Shane & Ryan Eat Too Much Pie At The Pie Hole • Weird Wonderful World

Mar 12, 2020
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We have made a delicious mistake.
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  • The pie guy looks like the zodiac

    Ahtina AekAhtina Aek8 hours ago
  • Obi!

    PrettypinkdorkPrettypinkdork21 hour ago
  • It made Shane so happy when Ryan’s eyes lite up.

    Nolet HoffmanNolet HoffmanDay ago
  • half the time the owner is just sitting there awkwardly forgive my spelling

    yeet yeetyeet yeetDay ago
  • Shane sounded high all throughout his cooking vlog xD

    L SmithL Smith2 days ago
  • All Hail the Watcher.

    Dash LukkyDash Lukky3 days ago
  • 10:26 - 10:34. OMFG I DIED 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Moumita SarkarMoumita Sarkar4 days ago
  • I was going to comment this on another video a few days ago, (not sure which video, but they both had a white shirt and Shane's had a goose or a duck on his,) but I was like "naah, that's dumb. never mind." And now I just HAVE TO say it. Shane and Ryan are starting to look alike!

    Sonya WillisSonya Willis5 days ago
  • I wish I could do this for a living

    Tommy HookTommy Hook6 days ago
  • "I'm dressed like a millennial Waldo" I died

    Isabelle ChaseIsabelle Chase6 days ago
  • “When we opened the first Pie Hole” This is a goofy sentence and I love it.

    Snodge KatSnodge Kat7 days ago
  • 20 minutes of shane and ryan eating pie, and I don’t regret a single minute of it

    Poorva MaithPoorva Maith7 days ago
  • You made a pie for a guy that owns multiple pie stores. Good thing that guy probably likes pies, Shane.

    The PooglyThe Poogly9 days ago
  • These sound fx bring me back to the good ol bill nye days

    Billy WilliamsBilly Williams10 days ago
  • the most important part of this episode is of course the cameos of Obi at 15:16 and 15:34

    M CostM Cost10 days ago
  • Ryan and shane sharin a piece of pie together is something i had no clue i needed so badly.

    Lainey NewlinLainey Newlin10 days ago
  • I want what they have

    SarahSarah11 days ago
  • Ryan’s moustache is really the scariest thing I’ve seen on the show

    Ashton ChinAshton Chin11 days ago
  • 10:01😂 it be like that huh Ryan

    Peyton TeaguePeyton Teague11 days ago
  • Day 6 of my diet. *Watched this episode* Ahem...Day 1 of my diet. 😆

    Too Bad VidzToo Bad Vidz13 days ago
  • hahhahahahahaha pie

    R1txyR1txy13 days ago
  • Man I'm craving pie so much right now ToT

    huhhuh15 days ago
  • Can I just say that Shane, especially in this episode is a great interviewer? I love this series so much and learning about these things is so interesting, too that with the fact that they love what they do

    Cooper NicholsCooper Nichols15 days ago
  • Why did we suddenly enter Hosue of 1000 Corpses at 10:27 ?

    Cozmic OdysseyCozmic Odyssey15 days ago
  • that was Too Much Pie

    Kristen FKristen F16 days ago
  • 2:59 (wheeze)

    Sparkling Lemon-Lime PopSparkling Lemon-Lime Pop17 days ago
  • Shane and Ryan duo is just on a different level of chaotic.

    Hohocham is the new sexyHohocham is the new sexy17 days ago
  • Idk why I laughed so hard at the tea-nut accident hahah

    Belle YuenBelle Yuen19 days ago
  • Shane and Ryan are the perfect duo

    Yee YeeYee Yee19 days ago
  • -and this is our cereal killer pie *Ricky Goldsworth has entered the chat*

    Anushka MaheshwariAnushka Maheshwari19 days ago
  • I'd watch 45 minutes of Shane vlogging about pie and cats from weird angles

    Genevieve TanGenevieve Tan21 day ago
  • “I must shake your hand” *quarantine begins the next day* Coincidence? I think not.

    Joe MamaJoe Mama21 day ago
  • Shane and Ryan are the only people at buzzfeed anyone actually likes.

