Ryan Serenades a Gnome • The Quarantine Games

Apr 12, 2020
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Chapter 3: Hitting the city streets of Waterdeep in their search for a missing man, the gang encounters a grisly crime scene and a gnome who puts Ryan's bard talents to the test.
#StayHome & Game #WithMe
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  • Qezza is the best

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynDay ago
  • I was waiting for Bergera guitara

    Amanda WisbyAmanda Wisby14 days ago
  • As a aspiring professional actress, Shane is so consistent with his characters and even as an acting student I’m jealous

    thymefrogthymefrog29 days ago
  • "I hope they're all hung " That's what she said. 😂 #Bazinga

    Davie DoodDavie DoodMonth ago
  • i am so deeply invested in this

    elikka nathelikka nathMonth ago
  • I want more of this. A new season maybe?

    DjoSimdDjoSimdMonth ago
  • If Steve and Stefanos isn’t your otp, your lying

    Natalie RipleyNatalie Ripley2 months ago
  • I deeply identify with Steven's incapability to seduce an npc on the spot, i almost always dump charisma because of it heh

    Christine HelgetonChristine Helgeton2 months ago
  • Shane LIVING for over 25 minutes straight.

    J FigJ Fig2 months ago
  • Steven taking out his phone flashlight during Ryan’s song is slaying me

    The Derp SquadThe Derp Squad2 months ago
  • Gosh, I'm falling in love with Shane more and more in every video. Hahaha.

    Becoming WholeBecoming Whole2 months ago
  • Ryan is definitely chaotic evil

    Arsh VermaArsh Verma3 months ago
  • Ryan: you like jazzzzzzzz. Xoblob: 😳

    Emily EricksenEmily Ericksen3 months ago
  • this needs a second season

    Melissa GonzalezMelissa Gonzalez3 months ago
  • The eye gnome sort of sounds like doofenshrmitz

    Joia MusicJoia Music4 months ago
  • Stephanos sounds a lot like Bakura from Yugioh Abridged. And well, we have a Steve. I do hope someone else here gets the reference.

    gillyweedniharrygillyweedniharry4 months ago
  • This game is so fun to watch, everyone involved is hilarious. Shane is the best dungeon master

    katherine collinskatherine collins4 months ago
  • "Dont you have a street corner to go dance on" wow thats a bit too far

    Lanna's Missing LinkLanna's Missing Link4 months ago
  • i'm late to this party, but god i'm having so much fun. thank you for this series. i haven't laughed like this in a long time

    manjuxbun15manjuxbun154 months ago
  • stephanos trying to trade the ashes for a plushee is wild

    ERROR 404: High INT, Low WISERROR 404: High INT, Low WIS5 months ago
  • Shane saying “I am not a lady” is the best😂

    Simon DenischuckSimon Denischuck5 months ago
  • They were so mean to the poor gnome 😭

    littlecoconutinclittlecoconutinc5 months ago
  • "I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you!" I LOVE XOBLOB.

    Traci SimsTraci Sims5 months ago
  • I need a whole movie thats just this whole series.

    Shelby MuirheadShelby Muirhead5 months ago
  • I've only watched the first few episodes, but this is a well produced and edited game. You all are fantastic! Well done!

    RPG CrateRPG Crate5 months ago
  • when shane was describing the curiosity shop all i could think about is that tiktok about purple people

    QuestioningKateQuestioningKate6 months ago
  • You guys are killing me

    Mina WeißMina Weiß6 months ago
  • I am absolutely in love with Shane's Gnome character, came back to watch the video again just for that! :D

    MakowhMakowh6 months ago
  • That Gnome got harassed Steve and Qezza are mean they’re canceled

    kaz lazo valdezkaz lazo valdez6 months ago
  • You gotta stop pouring blessings on people, it’s weird... people are talking 😂😂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Steve is hilarious

    Perple MagiicPerple Magiic6 months ago
  • Steve!!!! Now you have to guess which steve 😘

    Nora BissonnetteNora Bissonnette6 months ago
  • I appreciate that Stefanos reminds Quezza and Steve that he loves them at every opportunity he gets.

    OttoOtto6 months ago
  • i don't know who does the subtitles for these but it always ever so slightly gets something wrong 😭 like when xoblob said "you do have quite a bangin bod" and instead it said "you do have quite a pain in butt" 😭 pls hire me instead

    tameratamera6 months ago
  • Stephanos just absolutely ready to give away the ashes in exchange for the stuffed beholder was the funniest thing ever

    GiovannaGiovanna6 months ago
  • Shane's acting as a gnome absolutely destroyed me

    GiovannaGiovanna6 months ago
  • "You have a banging bod"

    GiovannaGiovanna6 months ago
  • "I hope they're all hung" Well THAT is a wee bit lewd for such a grim situation...!

