Shane & Ryan Are Bad At Roller Derby • Weird Wonderful World

Jul 24, 2020
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Bruises. Many, many bruises.
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Filmed February 2020
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  • 😂

    FryLFryL11 hours ago
  • Roller Derby actually favors players with wide builds and lower centers of gravity so for once Shane is at a disadvantage purely for being gangly

    TheToxicZombieTheToxicZombie13 hours ago
  • That lady is wife material with the amount of patience, support and positive attitude she has my god.

    Marvin øMarvin ø23 hours ago
  • Probably one of my FAVOURITE videos ever filmed by the ghoul boys and I feel bad for anyone who hasn't had the pleasure to enjoy it! I rewatched this ep so many times I've lost count, and I still lose it every time- And woes was such a lovely guest aw

    Ghita K.Ghita K.Day ago
  • I want Shane to play soccer again. Show Ryan up.

    Joshua OuterbridgeJoshua Outerbridge2 days ago
  • this is probably the cutest friendship video i’ve ever seen. also the instructor was SO NICE.

    Rose DormanRose Dorman2 days ago
  • “I don’t have my protractor with me”

    GoldieSavesDogsGoldieSavesDogs3 days ago
  • All Hail the WATCHER!

    Dash LukkyDash Lukky3 days ago
  • This was great. I laughed so much 😂😂 props to whoever added the sound effects lmao

    09Emilymarie09Emilymarie4 days ago
  • okay but this episode might help me a lot because i’ve been wanting to practice rollerskating for a while lol

    kleinkunstkleinkunst4 days ago
  • shane lookin like young remus lupin in the thumbnail

    dooblydoodooblydoo5 days ago
  • I only know about roller derby because I read a book called "Roller Girl" or something that I got from my book fair lol

    Celeste RodriguezCeleste Rodriguez5 days ago
  • I laughed so hard I cried Also Woes is so badass

    stephsteph5 days ago
  • Oh dear God, thank you both for a end of Nov. laugh. I was watching top five and found this. What a “shut the front door” gift.

    Laurie AndersonLaurie Anderson5 days ago
  • It’s funny because roller staking has the same teachings as ice skating so watching this I saw a lot of similarities with her teaching on how to stake and yes I ice staked so what it was really fun and I absolutely love it

    fenrir_RKfenrir_RK6 days ago
  • The squicky shane wheels

    Carol SimermamCarol Simermam6 days ago
  • Somehow reminds me of quidditch.... No idea why.

    The RowTurnThe RowTurn8 days ago
  • Just think about this Ryan is 5ft10in. And Shane makes Him look 5ft.

    I’m a personI’m a person8 days ago
  • Shane acts like a young Old Man lol

    Mathew TrentMathew Trent10 days ago
  • Explain to us the horrid and newly found pains the previous day brought you both. Yikes

    Glen KersulGlen Kersul10 days ago
  • Let’s go eat some pizza

    Kurwa CipkiKurwa Cipki11 days ago
  • Shane literally tap dancing at 13:25, I am dying 😂😂

    Eve hEve h13 days ago
  • i relate to shane in too many ways..

    Ashley HouseAshley House13 days ago
  • Shane has made me laugh out loud numerous times here, but I have a stomach ache from laughing at that James Brown moment🤣🤣

    Eve hEve h13 days ago
  • hahahahaha my jaw hurts laughing on this two!

    reo vasquezreo vasquez13 days ago
  • Honestly, this is the funniest thing I have ever seen so far in my life! ... It kinda reminds me of old Wipe Out because of the sound of effects

    Ier LeReuxIer LeReux14 days ago
  • The slow mo at the end had me in tears xD

    L SmithL Smith15 days ago
  • We need a keijo type anime for this plskthnx

    Minion PrimeMinion Prime16 days ago
  • This is the first video I’ve seen of Shane where I truly understand his height. The man is long

    RachelRachel16 days ago
  • 18:15 my god he comes to her shoulder length on his knees

    Roiana MustangRoiana Mustang19 days ago
  • Shane this was great, loving you 😂 Ryan you rocked amazing

    Livvy GrimmerLivvy Grimmer19 days ago
  • JT Picket Vs CC Tinsley need a showdown in the Jam

    J. WoodJ. Wood19 days ago
  • they two look crazy but the trainer lookin fine in caps and things

    ghjgj hgjhgjghjgj hgjhgj19 days ago
  • I loooove all the sound effects in this and the aesthetic is rly good

    Riso RoyRiso Roy19 days ago
  • She has a great smile by the way

    Joshua OuterbridgeJoshua Outerbridge20 days ago
  • I literally sobbed when Shane kept falling

    Joshua OuterbridgeJoshua Outerbridge21 day ago
  • ryan was like..built for this.

