Ryan Interviews Zach Kornfeld in a Haunted House • Spooky Small Talk

Jan 16, 2020
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You may know Zach from his nationwide tour, Legends of the Internet, or from his new york times best selling book The Hidden Power of F*cking Up, or more likely, as one of the charming Try Guys who have taken the internet by storm with 6.6 million subscribers in just a year and a half!
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  • Hey folks! Ryan here. Hope you liked my first descent into spooky town over here at the ol’ Watcher. If you find your thirst for Spooky Small Talk is not satiated, first off thank you, and secondly, I have great news. There’s audio commentary available on our Patreon - patreon.com/watcher - in which I talk about the behind the scenes process, and the slow cooking of my brain that occurred making this show. Anyways, thanks for watching and have a good rest of your day. Ta ta!

    WatcherWatcher10 months ago
    • Please to more serious haunted videos! Ghosthunting etc

      JJ6 months ago
    • Dazia Same! I love the unsolved supernatural series. So YES to more real ghosthunting

      JJ6 months ago
    • I would love to see more collaborations with the Try Guys!

      pixiepixie7 months ago
    • All hail the watcher.

      Xeroh1Xeroh17 months ago
    • I love the new channel and am so happy to see Buzzfeed's most talented strike out on their own. First the Try Guys, you all and I hope Ladylike follows suit! They need to be their own creative driving force as well. Best of luck!

      The Indigo PapillonThe Indigo Papillon7 months ago
  • My high school theater held a haunted house every year, and I was always a volunteer to act in it. Back in 2015 we had a circus themed one. There were no jump scares or loud screaming (on our parts). Just lots and lots of tension, heavy focus on the visuals. We had a quite a few groups scared out of their gourds. We even built two massive big tops in the green room and shop room by hooking a ring up to the ceiling and slinging large strips of red and white fabric over it, then pinning them back up against the walls. It looked incredibly convincing. By far the best haunted house we ever did.

    Matthew JensenMatthew Jensen18 days ago
  • anyone know what the song they use in the intros is?

    Pira PiranhaPira Piranha20 days ago
  • So wholesome

    Eve hEve h22 days ago
  • Is Ryan the same height as Zach?! What

    Teena ArchesTeena Arches23 days ago
  • Idk why but this is giving me midnight gospel vibes lol

    hannahv11hannahv1124 days ago
  • "Zach I've ~SEEN~ a demon" lol

    EliškaEliška24 days ago
  • Zach's more jumpy than Ryan and that is definitely saying something lmao

    EliškaEliška24 days ago
  • 4:20 are they about to kiss rn???? lol

    Jack BJack B24 days ago
  • I swear these two have the combined energy of five year old best friends on the playground and I love it lol

    Jack BJack B24 days ago
  • They should ask Elon Musk if he would like to be part of this. ahahha

    Joep LukkenJoep Lukken25 days ago
  • I bet Ryan feels better that he's interviewing someone that's more scared than he was (is) 😆😆😆

    FleursDuMalFleursDuMal27 days ago
  • You should check out my friend Jordan's High Desert Haunted House in Hesperia California

    TiffTotTiffTot28 days ago
  • im late to this video but, hear me out. this video should have been "interviewing zach kornfeld in a haunted cornfield"

    Rachel MarieRachel MarieMonth ago
  • So incredibly heartfelt! I thought this was going to just be silly, and yeah, I got some laughs. But I was really surprised by how much I took away. Well done!

    Jordan PringleJordan PringleMonth ago
  • Both of them is amazing 😍😍😍😍

    les TOTles TOTMonth ago
  • zach: stay a away from me im jewish also zach: OH MY GOD

    Dallas HarvisonDallas HarvisonMonth ago
  • I love how the other Try Guys always make fun of how short Zach is but he’s taller than Ryan 😂

    Jen HuffineJen HuffineMonth ago
  • I love Zach so much. Thank you for having his on the show. He’s precious.

    Stephanie ClarkStephanie ClarkMonth ago
  • I agree with shane on the design of the title

    jongup guppiejongup guppieMonth ago
  • Fast five is the best movie ever made!!!!!!!!! Agreed 100%

    jongup guppiejongup guppieMonth ago

    Lee and the AG CommunityLee and the AG CommunityMonth ago
  • going back to this video after watching it months ago just because i started stanning try guys

    Carlyn Gely PantangcoCarlyn Gely PantangcoMonth ago
  • Zach is such a sweetheart. I feel like he doesn't have a bad bone in his body.

