Ryan Interviews Shane in a Haunted House • Spooky Small Talk

Apr 17, 2020
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Today’s guest is one of Watcher’s very own, and Ryan's ghoulfriend on BuzzFeed Unsolved, Mr. Shane Madej. You may know Shane as the resident skeptic on BuzzFeed Unsolved or as the charming Professor on Puppet History, or as the wizard of whimsical on Weird Wonderful World. But also you may know Shane if you know me, seriously at this point, I’d be surprised if that wasn’t true.
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  • shane really looks like he should have a british accent, not an american one, and i can't quite explain why

    A. M.A. M.6 hours ago
  • But I could not imagine to better host for the unsolved and watcher or two better best friends

    Gracy MGracy M9 hours ago
  • Ryan had been through 2 previous times n still got more scared than shane

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynDay ago
  • Love Shane and Adam Driver!

    RookInCharge27RookInCharge272 days ago
  • Me and Shane went to the same high school! Cool!

    Anthony ReyesAnthony Reyes2 days ago
  • If I went to Shanes highschool I would have told him he was groovy.

    shannon1242shannon12425 days ago
  • I went to a haunted house a few weeks ago because this show really convinced me it wouldn't be that bad but holy cow I'm terrified of open doors in my own house now

    Marlise MasseyMarlise Massey9 days ago
  • As a professional scare actor of 5 years - Shane is my worst fear.

    Scott RatScott Rat10 days ago

    Mykie CastrielleMykie Castrielle11 days ago
  • He’s such an interesting person lol

    DreamQueenDreamQueen11 days ago
  • Shout out to whoever captions these. "Spooky sound" "even spookier sounding smack" LOVES IT

    Sage TheeSage Thee11 days ago
  • ::musing:: Shane’s scared of physical threats, like that roller coaster in “Tourist Trapped”. If it breaks and you fall, you die. A bunch of actors who aren’t allowed to touch you and the empty air are not threats, so he’s not scared of them. (If you believe that ghouls, ghosts, and/or evil supernatural entities do not exist, whatever you see doesn’t pose a threat.) Also: In addition to stop-motion animation, Shane’s mentioned he practiced ventriloquism as a high school student, was intrigued by the animatronics (and wax dolls) in “Tourist Trapped”, and now works with puppets. Guessing that Shane has a mind that tends to look at an object and mentally take it apart to see how it works. He was reaching for that mannequin when it moved, the only real startle he makes in the video. Honestly, I’d love to see Ryan and Shane go into a haunted place (organic or devised) wearing brainwave caps. I bet that not only does Ryan’s light up to a greater degree, but the parts of the brain that light up for both of them are very different.

    TK WallaceTK Wallace11 days ago
  • Shane “my head is proportional to my body” Madej.

    Maple SyrupMaple Syrup12 days ago
  • Shane stepping back with his arms up angrily saying, "IS THIS HOW THE WHOLE THING IS GOING TO BE?!" Killed me. Especially after he shouted out his mom

    satanichispanicsatanichispanic12 days ago
  • shane is a demon

    Grace LloydGrace Lloyd12 days ago
  • in too many spirits ep 1 i think, shane said he had very uh, m o i s t hands, now his skin is dry?

    Eeva REeva R12 days ago
  • shane had glaASSES?1/1 /

    Eeva REeva R12 days ago
  • Tallman and Shortboi: The Orgin Story

  • 3:51 "there's also like a SHANE (chain) hitting me in the face " 😂

    Lea SteamLea Steam13 days ago
  • 5:59

    KappleKapple14 days ago
  • i'm a big fan of these two

    Anamika bharaliAnamika bharali14 days ago
  • My Daughter's Dad is from Schaumburg! Portillos is my first and last stop, when I visit there. Also! My Boyfriend's Dad was the Dean at Columbia College!

    Bridgit McKeeBridgit McKee15 days ago
  • This a genius interview platform. So great to see Ryan conduct interviews in a jumpscare-centric haunted house. But the fact that Shane has zero reaction to any of it honestly made me so happy! It’s so hilarious! I love what you guys are doing! Keep it up! 👍🏻

    Brad StephensBrad Stephens16 days ago
  • the word 'ghoul friend' will never die hshs

    Acey NakaharaAcey Nakahara17 days ago
  • I’m way too invested in their relationship, the first time I watched this I literally awwed when Ryan said they were best friends

    M&MM&M18 days ago
  • if shane's future partner gets spooked of something paranormal- you best bet Shane gon' start screaming at the ghouls or just genuinely fighting them lmao-

    -Verxnica --Verxnica -18 days ago
  • Shane is the perfect person to host this kind of thing. Even Ryan got scared haha.

