Season Finale: Revenge of the Goblins • The Quarantine Games

May 17, 2020
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Chapter 8: Season Finale! Will their lives finally be peaceful? Or is this just a start of more to come?
#StayHome & Game #WithMe
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  • I loved the barry reference, great show

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn22 hours ago
  • Need more s&d&d&d I'm in dire need of the d..& d

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynDay ago
  • Loved the show, hope for a second season

    Дарья КантемироваДарья КантемироваDay ago
  • I know nothing about d&d but this series was very enjoyable! Great time!

    Sam WardSam Ward3 days ago
  • This was fantastic 👏

    Danielle MontoyaDanielle Montoya7 days ago
  • Please make note of these. It literally combine to my favourite things ever

    Deana ClewesDeana Clewes14 days ago
  • If this doesnt get a second season I will be crying for at least a week mark my words

    Savannah XDSavannah XD14 days ago
  • i love this sm i want a second season 🥺

    Kayla WhiteKayla White19 days ago
  • Please please do more of these they’re so funny

    SkullySquidSkullySquid24 days ago
  • Season 2 please this was so good!

    Jiro MagicJiro Magic25 days ago
  • Have loved this series, hope there’s another one to come

    katherine collinskatherine collins28 days ago
  • " While it is true, I may be the most renowned among us, being a celebrity… but today, I am not I that deserve your undying adulation. No, it is these brave heroes who, when fate called upon them, they answered passionately and without hesitation: Qezza, the brave brute who never loses sight of the mission at hand Stephanos, whose size is inversely matched only by his inspiring compassion *And Steve* ”

    Abby CalAbby Cal29 days ago
  • I *loved* this. I need more. Please make more. Thank you. :)

    Camilla JeffersonCamilla Jefferson29 days ago
  • I hope you guys keep this show. Its fantastic.

    Madie PetersMadie PetersMonth ago
  • They need to collect the payment from the prettyboy after traumatizing him in the sewers

    R. J.R. J.Month ago
  • WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT STEVE SAYING “I’ve always wanted a Team Wiped achievement”??? that is the HEIGHT of comedy

    ArianaArianaMonth ago
  • I feel like he paid them with a timeshare lmao

    Schaefer HundSchaefer HundMonth ago
  • That was great! I really hope there's a second season sometimes in the future!

    DjoSimdDjoSimdMonth ago
  • Well wtf now

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynMonth ago
  • Make more of this please!

    Julie ShipmanJulie ShipmanMonth ago
  • is steve finally coming out as ricky goldsworth?

    Sunshine Hobi - Ash / Elm -Sunshine Hobi - Ash / Elm -Month ago
  • You guys really should do more of these! They are really fun in this stupid dark time.

    Emily MartensEmily MartensMonth ago
  • Man, why has this not continued? I need to see what these folks do with the consolation prize given to them by Volo. Of course, I'm enjoying the Puppet History content, but I hope we get to see more of this game in the future.

    Pop_aristocraTPop_aristocraTMonth ago

    josie elisabethjosie elisabeth2 months ago
  • Nickels and Pickles my guys, Nickles and Pickles.

    IregretitIregretit2 months ago
  • I totally loved this, If you make another one later, it would be great thanks for the entertainment!

    SVIII 8SVIII 82 months ago
  • SEASON 2 PLEASE!!! 🙏🏻😀 Your totally rocking it as a DM Shane

    DemigodDemigod2 months ago

    Krishina RamaniKrishina Ramani2 months ago
  • Please make another one of these please

    Taeao RTKCTaeao RTKC2 months ago
  • I REALLY hope there's a second season for this me and my friends looooove it! Dnd is great and this is a really good campaign to follow

    ChikyrebyChikyreby2 months ago
  • More of this, please. I had a wonderful time watching it. Great job y'all!

    Becoming WholeBecoming Whole2 months ago
  • I love all the references to all the different modules Volos guide the yawning portal waterdeep love it

    Mark CamposMark Campos2 months ago
  • i've become emotionally attached to these characters i desperately need more

    nicole.nicole.3 months ago
  • I loved this series! Hope to see more!