    Megan RipleyMegan Ripley2 months ago
  • Cannot believe Ryan is smaller than Zach

    meggnoggsmeggnoggs2 months ago
  • This one is not my favourite series

    Keisha BobishaKeisha Bobisha2 months ago
  • With Watcher deeper into into its time on this earthly coil, perhaps a collab with Try Guys once the world reopens?

    warriorchick127warriorchick1272 months ago
  • Y'all probably already fixed this by now, but there are so many replays of every scare it's hard to watch

    刺音JUNKIE刺音JUNKIE2 months ago
  • Ryan casually talking to the girl as she's like "I messed it up!" and Ryan's like "oh yeah? what" hahah he's not even phased lol what a PRO

    Rachael BergerRachael Berger3 months ago
  • Zach's "Do you need help" to the frightened girl and the "Hi, dear" to the demon nurse was so sweet! And Ryan "I'm the expert, I've seen a demon before" Bergara has never been level headed and confident before. A far cry from him losing his absolute shit in the last (latest) episode of Supernatural.

    Broadway ButterflyBroadway Butterfly3 months ago
  • Is fast and the ferrous the best whatever(you clearly haven’t seen a anime

    Hanako is My hubbyHanako is My hubby3 months ago
  • I’m such a baby just watching them go through a haunted house is giving me anxiety

    TuttleTuttle3 months ago
  • Zach has big hands

    stan ateez stan awesomenessstan ateez stan awesomeness3 months ago
  • I'm sorry, but these scared look weak.

    STELLOSTELLO3 months ago
  • I want to play with zachs skin

    Felician FernoFelician Ferno3 months ago

    Emma EarthlingEmma Earthling4 months ago
  • Ryan: I've seen a demon Ryan, you WORK with one

    M. J.M. J.4 months ago
  • i really miss buzzfeed unsolved with ryan and shane :(

    Ava StamperAva Stamper4 months ago
  • this is hilarious HAHAHHAHAA thanks for making quarantine bearable because of the amazing content R&S 💓💓💓

    Mavy QueenMavy Queen4 months ago
  • i was actually really proud of you, ryan. you're a haunted housel pro now. keep it up! or don't cause i think you're hilarious. :)

    Sweet LeeSweet Lee4 months ago
  • "Zach, I've SEEN a demon." uh, demon shane confirmed i guess

    Gemma AnnGemma Ann4 months ago
  • i have never realised how short ryan is and have never realised how tall zach is

    jocelynjocelyn4 months ago
  • CEO of oh my god

    Jenna DurhamJenna Durham4 months ago
  • Any time we see the night vision, I could swear that Zach has transformed into Hunter S Thompson.

    RaspWillowRaspWillow4 months ago
  • It seems like Ryan knows where he’s supposed to go, but I think it’s be more fun if neither knew the layout of the house. The producers/cameraman/guide could lead them both.

    happily hannahhappily hannah5 months ago
  • Shane and Ryan left buzzfeed !!?? WHAT I'MJHJKLJHHGJKHJJ

    soukaina hamidsoukaina hamid5 months ago
  • When he said "We're proud of u, good luck man." 😢

    Space PirateSpace Pirate5 months ago
  • I think my approach to a haunted house would have to be assuming that everyone is just coming in for a hug

    Space PirateSpace Pirate5 months ago
  • Oh shit I didn’t know Zac had the same autoimmune disease as Mick Mars from Motley Crüe. I also know someone whose dad has it and he’s prone to it. That’s crazy.

    emma rosalieemma rosalie5 months ago
  • Love you zach!

    Night RavenNight Raven5 months ago
  • phrase of the video: "oh my god", by Zach Kornfeld

    JichienneJichienne5 months ago
  • Why does it sound like this is like their third date?😂

    faith demaiofaith demaio5 months ago
  • Ryan has really built up his tolerance over the years

    Gina rungasamyGina rungasamy5 months ago
  • I love how all the ex-buzzfeed employees look out for each other, it’s like survivors of a shared trauma 🙈😂

    LiamMcfarlane13LiamMcfarlane135 months ago
  • This video should just be called "I Watch Zach Kornfeld be a Leo for 13 minutes" I love it tho

    Rosella CobiskeyRosella Cobiskey5 months ago
  • Spooky Hot Ones

    WhiteVIIWhiteVII5 months ago
  • I love ryan as an interview man. I wish he would do some of these as just the interview bc I genuinely would want to hear these resppnses without the intteruptions from the haunted house. :)

    Jewel PearlJewel Pearl5 months ago
  • Korndiddy! Yes. Love this.