    Joe MamaJoe Mama21 day ago
  • >old school shepherds pie >uses beef 👁️👄👁️

    psykappapsykappa21 day ago
  • I love this show. Well if I'm being honest I love Shane and Ryan. U guys are so funny. As a Scottish lady I am so pleased to hear that brits were at the meeting of the making of the shepherd's pot pie. And shane wot u said was spot on. We do like to eat shepards pie(and other Scottish /British home cooked meals) on a cold rainy wintery evening xx

    Suzie SpanglesSuzie Spangles21 day ago
  • That girl was soo cuuute ✨ 0:45

    Kobe ProvidaKobe Provida22 days ago
  • Shane is the cutest making a pie s2

    Helena MachadoHelena Machado22 days ago
  • Nice weekender Shane.

    BookwormBookworm23 days ago
  • π is amazing, Shane reminds me of Eric Foreman so much in this video as he shows his love of pie lol

    Chris J DelahuntyChris J Delahunty23 days ago
  • That mustache makes Ryan look kinda like a stereotypocal mexican uncle :')

    MiledithMiledith24 days ago
  • I keep rewatching this episode to make myself feel better

    Angela KozellAngela Kozell24 days ago
  • Brits - never had shepherds pie in a pie shell

    Jess ClayJess Clay25 days ago
  • Why does their mental check remind me of what we would do at the end of the day in inpatient

    ¡casdean!¡casdean!26 days ago
  • 6:56 You can just see the pie man die a little inside

    ʞ!ǝɹɐʞ!ǝɹɐ26 days ago
  • While the Shepherds pie does look lovely, as a Brit I would be remiss if i didnt point out that what they ate was in fact a Cottage Pie. Shepherd's pie = lamb, Cottage pie = beef

    Emma JenkinsEmma Jenkins27 days ago
  • i lowkey want to eat mac n cheese pie right now

    i put my sushi in the oveni put my sushi in the oven27 days ago
  • Esta serie me suena a Mario Hugo (de 31 minutos) con "Hermoso y desconocido" xD

    Micaela LuengoMicaela Luengo28 days ago
  • i cant get over how Shane looks like your older neighbor with the beautiful garden who looks slightly disheveled after his 2nd scotch of the evening

    donttalktomebyedonttalktomebye28 days ago
  • Me at 4:13 *pumpkins*

    S. V.S. V.29 days ago
  • Millennial waldo 🤣

    IAm MariaEliseIAm MariaEliseMonth ago
  • The salads looked really good

    Ava SpencerAva SpencerMonth ago
  • Shane : didnt eat dinner last night Ryan : human pig Hahahahahhaha

    Jayson Louie Dela TorreJayson Louie Dela TorreMonth ago
  • My favorite thing about this is Ryan and Shane's friendship - like it's so cute how they're like "See that random behavior that no one else would notice? That's why they're doing it!" Or a "Look now he's gonna do this because he did that other thing!" And then it happens. Absolutely precious lmao makes me happy

    Light MonolithLight MonolithMonth ago
  • Tbh the only pie I've ever had was a meat looking at all these sweet dessert pies are making my mouth water 👌

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku MidoriyaMonth ago
  • As a Brit, it pisses me off when Americans make shepherds pie with beef. It’s supposed to be lamb - clue is in the name of the pie 😂

    Emily MEmily MMonth ago
  • The owner gives me David Wallace vibes and Shane and Ryan r giving me Michael and Dwight vibes

    Gabriel BeltraneGabriel BeltraneMonth ago
    • Lol I thought I was the only one who thought that.

      Danny ThomasDanny Thomas26 days ago
  • Love when even restaurant owners don’t know that Shepard’s Pie is made with lamb. If you make it with ground beef it’s Cottage Pie

    Chelsey BryantChelsey BryantMonth ago
  • This makes me feel homesick????

    no nono noMonth ago
  • im so used to shane n ryan that i dont realise how whacky they are until theyre around other people lmaooo

    oliviaoliviaMonth ago
  • Marshmallow....oh my’s not Marshmellow?

    GigiGigiMonth ago
  • They look like sexual offenders

    JoeJoeMonth ago
  • "Ryan intends to die" killed me 😂

    Qat On FireQat On FireMonth ago
  • crackhead energy

    j moneyj moneyMonth ago
  • i love that this dude is just chilling watching them stuff their faces with pie. lol

    j moneyj moneyMonth ago
  • tea nut LMFAO

    j moneyj moneyMonth ago
  • really wanna visit that place for the earl grey pie ngl

  • Oh my god this made me feel so much better about....everything. thank u

    Alisa EAlisa EMonth ago
  • taji ameen vice vibes over here

    Arth RexArth RexMonth ago
  • Who else here is like me and is watching this while hungry and regretting many things

    EmilyEmilyMonth ago
  • Ahhh...🙃🙃🙃dean winchester would love this

    M A V A T I EM A V A T I EMonth ago
  • I love the pie guy

    The BeastThe BeastMonth ago
  • They forgot the 3.14 pi

    khyroz est.khyroz est.Month ago
  • The owner really looks like channing tatum. Ngl.