    TO THE MOONTO THE MOON21 day ago
  • I was laugh crying the whole video ily guy😂😭

    Wionna PhillipsWionna Phillips21 day ago
  • Honourable phrases of Shane Madej: "I know how to fall" "I always get up!" "I do have some respect, and Ithink Ill leave it in the dip" "As soon as there's an element of competition, my brain just quits" AND "Fcking sht, Im gonna die" XD

    Am. B.Am. B.21 day ago
  • me having a crush on this lady ?? more likely than u think

    poka tolyapoka tolya22 days ago

    Helena MachadoHelena Machado22 days ago
  • The sound effect as Shane fell and got back up at 14:25 made me snort so loud I woke up my dog I am literally crying right now

    Iwona GajórIwona Gajór22 days ago
  • I was not prepared for how hilarious this was going to be.

    ACE 99ACE 9923 days ago
  • I love they're supporting each other in this ep and being really encouraging - usually the clown on one another but here they're just learning and having fun #friendship

    colerdladescolerdlades23 days ago
  • Damn it! u guys make me what to gear up too. Miss the acceleration so much..

    lEftJiaalEftJiaa23 days ago
  • 15:32 oh no shane fell from 6 ft..

    pluviophileepluviophilee24 days ago
  • Shane's wobbly little ankles served him so well for that Charleston back in the Shakespeare theater episode, but they're working against him here 😂

    SetFireGirlSetFireGirl24 days ago
  • ohmygod i really admire shane for this ohgod

    kat. neskat. nes25 days ago
  • i love seeing the unsporty side of shane

    kat. neskat. nes25 days ago
  • i just realized their mouth guards are the color of the text in true crime unsolved and I- THATSS AMAZIN

  • woes is so awesome 🙌

    seonghwa in utopia damnseonghwa in utopia damn27 days ago
  • ‘use those long legs shane’ hahahaha

    amphibian enthusiastamphibian enthusiast27 days ago
  • I laughed so hard at this. Shane looks like a praying mantis when he is in derby stance!!

    Brittany HarrellBrittany Harrell27 days ago
  • I forget how much of a lesbian I am and then I watch a roller derby video and I'm swiftly reminded

    Georgie LockeyGeorgie Lockey28 days ago
  • doing sports that require you being able to keep your balance is the worst when you're tall. shane did amazing

    Haha ik ben gayHaha ik ben gay28 days ago
  • Man, I do flat track derby this shit is wild why it angled like dat :’)

    Jelly Drop ! !Jelly Drop ! !28 days ago
  • Me, who does roller derby: 👁👄👁 hunny no

    Jelly Drop ! !Jelly Drop ! !28 days ago
  • Teacher was truly enjoying her time with you guys!!!

    Virginia j OrtegaVirginia j Ortega29 days ago
  • Ryan you are great on stops!

    Virginia j OrtegaVirginia j Ortega29 days ago
  • Shane you got this!

    Virginia j OrtegaVirginia j Ortega29 days ago
  • She was a good teacher

    Virginia j OrtegaVirginia j Ortega29 days ago
  • love you guys and your antics

    Virginia j OrtegaVirginia j Ortega29 days ago
  • I have never laughed so hard in my life. You guys are amazing!!! You did so well btw!!! 👏🏻🙌🏻

    monique ortizmonique ortizMonth ago
  • Those sfx had me Goin hahaHh

    Joep LukkenJoep LukkenMonth ago
  • "I don't have my protractor with me..."

    Abby CalAbby CalMonth ago
  • Everything is lovely here.

    Maj RodicoMaj RodicoMonth ago
  • The friendship in this video is ASTRONOMICAL 💖😂

    Mariana OcaranzaMariana OcaranzaMonth ago
  • Doing flat track roller derby and finding this video has me hyped so much

    Ambyth CosplayAmbyth CosplayMonth ago
  • Shane really was trying his best and he had such a good attitude. It's harder to do this type of stuff when you're taller like this and don't have a lower sense of gravity like Ryan has.

