Shane & Ryan Perform A Séance At The Mystic Museum • Weird Wonderful World

Jan 23, 2020
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Let's look at some bones and talk to deceased celebrities in fabulous Burbank.
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  • Hey everybody! Shane here! Welcome to Weird Wonderful World and apologies in advance for the mustaches. This series is our little take on an exploratory public access show, and throughout the upcoming season we'll visit various places of interest throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Comment below with any curious subcultures or corners of the city you'd like us to explore in future episodes! Also, we'll be posting behind-the-scenes content and exclusive episode commentaries over at ENJOY.

    WatcherWatcher10 months ago
    • Thanks

      Saga RavenSaga Raven9 days ago
    • Sparky Boi In what way? Like, you'd rather give Shane sweet kisses than Ryan?

      neuroisis85neuroisis8528 days ago
    • Hi Shane yur better than Ryan

      Sparky BoiSparky Boi29 days ago
    • The LA Arboretum also does cool seasonal events when things are normal like one for Christmas & I'm pretty sure Halloween. Again when life is normal, there's the Queen Mary murder mystery event and the Newport Beach boat parade in Christmas. I also recommend the Sawdust art festival in Laguna Beach and the LA Fair which isn't exactly subculture but still fun. During covid, I've heard of virtual escape rooms people have been doing. Stay safe and thanks for the great content!

      Sung Hyun LeeSung Hyun LeeMonth ago
    • When covid is over, check out the old LA Zoo at Griffith Park!

      Sung Hyun LeeSung Hyun LeeMonth ago

    Dash LukkyDash Lukky9 hours ago
  • shane is a prophet who predicted clone high

    KristinKristin13 hours ago
  • 8:00 DID RYAN JUST- isvsosjaiabsjwbaj lmaoooi

    Izzy KittyIzzy KittyDay ago
  • we love crackhead shane

    Gianne TantiadoGianne TantiadoDay ago
  • Not me thinking this was the channel of the Watcher (from Buzzfeed Unsolved) just stalking Ryan and Shane

    JandycaneJandycane2 days ago
  • the metal rods she says she can't control, I own 5 sets of these. You can control them, In fact the only way for them to be controlled is for humans to control them. Nothing paranormal exists, I like these guys but i HATE people telling lies like this lady. Imagine making a living out of lies, disgusting.

    Cedric DionneCedric Dionne2 days ago
  • I just realised I may not be that much into ghost and murder stories.. I just love their energy

    Nikolina TrajkovićNikolina Trajković3 days ago
  • Shane Madej aka Poe from Altered Carbon.

    zwhallonzwhallon3 days ago
  • I like when you take shots at the President.

    German Social NationalistGerman Social Nationalist4 days ago
  • "I don't control these" ...all you gotta do is tilt your hand a fraction of a mm...

    HopeG13HopeG134 days ago

  • I do think that ghosts and spirits could be real, but the seance lady seems like bs

    Annabelle ElizabethAnnabelle Elizabeth7 days ago
  • Good ol' No-Bones Bergara

    Sarah WillackerSarah Willacker8 days ago
  • I love the mustache edition of Shane & Ryan

    Sarah WillackerSarah Willacker8 days ago
  • Medium is a doll but this is b s

    Rascal BascalRascal Bascal9 days ago
  • Didn't Shane discredit the dowsing rods during an episode of Buzzfeed unsolved? He moved them in a circle while "not moving" his arm or hand. All mediums are bs IMHO

    KraenaughtKraenaught9 days ago
  • Hey! can someone tell me what the name of the music is that start from 18:27 and rolls towards the end? It's so catchy but I'm unable to find out which it is. :/

    saisai9 days ago
  • This place gives me Mystery Shack vibes and I love it

    Aoife DrummondAoife Drummond10 days ago
  • You know you gotta do another one 💯💯💯🐐🖤

    Alone I love kittyAlone I love kitty11 days ago
  • That seance was so full of shit.

    J. MascisJ. Mascis11 days ago
  • 4 years of Unsolved: never solved a case First month of Watcher: the boys solve who killed JFK It's not a contest I guess, but the results speak for themselves!

    CrimsonChickCrimsonChick11 days ago
  • 11:31 the way Ryan jumped gives me anxiety

    Emily BaesslerEmily Baessler12 days ago
  • The woman showing them around is so beautiful tho 🥺

    LO VELO VE12 days ago
  • Do you think them selling animal bones and skulls leads to poaching?

    COroNaVIrus TerminatorCOroNaVIrus Terminator13 days ago
  • You eat bone marrow? And are afraid of ghosts? 🤮🤮🤮

    h banksh banks14 days ago
  • More bull shit than the "words" they heard ghost hunting

    Nick WidmerNick Widmer14 days ago
  • I saw the incense, and I swear to god I thought it was a ghost.

    youtube_addiction23youtube_addiction2315 days ago
  • Shane and Ryan casually waking around in my dream occult Disneyland like no biggie and I'm here, across the Atlantic, screaming my guts out of envy! That place is magical!