    Miss Rose NoirMiss Rose Noir18 days ago
  • Shane: sings his whole school song in German and wins a contest because of it Also Shane: Senf...

    Louise BrownieLouise Brownie19 days ago
  • Haunted Houses should have a guy in a suit at the end, with a clipboard, telling me that my taxes are being raised. That is the most terrifying thing.

    DepredationDepredation20 days ago
  • Finally Shane the demon can go back to his home

    mei redmondmei redmond21 day ago
  • I love that Shane loves Adam Driver as much as I do! You guys are amazing!

    Helena MachadoHelena Machado21 day ago
  • At this point, is Shane normal??

    K MK M23 days ago
  • rewatching this for idunno.. the 28th time?

    Sarah Mae AbuhanSarah Mae Abuhan24 days ago
  • this man is so fucking repressed 😭 being sincere is also very difficult for me thanks for the representation shane

    Natalee SavoyNatalee Savoy24 days ago
  • Shane Madej- the 8th wonder of the world

    That WeebDorkTrashThat WeebDorkTrash26 days ago
  • shane must be so dead inside or he saw everything already :D

    Sascha OldenburgSascha Oldenburg28 days ago
  • Shane is a demon proven fact

    Andy GonzalezAndy Gonzalez29 days ago
  • Shane looks like Edward Norton. ☺️🥺

    N VargasN Vargas29 days ago
  • Imagine accd the actor jump the camera man

    Fadhli Shafhan LubisFadhli Shafhan LubisMonth ago
  • shane is a demon confirmed

    Alexis AndersonAlexis AndersonMonth ago
  • Shane doesn't get enough credit for his comedic delivery

    dreamincolor14dreamincolor14Month ago
  • Ghost: OoOoOwoOO Shane: hold on Im talkin brotha

    tajma halltajma hallMonth ago
  • The dislikes are from the actors that couldnt scare shane

    YoongiSalamiYoongiSalamiMonth ago
  • as a haunt actor- if you want a better experience, react. people like shane are no fun and we kinda just give up. the people that react, we keep comin for.

    poptart6662012poptart6662012Month ago
  • Ghosts: I oop- Shane: *unbothered* Ghost: Understandable, have a good day.

    Bacchus MochiBacchus MochiMonth ago
  • Shane: oh no! Anyways..

    Write_Off LemonWrite_Off LemonMonth ago
  • I want a friendship like theirs, and nerves likes Shane

    Liz MihkelsonLiz MihkelsonMonth ago
  • lmao at how shane doesn't flinch at a single thing and the actors are like dammit this guy isn't scared

    Ann NAnn NMonth ago
  • Shane at 6:01 is the aesthetic I aspire to be at all times from now on.

    Abby CalAbby CalMonth ago
  • i love how ryan gets increasingly more terrified but Shane just keeps on talking

    deskishdeskishMonth ago
  • omg i could only imagine Shane in school lmaoooo

    TeteSaladTeteSaladMonth ago
  • I like schamburg IL, i don't live far from there. Chicago, IL is huge, and schamburg is part of cook county-I believe the largest county of Chicago... Chicago will eat all of IL eventually. haha

    ToothlessToothlessMonth ago
  • Shane is such a babe, and he’s oblivious to it which makes him even more of a babe.

    Alyssa SAlyssa SMonth ago
  • lmao... if you know ryan you know shane

    IoanaIoanaMonth ago
  • I don't think it's that Shane doesn't get scared. I think he just doesn't notice.

    Aaron SchweitzerAaron SchweitzerMonth ago
  • Shane would have fit right in in the 1860’s. Very good, very good.

    Silicon NomadSilicon NomadMonth ago
  • Run it back for halloween

  • Shane's "barrel through" advice makes perfect sense to me but I feel like it shouldn't

    Meriwether MinnixMeriwether MinnixMonth ago
  • “Well that sucks” made me picture Adam Driver 🤣 EDITED TO ADD: THEN HE TALKS ABOUT ADAM DRIVER. YAS

    Jessica Briner-DeVoreJessica Briner-DeVoreMonth ago
  • Aww Shane went to the prom alone🥺🥺🥺

    75-Parvati Hembrom75-Parvati HembromMonth ago
  • Ryan: Therewolf Me: (w/o pausing) There castle ... ❤Mel Brooks

    Desiree OchoaDesiree OchoaMonth ago
  • I love you guys

    Ricki SternRicki SternMonth ago
  • 10:55 best pause ever

    Christina JohnsonChristina JohnsonMonth ago
  • Shane vaguely reminds me of an owl

    Saci BubnóSaci BubnóMonth ago
  • After hearing Ryan describe Generation X the other day it seems like Shane (per this video) should belong to that apathy-minded group. Either that, or he's a windsock.