    Ashley WardAshley Ward3 months ago

    Deven JordanDeven Jordan3 months ago
  • Omg we need more of this! Wtf!

    Deven JordanDeven Jordan3 months ago
  • Honest question. Why did you make the thumbnail for this one look like Ryan’s “oh face”ing super hard? (trying to phrase this weirdly so youtube doesn’t delete it)

    PiriathyPiriathy3 months ago
  • You gotta be careful about killing goblins! Otherwise, your goblin NPC friend might turn out to be the son of the chieftain the wizard murdered. And Gillep the goblin miiiiiight want to fight the wizard to the death. At his own wedding.

    emotional support beesemotional support bees3 months ago
  • I love this so much!!! Please renew this! 🙏🏼 I have no freinds so I must live vicariously through you all ❤️

    Emily EricksenEmily Ericksen3 months ago
  • How did spare the dying bring back steve from death with full health haha i thought it only made an unconscious person stable, but still unconscious 😅

    MemeYourDreamMemeYourDream3 months ago
  • this is my favorite series ever. pls do season 2

    kimberlykimberly3 months ago
  • pls do another season!!!!!! i loved this shit🥺❤️😍😘

    Julia CasapullaJulia Casapulla3 months ago
  • They still have Volo's father's ashes.

    Stuff And Thangs StudioStuff And Thangs Studio3 months ago
  • I want you all to continue this, I am enjoying this 🧡🧡

    Becca ArnoldBecca Arnold3 months ago
  • God i need more of this i just binge watched the whole campaign

    taytay supremetaytay supreme4 months ago
  • More of this series please

    Z_AnarchyZ_Anarchy4 months ago
  • this is the best show I have ever seen in my life, PLS COME BACK TO SEASON 2

    Larissa NeriLarissa Neri4 months ago

    lywolywo4 months ago

    lywolywo4 months ago
  • Oh boi, this was a wild ride and you helped me remember how much I miss playing D&D with my friends :) I hope we will see Shane's great storytelling skills in this scenario again one day. Great characters, it was fun to watch all of you interact.

    Eliška NeugebauerováEliška Neugebauerová4 months ago
  • Didn't Reneer and the other guy, Floon, take a bath, too?

    gillyweedniharrygillyweedniharry4 months ago
  • I’m late to the series but... I honestly never thought Id enjoy D&D gameplay as much as I did with these guys. Im baffled 😂

    Adrisofi RamlopAdrisofi Ramlop4 months ago
  • It really saddens me that each episode has less and less views ☹ it deserves so much more and I hope they dont decided to not do this again because the views declined

    Cailin WaterhouseCailin Waterhouse4 months ago
  • “Bidding this place a muthafuckin due” 😭

    Ciyanni WoodsonCiyanni Woodson4 months ago
  • Yeah murder hobos deserve that fight

    Lanna's Missing LinkLanna's Missing Link4 months ago
  • I need more of this!!

    Thomas WaltersThomas Walters4 months ago
  • This was so good! Season 2 when??

    psiquepsique4 months ago
  • I need some background on that goblin family. Milks is like the black knight from Monty Python

    Camila Hwang-CarlosCamila Hwang-Carlos4 months ago
  • I hope you guys do more of these. You've got a good balance as far as the group goes with lots of fun characters and Shane's hilarious as a DM.

    Emily JeanmouginEmily Jeanmougin4 months ago
  • Holy shit I just binged watched all 8 episodes in 1 day and I swear to god Idk if life will be worth it if you don’t make a season 2

    Carter RumseyCarter Rumsey4 months ago
  • 16:56 ...??

    nunu nananunu nana4 months ago
  • The bg music fits so well

    nunu nananunu nana4 months ago

    M WM W4 months ago
  • Season finale implies more LIT

    MugenThaInfiniteMugenThaInfinite4 months ago
  • season 2!

    정샛별정샛별4 months ago
  • I put off watching Social Distancing & Murder-Hoboes initially but it turns out I love it. Stephanos is such a hot mess and I want to see what happens to him.

