Shane & Ryan Go Birdwatching • Weird Wonderful World

Jul 17, 2020
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Let's feast our peepers on some cheepin' creatures.
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Filmed early March 2020
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  • See's channel name. All hail the watcher.

    Mr TiddlesMr Tiddles10 hours ago
  • I love the music

    rhonoonarhonoonaDay ago
  • George Bluth Snr. Does bird watching tours?

    MelGibsonsAss1MelGibsonsAss1Day ago
  • I was gonna show to my parents but this ryan and Shawn

    florance totikali zhimomiflorance totikali zhimomi2 days ago
  • Took me a minute to realize their raised hands were them rating birds 10/10 ahahahaha

    Sparkling Lemon-Lime PopSparkling Lemon-Lime Pop2 days ago
  • All Hail the WATCHER!

    Dash LukkyDash Lukky3 days ago
  • Shane just went straight up calling Ryan stupid when he can't spot the hummingbird and Ryan's reaction is just the cutest

    Karyang LeeKaryang Lee3 days ago
  • Until I saw Audabon written down I was like, why is this society named after a German motorway?

    timeladyshaydetimeladyshayde3 days ago
  • Ray is a grandfather who's son shares a common interest with him, bird watching. Ryan is the grandson that doesn't get it yet but his grandpa and dad are determined to pass the tradition on.

    RonanRonan3 days ago
  • Just for the sake of clarity, regarding the hummingbirds starting at around 7:50, the first out of focus shot is an Anna's hummingbird, while the subsequent shots where Ryan needs some help finding it are actually almost exclusively an Allen's hummingbird, so you got to see two distinct and wonderful species of hummingbirds on your trip! great video!

    Blaine PennerBlaine Penner3 days ago
  • I love how i can go to this channel and see all sorts of content, from bird watching and cooking to ghost stories.

    gruby 17gruby 174 days ago
  • Im guessing that the lady was joking about never getting sick judging by her voice

    gruby 17gruby 174 days ago
  • why did i think they were going to get the spirit box out when they said they'd summon some feathered friends

    Lulu FosterLulu Foster5 days ago
  • Murder of crows Parliament of owls Unkindness of ravens Couple of a**holes😂😂✌

    Babab CuencaBabab Cuenca5 days ago
  • dying at "i'll keep you my dirty little egret"

    Jaclyn CarterJaclyn Carter6 days ago
  • She had the rona

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn6 days ago
  • i think ryan smoked a lil legal dank before this ep

    period blood vampire 666period blood vampire 6666 days ago
  • I am sick right now struggling to breath and both of you guys at least made that thought of getting no air into my lungs at least for 16 minutes, I have loved you and Shane since I first saw you on youtube (different ones) but point being you bring out the best in each other which brings out the best in your audience and followers, you bring JOY Thank you & gonna find another vid to watch lol 😆

    WagginTailFarmWagginTailFarm6 days ago
  • Ryan walking through a decrepit abandoned hospital: this is a nightmare Ryan walking through a flowery meadow: this is certainly a nightmare tunnel for me...

    MarsMars8 days ago
  • anyone knows the name of the song @6:20 ?! I am dying to know!!!

    MLYSMLYS11 days ago
  • We talked about fire hawks in my Native studies class this semester as an example of indigenous knowledge and I thought of this video!

    Alana DickeyAlana Dickey11 days ago
  • 5:04 Jeffrey Tambor? D: 7:42 Starting to believe the ‘Shane is a demon’ theory, as he is clearly momentarily possessed by my dead grandmother. 8:07 OMG, you’ve got to describe the tree shapes. Tallest branch, two to the left, etc. 8:18 Never mind, this is funnier. 12:27 ;sdaskd;lksd;fajf 2020 needed this show. Seriously, thank you.

    pkixpkix12 days ago
  • Ryan basically looks like a lost little puppy throughout this whilst Shane goes full ornithologist!

    Michelle ThomasMichelle Thomas12 days ago
  • I thought I love watching horror mystery videos. Turns out I'll just enjoy any videos as long Shane and Ryan is in there.

    Sveta VotyakovaSveta Votyakova12 days ago
  • I LOVE weird wonderful world!!!

    Riso RoyRiso Roy12 days ago
  • Ryan gives off golden retriever energy!

    Ryan NewmanRyan Newman12 days ago
  • “I just can’t see you don’t need to call me dumb” he sounds like Shane’s little brother here😂 8:04

    Peyton TeaguePeyton Teague13 days ago
  • Shane: We're here in Ballona Wetlands to answer the question: Are birds real? Ryan: *Shakes head*

    KraenaughtKraenaught14 days ago
  • Lovely lady but her voice is so grating because of illness. She needs rest man. Could have postponed this.

    Dave PrabhuDave Prabhu15 days ago
  • Am I the only one who thought Shane said "Los Angeles Autobahn society"

    The JudgeThe Judge15 days ago
  • Hi guys! i know many people will ignore this comment, but for those who didn't, hear me out :) if u love the environment, please use Ecosia as your search engine. For every 45 searches u make, a tree will be planted somewhere. if you think this is fake, u can always look at their channel in youtube. Also stay safe guys :) bai bai

    Allysandra IlaganAllysandra Ilagan16 days ago
  • Birder here! The tall white bird near the end of the video is not a White Egret - it’s a Snowy Egret. Notice the yellow feet and black legs.