    Cleo HarperCleo HarperMonth ago
  • how about that "tender ending" at the end of the date

    Cristine GuevarraCristine GuevarraMonth ago
  • 6:05 the sadness in his eyes. it's okay sir, you did your best.

    ChromberriesシChromberriesシMonth ago
  • People are talking about how Shane didn't get spooked or scared but look at 4:25

    AlexAlexMonth ago
  • y’all probably won’t see this, however Ryan should have Shane to Asylum 49 in Utah.

    oleiah francomoleiah francomMonth ago
  • First jump scare, he just looked mildly confused

    My Own MusicMy Own MusicMonth ago
  • Maybe Shane does get scared. Because he keeps a wall up a little.

    EveleneEveleneMonth ago
  • You ever felt after talking to a person that... dayum he's the one??? Even tho you don't know what it is about him that you like... you just like him. Shane is that person for me. I don't know EXACTLY what I like about him... he looks like a cool person to hang out with.

    riah sayeriah sayeMonth ago
  • Ryan and Shane please play Phasmophobia. That would be hilarious!

    Creativ HowlCreativ HowlMonth ago
  • Bro Schaumburg is my fucking last name bro wtf I didn't know that was a town😤😤😤

    BoisonGamingBoisonGamingMonth ago
  • I used to live in Schaumburg, IL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rick GauerRick GauerMonth ago
  • I've gotten to the point where I just press the like button before I even play the video because I just know I'm going to enjoy everything that comes out of this channel. So wonderful to see the lads put out content that makes them happy and excited to press record because it really is apparent to the viewer. Super grateful to be able to be a part of this brand new journey with them!

    KardelenKardelenMonth ago
  • I aspire to have the resting heart rate of Shane Madej

    Hilary RaeHilary RaeMonth ago
  • Shane is Mr. Burns in young form with BDE.

    Leeson JamesLeeson JamesMonth ago
  • Shane must’ve accidentally summoned the demon while rehearsing the German fight song for the talent show

    Amy TriegerAmy TriegerMonth ago
  • Shane grew up 29 minutes from where I live in the suburbs of Chicago. And he went to the EXACT same college I’m going to, and I’m JUST NOW finding this out.

    Mason HeitnerMason HeitnerMonth ago
  • I think Shane is dead inside or he is the devil 👿

    Prasanna GurungPrasanna GurungMonth ago
  • man that guy is dry as hell

    kuromikuromiMonth ago
  • Shane is just a whole different breed that’s all😌

    Alondra La ChonaAlondra La ChonaMonth ago
  • I still maintain the cameraman has no feelings


    Sarah AnneSarah AnneMonth ago
  • Shane not flinching even the slightest annoys me

    say my namesay my nameMonth ago
  • Dude every monster after try a scare Shane and seeing is reaction is always like “the fuck”

    ZakoramZakoramMonth ago
  • You truly are a jackass. ... I love you. These fucking dudes ISTG 😂

    Vee VintageVee VintageMonth ago
  • 8:28 demon shane moment ig

    Athena EstradaAthena EstradaMonth ago
  • Adam Driver kinda looks like my husband and I love him for being in the core. My husband is also in the army lol

    Lyndsy CarsonLyndsy CarsonMonth ago
  • Shane is absolutely fantastic 😂 my hero.

    Absinthia VenamortisAbsinthia VenamortisMonth ago
  • Little did he know Shane shitted his pants on 6:01

    leatherfaceleatherfaceMonth ago
  • Me being from Schaumburg

    Ramona NedevaRamona NedevaMonth ago
  • What these 'Haunted House' creators don't get is that silence is more disturbing than sound. There is too much going on in a 'haunted house'. There should be more darkness, less shouting and little things like a tap on the shoulders, someone blows on your head. The little things actually scare you more with added silence. This looks too goofy and less scary.

    Saurabh SharmaSaurabh SharmaMonth ago
  • Ghost hunting has really done some stuff to Shane

    RyanTheOfficialAdultRyanTheOfficialAdultMonth ago
  • i love how they're conversing like they're walking in the park on a very calm and quiet Tuesday night

    Kirsten MagsinoKirsten MagsinoMonth ago
  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Passant AliPassant AliMonth ago
  • 5:59 i spat out my drink.

    j moneyj moneyMonth ago
  • 0:55 - 1:05 You must have seen the Paranormal Activity saga to understand that when the demon is inside the person becomes a little bit emotionless, and yes he's been taunting a lot if them so, maybe we understand why he's become like that...

    Antonio ObregonAntonio ObregonMonth ago
  • after going to the asylum with the ludicrously deep body chute, haunted houses are probably like disney rides lmao

    ModusiticateModusiticateMonth ago