    ContessaContessa15 days ago
  • Notice how everyone else just moved their arms but the lady that owns the shop moves her whole body👀👀👀

    The 9th RoundThe 9th Round16 days ago
  • #nobonesbegarra.

    TNC. Hey Itz LouizTNC. Hey Itz Louiz17 days ago
  • Wait what michael jackson my idol call michael jackson

    Ethan Jacob DeMesaEthan Jacob DeMesa18 days ago
  • Ryan's face at 11:34 its like he pissed allover the place

    Ethan Jacob DeMesaEthan Jacob DeMesa18 days ago
  • Shane leading videos has a completely different vibe and I'm living for it

    PemoPemo18 days ago
  • I was rewatching this and just realized Shane was doing an impersonation of JKF’s voice from Clone High. We have no choice but to stan even harder

    Bella EstrellaBella Estrella18 days ago
  • Inside the back of your eyes is a honeycomb shaped pattern of photoreceptors.

    Jeremy GreenJeremy Green20 days ago
  • Ryan got more of a reaction off of a falling toothbrush then he did off of speaking to JFK

    Illustrator ///Illustrator ///20 days ago
  • That girl fucked hated them lol

    Julie KnightJulie Knight20 days ago
  • PITCH FOR A NEW SHOW- Shane and Ryan go around to different mediums/psychics and either mid “session” or at the end of a “session” just call out these people for their blatant BS and get the hysterical reactions!

    Supernova *Supernova *21 day ago
  • I feel like everybody needs a Shane in their life 😅

    Its Shay BabiiIts Shay Babii22 days ago
  • That first woman is so pretty 😭

    daylight rubydaylight ruby22 days ago
  • Shane looks like 1967 mustache Paul McCartney

    Lydia OrrickLydia Orrick23 days ago
  • oh my god shane doing the clone high JFK voice at 17:34 LMFAO

    miss lesbiansmiss lesbians23 days ago
  • the ghoulboys making a new show: hmmm who should i invite. ah yes, the other ghoulboy

    Haha ik ben gayHaha ik ben gay23 days ago
  • Wait if Shane doesn’t believe in ghosts, then he’s going with it? Like a “in Rome do what the Romans do” thing? He’s being really respectful.

    Am. B.Am. B.23 days ago
  • I wonder if this is really real.

    Julianna OkikeJulianna Okike24 days ago
  • I feel like the biggest giveaway that the seance was rigged by these people was the fact that Ryan wasn’t freaking out the entire time. He’s used the dowsing rods before and shown how he can move them in one of the unsolved episodes, and they used a ouija board on the goatman’s bridge

    Lisa PerryLisa Perry24 days ago
  • Covid ruined this

    Isabela GIsabela G25 days ago
  • Yeah that couple is totally faking it. 😂

    Kane GKane G25 days ago
  • 11:33 Ryan get scared of the bells tho 😂😂🤣😂😅 and Shane holding the laugh all the time 😂

    Rose TungRose Tung25 days ago
  • "bone town"

    Manjiri AjgaonkarManjiri Ajgaonkar26 days ago
  • Those last rights crosses..... I have one in each room of the house. They were placed there by my parents, and they open up and transform into what one would need for last rights and to be eased into the afterlife.

    kbrock 9146kbrock 914627 days ago
  • They need to find somewhere else to get bones and skulls from. Whoever "cleaned" them didn't do it right and there is oil trapped inside still. Hence the off color. Those will degrade and stink over time.

    Celeste KittieCeleste Kittie28 days ago
  • Finding out Shane is in love with butterflies makes me just want his sarcastic ass more

    sailormo50sailormo5028 days ago
  • 2:06 what does a prostitute from 1980s have to do with mysticism?

    SalpsanSalpsan29 days ago
  • I love the schmaltzy intro.

    Mark BondurantMark Bondurant29 days ago
  • A ghost that doesn't believe in this kind of stuff.... it's my cue to leave the comments.

    Tou XiongTou XiongMonth ago
  • A ghost that doesn't believe in this kind of stuff.... it's my cue to leave the comments.

    Tou XiongTou XiongMonth ago
  • The fact that he made a reference to The Changeling (I literally don't know anybody else who's seen that!) has me fangirling like crazy.

    unorthodoxchickunorthodoxchickMonth ago
  • ok but shane looks sooo good in this video😂

    emily :0emily :0Month ago
  • Ngl it’s kind of comforting to know there will be movies in hell

    Tallie McAlhaneyTallie McAlhaneyMonth ago
  • I was here for it until we got to the threefold law type deal ❤️ some of us aren’t Wiccan but thank you anyways

    Ianna AlexisIanna AlexisMonth ago
  • Me over here after .5 secs of looking at it... clavicle, clavicle, its a clavicle....

    kayla thurmondkayla thurmondMonth ago
  • tell me why i did the breathing exercise with them 😳

    sinsinMonth ago
  • Okau but the editing is great on this

    Javier EscuellaJavier EscuellaMonth ago
  • Well Jesus is a Middle Eastern guy from Palestine so now he is not a white guy and people need to recognize that, tho no he is not the red skull 😂 tho now thinking about it The Red Skull is responsible for the soul stone so good theory 😂

