Shane & Ryan Ham It Up At A Shakespeare Theatre • Weird Wonderful World

Apr 24, 2020
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Apologies to the bard.
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  • Hey folks! Shane here. Hope you enjoy our little tango with the bard. This was a lot of fun for me because, as is evident, I'm a huge fan of the Independent Shakespeare Company. While they're obviously not staging any live productions at the moment due to Coronavirus, they've been putting out a WONDERFUL weekly podcast that is well worth your time. Check that out here! ->

    WatcherWatcher7 months ago
    • Fuck bro u killed it when u came out to show ryan up great ankle work

      Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn3 days ago
    • Hey I’m sold I’d love to go to any of their shows. I assume that’s not happening with covid rn but whenever I can go I will

      Emma EarthlingEmma Earthling3 months ago
    • As I’ve just said to Ryan on another post, thank you so much for doing the things you do and you both always cheer me up whenever I’m feeling down. Xx

      RavenLeFeyRavenLeFey5 months ago
    • A little pivot on the ball, no?

      Evan AdairEvan Adair5 months ago
    • For the love of all things holy, may I please suggest that you go back to Shane/Ryan only shows? There is a dilution happening that is akin to pouring dishwater into a fine Shane/Ryan wine. Please. I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

      Kit LeeKit Lee6 months ago
  • Literally watching this (for the fifth time) for the PSA that incorporates the phrase "Gangly puppet freak"

    Michelle ThomasMichelle ThomasDay ago
  • Shane showing Ryan how to do the charleston is such a Shane thing

    brokeNbrokeN2 days ago

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn3 days ago
  • Shane dancing lives inside my head rent free.

    J. MascisJ. Mascis15 days ago
  • 0:01 captions!! most importantly I love all the editors on Watcher, they are AMAZING

    Sparkling Lemon-Lime PopSparkling Lemon-Lime Pop16 days ago
  • Ryan looks like a fucking dancing t rex

    Haylie ClaireHaylie Claire17 days ago
  • 1:32 He doesn't have any Shakesperience? (that was an awful pun I'm sorry)

    IvyIvy24 days ago
  • Good Lord this is boring

    Mark ClipperMark Clipper24 days ago
  • "sorrry we're didn't do renegade or what ever you tiktok children are up to nowadays" HAHAHAHA

    AgaffeAgaffe24 days ago
  • Ryan, robots can feel emotions. Haven’t you seen Wall-e?

    Your Local Ghost In A Victorian NightgownYour Local Ghost In A Victorian Nightgown27 days ago
  • Ryan looks so adorable danciiiiiing. I want to give him treeeaaatssss

  • While the guys were early on the butt-slap part of the dance, they were completely in sync with each OTHER, which is perfect

    C AC AMonth ago
  • okay but shane got mad skills, is there anything this demo- i mean man can't do???

    Marcie PanMarcie PanMonth ago
  • Dancing Ryan is something i didnt know i needed.

    DouglesThe ShrimpDouglesThe ShrimpMonth ago
  • Just when I thought I could not love these men anymore, they go and drop this video

    Jack BJack BMonth ago
  • thespians bully ryan for 15 minutes straight

    TotallyInconspicuousTotallyInconspicuousMonth ago
  • Watcher says LGBT+ rights

    EmilyEmilyMonth ago
  • Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. Your back is to the audience. No no no.

    The Vacuum ObservatoryThe Vacuum ObservatoryMonth ago
  • “You could do that. That would...that’s a choice” 😂amazing

    Melissa WheelerMelissa WheelerMonth ago
  • "You could do that, that's a choice" 😂

    MamaMia VirgoMamaMia VirgoMonth ago
  • Tanya is soooo sexy

    gabiluch87gabiluch87Month ago
  • 5 months later, how did I moss this one?!

    TanequeTanequeMonth ago
  • This is so good. Everything in this channel is amazing content. I love all the variety.

    Stephanie ClarkStephanie ClarkMonth ago
  • I wish we have some sort of theater where i lived

    The GUYThe GUYMonth ago
  • Shane says bi rights

    Alexandrea FindleyAlexandrea FindleyMonth ago
  • “You could do that-that... that’s a choice” 😭😭

    Skye AndreasSkye AndreasMonth ago
  • You guys should have played Rosencrantz and Gilderstern.

    Maureen BerginMaureen BerginMonth ago
  • ‘we’re gonna be practicing this at home. together.’ ‘in the shower tonight.’ ‘well- that’s uh-‘ 8:21

    Ecarg EcyojEcarg EcyojMonth ago
  • Ryan, that is not how you act for the audience. Even if you’re talking closely to someone, at least one foot should be turned out toward the audience to keep your body language out to not cut the audience out, especially when acting without mics cause then you cut all of the sound from getting to the audience. I’m not trying to be mean or anything, I have just done a lot of theatre, and Shakespeare specifically, and he didn’t take the note which as an actor and director killed me XD

    Elizabeth VirginiaElizabeth VirginiaMonth ago
  • 11:04 SENT ME-

    Charlotte RiceCharlotte Rice2 months ago
  • I got so excited to see Jim Lang in the video! If you don't know him, he did all the music for Hey Arnold and is an incredibly talented musician. So happy to see he has a gig with this theater company!

