Shane & Ryan Explore California's Quaintest Town • Weird Wonderful World

Aug 7, 2020
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  • Missing weird wonderful world. Next episode when resumed would loveeeeee to see a double date of Ryan-Mari and Shane-Sara. Love watching you guys:)

    Swetha ShankerSwetha ShankerDay ago
  • for anyone who wants to know if the ostrich thing is real:

    reaverreaver3 days ago

    Dash LukkyDash Lukky3 days ago

      Dash LukkyDash Lukky3 days ago
  • To the bay area, a moke is tobacco and weed in a bong so hearing “two blokes in a moke” have some different meanings haha

    Indigo kinzeyIndigo kinzey3 days ago
  • The mayor of solvang looks like a bulkier sean evans

    Indigo kinzeyIndigo kinzey3 days ago
  • It would be hard to cook pancakes on a wooden shield

    gruby 17gruby 174 days ago
  • Oohh aebelskiver are like sweet takoyaki! Mmm now i want both

    shina chuashina chua5 days ago
  • it looks as if they both had a good time. Kinda want to go here now. Also Shane is pretty funny. Like i never knew how funny he is but i get him now.

    Jason PadgettJason Padgett6 days ago
  • Love Ryan's tag in the interview was "little pastry piggy" 😂👌

    Shelby shoffShelby shoff6 days ago
  • How many people live in this “small town”? I live in a town with less than 3000 people but you don’t see that many people on the streets at any one time! Even in tourist season when everybody came to town for a snoop dog concert (I’m not joking) we had fewer people than that! Also we have Sunfest (Canadian country music) every year which draws people from all over the country and we are still left with very few people. How the hell is this classified as a small town? Lol

    Hannah NottHannah Nott6 days ago
  • im convinced Ryan was absolutely hammered for this shoot lol

    NandoGo 고난도NandoGo 고난도7 days ago
  • this is how takoyaki is created

    randomjeanrandomjean8 days ago
  • BEAN JUICE!! Ryan listens to MBMBaM confirmed.

    Drew WhitmanDrew Whitman10 days ago
  • Love European architecture and European culture and history!! It’s beautiful and has evolved so much!

    Mavis BrmrMavis Brmr10 days ago
  • How have I never seen this one? Who knew Collin Robinson was real?

    sissydxsissydx10 days ago
  • "Ooo, are you trying to wine and dine me?" "No, I'm trying to wine and dine myself!" Truest form of friendship

    My StoriesMy Stories12 days ago
  • Shane’s gf, Rubi or Nelly or whatever your name’re a very very lucky girl

    BeepDoo BopLopBeepDoo BopLop13 days ago
  • 6:17 Ryan scratching himself like a dog 😂 the editors are genius

    Kelsey TaylorKelsey Taylor14 days ago
  • I can’t breathe at 5:38 “let’s shove these juicy balls in my mouth” omg they can’t even CHEW

    Kelsey TaylorKelsey Taylor14 days ago
  • this is most definitely my new vacation destination.

    Lainie AddisonLainie Addison14 days ago
  • YiKeS ThOsE PeOpLe In ThAt ToWn ArE Uh.......NiCe.....LoL

    JooN JooNJooN JooN14 days ago
  • I think Shane is a coffee addict

    Janelle SkavinskyJanelle Skavinsky15 days ago
  • this reminds me of gilmore girls’ town lol

    seonghwa in utopia damnseonghwa in utopia damn16 days ago
  • 1:10 no that is psyched substance

    Leonardo CaputoLeonardo Caputo16 days ago
  • i love that place used to go there one to two times a year

    Dakota BuckleyDakota Buckley16 days ago
  • if y'all ever leave the California area and find yourselves filming in other states, come to Florida and visit Solomon's Castle.

    April MullenApril Mullen18 days ago
  • is this takoyaki or what

    Joy MinJoy Min19 days ago
  • I literally live 15 mins from there 😂

    Mella BellaMella Bella19 days ago
  • Not sure if it's just me but it seems like this town hates them lol

    RogueNinja16RogueNinja1619 days ago
  • That man vibing around in a chef's uniform

    Minion PrimeMinion Prime19 days ago
  • The way they cook those pancake balls looks really similar to Japanese takoyaki.

    Elora ReillyElora Reilly19 days ago
  • i feel like ryan and shane are having a ton more fun doing their own stuff than being with buzzfeed like... look at how much fun theyre having! theyre just enjoying tourism, being able to go out and do their things, and are learning a lot about the places around them!