    Olivia PomajbaOlivia Pomajba17 days ago
  • what is the transition song called?? its so cute!

    Diana GonzalezDiana Gonzalez18 days ago
  • " one time i went to lego land and a bird landed on my head." how is this man in his late 20s he goes to lego land for fun.

    TO THE MOONTO THE MOON19 days ago
  • Omg I was not expecting to in stitches for this one hahahha thanks for this absolute gem!!!

    Belle YuenBelle Yuen19 days ago
  • perfect soul food for 2020. Remember the be-fore fore times?

    ChainsawBunnyChainsawBunny19 days ago
  • Jesus do you guys realize they were probably exposed to a sick person before the pandemic was officially acknowledged

    DadDad20 days ago
  • 8:29 Lol! "He looks like he has a lot of secrets." - RB I want to acknowledge so many lines but I don't want to be a comment section whore. (I'm on my fourth viewing, btw, although I've been multi-tasking so I keep seeing things I previously missed.)

    annikaannika21 day ago
  • Lolol 6:12 I don't know whether they edited out a few seconds, but the timing of the docent's "Okay..." was hilarious and made it seem like he was unable to appreciate the Ryan Bergara Experience. His loss, but in his defense Ryan _was_ at times acting as creepy as Shane looks.

    annikaannika21 day ago
  • I love the Super 8 effect and the vintage, possibly royalty-free stock imagery-very well done. The opening theme with Shane's VO and the montages with that olde tyme hokey ditty and the yodel were also nice touches. 👍🏼👍🏼🙂

    annikaannika21 day ago
  • A.P.B. to the smartest people I know... Please watch the video of a camera falling from an airplane into a pigs' pen... (Is that how I use the apostrophe?) Holy moly... What species of bird is that at :06!?

    The Big Chop Video Memories CollectionThe Big Chop Video Memories Collection21 day ago
  • 3:26 poor Ryan🤣although that's probably true, I heard of it

    DamooDamoo23 days ago

    naomi starrnaomi starr23 days ago
  • where can i download that themesong? i will use it as a alarm ringtone lol

    AgaffeAgaffe25 days ago
  • I can't watch this because of that ladies voice

    Isaias GuzmanIsaias Guzman26 days ago
  • Dude no matter in what kind of bad mood I am, 1 clip of these dudes and shit's over

    zlyungbluetoothzlyungbluetooth26 days ago
  • RIP weird wonderful world series

    Nicole Olivieri PaganNicole Olivieri Pagan29 days ago
  • Love the way Shane oh so briefly bends down from his high horse to go "YOU know a lot about FISH?!?" like he's the only nature boi allowed lol

    Joy ReneeJoy Renee29 days ago
  • Well there seems to be an absence of a certain ornithological piece: a headline regarding mass awareness of a certain avian variety...

    mary wangmary wang29 days ago
  • I love the editing so much! This episode is 10/10

    YbryllYbryll29 days ago
  • Shout out to the Illinois public school system for making us all dissect owl pellets in the fourth grade

    Emily SandsEmily Sands29 days ago
  • Ryan's not wrong about the fire hawk (idk what its name actually is - I don't know if that's actually what they call it) but - it is in fact a bird in Australia not in California so that's probably why the bird lady hadn't heard about it. It's funny though because it's a bird that adds another check to the list of why Australia is apparently terrifying and deadly

    Light MonolithLight MonolithMonth ago
  • Ryans legoland story is very cute.

    A. PenneA. PenneMonth ago
  • 8:04 "I just can't see it you don't need to call me dumb".. Ryan is so cute❤️

    SwapnaSwapnaMonth ago
  • that lady has never drunken a drip of water in her life

    RaveRaveMonth ago
  • awesome

    Virginia j OrtegaVirginia j OrtegaMonth ago
  • Ryan: "I just can't see. You don't need to call me dumb." I'm dying 😂😂

    Vee MartianVee MartianMonth ago
  • Australian Fire Hawks do intentionally spread fires.

    RRMonth ago
  • 6:20 does anyone know what this song is? i've been trying in vain to find it for forever

    funky little cowboyfunky little cowboyMonth ago
    • @Adam Tlatelpa thank you so much!!!

      funky little cowboyfunky little cowboyMonth ago
    • At your rescue

      Adam TlatelpaAdam TlatelpaMonth ago
  • Ryan: a fire hawk Me (a zoo biologist working at a bird of prey Centre) :it is a legit thing, they're called black kites😂

    Seren EvansSeren EvansMonth ago
  • that bird guy was so annoyed with them 😝

    Soap AndskinSoap AndskinMonth ago
  • It was like the megazord of birds indeed

  • I love the square patches you guys are wearing! Will they be sold on the website?