    CorinneCorinne2 months ago
  • 14:01 ryan falls

    Tiffany AngTiffany Ang2 months ago
  • 5:16 "Shane Madej, GANGLY PUPPET FREAK" I burst out *LAUGHING* at this amd didn't stop for about 2 minutes.

    ZekromiumZekromium2 months ago
  • Ryan thinking of an artist who sells out 40k+ seats and naturally zeroing in on the Jonas Brothers .... iconic

    meggnoggsmeggnoggs2 months ago
  • shane said lesbian rights first, then he said bi rights. we stan.

    melanin maiyamelanin maiya2 months ago
  • "but soft! what ping through yonder video dings?" subtitles back at it again goddamn

    el.el.2 months ago
  • Can y'all please put that quote "Polonius can be a bit of a dick" on a coffee mug?

    Maggie StinnettMaggie Stinnett2 months ago
  • I want a friendship like this :(

    Zoe the PotatoZoe the Potato2 months ago
  • This is like big production Unus Annus

    BethanyBethany3 months ago
  • I never thought that I’d be inspired to learn to Charleston by a tall puppet man but here I am swinging around my kitchen

    Amber JAmber J3 months ago
  • Have a blessed day everyone! Jesus loves you even when you make mistakes

    choo achoochoo achoo3 months ago
  • That actress is so extra in the most delightful theatre kid way

    Amyris IsaacAmyris Isaac3 months ago
  • d-did anyone have captions on and see the (But soft! what ping through yonder video dings?) lol

    YinYin3 months ago
  • shane: i don't need training shane: 7:45

    jo mariejo marie3 months ago
  • the mustaches...i looked at ryan i was like bruh wheres ryan he would love this episode and then i was like...OHH

    jo mariejo marie3 months ago
  • I’d pay but money to see Shane as Hamlet. He’s got that energy

    Morgan EdwardsMorgan Edwards3 months ago
  • I like this episode.

    Julie Anne MatugasJulie Anne Matugas3 months ago
  • The male interviewee sounds exactly like Neil Gaiman

    Glory CastilloGlory Castillo3 months ago
  • "Bisexuality and Drugs" "Everyone's doing it" I mean for me it's lesbianism and herbal medicine, but go off lol

    Phoebe HPhoebe H3 months ago
  • Shane sounds a little bit like the professor.

    Darth VaderDarth Vader3 months ago
  • Oh my God, that's THEEE Jim Lang. As in the guy who created the music for the old Nick show Hey Arnold! That's awesome.

    13CrazyDaisies13CrazyDaisies3 months ago
  • Shane dances??

    Phoebe MPhoebe M3 months ago
  • I’m so into this series. I’m a native Angeleno and sometimes it feels like tourists know more fun things happening in down than I do. It’s cool to see what’s around

    AzulmineAzulmine3 months ago
  • I can't wait for Shane to finish being Hamlet and then shoot Abraham Lincoln.

    Jess KnackJess Knack3 months ago
  • Shane is looking more and more like Edgar Allen Poe

    Nunyo BidnessNunyo Bidness3 months ago
  • Shane and Ryan are far too talented and always making me laugh

    katherine collinskatherine collins3 months ago
  • Shakespeare in the Park is so important in any community, and a company that provides it for FREE is the BEST example of humanity!

    Mo StuckerMo Stucker3 months ago
  • Bravooooo👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Tee DeeTee Dee3 months ago
  • Why is Ryan Bergara the cutest person ever?

    Kimberlyn UtterKimberlyn Utter4 months ago
  • You don't know how happy you make people 2020

    Creo PicCreo Pic4 months ago
  • Tonya is a spicy pepper shaker.. MEOW baby.

    BradBrad4 months ago
  • “That’s a choice” ... the “bad” is silent

    Luce OhsureLuce Ohsure4 months ago
  • “That’s a choice”... the “bad” is silent.

    Luce OhsureLuce Ohsure4 months ago
  • shane watching ryan dance 🧍

    Grace DellGrace Dell4 months ago
  • I need Shane's dance skills

    Sewer RatSewer Rat4 months ago
  • Shane was made for this! He is so talented. Ryan did really great too. Also, Ryan jokes, but Shane has such a big caring heart. On top of that he is insanely funny. I may have not met him in real life, but from everything I've seen over the past several years, I can say that Shane is legitimately one of my favorite people. Not only because of who he is, but also because he likes a lot of the same stuff as me. I love Ryan too of course! I love these two being together. They are so damn funny, and I love their friendship. This was a really cool video guys. If I lived in the LA area, I would most definitely go to these shows! Maybe someday, Shane can be in one of the plays. That would be awesome.