    Javier EscuellaJavier EscuellaMonth ago
  • I'm half skeptic half believer....but god that felt like complete BS

    Ro-DeoRo-DeoMonth ago
  • "are you in hell?" "yes"

    j moneyj moneyMonth ago
  • everybody saw she pushing the ouija thing right? the woman with bangs was the only one with two hands in the thing and she moved her whole body pushing it. You can see she is forcing because her finger are red. also, when the straw moved in the medium hand and the camera zoom in you can see she moving her finger as her nail moves also... AND I AM A BELIEVER im shocked

    Natália F.Natália F.Month ago
  • 3:37 JESUS Chr--- *wheeeeeeeeze* ----

    !!!???!!!???Month ago
  • “I’m just GOOP!” 😂

    David LambsDavid LambsMonth ago
  • Eric, the owner, was so chill about Shane & Ryan's banters and antics lmao ilovehim!

    Mae WobniarMae WobniarMonth ago
  • Kiko seemed to be glaring at Shane a lot. I'm just saying

    Jeremiah FryJeremiah FryMonth ago
  • Lol, Shane’s “I really liked the birds!” Was a better DBZA Android 16 than a JFK

    zachprinezachprineMonth ago
  • Why does no one ask if ghosts and befriend each other or "get it on" in seances? I'm curious if ghosts are just like us, but incorporeal.

    Køltira MemeweaverKøltira MemeweaverMonth ago
  • I want to see more of this side of Shane!! Great video guys

    Jenny WechterJenny WechterMonth ago
  • Shane and Ryan are very funny guys but i feel that when something is about ghost or spooky things they are extremely funny!

    owlstrixvariaowlstrixvariaMonth ago
  • I saw that lil peryton statue and immediately got excited. Those lil guys are my favorite medieval monster.

    EmilyEmilyMonth ago
  • yeah can i get a.... uhhhhh... 🅱️oneless 🅱️ergara

    Tasha RichardsTasha RichardsMonth ago
  • You can tell she’s totally moving the oujia board around. She’s not only using two hands you can see her pushing and pulling

    miiissfoxmiiissfoxMonth ago
  • Lmaooo 11:32 when Ryan jumps at the bell hahahaaha

    miiissfoxmiiissfoxMonth ago
  • When they get to the tarot cards, they're playing a track from the Arcana visual novel.

    Hotaru UrukiHotaru UrukiMonth ago
  • OK that place looks amazing

    Korinna BeckenbauerKorinna BeckenbauerMonth ago
  • Am I just constantly at the disposal of ghosts to possess or haunt because my posture is so bad that the back of my neck is just always pointed upwards

    Grace WhaleyGrace WhaleyMonth ago
  • Anyone know how they obtain their bones/feet/etc.? Is it ethical, like the animals are already dead when they arrive or they are remnants from others' hunting trips so they are using all parts of the animals?

    Jack BJack BMonth ago
  • Shane is just a cartoon character in this and I love it

    Oni PotOni PotMonth ago
  • 16:47 NaUgHtY NaUgHtY yOuR TeAsInG mE

    Eloise CelinoEloise CelinoMonth ago
  • Lmao how is Shane keeping it in for this bullsh*t😂

    Tom BurrTom BurrMonth ago
  • Am I the only one with an unquenchable urge to visit this place and buy everything inside?? I want that fuckin foot!

    Jessica CreedJessica CreedMonth ago
  • Imagine Alfred Hitchcock just standing behind, frustratedly trying to disprove ghosts as a ghost

    The Aspergers EffectThe Aspergers EffectMonth ago
  • the girl with plaid polo was moving it

    Marc BascoMarc BascoMonth ago
  • These guys are making fun of Jesus, well poor guys. They don't know that the devil's a liar and they shouldn't even have to do those crazy things

    Augustine Van thaAugustine Van thaMonth ago
  • So I just listened to the Patreon commentary for this episode and Ryan said he could see her moving the board so he was actively pushing back against it. 😂

    Megan RipleyMegan RipleyMonth ago
  • Pleaseeee tell me they have a shop online

    Demitria JarrottDemitria JarrottMonth ago
  • why was shane’s jfk voice so good 😩😩

    Gracee ChambersGracee ChambersMonth ago
  • "Elvis is usually pretty chatty" She said that like they FaceTime every Friday and watch Netflix

    Road RunnerRoad RunnerMonth ago
  • literally guessed clavicle in less than a second. Yay Physiology qualification, you do come in handy! haha..... but darn I love that shop. What a dream x

    RachelRachelMonth ago
  • Shane's hair has a personality of its own

    Rishira GangulyRishira GangulyMonth ago
  • This is by far the whitest vid on their channel

    queenfirstqueenfirstMonth ago
  • I feel like the owner (girl in plad) is moving the pad on the board. She almost moves her body before the pad moves

    Brett DachBrett DachMonth ago