Ryan & Shane React to Forrest Fenn Treasure • Watcher Weekly #025

Jun 24, 2020
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Hello! Welcome to the 25th episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
0:41 Chill Zone
4:39 Sponsor Segment
6:52 Special News
7:46 Q&A
12:56 Forrest Fenn
17:33 Goodbye
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  • Ryan and Shane found the treasure, but they couldn't reveal their identities or location of the treasure and they waited till after they started the company to tell fen BECAUSE, it would of cause a bunch of legal problems with buzzfeed, so, they quit buzzfeed, started watcher using the treasure, knowing they'd be a hit because everyone loved them and here we are. Buzzfeed will never know.

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn7 hours ago
  • Steven's got the whole avatar thing going on with his hair

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn8 hours ago
  • Wyoming!!!!

    Erica LancasterErica Lancaster3 days ago
  • They've since said it was found in Wyoming.

    blackwolf085blackwolf0858 days ago
  • Me watching Steven basically third wheeling: 🥺🤭

    Elysian nElysian n8 days ago
  • I honestly thought Ryan was on drugs and he was like hallucinating or something

    Marysa KnudsenMarysa Knudsen9 days ago
  • Ya ever had that one friend that matches your crazy, then it's that one other friend that's just blahh lol, that's what these 3 reminded me of 😂💯, btw they say the person found the treasure in Wyoming but not exactly where

    Jinxt mannJinxt mann13 days ago
  • We don't have $1 million at stake, and we haven't buried our items. $40,000 is nothing to sneeze at. Good luck and have fun!

    Great U.S. Treasure HuntGreat U.S. Treasure Hunt14 days ago
  • All hail the watcher

    Lulu FosterLulu Foster14 days ago
  • Look at treasure hogs USworlds channel they followed the clues and found the treasures location but dident get to it in time butt they found the real location

    Monkey BoyMonkey Boy21 day ago
  • Wait so in the end is ryan ok now?

    Temmie_childTemmie_child22 days ago
  • RIP Forerest Fern

    Lauren WilsonLauren Wilson23 days ago
  • RIP Forrest Fenn

    Pam P.Pam P.26 days ago
  • Does pewds know that they are part of floor gang?

    Dezmon BallardDezmon Ballard26 days ago
  • I miss the professor!!! Bring him back asap :((

    Ana MariaAna Maria27 days ago
  • Its nice studio i wish you all safe and healty

    Analyn OmayaoAnalyn Omayao29 days ago
  • I believe the treasure was recently found look it up

    Cody MCody M29 days ago

    le crustle crustMonth ago
  • The treasure was in Wyoming Yellowstone park Ryan😂

    Gumiho MochiGumiho MochiMonth ago
  • Treasure hunting series

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynMonth ago
  • Steven is floor gang ouh

    Drake FryeDrake FryeMonth ago
  • Shane talking about Red Dragon Inn makes me really want to see the boys play some D&D

    KeiwahKeiwahMonth ago
  • There's always another Great U.S. Treasure Hunt coming along to keep you busy. Hmmm...

    Great U.S. Treasure HuntGreat U.S. Treasure HuntMonth ago
  • 12:47 for Forrest Fenn discussion

    DaltonioDaltonioMonth ago
  • so i was rewatching this watcher weekly and i gotta ask why is ryan such a homosexual in this ep like what happened- edit: btw i know he's straight but why is his persona suddenly so flirty

    himbo enthusiasthimbo enthusiastMonth ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/qKOFpKrSjGWuiqk

    AwhispererAwhisperer2 months ago
  • hey guys! welcome to another episode of ''where the quarantine has led me today''

  • Now that Forrest has passed on, his "special place in the forest north of Santa Fe" should be revealed. If you look at the Vallecitos Mountain Retreat website at: www.vallecitos.org/ ,and look at the photos (select Why Vallecitos, then Photo Gallery) you will see some hints that Forrest mentioned, such as: some cast bronze bells similar to those that he made and hid; a photo of the Vallecitos Rio, the "water high" in the poem; and a photo of a large rainbow ("the poem leads to the end of my rainbow" from the jacket of The Thrill of the Chase), and if you open Google Maps and look at the grassy are south of the Vallecitos ranch house, you will find a large rock wheel, as in "Try the wheel" that Forrest said to one searcher: www.dropbox.com/s/yw1sdttynrfxcnf/2%20Vallecitos%20Mountain%20Retreat-%20Try%20the%20Wheel.jpg?dl=0 - - -The Google Maps coordinates for the Blaze (large black painted "nn" on top of a big white boulder) are: 36.6355, -106.2105 - - - - - - -

    Clancy LittleboyClancy Littleboy2 months ago

    karen haneskaren hanes2 months ago
  • Forest Fenn passed away September 10 2020. So glad he got to see it found

    Donna ArandtDonna Arandt2 months ago
  • Did you hear that Forrest Fenn passed away?