    DaziaDazia6 months ago
  • If I think Stephanos and Quezza should switch genders, does that make me a bad person?

    Poochie CollinsPoochie Collins6 months ago
  • Does anyone know what module this is, or if it's homebrew?

    tea raytea ray6 months ago
  • I noticed shane kinda struggled pronouncing culi/curi, he always ends up saying something like q-u instead. Like on top five beatdown when he said q-u-nary (culinary) and here when he said q-u-s for (curious), do I actually make any sense?

    Loddigesia mirabilisLoddigesia mirabilis6 months ago
    • yeah nevermind he says curious just fine lol

      Loddigesia mirabilisLoddigesia mirabilis6 months ago
  • Steve being persuasive is such a Ricky Goldsworth moment, I just--

    Dee TatoDee Tato6 months ago
  • stephanos trying to trade someone's ashes for a plush toy is definitely something i'd think about doing KDJDKSK

    fairyfairy6 months ago
  • Qezza is the best!! I'm enjoying this videos so much!!

    Núria Moreno LópezNúria Moreno López6 months ago
  • I seriously cant figure out if these are scripted lmao

    DSDS6 months ago
  • “FLOON YOU STUPID GNOME!” 🤣 Also love Stepheno leaning into his “bangin’ bod” characterization

    Tarrie RevenantTarrie Revenant6 months ago
  • Shane, deadpan: “no, no one has ever told me that” me being completely oblivious to someone flirting until too late😂

    Tarrie RevenantTarrie Revenant6 months ago
    • Poochie Collins aww shucks, thanks -I am however incredibly oblivious 🤣

      Tarrie RevenantTarrie Revenant6 months ago
    • You're fairly pretty, IMO.

      Poochie CollinsPoochie Collins6 months ago
  • I just love these rousing speeches Steve lapses into. But what I love even more is that they are almost exclusively directed towards Stephanos.

    Natalie RyeNatalie Rye6 months ago
  • 16:05

    kabazinga -kabazinga -6 months ago
  • Can’t believe that Stephanos would really trade the ashes of Volo’s father for a stuffed beholder😂😂

    Sze Ying OngSze Ying Ong6 months ago
  • 1:57 that sentence killed me lmao

    Sze Ying OngSze Ying Ong6 months ago
  • Half elves are not generally short. They are taller than humans and shorter than elves so about 6’ on the average. Is Ryan a half elf half halfling? Is he a very short half elf? He isn’t a halfling. Why is he referred to as being tiny?

    Lou BooLou Boo6 months ago
  • stephanos says himbo rights

    Maya The PsychicMaya The Psychic6 months ago
  • can we get nickels and pickles merch

    AudraryAudrary7 months ago
  • "You're Xoblob of Xoblob's Shop!" Um, yes, you're currently in the shop

    Annly PAnnly P7 months ago
  • Shane has infinite hair

    Tyler AsuncionTyler Asuncion7 months ago
  • I said i was going to watch one episode per week but the story is pretty good. here we go. #WatcherDADBinge

    Lady KataLady Kata7 months ago
  • This is probably the only DnD campaign where sessions last around 30 mins and not 3 hours... :)

    Molly CruickshankMolly Cruickshank7 months ago
  • I was surprised they went with a stuffed animal Beholder as opposed to a taxidermied Beholder. It is a curiosity shop, so it would totally fit the bill lol stuffed meaning taxidermied

    spiritussublimespiritussublime7 months ago
  • i love this series ❤️💙❤️

    spiritussublimespiritussublime7 months ago
  • Can someone please animate this ! Like please ?

    KatieKatie7 months ago
  • Steve is the most pessimistic and rude bard but his charisma is so high and I just love it.

    Rachael PelletierRachael Pelletier7 months ago
  • I'm so gay for Qezza XD

    Ashley AllenAshley Allen7 months ago
  • Shane in a turtleneck is the highlight of my day today

    Jacki idkJacki idk7 months ago
  • So Zoblob saw the men get jumped and he did NOTHING? He really has the moral backbone of a chocolat eclaire...

    Louisa MüllerLouisa Müller7 months ago
  • I think that there's some sort of connection between D&D and carrots because of this... and a while ago I was doing a campaign which seemed to involve carrots quite a bit... that is entirely on my part, though, I made my character have an obsession with carrots.