    Cordelia McbrideCordelia McbrideMonth ago
  • I actually cried laughing watching Shane. It’s funny because that would 100% be me trying roller derby.

    Lindsay HornsbyLindsay HornsbyMonth ago
  • "It's a lot and it comes at ya fast and um... well ya just gotta try your best." Honestly, great advice 😂

    Nicole CoburnNicole CoburnMonth ago
  • I love how in the Pop Pals episode they chose baskets the same color as their texts in unsolved and here they choose the same colors for their teeth guards

    -RIOT--RIOT-Month ago
  • the fuckin sound effects for this lmaooo

    booitsbellabooitsbellaMonth ago
  • It seems heartless to laugh at those who are struggling or in pain, but that was your funniest video ever.

    Maudie IcrochetMaudie IcrochetMonth ago
  • of course shane knows what color blood turns into

    Mina EvansMina EvansMonth ago
  • 10:10 the look of Utter Terror 😱

    Comment HighlightedComment HighlightedMonth ago
  • Whoever adds the sound effects is a genius makes the video so much funnier

    Pacific48Pacific48Month ago
  • "I landed on my cheek!" sounding like a proud toddler

    Viktoria VillafloresViktoria VillafloresMonth ago
  • shane on skates looks like bambi walking on ice

    Julia GeorgeJulia GeorgeMonth ago
  • I laughed so damn hard. Poor Shane.

    Amanda WarrenAmanda WarrenMonth ago
  • 15:05 “And 1” SENT ME🤣🤣

    kelly armstrongkelly armstrongMonth ago
  • i love seeing shane and ryan encourage each other when they get nervous. it just reminds me that no matter how bad they pick on each other, they're always gunna be besties deep down

    jordyn hopejordyn hopeMonth ago
  • I feel like Bambi would've suited Shane best but I'm still really impressed with how quick they got the hang of things. Damnit, now I really wanna learn roller derby.

    Camilla JeffersonCamilla JeffersonMonth ago
  • why is ryan such a natural and shane is some lanky goblin

    Mia MycaMia MycaMonth ago
  • Why dose Shane look like hitler

    Asher HumphreyAsher HumphreyMonth ago
  • It really was a treat to watch Ryan skate with George Harrison 😂

    Morgan MusgraveMorgan MusgraveMonth ago
  • 14:23 literally almost killed me

    JForce2k8JForce2k8Month ago
  • My neighbor, Harold Jackson, used to be a derby dude back when. You can youtube his old interviews and videos from roller derby where he does his signature trick of throwing himself over the side rails in a fake crash

    dreamincolor14dreamincolor14Month ago
  • Bruh I'm 6' 5 I've had 4 knee dislocations and a surgery, how the fuck do Shane's legs move like that, it's really like his control stops at the knee

    jack rosadojack rosadoMonth ago
  • The fact that I saw them playing my sport actually made me so giddy even though I know derby is a lot more well known in America than in England lol.

    Matilda PattersonMatilda PattersonMonth ago
  • This is pure Shane and Ryan GOLD!!! XDXDXDXDXDXD

    FleursDuMalFleursDuMalMonth ago
  • This episode was the bomb loved it

    nicole.jr88nicole.jr88Month ago
  • I can’t skate either. I would look exactly like Shane.

    Lili DaLili DaMonth ago
  • Me As a skateboarder watching this "those ankles gotta take some shit to roller skate"

    KimJong UnKimJong UnMonth ago
  • Ryan was a literal G

    Jeremiah FryJeremiah FryMonth ago
  • Shane is to fucking tall and wholesome

    Jeremiah FryJeremiah FryMonth ago
  • Oh my goodness this made worknout my abs from laughing so hard!!!

    VickythinksVickythinksMonth ago
  • Ya'll funny!! I'm trying to sleep!

    Ro4339 MRo4339 MMonth ago
  • Lmfao! “Blood turns brown!”

    miiissfoxmiiissfoxMonth ago
  • I feel like i'm watching one of those commedy movies were the losers have to win a tournament in a week or something lmao

    Sarah CamargoSarah CamargoMonth ago