Ryan & Shane Get the Drunkest & Read the Most Ghost Stories • Too Many Spirits

Oct 28, 2020
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Welcome to the SEASON FINALE of our new spooky show- Too Many Spirits! Join us as we read your submitted ghost stories and enjoy cocktails prepared by first-time bartender, Steven Lim. If you've got even spookier stories, leave them in the comments below!
Please drink responsibly, and wear a mask.
This video was filmed under professional supervision. Alcohol intake was monitored, and talent was transported safely. Filming was conducted under recommended COVID-safe guidelines.
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The Wicked Watcher
2 oz. dark rum
3 oz. ginger beer
1 freshly squeezed lime
Lime slice garnish
2 oz. tequila (leftover from the Boozy Beergarita)
Here we have a play on a Dark n’ Stormy. But because the name of the show is Too Many Spirit, I decided to add one too many spirits, hence the two additional ounces of tequila. This one’s easy to make - poor the dark rum, ginger beer, lime juice ,tequila, and ice in a glass and stir with a bar spoon. Garnish with that good ol’ lime slice and you have yourself The Wicked Watcher. Cheers!
Created by Katie LeBlanc
Hosts - Ryan Bergara & Shane Madej
Bartender/Cam Op - Steven Lim
Stories by YOU
Editor - Stephen Castro
Production Coordinator/Sound - Brittney Lee
Head of Development - Katie LeBlanc
Creative Director of Post Production - Anthony Frederick
Logo Designed by Casandra Ng
Special Thanks - Ryan's Parents
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  • Hey guys your show is AWESOME!!!! I was wondering if you’ve ever heard of the ghost story of “Bailey’s light?” It’s the tale of Brit Bailey whose wife wouldn’t allow him to take his jug of whiskey with him to the afterlife. As such his spirit has been reported being seen carrying a lantern out in the woods and prairies of Bailey’s Prairie in Brazoria County, Texas. I feel like y’all could have a field day with this one. Thanks guys keep up the good work! thefacts.com/article_e7bfbeb5-b93c-54b5-8200-af6f42dabf23.html

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