    NathanNathan19 days ago
  • You guy have to come to eureka springs AR

    Colby StrahanColby Strahan20 days ago
  • Why are they saying æbleskiver so weird? None the less it’s cool to see them being talked about

    The Winter JuleThe Winter Jule20 days ago
  • "I can get behind that" - Ryan

    Alexa Bella MuerteAlexa Bella Muerte20 days ago
  • The ostrich's reaction to the hat dance!!! XD Omg dying. They were like, "Um, ok hold up hell no. There's something WRONG with this guy." XD

    fearlesssfcappuccinofearlesssfcappuccino20 days ago
  • The 80s/90s vibes are strong with this one's intro and I am loving it XD

    fearlesssfcappuccinofearlesssfcappuccino20 days ago
  • We are lucky to have these both peeps. Salt and peppersl friendship that gives us joy everytime they have episodes together. Ryan and Shane 😎 Keep it up you guys!

    Rose TungRose Tung20 days ago
  • This was the most homoerotic, no-homo-tho episode of them yet

    Abraham RuizAbraham Ruiz20 days ago
  • “Be careful around the ostriches” Shane: *Feeds himself to the ostriches*

    Joe MamaJoe Mama20 days ago
  • 1:48 me trying to be social

    Joe MamaJoe Mama20 days ago
  • Y'all should've gone to Paula's Pancake House!

    Teddie HardgroveTeddie Hardgrove21 day ago
  • When Ryan skratched his head, I felt that

    im allergic to soapim allergic to soap21 day ago
    • And I live by that

      im allergic to soapim allergic to soap21 day ago
  • Americans pronouncing danish words are so cute!

    Maria AspvikMaria Aspvik23 days ago
  • Everything this channel produces is so wholesome and delightful. I seriously haven't smiled and laughed this much in....longer than I care to admit to. This is the kind of wacky feel good nostalgic nonsense the world needs more than ever. I didnt know that watching two grown men who genuinely enjoy each others company be chaotic and get into shenanigans in various environments could make me feel so happy, yet here we are

    SetFireGirlSetFireGirl24 days ago
  • They really named them cream puffs and they eat them on regular days and not on semlans dag? I am terrified

    CutieBoxCutieBox25 days ago
  • Binged all of this on election night to take my mind off the polls. What an adorable series, it looks like you guys had so much fun! Thanks for the laughs boys

    Abby HetcherAbby Hetcher25 days ago
  • WOW, WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m from Denmark and have Been to America several times because I have family in Phoenix, and I never even new about this, so cool!!!!!!

    Taz XxxTaz Xxx26 days ago
  • You missed the tourist spot in Solvang hands down. Oh wait, maybe its meant for the locals only...hehehe

    Kimberly PueschelKimberly Pueschel26 days ago
  • It’s takoyaki! Wow

    KlynkerKlynker26 days ago
  • 15:09 HATSHEPSUT??

    Your Local Ghost In A Victorian NightgownYour Local Ghost In A Victorian Nightgown27 days ago

    Pradnya ChoukekarPradnya Choukekar27 days ago
  • Please! When are you restocking on your Weird and/or wonderful world T-Shirts?? I want one >_

    Omar ViolanteOmar Violante28 days ago
  • this video is just two sweet boys being polite to people and i love it

    Reese xReese x29 days ago
  • ommmgg so wholesome! didnt realise i needed this until it completely made my day!

    Belle YuenBelle YuenMonth ago
  • u can tell that man is a chef just by looking at his moustache

    lilmisscopypasterlilmisscopypasterMonth ago
  • 6:16 You are welcome

    Alan Gonzalez MartinezAlan Gonzalez MartinezMonth ago
  • As a Dane, this is like looking at a chinese rip off of Disney Merch. Its so inaccurate it hurts.

    Kid PolutionKid PolutionMonth ago
  • Is no one gonna mention how Ryan casually went for a "PUT HER THERE" at 3:40??

    hughjass311hughjass311Month ago
  • "Who came up with this stuff?" "The Vikings." "OOOHHHHH, yeaaaahhh"

    Gweneapig AtkinsGweneapig AtkinsMonth ago
  • How the hell does Ryan not know who Hans Christian Andersen is?

    JalbatrossJalbatrossMonth ago
  • Lil pastry piggy lol

    Austin HiteAustin HiteMonth ago
  • nothing compares to being eaten by parrots lol

    ZöMonth ago
  • Viking pancakes but also, takoyaki

    Viktoria VillafloresViktoria VillafloresMonth ago
  • Brittney is so cute ❤️

    AmielAmielMonth ago
  • Stole bean juice from GMM

    Trevor BrightlyTrevor BrightlyMonth ago
  • oh shit, i visited there not too long ago and it still remains as one of my favorite places in cali

    Berenice SoriaBerenice SoriaMonth ago
  • alsksljsjks okay but that restaurant owner who encouraged them eat the pancake balls in one go omg