    MZA ZainudinMZA ZainudinMonth ago
  • I love pie but this feels like an extended ad with my favorite actors and that is a sour taste, the taste of capitalism

    Mulder StarlingMulder StarlingMonth ago
  • It really fucks me up that you can say someplace that opened in like 2011 opened "almost a decade ago".

    KatKatMonth ago
  • So out of curiosity who do you usually agree with more. Shane or ryan?

    Whitney SandersWhitney SandersMonth ago
  • Why does everything Ryan say sound sarcastic

    Ethereal FungusEthereal FungusMonth ago
  • Um...these pies are like $70 each on their site. Am I seeing that correctly?

    No1 WonderFanNo1 WonderFanMonth ago
  • 3:30 shanes cute excitement about “the chocolate on the bottom” 😂❤️

    william mercadowilliam mercadoMonth ago
  • Oh weird, I thought this was Pie Hole in SLC which is pizza

    clementine Shmementineclementine ShmementineMonth ago
  • “Eating every pie to completion is a fools errand.”

    Ryan MillerRyan MillerMonth ago
  • I absolutely love Shane and Ryan in these videos together. This channel brings me so much happiness. Also, can we get more videos of Shane baking or cooking? I loved that part, especially with his cat. How about Shane and Ryan BOTH doing some cooking or baking?

    SteelOnTargetSteelOnTargetMonth ago
  • pie hole ? like pushing daises?

    Dakota SchüleDakota SchüleMonth ago
  • Shane's pie vlog should be it's own show

    Jaz ShawJaz ShawMonth ago
  • Oh I am super late to this since I am new to Watcher, but there is a Pie Town, New Mexico. Pie Day is a big deal there. You will have to drive through desert and haunted places to get to it, though.

    Eric GarberEric GarberMonth ago
  • maybe I'm going to put "economy-injured soul" to my bio

    Lofa HaikalLofa HaikalMonth ago
  • Are Shane and Ryan done with buzzfeed? I hope so, they were always better than that and I hated supporting buzzfeed but I like Unsolved and if this channel is independent of buzzfeed I’ll give Shane and Ryan money to bring me more great content

    Thedude2283Thedude2283Month ago
  • 6:59 he looks like he is in physical pain 😂😂😂😂😂

    ugly mcfattyugly mcfattyMonth ago
  • 6:40 this was the exact moment i finally realized that i am in love with shane

    ugly mcfattyugly mcfattyMonth ago
  • Millennial Waldo

    Cassidy HeathCassidy HeathMonth ago
  • Shane's haircut makes him look like he's either homeless or a chill college professor

    Dick SuccDick SuccMonth ago
    • Where's the lie?

      Sara JohnsonSara JohnsonMonth ago
  • How is it a SHEPARDS pie if it has beef... 🤦‍♀️ I don't believe for a second that man spoke to anyone from Britain. 😂 It's a cottage pie. 🤦‍♀️

    Chelsey WilliamsonChelsey WilliamsonMonth ago
  • I love making apple pie for my husband and kids

    Solstice BeatSolstice BeatMonth ago
  • Shane with a moustache is awful but Ryan with a moustache is actually my sleep paralysis demon

    Zeta JaneZeta JaneMonth ago
  • It's really weird living close to LA because I'll be watching a youtube video and they're just at somewhere I go to

    Becca DBecca DMonth ago
  • Colleague? Ouch. You're friends with someone for years, and then they hit you with the colleague line.

    Eleni AristeidouEleni AristeidouMonth ago
  • Shane looks a millennial Eric Clapton

    GrasseletricboogalooGrasseletricboogalooMonth ago
  • Why did I not find out about the existence of Earl Gray pie until after the pie hole in my state closed? :/

    KineticPassionKineticPassionMonth ago
  • Choo Choo Pickle Pie

    John KneeJohn KneeMonth ago
  • Shane making pies are so cute😭

    Yeet YeetYeet YeetMonth ago