    Veronica LeighVeronica Leigh2 months ago
  • was watching this, had no idea that the treasure was found....googled forrest fenn to see who found the treasure only to discover that Forrest Fenn died today. Wut.

    SavvySnakeSavvySnake2 months ago
  • To assure Ryan, he was *only* about 1 or 2 states far from finding the treasure (reportedly in Wyoming, while he went to Arizona or smth..)

    Ayaz RabbaniAyaz Rabbani2 months ago
  • find the Watcher Treasure and the professor pops out of the box with a knife

    AdrianIsRandomAdrianIsRandom3 months ago
  • season 2 are you scared please!!!!!!!!! they got sm views too

    SHAM IRLSHAM IRL3 months ago
  • This should be called two weirdos and a normie

    MocityspiritMocityspirit3 months ago
  • Shane is floor gang?

    Generic horny weeb #69Generic horny weeb #693 months ago
  • I relate to Steven’s only-adult-in-the-room vibe so hard.

    kleerudekleerude3 months ago
  • hahahah

    joker darksidejoker darkside3 months ago

    RobotMan999RobotMan9993 months ago
    • Hello fellow bro...

      Siblings DeepakSiblings Deepak3 months ago
  • Some say that Shane and Ryan started Watcher with Forest Fenn's money.

    Ranaveer Paul-XBRanaveer Paul-XB3 months ago
  • 9:18.

    Haruki ShirotaHaruki Shirota3 months ago
  • The treasure was found in Wyoming lol

    jaime santosjaime santos3 months ago
  • 7:49 💀🤠

    extra accountextra account3 months ago
  • 8 minutes in and still not addressing the title of the video

    Charlotte NoordzijCharlotte Noordzij3 months ago
  • Damn to think it was in Wyoming

    BananaBanana4 months ago
  • the mood of this video is: shane: 🤪 ryan: 😝 steven: 😅

    Skyler MaxwellSkyler Maxwell4 months ago
  • and now we know it was in wyoming

    Amanda BooneAmanda Boone4 months ago
  • please make the are you scared series a regular

    Thaís FreitasThaís Freitas4 months ago
  • geocache . youll love it.

    Barbara CovingtonBarbara Covington4 months ago
  • I THINK I might have solved the poem. I was just out there about a month ago so I made short video explaining the solve with also some scenery of the area. If you want, check it out on my page: usworlds.info/slow/video/pnZ-g2e8q6euppk

    acousticaznacousticazn4 months ago
  • Do an “are you scared” board game and people have to guess if it real or not.

    E WardyE Wardy4 months ago
  • That's not Ryan, that's just Ricky Goldsworth and he's there to take over Ryan's body

    Balqis Nabila DidiBalqis Nabila Didi4 months ago
  • Did I just watch them sell me a product that would stop companies from selling me products for about five minutes lol?

    LanwarderLanwarder4 months ago
  • ALL THREE of them coincidentally chose to be a bender of their own horoscope elements Steven: Water Shane: Earth Ryan: Fire

    AddieAddie4 months ago
  • Floor gang ouh

    Julian GomezJulian Gomez4 months ago
  • Floor gang

    JemWillowJemWillow4 months ago
  • If Disney is ever in need of a new witch laugh for future projects, Ryan has an uncanny laugh for it

    SiouxpranoSiouxprano4 months ago
  • Floor gang AWHOO

    idek tbhidek tbh4 months ago
  • ryans laugh is like a witch's laugh

    Linda SangerLinda Sanger4 months ago
  • the stories are not scarey, sorry

    Linda SangerLinda Sanger4 months ago
  • If you want to know where it was, and why it was in that spot, why no one was ment to find it this early, how it ties in to history, and what the clues ment, just ask, my self and one other searcher had the same position, part from the finder and forrest knowing it's resting spot, it wad genuinely like the resolute desks in national treasure my early videos mention this,

    Dave bradshawDave bradshaw4 months ago
  • I wasn't invested in the treasure beyond the Unsolved episode, but even I was kind of sad not to hear where exactly it was found...

    soshiangel90soshiangel904 months ago
  • floor gang oohhhhgggaa

    ZaraZara4 months ago
  • The way Ryan and Steven are always lowkey coming after each other is hilarious and not many watcher fans comment on that which is annoying

    fairyfairy4 months ago
  • who did Ryan blow to get this job? he is clueless

    lbmcleanlbmclean4 months ago
    • He’s been doing this shit for years lmfaooo. This was a weird ass comment

      fairyfairy4 months ago
  • Let Steven on the "Are you scared". Yeah do a Treasure Hunt guys..