    Alyssa CaiAlyssa CaiMonth ago
  • ryan: i jUst,, canT seE;; .u donT need to call me dUmb,,,.

    rj vasquezrj vasquezMonth ago
  • A birb is either a 10 or not a 10

    JonasWasTakenJonasWasTakenMonth ago
  • Wasn’t prepared for the newest are you scared episode so I switched over to bird watching instead 😂

    maddiecakemaddiecakeMonth ago
  • stop looking at the houses lolol

    Sarunas J.Sarunas J.Month ago
  • Someone please get that woman some cough drops

    Edward FlyEdward FlyMonth ago
  • Whoever edited the binocular scenes with vintage dinosaur film footage, deserves a pay rise.

    Oni PotOni PotMonth ago
  • College humor actually did a short snippet of a song called ' dirty little egret' it's genuinely all I think about whenever I spot them. Also as a person who had a budgie and loves birds, Shane's love of birds warms my heart.

    Oni PotOni PotMonth ago
  • The little squeaker sounded like Ryan trying to imitate the mothman

    christina northchristina northMonth ago
  • Perfect music choice

    Cecilia PotterCecilia PotterMonth ago
  • My favorite nerds

    amanda comanamanda comanMonth ago
  • Does anybody know the song that they used?

    Apparently HereApparently HereMonth ago
  • I like seeing Shane so into it

    PickingwilddaisiesPickingwilddaisiesMonth ago
  • Fucking lost it when Shane made the egret do doc’s voice

    ariellemcgeeariellemcgeeMonth ago
  • I always hear "Autobahn"

    SophieSophieMonth ago
    • @Sophie a German buddy cop TV show about two autobahn inspectors- one tall, one small and Turkish.

      NikkiNikkiMonth ago
    • @Nikki I dont know what you are talking about😅

      SophieSophieMonth ago
    • They do have a few comic Semir and Ben vibes, if we talk about the Autobahn

      NikkiNikkiMonth ago
  • A channel of nothing but Shane and Ryan I've truly died and gone to Watcher heaven

    Sophia FlaggSophia FlaggMonth ago
  • was Ryan telling shane to stop looking at that birds butt or was he rating it a 10?

    Nop277Nop277Month ago
  • This show gives such early/mid 2010s PBS kids show vibes it’s great

    Blossom VinesBlossom VinesMonth ago
  • This video just proves that I will watch Shane and Ryan do literally anything.

    M KullaM KullaMonth ago
  • They like school Kids on a field trip 🤣

    Cobey BeemusCobey BeemusMonth ago
  • When is this shot that it’s totally okay that she’s sick no one’s wearing masks and they’re all bunched together?

    Xochi SXochi SMonth ago
  • So know I love you but.........You look like Hitler with your mustache in that jacket. Im so sorry.

    Chole CraigChole CraigMonth ago
  • Ryan: I've been stung in the face three times! Shane: hm, sounds like your fault

    RoadsidefuryRoadsidefuryMonth ago
  • 14:05 me playing the recorder in fifth grade

    CadyCadyMonth ago
  • This is the thing I needed today. This made me so happy 😁

    CadyCadyMonth ago
  • One of my friends once had an osprey steel her slipper

    Babooshka aBabooshka aMonth ago
  • Its cool seeing the ghoul boys doing other things too

    Morgan McCormishMorgan McCormishMonth ago
  • as a birder myself this video made me feel seen asdfghjkl tho i do have to point out that im pretty sure the hummingbird was a rufous hummingbird and not an anna's... but he is still a cool dude regardless

    Sabrina BlasikSabrina BlasikMonth ago
  • Birds are descendants of dinosaurs or some shit like that, they’re bros birds and dinosaurs are bros

    Cortney FoleyCortney FoleyMonth ago
  • Song???

    Karan patelKaran patelMonth ago
    • @Adam Tlatelpa thanks mate

      Karan patelKaran patelMonth ago
    • I got you bro

      Adam TlatelpaAdam TlatelpaMonth ago
  • this episode just makes me feel like they’re the old man and little boy from up

    Batty BibblesBatty BibblesMonth ago
  • What's the song that starts at 6:19?

    A TA TMonth ago
    • @Adam Tlatelpa YOU SWEET GIFT OF A HUMAN

      A TA TMonth ago
    • I got you bro

      Adam TlatelpaAdam TlatelpaMonth ago
  • "Every bird I see is a 10" Same dude. Same.

    Sadie SueSadie SueMonth ago
  • I liked Ryan more than usual in this video. I think it’s the first time Ryan made me laugh much more than Shane

    Ev4lution42Ev4lution42Month ago
  • How have I been sleeping on this series???

    ReneeReneeMonth ago
  • was this posted months after filming? uploaded in july but they're out in public in close quarter with other people and no masks anywhere. this is making me nervous

    Nischal PrajapatiNischal PrajapatiMonth ago
    • It was filmed really early in the year

      chloe romainchloe romainMonth ago
  • you guys are dorks and I love it lol

    FnJ'sFnJ'sMonth ago
  • That is a top ten theme song of all USworlds for sure

    Philip MeyerPhilip MeyerMonth ago