    Julie I Think That's My NameJulie I Think That's My Name7 months ago

    sashasasha7 months ago
  • Stephanos is a kind soul iMMMMM nO ONE HURT EM

    ParisParis7 months ago
  • you guys were actually so lucky to have lots of content pre-recorded, and can still do new releases on Watcher Weekly and SD&D&D. and we're lucky too to get the content you're putting out

    Elo QElo Q7 months ago
  • 8:26 Steven just munching on some food while Shane's NPC drops exposition makes me feel like that is actually what Stephanos was doing in that scene, like he got bored while Steve was busy getting information and decided to just hang back and eat a snack

    andreajunieandreajunie7 months ago
  • Shane knows who terry pratchet is

    Conservative HippyConservative Hippy7 months ago
  • Shane at the beginning was like “I’m new to this but I’d like to think I’m getting better every week” but I’m just here like “honey you’re already doing better than I ever have”

    KatUpAMapleTreeKatUpAMapleTree7 months ago
  • steven is the funniest guy i know

    anaianai7 months ago
  • hey i would like totally watch an animated series based on this.....just thoughts..........

    anaianai7 months ago
  • these characters have some strong harry potter-ish vibes to them and i love them for that

    anaianai7 months ago
  • ryan spits bars wow

    -pestilence- --pestilence- -7 months ago
  • this is my new favorite thing, please don't stop this after quarantine is over D:

    FaffylikescookiesFaffylikescookies7 months ago
  • Would’ve been a perfect time for Ryan and his guitar

    miraclemiracle7 months ago
  • Wait, they took the stuffed beholder from the shop? Why? Lol.

    TheGojoseonTheGojoseon7 months ago
  • I hope they keep this going when things start returning to normal

    ScienceFictionScienceFiction7 months ago
  • Love how 15 minuets in they just walk into this Gnome’s shop and start roasting shit

    Gorilla-grip-pussy-support-hotline -69Gorilla-grip-pussy-support-hotline -697 months ago
  • God I hope this series doesn’t end anytime soon, it’s like untapped gold.

    Gorilla-grip-pussy-support-hotline -69Gorilla-grip-pussy-support-hotline -697 months ago
  • qezza and steve: why the fuck do you have eyes all over you xoblob: _[i just think theyre neat.jpg]_

    alexanderalexander7 months ago
  • "If I was a lady, I'd be your lady" Stephanos, you could be his man too

    Unofficial CheckmateUnofficial Checkmate7 months ago
  • If I were a lady, I would be yours- Stephanos Coffebean, 2020

    The Bunny QueenThe Bunny Queen7 months ago
  • I am completely obsessed with this series so far c:

    f l u f f yf l u f f y7 months ago

    AspenJadeAspenJade7 months ago
  • Shane’s head looks like it’s been doubled but it’s just because he’s wearing a black turtle neck and he’s looking down to his laptop

    Charlie AyresCharlie Ayres7 months ago
  • Freaking Shane 😂😂

    Randy NuñezRandy Nuñez7 months ago
  • I love this so much 😂

    Alex AlcalaAlex Alcala7 months ago
  • I can't go to the Adventurer's League that used to meet at a local coffee shop in my town, so now while I'm waiting on an answer from a friend on whether they want to pick up the game we were playing awhile back, I'm watching this and a few other D&D type things on USworlds to make up for it. Thank guys!

    Jessica WJessica W7 months ago
  • Need this as a podcast to listen to!!!

    Jodie BateyJodie Batey7 months ago
  • if they don't return and visit xoblob and say they love him too, i will shed actual tears

    liyahliyah7 months ago
  • Stephanos is a simp oh no.

    Thiccimus PrimeThiccimus Prime7 months ago
  • Please never stop making these

    KV JackalKV Jackal7 months ago
  • love how Stephanos keeps completely misinterpreting everything as positive

    soliferisoliferi7 months ago
  • Shane low key shitting himself when they all suddenly decide to steal something xD

    soliferisoliferi7 months ago
  • Xoblob didn't do anything about the kidnapping because he was over there, on the bench.

    Brown OwlBrown Owl7 months ago
  • this has brought me a lot of joy these days and now i finally understand the d&d appeal. shane is a wonderful dm and i love the weird world he created

    Allen Gottlieb GoodsirAllen Gottlieb Goodsir7 months ago
  • ooohhhh my god, shane's bellydancing to ryan's song hahahah

    Leighanne CalacuayoLeighanne Calacuayo7 months ago
  • anytime a day or anytime-madej HÆH! :D

    Mafalda BertleffMafalda Bertleff7 months ago