    GabesGabes5 months ago
  • woah wait !!! did Ryan and Shane leave BuzzFeed? I was wondering why there is no more BuzzFeed unsolved Supernatural videos!

    maddiemarlenemakeupmaddiemarlenemakeup5 months ago
  • this is like hot ones interview with jump scares rather than spicy wings

    Alfred PAlfred P5 months ago
  • RYAN COME TO MILWAUKEE BECAUSE ZACH IS TOTALLY RIGHT MILWAUKEE IS PRETTY BOMB. (Also I’m going to college here cuz I go to Marquette University)

    MiracleMiracle5 months ago
  • All Hail The Watcher

    Lynn LewisLynn Lewis5 months ago
  • I didnt know Zach had a book! I'm really curious to ready it

    Flavia SilvaFlavia Silva5 months ago
  • I can’t get over how Zach is taller than Ryan lol

    lenilenlenilen5 months ago
  • y’all ryan claims to be 5’10 and zach is like 5’8.... we caught em

    Emma NelsonEmma Nelson5 months ago
  • can you interview me please?? mainly i just want an excuse to talk to someone i look up to and go to another haunted house

    Suzanna Kelchner LeeSuzanna Kelchner Lee5 months ago
  • oh my lord i love these men

    Abigail MartinAbigail Martin5 months ago
  • zach looks so tall when hes not around keith and the other try guys

    Avery FeraAvery Fera5 months ago
  • Normal people: screaming at jump scares Shane: Pathetic

    J PlaysJ Plays5 months ago
  • people: mcu has the best crossover of all time. me, an intellectual:

    Mr.Critic Mr.GamerMr.Critic Mr.Gamer5 months ago

    aipaloovikaipaloovik5 months ago
  • I could never be a haunted house actor because I would laugh at ppl’s reactions 😂

    Kal DemareeKal Demaree5 months ago
  • Imagine training and working hard to scare people just to end up hearing them say “anyways” 👁👄👁

    Jessica OrtizJessica Ortiz6 months ago
  • why does zach look taller than ryan? because last i checked zach is only 5'7 and ryan is 5'9 3/4

    otorev buddyyyotorev buddyyy6 months ago
  • Love it lol

    The Nerdy MonkeyThe Nerdy Monkey6 months ago
  • A lot of peeps didnt like the replays.. But i did they are hilarious

    PsYcHo KellyPsYcHo Kelly6 months ago
  • I really thought it was Cristine Simplynailogical in this thumbnail, then read the text. Opps!

    Diana PossellDiana Possell6 months ago
  • Any reason for more boysenberry... I see want you're doing.🥧🍦🌭

    April E SalazarApril E Salazar6 months ago
  • ceo of oh my god

    Fire lord CamFire lord Cam6 months ago
  • Are we just not gonna talk about how at the first interview spot the wall said pasta

    _Daddygrace __Daddygrace _6 months ago
  • hahah this is an amazing concept. hilarious! Zach i've seen a demon! hahaa

    Hornet GamingHornet Gaming6 months ago
  • I like how ryan didn't say the disease right when I learned how to say it by saying ankle biteing Spongy itis

    CheyenneCheyenne6 months ago
  • Love it. Awesome work, Ryan. On top of that, the haunted mansion actors were... phew amazing. Didn't break character for a second.

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • imagine ryan interviewing the one and only brad leone here

    GraceGrace6 months ago
  • Hard to see zach taller than someone.

    Kurt AquinoKurt Aquino6 months ago
  • okay but that was actually a pretty good interview in itself considering ryan & zach are usually the ones who get scared the most

    Ann NguyenAnn Nguyen6 months ago
  • I want a True crime show

    Nena BNena B6 months ago
  • 5:00 you guys aren't doing that bad. You guys have been at this for less than 6 months and already have over half a million subscribers.

    Book WormBook Worm6 months ago
  • We wont let you guys down with your channel. Truthfully, I only watched buzzfeed to watch you two. I think a lot of people did. I will probably unsubscribe to Buzzfeed once Unsolved officially goes off or moves to your channel.

    Book WormBook Worm6 months ago
  • if Zach isn’t your favourite try guy i don’t trust you

    sinners jpegsinners jpeg7 months ago
  • I didn't realize that Zach was taller then Ryan, like?????

    Sam BarthSam Barth7 months ago
  • Ryan and Shane should go ghost hunting with the try guys

    Crazie GracieCrazie Gracie7 months ago
  • Loved this!

    Mackenzie DuffnerMackenzie Duffner7 months ago
  • I find it really funny how zach is just chatting and then gets distracted by Ryan's biceps instantly. Completely understandable tbh

    Khara SmithKhara Smith7 months ago
  • "I'm Jewish, please stay away." - Zach Kornfeld, 2020

    non existentnon existent7 months ago
  • a duo we needed

    kk7 months ago
  • Fast & Furious sucks ass

    Pierce MarkusicPierce Markusic7 months ago
  • "Zach, I've seen a demon" I mean I think Zach and the other Try Guys have all met Shane too

    Okuni RinOkuni Rin7 months ago
  • Ryan looks very brave here

    Pauline Rose EstebanPauline Rose Esteban7 months ago
  • seeing them next to each other really puts ryan’s height into perspective

    Payton HuntPayton Hunt7 months ago