    Christina T.Christina T.4 months ago
  • Season 2 WHERE YOOOOO these vids were the bomb

    poopylordpoopylord4 months ago
  • does Ryan not know about nat1/nat20? he always adds his mods, but it seems Shane doesnt pay attention to that and just reacts to the nats?

    Alexavier TaigaAlexavier Taiga4 months ago
  • Another season please

    Terri NichTerri Nich4 months ago
  • if this doesn't come back i'll cry

    Olivia sutherlandOlivia sutherland4 months ago
  • I miss these

    sinéadsinéad4 months ago
  • They are no longer murder hobos, they've become murder home owners

    ZABOOZABOO4 months ago
  • I miss them...

    MikuLeekzMikuLeekz4 months ago

    Simon DenischuckSimon Denischuck5 months ago
  • Murwick looks like the leprechaun sketch

    Skillz514Skillz5145 months ago
  • I love this series so much, I need MORE!

    Kelsey WoodieKelsey Woodie5 months ago
  • We definitely need a season 2

    Brianna AshBrianna Ash5 months ago
  • Saving private Ryan is actually a bomb movie and I loved that they referenced it 😂

    Brianna AshBrianna Ash5 months ago
  • "I gotta say he said the same thing that his father said to me before he died...nothing" PURE GOLD! Ryan is so good at the quick wit lmao.

    littlecoconutinclittlecoconutinc5 months ago
  • i wish i had ten more seasons of this to watch a+++ so much fun

    purinjikenpurinjiken5 months ago
  • stephanos’ lil mario jump-

    Alysa SimAlysa Sim5 months ago
  • I think the fact that it is season finale instead of series means there’s gonna be another one :P

    greywolfgreywolf5 months ago
  • Guys thats not how spare the dying works. I get there olayibg fast and loose with the rules when it cones to healing which is fine. Like fights over and koved to the next sean and there all healed up thats fine. But using a cantrip to fully heal someone is bullshit. All it dose is stabilize them nothing more he should have been unconscious

    Jackson PolotinJackson Polotin5 months ago
  • Almost sad the campaign is over. Would be cool of they have a streamer guest next campaign. Hahaha

    Anthoni SantosAnthoni Santos5 months ago
  • why did stephanos’ little, “woohoo!” at 19:38 make me laugh so hard 😭😭

    zoezoe5 months ago
  • this is actually so funny i love this story so much

    zoezoe5 months ago
  • I'd love to see this when quarentine ends with you all sitting around a table playing

    Sinead RyanSinead Ryan5 months ago
  • I really hope y’all do another season! This has been an absolute blast. I enjoyed every part of it, and it’s got me itching to play some D&D

    Mackenzie GregoryMackenzie Gregory5 months ago
  • Is Ryan unaware rolling a 1 is an automatic failure or are they just not doing that 🤣

    VirtuocharVirtuochar5 months ago
    • Some groups don't use the concept of crit fails. It's really up to the DM.

      endymion enbyendymion enby5 months ago
  • pls season 2!! this is too good to end🥺

    Erika TorresErika Torres5 months ago
  • I have literally never been interested in D&D until after this Watcher series. What have I been doing my entire life? Clearly I’ve been missing out. Thanks for showing me the error of my ways.

    Pro RPro R5 months ago
  • the way Shane says "Hi Steve" in 27:48 is so adorable that I had to rewatch that half second multiple times

    Adee MAdee M5 months ago
  • I've been putting off watching this episode so I didn't need to deal with the season ending but I finally got to it and it was very much worth the wait

    andreajunieandreajunie5 months ago
  • This was so good! Please please do more campaigns!!

    Elizabeth BowmanElizabeth Bowman5 months ago
  • Steve getting friendzoned not 2 minutes into the episode.

    OttoOtto5 months ago
  • Quezza: *being proud of her scar* Me, with my heat surgery scar: *Proud smiles*

    Amber WhiteAmber White5 months ago
  • DM Shane gives me the strength that I need when my party starts to derail my campaign.

    Misty BouquetMisty Bouquet5 months ago
  • season 2 or we riot

    courtneycourtney5 months ago

    Jill StephensonJill Stephenson5 months ago
  • 20:19

    Rae Ann DumasRae Ann Dumas5 months ago