrees with her Shane will back her up

    Christopher PignettiChristopher PignettiMonth ago
  • The way he looks at her throughout the entire thing is so cute

    Courtney MontgomeryCourtney MontgomeryMonth ago
  • she looked ready to throw hands with every scare actor

    KarebearKarebearMonth ago
  • I've gone to this one before 💗

    BehindTheMaskBehindTheMaskMonth ago
  • Tbh Ryan went in thinking this was a great idea and then at fear and flourish you can notice the exact moment he realised "ok I fucked up oh fuck I'm gonna die"

    baloobalooMonth ago
  • Awww I love them!!!!

    Time is Precious live as good as you canTime is Precious live as good as you canMonth ago
  • They are so funny together. I love the back and forth ❤️

    Stephanie ClarkStephanie ClarkMonth ago
    • sucks that they broke up.

      Best memes AroundBest memes AroundMonth ago
  • theyre so cute i hate it here i feel so single

    Amethyst CortezAmethyst CortezMonth ago

    Rifqah vSRifqah vSMonth ago
  • 2:50 lmaooooooo “I do this for a living” 🤣🤣🤣

    Hailey OHailey OMonth ago
  • the 14 feet on the BC/Washington coast www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2018/05/13/a-14th-human-foot-this-one-in-a-hiking-boot-washes-ashore-in-canada/

    I MI MMonth ago
  • Ryan: That was scary *Ryan after not even a second* Ryan: *Proceeds to ask question*

    Vindhya TirumalasettiVindhya TirumalasettiMonth ago
  • "I screwed myself," Yeah it looks like you'll be the only one Ry.

    Fran LoIaconoFran LoIaconoMonth ago
  • No one’s gonna talk about “holy monkey”

    Vivian HortVivian Hort2 months ago
  • I'd like you guys to investigate the Seneca guns in cape Fear , North Carolina ,,its strange Booms that come out of nowhere at all hours of the day that sound like cannon fire

    Les FaustLes Faust2 months ago
  • "I hope you have a heart attack" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Cydney McNeeceCydney McNeece2 months ago
  • the ending.... *moop*

    Megan C. HoltfreterMegan C. Holtfreter2 months ago
  • damn, that vanishing act at 7:55 is amazing

    takewhatawaytakewhataway2 months ago
  • Her death stare is killing me😂😂😭

    Aqsa YounusAqsa Younus2 months ago
  • no okay but i ship this so much

    noelle rankinnoelle rankin2 months ago
  • I have never heard anyone swear "holy monkey" 😂😂😂

    Narayni PNarayni P2 months ago
  • I'm really looking forward for you guys to interview Adam Bianchi or Andrew Ilnyckyj like... I'm not sure those two guys would have any human reaction which would make it a treat!

    Amadea S.Amadea S.2 months ago
  • Ryan: Can I kiss you? Me: YEESSS WE LOVE A CONSENTING KING

    Kimberly MorenoKimberly Moreno2 months ago
  • the heart eyes are too much, this is the sweetest thing ive ever seen 😭❤❤❤❤

    Zul LoZul Lo2 months ago
  • Spooky small talk needs too be it's own show

    Syruss Tha GreatSyruss Tha Great2 months ago
  • 2:35 Why is Cell here?

    SportnuggetSportnugget2 months ago
  • If Shane was there, the fear would be almost non existent

    Zoe the PotatoZoe the Potato2 months ago
  • *holy monkey*

    Paper InspirationPaper Inspiration2 months ago
  • “Can I kiss you?” 😭😭😭

    heytheredemons !heytheredemons !2 months ago

    heytheredemons !heytheredemons !2 months ago
  • 7:11 that should’ve been Shane with his fear of heroin needles 😂.

    NouraNoura2 months ago
  • Waaahhhhh!! My OTP 😍❤️ love you guys both!!!! 🤧❤️

    JustCallMe_VenJustCallMe_Ven3 months ago
  • i'm here for more rants about loving coffee

    Nicole Olivieri PaganNicole Olivieri Pagan3 months ago

    HumanBeingHumanBeing3 months ago
  • They're sooo cute! Lowkey sad she didn't go through the demon hell portal hallway that Zach Kornfeld had to walk though when they did this route. Was also thinking maybe this route would've gotten a scream out of Shane? Would love to see him remain straight faced as a nursed runs at him with a needle (filled with heroin)

    Broadway ButterflyBroadway Butterfly3 months ago
  • They are so adorable together omg

    Erina BErina B3 months ago
  • hot couple ngl

    lizardlizard3 months ago
  • This is the biggest Ryan Bergara flex

    DanDan3 months ago

    Phoebe MPhoebe M3 months ago
  • How's she controlling not holding her boyfriend close, when she's scared. I mean my first reaction would be holding hand of the nearest human to me🤣

    AkankshaAkanksha3 months ago
  • They are so cute together ahhh

    lizardlizard3 months ago
  • literally stan Mari so much

    autumn_editsautumn_edits3 months ago
  • fun fact: "boos" is actually a word in persian and its the informal way to say "kiss" and i thought that was kinda cute and funny when it said "the best of boos" right after they kissed lol

    mahmah3 months ago
  • me third wheeling for 15 mins straight.... loved every sec of it

    mahmah3 months ago
  • My face hurts from smiling so much! They're so wholesome. I love them.

    whyyesiamamazingwhyyesiamamazing3 months ago
  • I *have* to recommend Marielle's podcast "Lettuce Help" . It's generally about self-love and improving your confidence/outlook on life. It covers some very serious and important topics about caring for one's mental health. Their advice is great, and they are still very funny and entertaining!