    Natalie RiveraNatalie RiveraMonth ago
  • did shane actually buy the ostrich puppet and use it as the mummified goose in puppet history and Thats why ryan insisted it was an ostrich or am i thinking too hard about it

    Grace WheelerGrace WheelerMonth ago
  • Woah, I actually stopped at this town with my family when we visited California last summer. It was a really nice place, I got a little recipe book at the bakery :)

    GreyGreyMonth ago

    Carol DiltsCarol DiltsMonth ago
  • I’d love to go to OSTRICHLAND with Shane & Ryan. It looks so much fun 🙂

    Comment HighlightedComment HighlightedMonth ago
  • “You know there’s snakes in the walls in London” “What😃”

    akiraaaakiraaaMonth ago
  • "And you're probably wondering how we get 'em round" "How'd you get 'em round?" "Good question" :')

    Camilla JeffersonCamilla JeffersonMonth ago
    • That restaurant guy is great.

      Camilla JeffersonCamilla JeffersonMonth ago
  • ryan "human pig" "little pastry piggy" bergara

    egg tartsegg tartsMonth ago
  • Solvang is legit my favorite place in CA

    Nicky47Nicky47Month ago
  • Wait that's takoyaki! Which came first I wonder

    saradayosaradayoMonth ago
  • Hahaha Yay! I’m so glad they went to Osterichland 😆 you gotta stop there every time you visit Solvang.

    MsAceyourfaceMsAceyourfaceMonth ago
  • I love Ryan but he looked so uncomfortable in the restaurant! ❤️❤️❤️

    Keira ClueKeira ClueMonth ago
  • Sad i'm 50, don't drive, and can't ever go to these places. Sucks being stuck in the same place your whole life...

    ken simsken simsMonth ago
  • Shout out to Shane as a fellow greater Chicago area native! -Rockford il.

    amanda comanamanda comanMonth ago
  • Now I want a MOKE. Dammit.

    TekCatTekCatMonth ago
  • We're all just searching for our next coffee. Love these and the editing is excellent!

    Tea & Ham 티앤햄Tea & Ham 티앤햄Month ago
  • As someone who lives is a very German/Polish/Danish and Dutch immigrant populated area I can say with 100% certainty that most of our buildings are old ass bakerys, half burnt/crumbling buildings and one weird house that was turned into an art museum and has a taxidermy horse from around 1920 in the old parlor. We're also a very popular tourist destination because of our location on Lake Michigan and have an abandoned and supposedly haunted asylum about 20 minutes out of town. It's a pretty lit town but because I live here I'm not as impressed as the tourists that come here are. I should also mention that I work at a hotel/waterpark so I meet a lot of interesting tourists that want to know about our little town.

    Small OneSmall OneMonth ago
  • This is the most fun travel video I’ve ever watched! Keep them coming! *after the pandemic*

    Estefanía JuanaEstefanía JuanaMonth ago
  • Thats awesome. I live in solvang and im JUST HEARING about this!! Glad u liked our little town😃

    Maria LoretoMaria LoretoMonth ago

    Rylee DinelleRylee DinelleMonth ago
  • this did look like denmark except for the lack of teens downing vodka or breezers on the benches

    GeekyGirlGeekyGirlMonth ago
  • Subtle flex lmao

    fullmetal royalfullmetal royalMonth ago
  • I love it to hear people trying to speak Scandinavian, I alwayd start laughing like a maniac💕🤣

    Linnea MaiLinnea MaiMonth ago
  • Reminds me of takoyaki 4:48

    Ash KAsh KMonth ago
  • Anytime Shane does any off-screen narration, I'm gonna assume its beung said by thr Professor. It gives the videos just an extra layer of joy.

    Tim PlowmanTim PlowmanMonth ago
  • I love the restaurant host. What a gem.

    BunnyFettBunnyFettMonth ago
  • ive been to solvang around christmas time it’s really nice

    anomalydetectionanomalydetectionMonth ago
  • I'm swedish and we know danish is tricky af but I can't believe the owner himself said dageri instead of bageri lmao

    rebeckarebeckaMonth ago
  • I’m danish and this is weird

    Linehp _Linehp _Month ago
  • lol i’m from solvang. this was wild to watch

    Jordan MailesJordan MailesMonth ago
  • Hey! My boyfriend and I went here for our first year anniversary and it was awesome! The restaurant has amazing food and gets busy fast! The architecture is beautiful and they have lots of cool little shops~ 10/10

    Citlali HernandezCitlali HernandezMonth ago
  • Why is there no pride flag in the Hans Christian Anderson museum ???

    MeMeMonth ago
  • As a Dane i highly enjoyed this video. Also its cute when you guys say Æbleskiver lmao

    Julie JensenJulie JensenMonth ago