    En G2En G24 months ago
  • i'm watching this late at night and i'm pretty sure ryan's laugh woke up my parents

    lemonlemon4 months ago
  • Floor gang AUUUUUH

    stephoinkstephoink4 months ago
  • Here is the simple, one-picture, two-step solution: www.dropbox.com/s/gouz0p4o8xno0gi/Using-Poem-as-Map.pdf?dl=0 - - - -

    Clancy LittleboyClancy Littleboy4 months ago
  • I don know what's more shocking: Undertaker retiring or Forest Fenn's treasure being found

    HH4 months ago
  • That's Fab, and to celebrate not being able to be Sued I have hidden a treasure and written a poem ! Forrest treasure Number 2 The hidden treasure, here is the clue.. Go alone and unprepared, take off your clothes and don't be scared begin it where white waters boil and take it in the rapids turmoil. If you avoid the big landmine, take off your boots and start to climb Rappel across the power line and go right past the Hazard sign From there you'll find a scary ledge, be brave and jump to the tiny hedge. If you survive the massive fall, look out for Grizzly avoid the Maul. Still alive but with no skin, don't forget to take a swim The waters hot and full of smoke, hold your breath or else you'll choke. so why is it that you must risk the deadly cold and boiling Lava, the answer you already know, just stay at home unless you'd rather... PS: I Hope no-one dies trying to find it

    FairySoxFairySox4 months ago
  • I've really been enjoying the Dark Souls board game.

    OmendrezOmendrez4 months ago
  • Floor gang

    Heathy monHeathy mon4 months ago
  • Ryan and shane Ricky and long legs Demon!Shane and Angel!Ryan Yes.

    Syira LiaSyira Lia4 months ago
  • Shane DID look like Owen Grady back then.

    Lamia T LLamia T L4 months ago
  • It’s official watcher is floor gang

    Tallie TalksTallie Talks4 months ago
  • 1000th comment!

    Tara BuićTara Buić4 months ago
  • oooooh one day a board game series could be really fun!!

    Anne-Sophie G.-N.Anne-Sophie G.-N.4 months ago

    Joy MJoy M4 months ago
  • I’m sorry Ryan but I don’t think you were playing a joke.

    Jacob MorenoJacob Moreno4 months ago
  • Came here honestly just to check if Ryan is still possessed or dead

    Jacob MorenoJacob Moreno4 months ago
  • loved the britney cameo!! 💕 ((I’m not sure how the name’s spelled, so I’m sorry if it’s wrong >

    Ellizabeth KaneEllizabeth Kane4 months ago
  • Gang

    Senior Whoopy IRLSenior Whoopy IRL4 months ago
  • did the professor always have a green nose??

    Zombie DoeZombie Doe4 months ago
  • Board game show soon? :D

    Kto CoKto Co4 months ago
  • Floor gang?

    Pork KorkyPork Korky4 months ago
  • Bring back puppet history

    Monica XiongMonica Xiong4 months ago

    Elsi Paz MoralesElsi Paz Morales4 months ago
  • Floor gang ouh!

    Mel CabreraMel Cabrera4 months ago
  • Does it bother anyone else how rude they can be to Steven? I really like Ryan and Shane and I hope its just a bit. Still they cut him off a lot and answer his questions for him, or really, at him. Air bender is a perfect example. I just realized that Steven's name isn't even in the title of this watcher....... yeah I'm bothered.

    SarahHogan100SarahHogan1004 months ago
    • About the title, that's because only Ryan & Shane (among the 3 of them) had gone on the Forrest Fenn treasure hunt. They are all good friends. Don't worry. 👍

      Mia TerracottaMia Terracotta4 months ago
  • Betrayal at house on the hill is great! You guys should definitely do a top 5 board games.

    FrmSyriaWithLuvFrmSyriaWithLuv4 months ago
  • Clue is probably my all time favorite, I also loved The resistance: Avalon ( so many broken friendships over how we could lie so easily to each other or how we wouldn't trust each other, very fun )

    Dai YaliDai Yali5 months ago
  • Steven seems so done with Ryan's crackhead energy

    Dai YaliDai Yali5 months ago
  • They're floor gang

    little reachlittle reach5 months ago
  • Honestly I didn’t hear him say he was doing a quint impression so I was like “is that a quint impression?” 😂

    Mitchell PartridgeMitchell Partridge5 months ago
  • As soon as I heard that someone found the "treasure," I said that the whole thing was bullshit.

    wykdclwn1wykdclwn15 months ago
  • When shane looks like a karen

    Emma LieberEmma Lieber5 months ago
  • Ryan how did you leave for a little bit and come back looking 10 years older 😂 I still love you thought!! DILF vibes ✨🧚

    Jazmin TapiaJazmin Tapia5 months ago
  • Floor gang 💪💪

    Jasper John JasoJasper John Jaso5 months ago