    Miss MayMiss May3 months ago
  • Wait Marielle is gorgeous wow

    todorokataratodorokatara3 months ago
  • I love that she is being so professional even if she is getting scared. If I was in her place getting interviewed by my boyfriend I would have held on to him so tight I would have ripped out his arms or something. P. S. They are so cute they make my heart happy.

    aditi shettyaditi shetty3 months ago
  • =pasta=

    Damian JonesDamian Jones4 months ago
  • The way Ryan looks at Marielle is life. Excuse me I have to figure out how to get out of this puddle form.

    Rebecca DoddRebecca Dodd4 months ago
  • Mari and Ryan are couple goals. That's it. That's the comment.

    KingAviLeeKingAviLee4 months ago
  • i love it lol

    Debora BowlinDebora Bowlin4 months ago
  • Lmao its so weird that Ryan is trying to act strong in front of his gf XD im so used of him screaming every second

    acidityacidity4 months ago
  • This is painfully cute. I can’t even.

    J. MackenzieJ. Mackenzie4 months ago
  • awww that was sooo adorable.💗💗💗💗

    mamamuahmamamuah4 months ago
  • i have only one thing to say, CUTEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Please make more episodes with your gfs

    Ann ChaseAnn Chase4 months ago
  • my heart the pure love in their eyes😍😍😍💕💕💕

    hayley bennetthayley bennett4 months ago
  • Ryan: "Look how sorry I am" *tries not to laugh* Mari: *HEART EYES* it's okay i forgive u *heart eyes intensifies* #RELATIONSHIPGOAAAALS

    lilysarvestanililysarvestani4 months ago
  • At 7:54 where did that actor dissapate to?

    Lucifer's LunchboxLucifer's Lunchbox4 months ago
  • THEY ARE SO CUTE 😍😍😍😭😭😭

    Alexandria SmithAlexandria Smith4 months ago
  • That air thing reminds me of the eye blower at the optometrist

    Ling MayLing May4 months ago
  • I'm surprised she didn't take Timothée chalamet's name when asked about the cast of Lady Bird

    Maithreyi mMaithreyi m4 months ago
  • @10:25 lmao

    annabelltannabellt4 months ago
  • Is that darth maul?

    Luke likes MacaroniLuke likes Macaroni4 months ago
  • ryan i am sad lonely lesbian amd you come in here flexing your bomb ass gf, not cool 😔

    buttrioskabuttrioska4 months ago
  • Okay but the way they look and joke with each other just warms my heart! You can just tell how in love they are and it’s so cute 🥺🤍

    Violet JohnsonViolet Johnson4 months ago
  • She’s so unabashedly gorgeous

    Jai TazelJai Tazel4 months ago
  • THAT was one of the best interviews, EVER! And, Ryan,....you're lucky she didn't kick your butt! lol

    AYLA - Laura Ayla JonesAYLA - Laura Ayla Jones4 months ago
  • If I was her I would've just punch those people wearing costumes. lol

    Ron MattRon Matt4 months ago
  • OMG You are a cuuuuttteeeee couple!

    Ron MattRon Matt4 months ago
  • Why was Ryan apologizing to Marielle the absolute cutest thing ever

    Biaya KayembeBiaya Kayembe4 months ago
  • when mari said i hope you have a heart attack 😭😭 anyways i love them so much 🥺🥺🥺

    baddest bbaddest b4 months ago
  • It's so cute They Have Matching Braceletes😍😍

    TinTin4 months ago
  • Ok but is no one going to talk about where that lady from 7:55 went? Like where did she go? She scooted back and then disappeared into thin air

    Mia BruhmahMia Bruhmah4 months ago
  • This was precious. Also switching to the “best of boos” format was the best decision

    Mikayla PerryMikayla Perry4 months ago
  • Coffee

    Rebecca O'learyRebecca O'leary5 months ago
  • He was so banished to the sofa that night.

    Helen MacklinHelen Macklin5 months ago
  • Ryan hyping up Mari in the beginning was the cutest shit ever i legit started to tear up.

    Olivia ColemanOlivia Coleman5 months ago
  • Is Ryan doing the pog face in the thumbnail???

    SeaBaseSeaBase5 months ago
  • omggg they are really cute together🥺

    Gabrielle TurnerGabrielle Turner5 months ago
  • I just noticed the pasta graffiti lol

    Sara RankinsSara Rankins5 months ago
  • “Holy Monkey”😂😂😂

    Danielle MercadoDanielle Mercado5 months ago
  • Ryan’s genuine concern every time she got scared was so funny, and this ep was super cute! 🥰

    Alexie NewmanAlexie Newman5 months ago
  • They're so cute!

    moonrose100moonrose1005 months ago
  • Marielle gets it when it comes to coffee.

    littlecoconutinclittlecoconutinc5 months ago
  • I’m scared

    The mad oneThe mad one5 months ago