    Tyffanee LavelyTyffanee Lavely4 months ago
  • How the frick was I three months late to this episode???

    emotional support beesemotional support bees4 months ago
  • I'm just here to say that Shane looks hella good

    Jessica BowlesJessica Bowles4 months ago
  • “That’s a choice” The sass

    DarcieDarcie4 months ago
  • Shane seeing him genuinely smile and enjoying what he is doing is such a cutie for me and a blessing indeed 😍 And Ryan is like a friend of yours who is there to enjoy and cheer you up with what you are doing 😚 I am glad to know Shane and Ryan 😍

    Your FangirlYour Fangirl4 months ago
  • Why Ryan speaks in this weird voice then he's acting, I'm hollering.

    Remember MeRemember Me4 months ago
  • ngl, I'm sad that this got so low views compared to their other videos still happy they made it though salute Thespians

    lurking_indefinitelylurking_indefinitely4 months ago
  • 3:57 why is the girl on the right humping the air ?

    JewelzbabiiiJewelzbabiii4 months ago
  • okay but ryan is actually really good at acting bye

    serenaserena4 months ago
  • Ah yes, the tik tok children

    Celine AutencioCeline Autencio4 months ago
  • 11:16 might be one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen. 15:15 I’m sorry what Shane???

    TeaTea4 months ago
  • "Polonius can be a bit of a dick" lol, I knew there was a reason I liked this guy!

    Caroline RenaeCaroline Renae4 months ago
  • I saw one of their shows at my school. It was amazing

    Grace UlvGrace Ulv4 months ago
  • Ryan representing a jock in a room of theatre kids

    Fareeda ZanoferFareeda Zanofer4 months ago
  • PLEASE put that Shane quote picture on a shirt or sticker or something I need it!!!

    demigodsavatards-godemigodsavatards-go4 months ago
  • Shane at 5:10 is doing the ever so classic Docile Straight Dude move of rambling, fumbling and somehow dancing over his words in order to keep his foot from his mouth... and he stuck the landing.

    Gnome ChiefGnome Chief4 months ago
  • "We're gonna be practising this at home. Together." "In the shower tonight :D"

    Nathaniel DaleyNathaniel Daley4 months ago
  • "But soft! What ping through yonder video dings?" can I just say I appreciate the hell out of whoever is in charge of the captions? I love you. You're great. Keep it up, I love it!

    lilysarvestanililysarvestani4 months ago
  • i didn't stop smiling for one second in this entire video,this is one of the greatest things i´ve ever seen

    Ilah HarrisIlah Harris4 months ago
  • Shane and Ryan are so bi it hurts

    Jayna OrtizJayna Ortiz4 months ago
  • you guys did my favourite hamlet scene!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unnamed ArtistUnnamed Artist4 months ago
  • At 8:23 my monitor caught on fire; has that happened to anyone else?

    Monty RMonty R4 months ago
    • i caught on fire

      Fareeda ZanoferFareeda Zanofer4 months ago
  • dawg ryan reading his lines in a hushed voice instead of projecting was some real asmr shit

    OoferzOoferz4 months ago
  • Watching Shane butcher my favourite Shakespeare play was a little anxiety inducing, not gonna lie

    Carol RossiCarol Rossi4 months ago
  • We're just gonna keep going and not acknowledge that Jonas Brothers Concert comment? Alright Ryan, you win this one.

    Tana MacLeodTana MacLeod4 months ago
  • Polinius can be a bit of a dick lmaoo

    Priyanka DesaiPriyanka Desai4 months ago
  • I swear I just really love with these duo chemistry.

    Jacyka JJacyka J4 months ago
  • I wanna see a whole "Hamlet" with Shane in the title role and Ryan as Polonius! That'd be amazing.

    Krowa PaulinkaKrowa Paulinka4 months ago
  • Shane said to go in the summer and It’s summer and I was going to go to LA and I’m sad that I can’t see this rn please wear masks and stay indoors so we can go out again

    Nattie NovakNattie Novak4 months ago
  • idk why but ryan repeatedly calling shane “my lord” made me laugh so hard

    Cecelia RaeCecelia Rae4 months ago
  • Shane: Loves Bill Ryan: Loves Bill & Ted Me: sporfles

    Sage CampbellSage Campbell4 months ago
  • Ryan dancing just looks like the special ed room during music class.

    Nik PetersNik Peters4 months ago
  • 'loves bill' 'loves bill and ted'

    milamila4 months ago
  • Ryan’s little dance was adorable.

    NoNameNoName4 months ago